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Monday, April 30, 2007

Now will the 9/11 conspiracy theorists shut the hell up!

Yesterday a section of a freeway overpass collapsed in between Oakland and Emeryville after a tanker truck, carrying fuel, crashed and exploded into flames beneath it. The heat generated by the fire cause the steel support girders and bolts to melt and fail. Exactly what the lunatic conspiracy wackos have claimed could not have happened in the collapse of the World Trade Center. The conspiracy theorists have long been claiming, incorrectly, that jet fuel can not burn at a high enough temperature to melt steel. In fact, the heat of this gasoline fire was more disbursed than the fires in the twin towers. The heat in the Trade Center would have been more concentrated and there was fuel in the furnishings and building materials that would have added to the temperature. Also, jet fuel needs a much higher flashpoint to even ignite, so the jet fuel in the Trade Center was already superheated. I'm sorry this recent disaster had to happen, but it helps to prove a valuable point.

Talented people slaughtered and maimed by automobile!

Let's see, David Halberstam, pitcher Josh Hancock, the Tongan royal family, all dead by automobiles. Also, we have the severely injured Governor of New Jersey. When will the left wake up and realize the most dangerous weapon is right in their own driveways?

I just participated in an all staff meeting with my new Commander in Chief the Honorable Mayor Ron Dellums!

Mayor Dellums is a brilliant and charming man. He told many inspirational stories.

One is that as a young man listening to the radio in the evenings, he was particularly inspired by Marvin Gaye's beautiful song "What's Goin' On" which made him want to change the world and ultimately led him into the realm of politics.

As he related this story, I could not help but think to myself, "Thank God he was not inspired by another Marvin Gaye song, "Let's Get It On" He might have become a pimp instead!

Friday, April 27, 2007

On abortion after the first trimester. Warning, this story may gross you out

It is strange to me that the abortion supporters are unable to look inside themselves and see the hypocrisy of their views. I don't know anyone who is for abortion who is not against the death penalty. Currently, here in California, the death penalty has been suspended due to a challenge on the constitutionality of the method of lethal injection. They can not challenge the death penalty itself as that has been found to be constitutional, but they have challenged the death penalty under the guise that it is cruel and inhumane punishment. This is merely a smokescreen covering the real agenda, which is to eliminate the death penalty entirely. In some states hanging is legal, yet those states no longer execute people this way, because it is considered barbaric. There is right now a huge protest because our governor has been building a new death chamber. The opponents have been thinking that they have won the fight against the barbaric "lethal injections, " which are, in my opinion, the only humane method of execution. The pro-life groups are engaged in the same tactics, trying to use what they consider an unnecessarily brutal and inhumane practice, with the ultimate goal of eliminating abortion entirely.

Late term abortion is barbaric. In fact it would be more humane to lethally inject babies after actual birth. All late term abortion should be illegal. Here are my own personal reasons for believing so.

At the age of 21 I had a late term abortion. I was 23 weeks pregnant at the time. Another week and it would have been illegal and for all I know the technician lied about the gestational age in order to get more business. A doctor came in to examine me, as I sat in the waiting room I heard him ask the nurse if I was going to make a fuss when I saw that he was Black. I did not. He inserted 2 seaweed laminaria, which, as they swell from your own body fluids, dilate your cervix over a period of hours. He also injected my womb with what I now know to be a concentrated saline solution which is what actually kills the baby. I have since seen the pictures of burned, blackened aborted fetuses who were killed by this method. I felt the baby writhing and dying in my stomach during the night. The next day it was dead in my stomach and I could feel it in rigor mortis, a hard knot. When the doctor injected the solution into my womb he warned me that I could not change my mind after the injection and if I did not come into the clinic for my abortion, I would possibly die. When I asked him what the solution was he told me it was something to "retard tissue growth." The price for the procedure was $900.00. A first trimester abortion was about $300.00 at the time. I had the $300.00 but had to promise to beg and borrow the rest. I then had to ride the bus home.

Here is a description of the procedure from a clinic in Texas. Notice how they sanitize it and also admit that if the baby is not killed first it will experience discomfort.

The Late Second Trimester procedure begins with laminaria insertion. On the first day of the abortion, an injection of medication is made into the amniotic fluid surrounding the pregnancy to assure that it will be stillborn and will not experience any discomfort during the procedure. You will be sedated prior to this procedure.

The clinic where the late term abortions were performed was far away in San Rafael. Then, as now, the abortionists who do perform late term procedures are rarer than those who perform first trimester ones. Perhaps because most do not feel comfortable with the procedure.

There were a lot of girls and women at the clinic that day. As we sat around in our caps and gowns waiting for our abortions we watched soap operas on a small TV. A commercial came on for douche. I said, "I hate those commercials, because they make men think women are all dirty inside!" The woman sitting next to me smiled and said, "Good!" Then a commercial came on for Midol. I said, "I wish we all had PMS!" and everybody laughed. Most of the girls there were Hispanic and spoke no English. After my procedure I had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia. I felt as if I had been turned inside out and the bleeding was massive. As I lay there one of the Mexican girls was really wanting to go home. The nurses were trying to ask her if she was in pain and to tell her that if she started to bleed a lot or got an infection she should call 911. So I lay there and translated for them.

What they do not mention about abortion after the first trimester is that your body thinks it has had a baby! You get milk in your breasts. You have hormonal surges, everything you would have if you carried the baby to term. I had a feeling of great loss and depression. And now I have great feelings of guilt.

