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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Jane, of seejanemom, oughta be in syndication!

Jane is too good! Bloggers of her caliber are very rare. I am sure she will be famous, very soon! She is married to a Marine who served in Iraq. She was a political activist. She writes beautifully. She is funny as hell. Best of all, she's got Southern charm!

We will have to say we knew her when. For now, I will shout her name to the blogosphere. If you have not visited her blog, please do, and make sure you read her post on Jimmy Carter, Georgia Dog Dirt, it's brilliant! Even my liberal co-worker had to acknowledge that he would read anything written by her, just for the pleasure of it.

Because Miss C cares!

I lied, I lied. I don't care! Apparently gay men in San Francisco are dripping with STD's, as usual. You may remember my grandma worked for the CDC. She mentioned that many gay men were infected with many STD's at one time. Well that has not changed. Syphilis is ever present among the gay male community in San Francisco. What's worse is that these guys are not protecting themselves against syphilis, so of course they are not safe from AIDS.

The Healthy Penis campaign, using cartoon penises to encourage gay men to get tested for syphilis, has been a resounding success in San Francisco and is moving around the country. Large penis images were used because, "Nothing attracts a gay man's attention like a big penis!" That would seem to be their problem in the first place. Promiscuous gay men are selected against. They serve no biological purpose.

For Muslims it's like the movie Groundhog Day!

Constant defeat at the hands of their enemies. Doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Same car bomb, same stampede, same ferryboat. The only things that can save them are big changes in attitude and a lot of reform and to stop marrying their first cousins. Get some new blood in the bloodlines, people.

Allah obviously wanted Saddam to die, or he would have saved him, now wouldn't he? The Muslims have a strange concept that somehow Allah is just up there in the sky screaming kill, kill, like it's a giant video game or something. Rack up the kills and you get more points. "Gosh, Mustapha if we just kill more Jews and Infidels Allah will finally give our people a break." They keep enlarging the ranks of the Infidels too. The "good Muslim club" has gotten to be very exclusive.

Well Allah has, for years, been on the side of Isreal, and he ain't about to change sides now, just because you are blowing up people in Iraq and shooting your own children in Palestine. Turning your rockets into duds is kind of a Biblical statement. He's still not impressed by your so called battle capabilities.

Now you are just dying to get the big bombs Allah let the West have years ago. Think on this, Allah let the Infidels, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Communists and the Hindus have nukes, why not the Muslims? Could it be that he, like the rest of the world, does not trust Muslims with them? Saddam looked like he might be trying to get some and Allah sent the good old West to take him out. The same will happen if Ahmadinejad tries to make a nuclear weapon. You can depend upon it!

Why don't you invent a cure for a dread disease or something. That might help your cause a little. Maybe Allah might be impressed if in the name of peace and for the good of your people, the Palestinians gave up the so called "right to return" and stopped killing innocent people over a small strip of land. It would be kind of a Ghandi-esque thing to do.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Poor Americans used to cook their own food from scratch.

In regards to an article written after a study on the poor's eating habits, referred to by Liberal commenter, Anita, claiming that the poor ate burgers and fries because it is cheaper and oh so filling, Miss C calls bullshit on the study. Often white Liberal ladies who are well educated go into poor, and especially minority households and are just so astonished at the habits of the underclass they can only see them as some kind of aliens living an an entirely different world. Somehow, even though the poor are living in the same universe and privvy to the same news and information, they are somehow exempt from having to feed their children properly.

This is wrong! Miss C grew up on welfare. In the old days, we did not get welfare credit cards which could be used at burger King and Taco Bell. We got food stamps. The food stamps were good for groceries. Poor people cooked real food. Often I would hang out at my friend's houses hoping to get an invitation to dinner. My friend's mom would regularly cook really incredible enchiladas. I lived a block from the supermarket and when I saw my friend's mom walk past me I knew she was going to cook something good, I would walk up the hill and hang out til dinner time. My other friend, whose mother was from Heber Springs Arkansas, was a very good cook, indeed. She made a killer chicken fried steak and summer squash. She was also on welfare.