This will be news to many of you but 2 and a half years ago I had a daughter and gave her up for adoption. It was an entirely different experience. There is no more joyous gift a woman can give someone than a baby. I have not done anything in my life as valuable as gifting 2 deserving people with my daughter. I will never make another person happier than I did that day. Having a late term abortion and feeling as if you have given birth and still missing your child is far worse than having that child and knowing that she is healthy and happy and having a good life. The family sends me pics, here you see the latest. Interestingly being 42, I had to undergo amniocentesis at between 15 and 20 weeks. While inserting the needle the doctor informed me that if the baby felt the stick of the needle it would flinch away from it.

Unfortunately there are cases were the mother's life is in danger from a baby that is stuck in the womb, but that is not the real reason the pro-abortion activists are attacking the new ruling. They do not want limits on the behavior of women, period. Even if the behaviors are barbaric and inhumane and incompatible with a civilized society. Late term abortion was more in line with the values of Nazi Germany, Communist China and the former Soviet Union.

Woodpecker rat a tat tatting on the telephone pole!

Yesterday I took a pic of the woodpecker who is pecking away at the pole in front of my house. He has been here for a week or so. There is also a strange crow that mimics the woodpecker's pecking sound. He sits in the tree and watches the woodpecker and imitates him pretty well. While I was taking the pic of the woodpecker people on the street began to stop and look at the bird. A Black gay guy with a boom box came across the street and told me about seeing beautiful woodpeckers while he was growing up in Arkansas. No puns intended.

Devil Dog must be a Palestinian cuz he wants to get Sam Silverman!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beelzabubba zombifies Mary Kate Olsen!

Noah of Opinionated Jackass
posted a pic Of Mary Kate. Beelzabubba has a thing for zombies and decided to "Doctor" the photo even more. I give you the results.

Sam Silverman gets ethnic!

My neighbor's medical marijuana plant!

I took Devil Dog out to pee and was shocked to see this plant sitting in his regular pee spot. Then I started giggling. My neighbor was a firefighter but he's been out on workman's comp with a back injury for some months now. Jamel's grandmas were complaining that "He smokes more pot than Bob Marley!" I guess he must have visited the "Pot Doc" and gotten a permit to cultivate his own weed for medicinal purposes, as this and two other plants are sitting out in the open in his front yard! I guess we are going to see a lot of stoned snails!

Salamander on my porch!

Friday, April 20, 2007

L' escargot?

The other night I was doing a crossword in bed when I heard a strange scratching sound. The Blue Devil was curled up on the pillow next to me, so I knew it could not be he. I kept hearing it and it was unnerving me a bit. I thought perhaps Miss Mousy had returned to take up residence and raid the food stores. I got out of bed and began to cock my head and listen for the direction of the sound. I traced it to my front door. Remember, I live in a studio, so my front door is also my bedroom door! I stood at the front door wondering what could possibly be scratching on it and decided to be brave and open it. I unlocked the door, opened it quickly and squealed "Great God!" About 30 snails were crawling all over the outside of the door! More slimey trails than Britney Spears car seat!

Ben Franklin didn't invent 'lectricity, yo mama invented 'lectricity!

I am reading The Unknown American Revolution, by Gary B. Nash. It is a people's history of the revolution. It tells of the common men and women and the Indians and the Blacks during the forging of our great and glorious nation. Personal dislike was apparently rife among the founders. They accused each other of all manner of scurrilous behavior. One accused another of spreading veneral disease among his females slaves. There was a lot of jealous sniping going on and some of the founders felt they would not be getting their fair share of the vainglory. Much as the Democrats are doing today. They might want to rethink their policy, they will go down in history as the party who drove the US and the world into the dark ages once again. Still the political and personal invective was better than it is today. If only Ann Coulter had such a dab hand with the insults and such a brilliant command of the English language!

From the Unkown American Revolution,

John Adams despised both George Washington and Ben Franklin and fretted that, "The history of our revolution, will be one continued lie from one end to the other. The essence of the whole will be that Dr Franklin's electric rod smote the earth and out sprang George Washington."

It pained him immensely to think the story would go on "that Franklin electrified Washington with his rod and henceforward these two conducted all the policy negotiations, legislatures and war."

Sounds exactly like the Dems belly aching about Bush's power.

Teenagers can't think straight scientists say

How many scientists did it take to figure that one out and what is their opinion of the theory of global warming?

Mad Muslim goes on a rampage with his SUV

Does the left start yelping about outlawing cars which can be used as lethal weapons? Hell no! Liberals luuvvv their cars. If you don't believe me, just try to find parking in Berkeley!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The North Vietnamese owner of my favorite restaurant turns out to be a big Bush supporter!

Today I stopped into my neighborhood Vietnamese cafe to pick up dinner to go. The owner of the cafe gave me a glass of wine while I waited, because I had missed the grand re-opening after a remodel. We started a conversation that zinged all over the map from Vietnam to Iraq. I asked him about the co-owner of the business and he informed me that guy was South Vietnamese while he himself was from the North. He then told me that not only did he not have hard feelings against the South but that Vietnam would be much better off had the South and the US won the war. He said that the Chinese were an evil influence on the Vietnamese and that they used the poor for their own purposes. Mind you this guy's wife is Chinese.

Then he talked about bombing Iraq. He said that the US would fly sorties over Cambodia, pretending to bomb but not actually bombing and that held off the Khmer Rouge. As soon as we stopped the air raids, the Khmer Rouge took over within 2 weeks. His feeling is that the same thing will happen in Iraq. He has extensive personal knowledge of civil war and I trust him.