As for me and my mom, we made everything from scratch. We made spaghetti and chili and Cornish pasties and Swiss steak. We made bread from scratch, even croissants. Except when we made Bisquick, which is why I will not eat it to this day. Coffee cakes, pancakes, biscuits, all with that peculiar Bisquick taste.

The poor were actually much less likely to eat out than those of a higher income. My co-worker and I agreed that to even eat at a McDonald's was considered a big, big treat. I would go with my friend to a place called Giant Burger's and sit with her. She would order a burger and the cooks would ask me if I was going to order anything and I would say, "No." after a while they would put a big plate of fries in front of me. I didn't do that too often though. I didn't want to push my luck.

The problem, as I see it, is now there really is no excuse for being on welfare. Those that do not take advantage of a free education and plentiful job opportunities are most likely of low cognitive ability or just plain lazy, shiftless and no account. many of them just are not able to make intelligent life choices. People that fit those discriptions probably aren't going to get off their asses and cook much, when they'd rather just sit in front of the tube all day eating chips. So why waste money on studying them?

I am very tired of people who make it their business to "study" the habits of the poor. The soldiers in the war on poverty are wasting our money. We pretty much know what habits make people likely to be poor and stay poor. Why don't they study the habits of rich and successful people? They have habits that might actually be useful to the rest of society.

Generalization is OK for everybody else!

Listening to the pro Saddam Arabs on the news, spewing spittle all over the place and raving about the execution of their beloved martyr, Miss C is just getting Muslim fatigue syndrome all over again. Miss C could care less about Saddam's execution. It wasn't done for her honor. Saddam died for his crimes. If he's now a martyr, bully for him. Why are the Arabs so frothing mad about it then? I thought martyrdom was a desirable end. They need to make up their minds, either it's the cat's meow to be a martyr or it's a fucking tragedy, but it can't be both.

Anyway a few Arabs in the last 24 hours have reinforced the American/Shiite bond by stating that the Shiites deserved what Saddam did to them because they are infidels anyway. And thus deserving of torture and murder. In the same breath they state how pissed they are about Saddam's hanging. Well what's sauce for the ewe is sauce for the ram. If you think Shiites deserve to be killed why would you be surprised when they want to kill you right back?

It's pretty funny that Arabs accuse us of lumping them together, a case of the pot calling the kettle a cooking utensil. Arabs, more than any other people, lump themselves together. In fact Arabs who did not have to suffer under Saddam's tyrannical rule have been speaking for those who did and declaring their suffering to be as nothing. According to the rules Arabs set for themselves and all other Arabs, life must be miserable for everyone if it is miserable for even a few. The Arabs, in their love of suffering are more Jewish than the most Jewish of Jews. Even as I write this there are thousands of Arabs devoted to making other Arabs lives unbearable and unlivable. Indeed they are devoted to taking other Arab lives.

If they actually cared about saving Muslim lives, the Arabs might get a charity going to repair ferry boats across the Muslim world.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Trailer Trash!

Miss C has a cousin, called Heather. When Heather was in High School she was very popular. A gymnast and cheerleader, she was also a straight A student, and sweet, to boot. She once went on a date with the son of the owner of a local trailer park, Zufall's Trailer Park.

After the date, my aunt, her mother, was eager to hear the juicy details. My cousin informed her mother that, although the young man was very nice, she was not much interested in him as a boyfriend.

My aunt said, "But Heather, don't you want to be Mrs Zufall, landlady of Zufall's Trailer Park? You can collect the rents while wearing your robe, curlers and slippers!"

Petroleum saved the whales!

The cult of global warming has replaced the doomsday cults. According to the religion of the irreligious, polar bears will disappear in 2040. Hmm.. Social Security is going to self destruct in 2040 as well. What is it about the year 2040? It could be the partial solar eclipse and major planetary alignment scheduled for 2040. Sounds like plain old folk tales and pagan gobbledy gook to Miss C.

Miss C's not too bent out of shape by the thought of rising sea levels. In the year 2040, Miss C is going to need the gently lapping waves of the ocean to hold up her bosoms, which if it were not for global warming, would certainly drop below sea level. The plus side is she will finally be able to see her polished toes, while standing on dry land, if any remains.