He told me that he thinks Bush is a very good man with no ability to express his beliefs in a way that the people can understand. He agrees with Bush that we need to fight the terrorists on their ground, not here. He does not care for Bush's advisors much and does not think their motives are as pure as Bush's. He also told me people are ridiculous to think that Bush went to war for the oil because it is actually a tiny bit of oil and not worth much at all. He feels that if we leave Iraq we will have to go back there soon anyway. He echoed my belief that Bush knew that Iran, which is looking to exert influence all over the Middle East, was heading for nuclear weapons. We need a base next to Iran, he said.

He said that this country is a great country filled with good people. He said America will do 50% to help a country and they only need to do the rest to help themselves. He asked me to name a country that we have fought in and then ruled over or occupied for long. He says other countries have done so, but the US has not. He said that the beauty of the American system is the 4 year Presidential term. If you make a mistake you vote it out, but dictatorships are forever, unless the US intervenes!

I told him that I often felt like the only person in the entire Bay Area who felt as he did and he told me to stay strong in my beliefs.

The Senators open up a can of auto da fe on Gonzales!

We got a Spanish style inquisition goin on, I am telling you. Shades of the crucible. Witch hunts. Stalinist purges. A regular parade of Puritan inquisitors grilling their victims. Next it will be the rack and drawing and quartering and the stocks and the Catherine wheel and the iron maiden and burning at the stake. Wait, I am getting too excited here. Deep breaths, in out, in out, slow down. (You know how much we right wingers love violence, almost as much as George Cloony does.) The Dems (and a few turncoat Republicans) are really getting into the torture of Bush administration officials in a red hot throbbing way. I could not stand to look at those hideous, grim old faces all day, barking insults and working their old Adams apples in their scrawny old necks, and I'm just talkin' bout the women. If ever I was subjected to such an unholy ordeal, I would faint or freak the hell out. I once belly danced at an old folks home and the residents were younger and a lot better looking than the members of Congress. Gonzales is amazingly patient and gentle with the elderly! Some members look like they could go any minute. Some of them I would just not respond to at all. Ted Kennedy just has no moral authority. I hate to sound like Ann Coulter but Ted Kennedy is a murderer. Chuck Schumer talks to an imaginary Irish alcoholic family "the Baileys" or some such nonsense, he is a sad old, mean old man with a puss like a ferret that just swallowed a lemon. Ditto for Harry Reid. He looks like a dog trying to pass a peach pit. Make those old fools shut up, someone, for Gawd's sake. Just play me some Eminem full blast or water board me. Those are preferable to the slow hellacious torture of testifying before the aged and befuddled members of Congress. I swear they need to take Pelosi and Feinstein and check their bodies for the extra nipples with which they suckle their familiars. There's your witches right there! On second thought just kill me, kill me now. Where is Amnesty International?

Zionist Jew Cat!

This is my neighbor's Jewish cat, Sam Silverman. As is with Jews the world over, having neither balls nor claws, he somehow manages to plot world domination! He has personally told me of his desire to rule over all of Arabia! Samir Silverman of Arabia!

This is the story of the Casbah nightclub I used to dance at

This is an interesting interview with one of the musicians who played at the Casbah during the heyday of the northbeach belly dancing scene. Nazir was a friend of mine and a talented musician. He is Assyrian. The Kanoon player he mentions, Fouad Marzook, an Egyptian, was a very great musician indeed.

Here is a story about the Casbah told by my belly dance teacher about a rich Saudi Prince, who used to tip rather well, if he liked you. 20 and 100 dollar bills were common. I used to get two 20's from him most of the time, one in my belt and one in my bra. He was always respectful with me.

"Najia continued on, saying that Prince M. had tangled with one of Najia's students one night! Her student was a young and beautiful woman (whose name Najia cannot remember). She had ample breasts and therefore, an impressive cleavage. As she passed by his barstool on one particular night, he thrust a $100 bill down into her cleavage. She stopped abruptly, and looked at him with disdain while slowly retrieving the waded money. She briefly glanced at it to see what he had put down her dress in such rude fashion, and deftly chucked it into the glass of beer that he was holding, and walked away shaking her head in disbelief."

Virginia tech shooter was a liberal!

Just about everyone around me here in the Bay Area rants and rails against MacDonald's and "the rich." I guess now they can all be classified as the mentally ill, dangerous lunatics they are!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy news from the global warming folks!

Faced with a weak hurricane season and record freezing temps throughout this winter and spring, the global warming in-experts are now back peddling and claiming that to the contrary of their original insane predictions, global warming will not increase the power of hurricanes, but weaken them! Ha, ha, ha, ha... That's good news, is it not? Hurray for global warming!

They thought global warming was killing the honey bees, now they claim it's the cell phones! Mixo, chango, presto, they change their stories to suit the weather! Mother Nature is refusing to cooperate with the global warming experts every chance she gets.

Dear gun control nuts!

Gun control is unworkable and, in this country, uninforcible. Look at Japan, gun control laws did not stop the man that shot the Mayor of Nagasaki. Prohibition did not stop people from getting alcohol. Where there's a will there's a way.

My late father, having been a master machinist by trade, made guns and silencers by hand in his own garage. He sold silencers to very bad people. He also had a criminal conviction and was unable to obtain guns legally, but managed to aquire a vast arsenal of illegal weapons.