Another positive side is that the whole world be be a kind of Venice. Gondolas will abound, very romantic. Water pets will be popular. Otters and dolphins for every little girl and boy. I just don't see a down side here. I'm going with it. Of course I am a Pisces, a water baby.

Here is a sensible voice on the global warming issue;

Weigh costs, benefits
We humans should curtail, of course, any practices deleterious to the environment . . . wherever it is possible to do so without incurring unacceptable human and economic consequences. However, any climatic effects we might cause by our consumption of fossil fuels, and the resultant emissions of CO2, are trivial by comparison with Nature's inexorable forces.
The phenomenon of global temperature change has become an international concern of quite extraordinary magnitude.
Despite objections from many reputable scientists, both individually and collectively, this has generated a popular media-driven controversy . . . with consequent proposals for economically disastrous measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), in order to maintain the status quo for worldwide temperatures.
Apart from the notable disregard for scientific findings in many fields of endeavor, this is hubris in the classical Greek sense of arrogance that would challenge the gods.
A retired University of Florida agricultural scientist, Dr. William Grierson likes to apply his knowledge of science to his lifetime interest in history and archaeology.
Return to June 2001 contents.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

When Miss C dies she shall be mummified!

So she will be all dry and crumbly in the afterlife. If she perishes before the fiendish hellhound, Devil Dog, Devil Dog shall be strangled to death, per Miss C's wishes. He shall also be mummified and go into the afterlife with his mistress.

Miss C shall not tolerate Devil Dog showing affection to another owner and otherwise forgetting Miss C's existence at the first offering of a "cookie." On Miss C's and Devil Dog's tomb entrance it shall read, "He who violates this tomb shall be devoured by crocodiles and cobras!"

With us in the tomb shall be Styrofoam containers of green papaya salad from Tran's and fish tacos from Taqueria Calafia and Puperoni, Roverolis, with authentic Italian aroma, for the hound from hell.

As for the music, The soundtrack to Once Were Warriors. Complete compilations of Blind Willie McTell's, Blind Lemon Jefferson's and Blind Willie Johnson's recordings.

Then we come to Miss C's consorts for the afterlife, otherwise known as her "lust list" or harem. These men shall be strangled, have their brains removed through their nostril cavities, their bodies are to be covered in spices, wrapped and placed in Miss C's tomb to serve at her pleasure.

1) Jack, from Dive Desk Log
2) Thomas Jane, aka, The Punisher
3) Ed Harris, aka, John Glenn
4) Sam Shepard, aka, Chuck Yeager
5) Hugh Jackman, aka, Wolverine
6) The guy that runs the comic shop, who also looks like Wolverine
7) That Arab guy that rides my bus

Let people celebrate Kwanzaa in peace, for Christ's sake!

There is an awful lot of mean spirtedness going around the blogosphere about President Bush wishing African Americans a Happy Kwanzaa. Look people, I don't care about Maulana Karenga's revolutionary past and his crimes, for which he has served hard time, by the law of this nation.

Hey, Jesus broke a whole hell of a lot of laws too and was crucified for them. Of course I am not trying to compare Karenga with Jesus, I realize the basic differences. But Karenga was punished and is entitled to have made a life for himself after his release from prison. Or would you right wingers rather he just reverted back to a life of crime? This confuses me.

In any case, when Bush says Happy Kwanzaa, he means it. I will never forget the story San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome told about a party he attended with Bush and this was right after Gavin had let a lot of gays marry in SF. Gavin said he was shocked because Bush told him that he was "proud of him." Now I believe that Bush was proud of Gavin Newsome because he knows Gavin is acting on his principles. Bush may not agree with Gavin about gay marriage, but he admires Gavin for standing up for what he believes.

In any case it is no skin off White people's backs for Blacks to celebrate Kwanzaa. It does not cause harm in any way and it makes some Black people happy. How's that hurting you?

Weird desires of wanna be amputees

I have always considered the desire for transexual surgery to a symptom of a mental disorder. I do not call this type of surgery, sex reassignment surgery, because I do not consider a man that has had his penis removed, to be a women in any sense. A woman is not merely a man without a penis. There is so much more that goes into being a woman.