Once my sister's puritanical boyfriend made a crack about reporting my dad to the authorities after we had dinner at my dad's house and my dad had pulled out a silencer to show my ex, the taxidermist. My ex remarked that the silencer was no good without subsonic bullets, whereupon my dad pulled out a box of those as well. My sister's boyfriend piped up meekly that he was against guns and killing in general and my dad and my ex ignored him. My ex told my sister's boyfriend that "He might not want to report my father," as he probably would not be in jail long and might come out not a little pissed off.

Besides, to get all the weapons on the market and individually owned, we would have to send the police in to people's houses. Many of those in the Black community have weapons and will not give them up without a fight. There would be massive fights between the police and inner city residents.

Then we must discuss the white survivalist types. The local police, after the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascos are not going to move to take these people's weapons away, it would be suicidal There would be whole families slaughtered in the name of gun control, which would defeat the purpose entirely. To watch the FBI and ATF go on gun raids on the nightly news for weeks and weeks would be like something from a science fiction film.

Entering private residences and using deadly force on American citizens will only reinforce many people's already unfavorable opinion of the US government. On top of this, legal gun owners are practicing a Constitutional right to own weapons. The government does not have a right to unreasonable searches and seizures, how can they justify breaking into law abiding citizen's homes in the guise of removing legally purchased weapons? They will find all manner of illegal substances while they are there and the prosecutions will tie up the courts for all eternity.

Many more people die in car accidents than in gun violence, especially children.
If you are worried about your kids dying, keep them away from cars.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mafioso, 1962

I saw a great Italian movie this weekend. Mafioso! Made in the year of my birth. It's about a Sicilian car plant manager, Nino, who takes his blonde, Milanese wife and 2 blonde daughters home to meet his Sicilian relatives. One review said it was like Meet the Parents meets the Godfather and that about says it. If you add the Hills Have Eyes in there too. The Sicilian family are all feasting on piles of squid cooked in their own ink, and lambs intestines, much to the disgust of Nino's wife. Nino's sister has one eyebrow and a mustache and furry arms. She's been "engaged" for 2 years to Domenico, who won't let her go to the beach because she "embarrasses" him. Nino's sophisticated city wife wants to help her out, so she waxes her. After the wax job, of course, she's beautiful. "You'd better get married before they grow back" her brother says.

I want a gold tooth!

And not just because I love pirates! My stepdad had a gold tooth and he looked like Steve McQueen. He got his gold cap when he broke a tooth in the Philipines. It made him looked piratical to my young eyes and I liked it very much. I want one with a little heart cut out. But then I am from Oakland and have gangsta in my soul, or soul in my gangsta.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kewl Pirate Wench Bathing Suit!

The art direction in women's clothing catalogues is rarely creative, but I guess this bathing suit just cried out for a little staging. Miss C loves skull and crossbones motif and she thinks pirate wench pinups are spiffy. For your delectation, from the Venus. catalogue.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Conservatives are missing the point about Don Imus

I have never listened to Don Imus. I have seen him once or twice on TV in a news clip or a story. He always struck me as physically repulsive in the way that Keith Richards is and Miles Davis was. They look like Egyptian mummies. I don't know anything about Imus, but it strikes me that there is no defending him from a Conservative standpoint.

Much is being said about the double standard being used in Imus' case. It is pointed out that rappers and Blacks themselves use the term "ho." Yes they do, there's no denying it. However, we Conservatives are always bent out of shape about it. We harp on it constantly. We don't think it's right to call women bitches and ho's. It's not right. Each woman must be weighed in an individual sense. It may be appropriate to say that many young American women dress like ho's. But that does not mean that they are ho's. If we make that assumption we would be acting like Islamic fundamentalists.

I have often felt pity for the prostitutes in Los Angeles, for example, because it must be hard for the hookers to stand out from the general population. When everyone dresses like a ho, it must confuse the Johns a lot. However, I did not see any evidence of such sexy and revealing attire being worn by the Rutger's ladies on, nor off, the court. Nor did they have nappy hair. Many of the players had straightened and pressed hair. There is a hair salon here in Oakland called, Oh My Nappy Hair!

I just can't defend Imus' statement. If you don't want the rappers or your own sons to use the term to describe women, then you have to condemn Imus' entirely incorrect and inappropriate use of it as well. I am not saying that he should have been fired, but that is how Capitalism works. The media is dependent on advertising dollars and answerable to the public. Imus may have to find another niche, just as the Dixie Chicks did. Or Imus can commit ritual Seppuku.

Will Ferrell, as Bush, on Global Warming

Hat tip to Abu R!

The French weren't always pacifists

During the era of dueling, there was a joke that if 2 Englishmen were marooned on a desert isle, they would soon commence to gambling, but if 2 Frenchmen were marooned they would immediately challenge each other to a duel!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

American journalists and Ahmadinajad, just get a room already!

In case you were ignorant of the fact that the employees of American newspapers are, gushing in their knickers, Beatle style fans of President Ahmadinajad, read this article from the San Francisco Chronicle staff reporter Matthew Stannard. He excoriates Tony Blair while calling up all manner of "experts," with Persian names mind you, who are all too willing to testify in the usual manner, that Iran clearly won the battle of wills and wits in the recent British hostage situation. Iran comes out smelling like a rose according to the article. It's pretty typical of Muslims to claim an abject defeat is a victory, because they are always concerned about not losing face, but this was neither a victory nor a defeat for either side . It was an exercise in futility. The American press is so on the side of Muslims, any Muslims, except for moderate Muslims, that is, that it can see only the good in them. It has started to believe that Muslims can do no wrong, or always have a free pass to do wrong. Or a really great reason to do wrong.