There is no earthly difference between demanding that a surgeon chop off your penis or your breasts and demanding that a surgeon remove your hand or leg. It is not merely a different way of being, it is a serious illness that should be treated with medication.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Iraq is nothing like Vietnam!

Iraq is more like India, right after the British pulled out.

Before its independence, India was never a single country but a bunch of different entities. Many predicted that India, because of diversities in its cultures, religion, languages, castes, manners, local histories, nationalities and identities, would not survive as a single democratic country, but would break up into smaller countries.
Since independence, India had many political problems. During independence the most burning issues were the riots between the Hindus and Muslims while the Sikhs were siding with Hindus. Another issue was convincing the Princely states not to declare independence or join Pakistan but to join the Indian Union. India also had a few wars with its neighbors on border issues.
India also has many internal problems. Different communities with different identities - regional, language, caste, religion - demanded different rights for their communities. Some communities demanded more autonomy for their cultures within the Indian states. Others demanded autonomous states within the Indian Union, while the others demanded to be independent from India.
With all its problems India survives as a single state with democratic character.

Miss C's co-worker made a funny!

My co-worker said, "Being as Jews are so greedy and all, do you think that Jews with the last name of Silverman are jealous of Jews with the last name of Goldman?"

Just because Conservatives don't set ourselves on fire does not mean that some of us ain't crazy!

A nun's story. This psycho nun is a perfect candidate for my senior citizen suicide battalion.

More proof that Bush is the Devil!

Bush's new Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, is a left handed spawn of Satan. Miss C was watching footage of Gate's trip to Iraq and noticed he was using his "wrong" hand. I bet the Jihadis and Hugo Chavez take note as well.

Why do liberals set themselves on fire?

It's weird, I tried to come up with an instance of self immolation by a Conservative. We just aren't given to such wacky practices as that.

Mind you, that does not mean I don't approve of the Liberal habit of self immolation for political purposes. I think it's great! It's one of the few things Liberals do that actually serves society. Keep up the good works, Liberals.

The Oakland Raiders are slapstick funny!

The Raiders are so comical. Really, really funny. The Keystone Cops of football, headed by the Inspector Clouseau of Quarterbacks. Sebastian Janikowski is the only Raider that can actually play football. I just guffawed my way through our short season.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Good Shepherd was good!

In a scene in the movie, The Good Shepherd, the leader of a swing band stops the music to declare that England and France have declared war on Germany. Miss C, aka Comrade Crazy Cat Lady, leaned over to her friend and said, "Yeah, but France didn't really mean it!"

Chinese orgasms!

Jane of seejanemom blog brought up an important point about national orgasm day. She said the reverberations from China on that day would cause earthquakes across continents. On top of being extremely funny, that statement reminded me of something my dad once said.

I grew up around many Chinese in my neighborhood. My best friend was a Chinese-American girl whose parents were from Hong Kong. They owned a dry cleaners. I spent a lot of time at the apartment over the cleaners. My friends parents were always yelling at each other. Her mom sounded like 2 cats in a small sack. I gleaned the impression that my friend's parents despised each other. My friend agreed that this was true. They had not slept together in years.

In any case, the way they treated each other, and their children, and my experiences with our other Chinese neighbors, made me think there was a lack of affection amongst married, Chinese couples. Now I realize that my friend's parents were in an arranged marriage and also had to work together all day, every day, probably not good for any marriage. Also, I have come to learn that the Chinese are not demonstratve in public.

Back then their behavior was shocking to me. While on a drive with my father one day, I made the remark that I did not think that Chinese people loved each other. My dad snorted and said, "Well of course they love each other, you idiot! If they didn't, there wouldn't be so Goddamn many of them!"

Sunday, December 24, 2006

3 earthquakes in 4 days, enough already!

Urgghhh.. We keep having these little earthquakes. 3.7. 3.7, 3.5. Just quick little shakes, but the Hellhound and I hate em. We hates em real bad. I have had to change where I sit at the supper table because there is a heavy cabinet over one side, where I am used to sit. But no longer, I would not be able to get out of the way fast enough if a big one comes. Devil Dog gives an oddly emasculated yip at the earthquakes. Well, actually he is emasculated, so no wonder.

In April the leftists were talking out of their asses about the Duke faux rape case

I googled left wing bloggers and the Duke rape case and came up with some doozys. The commenters at Alas, a blog, were shooting off their stupid traps and universally agreeing that the case would "get no media attention" because it involved, "women of color." Another case of leftist predictions being the worthless garbage they always are. So, are we supposed to believe them about global warming or what?

Anti-Christian zealot sets hisself on fire! Thus proving his ideology of evolution is correct!

In Bakersfield, California, aka the Devil's Anvil, it's that hot in the summer, in July the average temperature is 99 degrees, a secular retard doused himself with flammable liquid and set himself alight to protest a school district's decision to change the names of the "winter" and "spring" breaks back to "Christmas" and "Easter" vacations.

He also set fire to a Christmas tree and flags in a public area. He stood with a US flag wrapped around his shoulders, poured the fire starter on himself and the tree flames jumped on to his worthless ass and poof, some loser put him out too soon! People need to stop thwarting evolution, dammit! They really need to teach evolution more thoroughly in public schools.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Archbishop of Canterbury blames US for Muslim attacks on Middle Eastern Christians

What a crock of shit. This idiot states that Muslims look upon the Iraqi Christians as supporters of the crusaders. Is it any wonder that Middle Eastern Christians would support the "crusaders" if given a choice? The fundamentalist Muslims do not have anyone's best interests at heart. Not even those in their own sects, whom they also wish to oppress and control.

Muslims who are bombing, murdering and dismembering people are to blame for bombing, murdering and dismembering people. No one else. The very same group of people that expect we in the West to control even our "bad thoughts' about gays and others not of our own race, seem only too eager to give a pass to those people who slaughter and terrorize their own countrymen under the most ridiculous of pretexts.

Christians in the Middle East are completely outnumbered and not even a remote threat to Muslims. Not even in Lebanon, where they are a force for human rights and liberalization that can only be beneficial for all Lebanese.

If a Muslim chooses to kill or drive a Christian out of his home, he is doing it for purposes of greed, cruelty or stupidity, not because he is afraid the Christian is a "crusader."

Finally, another female Conservative blogger with a sense of humor!

And she is looking for a husband to keep her warm on Christmas! Surely we can find Jane a "hunky" conservative guy. In any case, I'm sure there are a lot of "chunky" ones to go around. Maybe she will lower her standards, a little.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rudolph the Male Chauvinist Reindeer, circa 1964

Last night I was lazy and left the TV on after the news. The old animated puppet version of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer came on and feeling nostalgic, I watched it. It was an education. I realized that it was in the same theme as the current crop of Public Broadcasting cartoons "Difference and diversity are great!" It's good to have freakish appendages hanging off your face, except when it isn't, then you get aborted or euthanized!

Rudolph's dad, the world's only monogamous stag, is just horrified at Rudolph's red nose. He is so humiliated by it that he makes Rudolph wear a big, black fake nose over it. The fake nose makes him sound funny, so he still gets made fun of, totally defeating the pupose. Rudolph falls in love with an underage girly fawn, with big pretty eyes, but her dad will not let her date Rudolph because of his disgusting nose. But Rudolph can fly better than the other reindeer, so I get the idea that Rudolph was a stand in for a Black guy. Good athlete, "big," uh, red nose.

Then there was Herby, or Kirby, (my ears are getting bad and the soundtrack has not been digitally remastered) the totally gay elf, who does not want to make toys. He wants to be a dentist. A fetish if there ever was one. No one wants to be a dentist because they love it, they do it for the money, despite what 1-800-DENTIST would have you believe. But not Herby/Kirby, he reads dental books like other gay elves read gay elf porn.

Even Yukon Cornelius or Klondike Pete, or who ever the trapper that didn't trap animals but instead, befriended them, struck me as gay in a manly, hairy bear, gay guy way. His beard was just too meticulously trimmed for a straight trapper's. Besides, where was his Indian bride?