Hmm, let's see. Iran took hostages and paraded them on television, forced the female hostage to cover her sinful head, yada yada. The claim of ill treatment on the part of the British hostages was given little attention by the press. It harkened back to the spectacle of Saddam Hussein publicly stroking a terrified little boy he was holding hostage in the start up to the war in Iraq. This incident made the Iranian people look primitve and goofy. Ahmadinajad seems prone to grandstanding and seems to have little understanding of how people behave in a modern world.

The left leaning American press is only too accepting of the kidnapping of Westerners by a religious fundamentalist, woman hating torturer as a cute, funny little incident or a resonable political manuver. If these journalists love Ahmadinajad so much they should go work in Iran in his propaganda department. One hopes they don't overcome their delusions about him and become critical of him, because they might end up in an Iranian jail.

These constant displays of slavish public affection toward the Iranian President are making me feel all squirmy inside. I am of a generation that is uncomfortable witnessing public groping, which is why I rarely visit San Francisco any more. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is a third world dictator's duty to act crazy and be charming. These men fit an archetype.

There is no relationship between how well liked a leader may be and his actual worth as a leader or a human being. Great leaders, like great artists and great musicians are often very unpopular amongst their contemporaries. Lincoln was so despised, well, they killed him. Churchill was voted out of office in a brutal way. You all might remember that when you are raking George Bush over the coals. The now despised leaders Bush is often compared to, were once adored and loved by millions of people.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Since the Germans are responsible for the formation of Israel as it is today,

let them be responsible for "peace" negotiations between Arabs and Israelis. They started it. Let them finish it. The Germans should go to the Palestinians and say, "It's our fault the Jews had to have their own country to protect themselves against future projected genocidal actions on the part of people who may choose to emulate the German people's actions during the Holocaust. Which by the way, really happened. We actually did slaughter millions of them, no matter what the President of Iran may say. We are uber sorry that the Jews chose to form their new country on historically Jewish land that you had occupied for quite some time. But since we have done this terrible thing to both you and the Jews, how can we ameliorate your suffering?"

You too can be a micro credit lender!

There was a really cool story on PBS Frontline/World last night. There is an organization called Kiva, which operates micro credit loans to individuals in underdeveloped countries. The total loan amounts are small, some for a few hundred dollars, most under 2,000. Individuals like us can loan people 25.00, or more, toward the full amount. They have a 100% repayment rate. It actually changes lives for the better. As your money gets paid back you can invest it again and again. It's almost like online gambling, but not sinful and more rewarding. Capitalism at it's highest from.

On the program they included an interview with an African man whose 2 brothers died from AIDS and left him with all their children to support. He has about 20 dependents. He needed a loan for a brick making and furniture business. He got his funding pretty fast, as he had a really good business plan. This type of funding cuts out the middle man and banks and gives the money directly to the borrower.

Check it out!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hoo-hoo-hoo hoo hoo!

Friday night about 11:30, I was doing a crossword in bed and I heard "hoo-hoo-hoo, hooo hooo!" I was thinking, "What the hell ?? That sounds like an owl." (remember, I have not always lived in the city) I heard it louder, "hoo-hoo-hoo, hooo hooo!" I stood up on my bed and put my ear to the window and listened to see if it was my neighbor's TV. It was not! I thought to myself, there is a Great Horned owl outside and it's here to eat the neighbor's lil' runty ass cats, both of whom are left out at night. I ran outside and looked around and listened and traced the hoot owl to the redwood tree in my neighbor's apartment yard. I yelled at it and jumped around like a maniac and it flapped off, as big as you please.

On Monday, when I got to work, I told my co-workers about it and they were skeptical of the idea that an owl would attack cats. Hell, I was a bit skeptical myself, but instinct made me act like a mother hen. I googled the Great Horned owl and yes indeedy they do dine, feast upon and greatly enjoy cats as a regular food source. I had me a suspicion, as the Barn owls we had in Maryland were rumored to eat cats when they had the opportunity. Upon reflection, my city owl was more likely looking for chicks of his own species. If he had been hunting he probably would have kept quiet..

Click on the link above, scroll down and listen to the "typical male" call and you will hear exactly what I heard.

Belezabubba's original soundtrack

"Didn't Fairy Belafonte' sing a song about Talibananas, or some shite like that?"Come Mr. Taliban, tali (ban) bananas! Daylight come, an me wanna' blow-up!One bomb, two bomb, three bomb blast!Daylight come, an me wanna' blow-up!Seventy two virgins are waitin' fer me!Daylight come, an me wanna' blow-up!"
I just can't help myself, ya'know?"

Monday, April 09, 2007

Mad Hatter Miss C crashes Bella Pelosi's tea party!

Abu R took me to the Marin headlands for an Easter hike, but first he had a big surprise for Miss C! As we drove through the beautiful Marina district of San Francisco, toward the Golden Gate Bridge, Abu R turned down a street with huge expensive houses. As we got to this corner I saw cops standing on the steps of one house and on the side street, Code Pink ladies, who were setting up a small protest. The cops eyed us warily. Abu R said, "That's Nancy Pelosi's house. I brought you here so you could take a picture in front of Nancy's house for your blog!"

I was laughing my ass off as we got out to shoot the pic of me in front of Nancy's house.Then we got back in the car before the cops could arrest us. Abu R had borrowed his friends giant SUV and it has California Waterfowl decals all over it, American flag decals on the doors and a dead deer's head in the back. Clearly we were the enemy.

Abu R drove a little way, then stopped and beeped the horn at the Russian consulate's house, half a block up from Nancy's. A little poodle came to the upstairs window and looked out at us. Abu R yelled out the window, "Bushka." He tells me he always fucks with the Russian Consulate's poodle, every time he drives down this street.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The good old days before petro-chemicals

I am confused as to what exactly the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity disorder "sufferers" want exactly. They seem to decry the modern use of chemicals as heinous, but these are the best of times. Remember the good old days when we used lead based paints? When we had lead in our canned foods? When our canned fruit and juice tasted like the cans? When one orange was an extra special treat? When malaria was endemic to the southern US? Before DDT, when we had lice, fleas and bedbugs in our beds? When open sewage ran into lakes and rivers? When we drank polluted water? When the smell of the family bedpan disturbed every one's sleep? When we contracted bubonic plague and smallpox and polio and typhoid and tuberculosis? When vermin ran over us at night? When there were no antibiotics and even President's sons died from blisters and rich people's sons died from ear infections? When people rarely bathed? When doctors bled people and dosed them with deadly poisons like arsenic and mercury to cure venereal and other diseases, which our husbands often contracted from prostitutes and gave to us? When we burned coal as fuel for heat and cooking? When we had to boil meat because it was spoiled? When rural people burned their trash? When factories belched out toxic fumes? When entire families bathed in the same dirty bath water? When women died in childbirth? When the infant mortality rate was high? When our life expectancy was short? Before blood pressure medication? Before ambulances could speed you to the emergency room? When the doctor had to ride for miles in the snow to get to you? When the cure for a cavity was to pull out your tooth, before you died from abscess? Before refrigeration? Before pasteurization(Odwalla juice anyone)? When farmers used untreated animal waste as fertilizer? When pests could wipe out entire crops? When were these marvelous, chemical free, good old days? I don't remember them.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lesbian letter writer to the San Francisco Chronicle admits that she's "creeped out" by the idea of sex with men!

Beth Elliott writes- in response to a letter written a few days ago by Rev John Malloy suggesting to gays that they are not discriminated against in marriage because gays and lesbians are always free to marry each other:

"I'm free to marry a man? I don't want the benefits of marriage through having to live with someone who does not move my heart fervently to desire a continuing involvement. I would dread being expected to engage in what Malloy would call " the marriage act" with someone to whom I am not attracted, whose sexual attentions would, rather than arouse me, creep me out, no matter how much I care for and appreciate the very dear men in my life."

Ms Elliot is repulsed by the idea of sex with men. Isn't that heterophobic? But heterosexual men and women are not allowed to be "creeped out" by the idea of homosexual sex? Clearly a double standard is going on here.

La Sierra, a fascinating documentary about Columbian paramilitary gangs

The synopses below does not begin to describe this amazing film.

"More than 30,000 people have been killed over the last ten years in Colombia’s bloody civil conflict, in which left-wing guerillas fight against the government and illegal right-wing paramilitary groups. Recently, as guerillas and paramilitaries sought to control marginal city neighborhoods, urban gangs aligned themselves with each side. In this way, the national conflict was translated into a brutal turf war that pitted adjacent barrios against each other. The documentary La Sierra explores life over the course of a year in one such barrio (La Sierra, in Medellin), through the prism of three young lives
Edison, aka “The Doll,” is a paramilitary commander in La Sierra. At the age of 22, he is also the de facto mayor of the neighborhood and a playboy who has fathered six children by six different women. Openly dedicated to and excited by his life of violence, he is also an intelligent and charismatic young man. As we follow him through the armed conflict, its victories and setbacks, he shares his dreams for himself and his children, and explains his attachment to what he calls “my war.” We follow his life up to the moment he is gunned down in the street, and then witness his family’s suffering and faith in the face of tragedy.
Cielo, age 17, was displaced from the countryside in sixth grade, when her brother and father were murdered by guerillas. A mother at the age of 15, she was widowed when the father of her son (a gang member) was killed. Now Cielo is devoted to a new boyfriend, a paramilitary, who she visits in jail every Sunday. With little or no money to her name, Cielo goes downtown to beg and sell candies on the buses, resisting her friend’s suggestion of prostitution. After her rocky relationship with her boyfriend unravels, Cielo finally gives in and takes a job in Medellin’s red light district.
Jesus, 19, is a mid-level paramilitary member. Badly wounded when a homemade grenade blew up in his hands and face, Jesus presents himself as ready for death at any moment and hoping for little more than the opportunity to continue indulging his taste for marijuana and cocaine. But as the war in La Sierra comes to a end, and the paramilitaries begin a government-sponsored disarmament process, Jesus dreams of beginning a life without war.La Sierra is an intimate, unflinching portrait of three lives defined by violence, and a community wracked by conflict. Over the course of a year these lives, and the life of the barrio itself, each undergo profound changes, experiencing victory, despair, defeat, death, love, and hope. In a place where journalists are seldom allowed, Scott Dalton and Margarita Martinez spent a year filming, interviewing, and building trust. The result is a frank portrayal that not only includes startling scenes of graphic violence and its aftermath, but also reveals intimate moments of love and tenderness, and shows the everyday life that manages to coexist with conflict."

Para military commander Edison, is a fascinating man. As de facto mayor of a hill neighborhood in Medellin, while not busy impregnating girls in the 14 to 17 year old range and slaughtering his enemies, he even oversees building projects in the town. When he says he enjoys the building projects and would love to be trained as an engineer, you realize that he actually could be an engineer if given the education.