So when Rudolph and Kirby/Herby ran away across the tundra, to San Francisco to explore their differences, in a place they will be exactly like everybody else, and met up with Yukon Cornelius/Klondike Jack and the Misfit Toys on the Island of Misfit Toys and the Abominable Snowman, aka Bumble, tried to eat them and Kirby/Herby emulated Bobby in Deliverance by getting on his hands and knees and snorting like a pig, I wasn't sure what to think. This is not the Rudolph I remember, I thought.

But then, Yukon Pete/Klondike Cornelius pulled a suicide stunt on the Bumble by throwing himself against the Abominable Transvestite and going over the cliff with him. By this time Rudolph's jail-bait girlfriend had showed up with some other female toy, a blow up doll, rag doll or some such thing. Rudolph and Kirby/Herby realize their friend died by suicide, while saving them from the Bumble, and the first thing they say is, "We have to get the women home!"

But all is not lost because they hear a knock at the door and it's Yukon Jack/Klondike Pete, with the Bumble, and Herby/Kirby grabs a wicked looking, pair of tooth pulling pliers and proceeds to pull out all of the Abominable Snowman's teeth. Which will be handy for both Yukon Cornelius/Klondike Pete and Herby/Kirby, but that's a different stag film. Then Yukon Jack/Klondike Cornelius makes the Bumble dance and crawl around to show how "tame" he is. Then they make him into a slave and forcibly convert him to Christianity by making him decorate a Christmas tree.

Then Santa says that the weather is too crappy for flying, (surely not the first time this has happened but they make out like it is) then he looks at you know who's nose and the rest is history.

The President of Turkmenistan and Bill Shatner, separated at birth?

Miss C loves the Grinch and President Bush!

Now they are one!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Swift & Co prefers illegals because they work harder and can be pushed around!

Americans are lining up for the dirty jobs vacated by the raids on illegals at Swift plants. It seems that Swift has been lying about not being able to get Americans to take the dirty jobs at their packaging plants. I guess they just didn't try to hire Americans before. They are probably wary of American, union employees, who are always demanding raises and fatter pensions. Swift figured the illegals, represented by the union, but naturally afraid to make any waves, would keep a low profile. The Union got dues without having to do any work. Fun all around!

The left is of course, not angry with Swift, who is really engaging in a form of outsourcing, while actually remaining on US soil. The left is angry with the US government for protecting the rights of US citizens. The left believes that the actual rights of US citizens are trumped by the supposed rights liberals claim on behalf of illegals.

Let's start deporting illegals to Venezuela!

Hugo Chavez wants to help the indigenous people. He has all that oil to share. Here in los Estados Unidos, we are so mean and cruel to the illegals. We gringos are such evil racists. I know they don't really want to come and live here in this dreadful country among these awful people.

I say let's encourage illegals to emigrate to Venezuela, instead of the US! They will be so much happier there, under Marxist rule, where everyone shares the wealth. They already speak the national language.

We must make up pamphlets in Spanish, telling the illegals of the wonders and glories Venezuela has to offer them. Whenever the INS picks up illegals they should give them a Venezuelan chamber of commerce packet. We could recommend that the next time they decide to emigrate they should head south, not north. I know President Chavez will be very happy to take them in.

Miss C has found the Devil's Swine and it is not in a box of See's Chocolate

Liberals are not really for affordable housing!

Many of the liberals I work with live in a very exclusive neighborhood in Oakland, the Rockridge district, it is full of old Craftsman bungalows built at the turn of the century. Some of the houses are big but most of them are modestly sized. 2 and three bedrooms are common. The streets are pretty and tree lined. All the houses were built by skillful craftsmen and have beautiful architectural details.

Now these houses are selling for about $895,000 for 2 bedrooms. Many liberals, who drive around with progressive bumper stickers, have moved out of their houses. Although they pay a lot of lip service to affordable housing, do you think one of these liberals has sold his house to a worthy family at a reasonable, and not obscene price? Think on this, many of these liberals bought their houses 20 years ago for about $120,000. They have payed them off. If they sold their houses for a reasonable price of say $400,000. They would still make a lot of money they did not really earn or deserve, any way. And they could help out a family.

But this will never happen. I mentioned this idea to a Liberal co-worker and she laughed and said that she did not know anyone who was not trying to get as much money out of their house as posssible. Liberals would prefer the taxpayers and the developers to eat the costs of affordable housing, while they rake in disgusting amounts of other people's money.

Miss C will now address Zontar's ignorance

Miss C made a couple points about the lack of intelligence or beneficial action on the part of Kofi Annan and Desmond Tutu. Zontar's rebuttal, conservatives supported apartheid. Yeah and Miss C's rebuttal to Zontar, which is about as meaningful as his, Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican. Big effing deal. Apartheid was then and these African idiots are now.

Miss C points out that (Black) thugs are terrorizing Black seniors in Oakland. Zontar takes Miss C to task for stereotyping. Because, of course, stereotyping is a much bigger crime than knocking seniors to the hard cold pavement while robbing them of their social security funds.

A former SF police officer wrote a letter to the SF Chronicle yesterday saying that in the 1970's when he was on the force, Blacks were 28% of the population and yet the race of perpetrater reported by victims of crime was 70% Black. Now you have to figure that even a smaller percentage of the Black community were criminals, maybe even 1 or 2% and yet they commited 70% of reported crimes. That's some messed up Sh#*. Of course Zontar can't get to the point which is that the Black inner city community is in crisis. The left, who are in charge of the inner city systems, can't admit it so they will never find a solution. It's like AA, you have to admit there is a problem.

Blaming white people for the behaviors that primarily affect Black people is like blaming the liquor companies for alcoholism. It accomplishes nothing. Zontar's states that his sister was victimized by her boyfriend, a crack addict, after having refused to live an a high crime, "Black" neighborhood in East Palo Alto. Miss C's rebuttal to that, is that drug addiction does not have nearly the same impact on White communities as it does on Black. Black people have no safety nets, no back up. Blacks are concentrated in neighborhoods and often are trapped by the deterioration of their schools, properties and institutions. Whites are more mobile. So while Zontar's sister was victimized by only one crack addict, a Black or Hispanic senior citizen may be victimized multiple times by crack addicts, who live all around them. We have had a number of cases here in the Bay Area where an old lady has had gangsters, some times her own relatives, move into her house and terrorized and beat and steal from her and otherwise use her house to sell drugs from.

Zontar thinks Al Gore, that quivering sack of southern fried goo, is a great guy. Zontar worries day and night about the threat of global warming and yet, in an insulting comment, Zontar calls Miss C a loser for not being able to drive. So in actuality Miss C does less to contribute to global warming than Zontar does and his great advice is that she stop conserving and start consuming more energy.

Miss C thinks Zontar blows enough gas already.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The appeal of soft voiced Africans

I have noticed a tendency, Americans have, to give undue weight to the intelligence of soft spoken African men with elegant voices. I call it the Nelson Mandela syndrome. People the world over give far too much credit to Bishop Desmond Tutu, surely one of the least intelligent world figures ever, second only to Madeline Albright. If you actually listen to what the man says you are floored by it's absolute lack of profundity. It's hilarious that the left thinks this man is so great, based only on his resistance to apartheid, something all of his Black countrymen shared. Nothing remotely special in that. Those that despise Pope Benedict for his Catholicism, still love Desmond Tutu, despite his Christian ways. Well, I think him an idiot and I am not afraid to say so.

Kofi Annan is another one. Even more entrancing to listen to than Tutu, because of his beautiful voice, Annan has not done a decent or useful thing during his residency at the UN. Conditions around the world have worsened considerably, under his watch. He has been involved in enormous scandals and mismanagement fiascos and yet people on the left still can't give up their slavish admiration for him.

Swift meat packaging plants + former New Orleans residents, still living on the dole

The ACLU is, of course, silent on the matter of illegal aliens who violate the privacy and civil liberties of American citizens by stealing their identities and creating criminal records that can get them arrested or even shot during a stop by police. I am not surprised because the ACLU is only interested in skewering the government and good people of America not in truly upholding the Constitutional rights of average Americans.