He is a caring father to his many children and gentle if not faithful to women. He admits that guns, violence and motorcycles attract women like nothing else. It is an interesting moment when he admits that he wishes all his children were girls so they would not be doomed to a life of violence and an early death.

There are some really darkly funny scenes, as when the filmmaker continues to wield his camera while they are under attack. Twice. Both times the gangsters tell the camera man, "Gringo, get down! They are shooting at us!" Also, little Cielo lovingly combing her new man's abundant chest hair.

Everyone needs to see this film, so go out and get it!

Home - About the film - About the filmmakers - News - Screenings - Purchase on Video - Contact

Kewl comment someone made to me on No Pasaran

"Miss Steak --I would say you were mal-adroit...but that might just put you in a mauvaise humeur, n'est-ce pas?"

Gainsbourg's Twin

National Guard Barbie gets deployed to the border!

Barbie's old job was lookin' good! Barbie's new job is to keep the Aztec Dancers and the Ballet Folklorico dancers out of the US! Unfortunately moths ate Miss Aztec's headress feather! I show you Barbie's transformation from mere civilian, to her skivvies to Military Girl! She has clapped the shackles on Miss Aztec's legs!

Right wing easter basket for me!

Beelza Bubba has created a one of a kind Easter basket just for me!
The year after my mom died, I whined to co-worker Bubba, that it would be the first time I had not received an Easter basket in all my 38 years. Poor Bubba, ever since, out of the kindness of his cold black heart, he has been making up an Easter basket for me. This year he has outdone himself, iffin I do say so myself!
The camouflage basket/bucket contained one Counter Terrorism playset, a Military Girl, camo outfit for my Barbie and a lot of American flag lapel pins, which another co-worker informs me everyone on Fox News wears. It also contained Easter eggs and candy too!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ann Coulter and Miss C are on the same page, for once

We need to bomb the Sunni and Al Qaeda insurgents into submission. They are trying to bomb the coalition, and the Iraqi people into submission, let's turn it right back on them. Our bombs are bigger and better anyway. What's the point of developing newfangled technology if we don't use it?

Quack Watch article debunks Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

I have been reading a lot of the material in the MCS's on line community support groups. Articles like, "I was poisoned by my body" and other insane ramblings of mentally disturbed hypochondriacs.
Click on the link and read the article by MD Stephen Barrett. He debunks the fad faux disease in no uncertain terms. He mentions in the article that there really is no satisfying the people with this supposed disease as the demands for accommodation never end.
Here are some of the symptoms of the non disorder.
"itching of the nose, watery or burning eyes, plugged ears, a feeling of fullness in the ears, ringing ears, dry mouth, scratchy throat, an odd taste in the mouth, tiredness, headache, nausea, dizziness, abdominal discomfort, tingling of the face or scalp, tightness or pressure in the head, disorientation, difficulty breathing, depression, chills, coughing, nervousness, intestinal gas or rumbling, and aching legs."
The symptoms experienced by the MCS "sufferers" are naturally occuring body fluctuations that everyone experiences from time to time on any given day, or even on a daily basis. It's only that the rest of us realize that none of this stuff is serious. The MCS people seem unable to understand that their "symptoms" are commonly felt, and dismissed as unimportant by most people.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Punch card ballots are evil. No wait, electronic voting machines are evil. No wait.....

Which voting method do you think Mr Rosenbaum is referring to in the quote below?

" (their use is) a . . . defacing of democracy," said Mark Rosenbaum, the ACLU's legal director in Los Angeles and lead attorney in the pre-election challenge. "

Jewish family wins millions for lost land

The Palestinians need to go through the court system to recover claims for lost property in the same way that Jews are doing in Germany. Their supporters should set up a Palestinian Claims Conference. The money currently used to arm suicide bombers should be used for lawyers and law suits. Israeli real estate should be worth a pretty sheqalim by now.

Rootin' fer scraps!

Yesterday one of my co-workers came to give me a souvenir she got on a trip to the Vatican. I wasn't there on the first day she came through to pass them out so I had to pick through the left overs. I ended up choosing a rose scented rosary, blessed by Pope Benedict, in a little plastic box, made in China, with a pic of Pope John Paul II. (Giovanni Paolo II)

My gifting co-worker, a very sweet, Hispanic, leftist Union steward stopped at our communal snack cart to partake of some macadamia nuts. Pouring them into her hand she dropped a few onto the floor. "Don't eat those," I said.

"Oh, she said seriously, I don't eat off the floor. I heard that Republicans eat off the floor, though." Then as she saw the look my face she said, "It's just something I've heard."

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Western environmental imperialism

Now the left has a new enemy, it is affluence, not overpopulation. The poor can have all the children they want, but they must not live a decadent western lifestyle a la Americans. The rich leftist Westerners must keep the poor third world peoples from becoming affluent, if they are to save the polar bears from extiction. Animal are always more important than humans in the leftist view.

It has always amazed me that after the end of colonialism the West found new and dastardly ways to inflict misery on the third world. Telling Africans that they can't hunt elephants for meat and sell their ivory for one thing. After the ivory ban went into effect, the African government staged a mass burning of millions of dollars worth of elephant tusks. Instead of making the elephants a marketable resource, with the acceptable loss of crops and human lives which would go along with that benefit, they destroyed the natural relationship between Africans and elephants.

The left has no understanding of the relationship of man to nature.

Science is de debil!

Climatologist sounds like a profession specifically designed to study global warming. For all of our history it's pretty much been agreed that we can't do anything about mother nature's fury, except to gird our loins so to speak. Now you have a bunch of wacky scientists claiming that they need this grant for this climate study and this grant for that climate study. They would have you believe that they can control nature.

The left has a blind faith in science and it's contradictory and weird. Ted Kazynski's anti science on one end and the global warming devotees on the other. Science and technology are evil in one view and the God of another. Suddenly you want to save trees but you must trust scientists to help you do it.

The same people who are responsible for global environmental degradation have now fooled the sheep into believing that they are the saviors of mother earth. Both can not be possible. You can not simultaneously despise and love science. Science has been responsible for horrendous atrocities before. The Tuskegee experiment for example. Scientists are not moral, they can not be trusted. They are leading the gullible another merry dance in order to bilk you of your money.

When Nancy Pelosi gets back,

they need to arrest her, try her for treason, then hang her. After all, she is engaged in "dialogue" with a government who regularly murders their own opposition. Obviously, she sanctions their methods.

Monday, April 02, 2007

This photo is both modern and medieval at the same time

PETA seductress

I like to cut interesting photos out of the paper and hang them in my cubicle. I love this one. This kid does not know what hit him. It's going to take a few years to catch up with him.

We are fascisti! I got all my sisters and me

Yesterday co-worker processed volumes 1 and 2 of World Fascism, a Historical Encyclopedia. Strange to tell, but neither volume mentioned Ronald Reagan or the Presidents Bush, Sr or Jr.

Power surges destroyed my system board!

I have gone through 5 computers in the last year. I just got my laptop back from HP. They replaced my system board. I went out and bought a fancy new surge protector as I kept getting power surges because of a wiring fault and the fact that I am running on limited power.

It seemed that every time a plane flew over my house I would get a surge. I told my ex my suspicions and he suggested that I put some more tin foil on my hat. He told me as I lived near an airport chances were that a plane would be flying over my house at any given time. The power surges were a coincidence only.

I googled the connection between overhead planes and power surges and of course there was no conection. So far my new surge protecter with backup battery is working well. Knock wood.

"Coffee should be

black as hell, strong as death and sweeter than love."

Turkish proverb

Shooter, the movie, contains spoilers

It's hard to figure out which target audience Shooter is directed at. A movie filled with senseless violence and gratuitous killing, it is at the same time a far left conspiracy flick.

Highly melodramatic, it uses as a plot device, the JFK conspiracy as if it were true. The plot involves a new conspiracy though, involving, naturally, evil oil men. Danny Glover squeaks menacingly through his strained vocal cords and Ned Beatty, getting back at his redneck torturers from Deliverance by acting as a sterotypical redfaced redneck himself. He even gets a chance to let out a sooey type hoot. Only this redneck kills Africans instead of African-Americans.

Elias Koteas is a brutal sadistic hired gun for Danny and Ned and he has the really juicy part. He gets to kidnap and threaten Mark Wahlburg's girl, a la silent films from the 1920's. He ties her up, but he doesn't put her on the railroad tracks. Elias, Ned and Danny should have had long mustaches to twirl and stroke. You wanted to boo and hiss every time they came on screen.

Of course the moral of the story is, oil men are evil, the US government is evil and will stop at nothing to obtain light sweet crude, they will even slaughter entire villages of African people to get it. There are a few mentions of the Iraq war, as in, it's for oil and it's bad. The references to the President are aimed at Bush and his evil ways, baby.

Now I am not sure that most left wingers would be interested in a movie with a US military trained crack "sniper" as a main character, or in a movie filled with so much mindless violence. The left loves their torture scenes tis true, but they prefer them wrapped up in a lot of "character development." None of the political references drew any applause or even sympathetis grunts from the audience. The only grunts and mutters we heard were about the actress who played Marky Mark's love interest as she was disturbingly pretty and wore skimpy clothes.

The theatre showed 3 previews before Shooter and all 3 movies had a scene with a flying car crash stunt that looked identical to the ones before and after it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Actual poisoning victim

My half sister's mom (my ex stepmother) knows a guy who lives in Penn Valley California. He has a big pond/tiny lake he dug in his back yard. My sister and I used to go up and hang out and swim in the lake, get tans, pick up guys and get nibbled on by bluegills and camp out in the bed of her truck.

Once while we were there, a friend of the owner came by to visit as he was racing sprint cars in the area. He asked us who wanted to be trophy girl at the race that night and I pointed at my sister and said, "She does!"

That night we hung out in the pit and got et up by skeeters real bad, but it was fun. After the race, the guy took us out to eat. He told us he had been an Oakland firefighter 10 years previous. He had been a victim of a famous tunnel fire.

In 1979 a Bay Area Rapid Transit Train caught fire in the tunnel between San Francisco and Oakland. The material in the train seats turned out to be deadly poisonous. Our friend went into the tunnel to rescue people and in the smoke filled tunnel he met a San Francisco firefighter, who did not have a mask. That guy had a heart attack and our friend took off his mask and put it on that guy. He was immediately overcome by poisonous fumes and passed out. He remained in the tunnel for hours because the poison fumes and smoke were so thick rescuers couldn't find them.

He survived but with about 20% lung capacity. The other guy died. 58 people were injured from the toxic fumes. Once they found out that the seat materials were toxic when burned, they replaced all the seats.

Our friend worked as a firefighter trainer for awhile but got discouraged by all the unqualified people that were entering the dept. He could no longer do any exercise and could not be a firefighter. Eventually he got a contract from the Japanese to race cars.