Now the Swift company, desperate to replace it's illegal work force, is offering incentives to new employees of $1,500 dollars. I know that there are many people who fled New Orleans, who would like Union wage jobs, such as those offered at Swift. I say let's pay to send them there and find them housing in the plant areas. It will save the tax payers a lot of money in the long run.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Theodore Dalrymple answers the question, "Do Iraqis have free will?"

Not according to liberals.

Al Gore starring in, They Supersized Me

Al Gore is obviously eating what Tipper's been eating. They are both contributing to greenhouse gasses with their noxious, bovine emissions. The left is strangely silent on the matter of their idol's massive weight gain. Maybe they don't see his flaws, they are that blinded by love.

If they really care about him, they should give him the same treatment they gave Rush Limbaugh. A lot of fat jokes made about you can be a great incentive to hit the gym, regularly.

Posing with skulls is a time honored practice during times of war!

Oakland Black Police Officers Association escorts Oakland seniors on a shopping trip

According to this article in the Oakland Tribune, the police officers had to accompany/guard the vulnerable and fragile seniors because they are being targeted by thugs in their neighborhoods. They were being robbed while waiting for buses. How revolutionary these thugs are to mug and rob Black seniors. Really stickin' it to the man!

When I talked to one of my co-workers about it, she started in with the predictable liberal tripe. "Oh it's so great that the police did that!" So I said, "It's monstrous that they have to do it at all!" Co-worker said, "Well people are so desperate for jobs." I said, "There are plenty of jobs out there, these kids just think they are too good for them." Co-worker said, "Yes, that's true, you are probably right."

Over in the corner one of the Chinese co-workers was listening to our conversation. Later when I went to use the phone, he asked me more about the story and wanted to know exactly where and when it happened. He just shook his head in horror and amazement.

The difference between 'liberal" professors in Iran and America

According to the MSM when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Teheran's Polytechnic College he was booed by students. Miss C was not there and can only repeat hearsay. She has also heard that "liberal" professors have been marginalized and forced out of their jobs at the college, due to their criticism of the government.

Contrast the liberal professors at US colleges, who are always so openly admiring of both Ahmadinejad grandstanding, and scathing letters to Bush. They are supportive of the far right government of Iran while raging against the basically liberal government of George Bush. Miss C knows which are the true liberals.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Miss C's sure fire method of stopping the spread of AIDS in Africa and getting rid of pesky liberals!

We will sends legions of American liberals, armed with condoms to Africa. Every African man shall be assigned one liberal handler, who shall stick like glue to his African, following him everywhere. Each and every time any African man has an erection, his liberal shall apply a condom to it.

France: Still meddling in postcolonial Africa

France is at war in Africa, said Patrick de Saint-Exupéry in Paris' Le Figaro. Last April, we sent troops to Chad to defend the regime of President Idris Déby against rebel attack. This month, as the rebels renew their onslaught, we're again sending help. The aid is not unselfish: Chad is practically a French outpost. A French military base there hosts airplanes and helicopters that France deploys all over East and Central Africa. Even among Chadians, the country is often called "France's airport in the desert." But there's another, even more cynical reason why Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin flew to the Chadian capital last week to reassure Déby of continued French support. Chad just kicked out the U.S. companies that were developing its oil, and French companies are moving in.

Chad isn't the only African country France is propping up, said Vanessa Schneider in Paris' Libération. The French military is also active in the Central African Republic. Both these countries are suffering spillover from the war in Darfur, in neighboring Sudan. All three blame one another—with varying degrees of merit—for sponsoring rebel movements in the others. The entire region is now one huge refugee crisis. "It's not a steady deterioration," Jan Egeland, the outgoing U.N. humanitarian chief, said last week. "It's a free fall, and it includes Darfur, eastern Chad, and northern Central African Republic."

So why don't the French people know anything about this? asked Paris' Le Monde in an editorial. It's very kind of de Villepin to explain to the Chadians why France is "on the front lines" in containing the Sudanese unrest. Yet he has said nothing to his own people. "Not a word to the French. No announcement to the National Assembly. Not even a memo." French Mirage F1 fighter jets have fired directly on rebels in the Central African Republic, and a junior French officer was wounded in the combat. The French deserve to know whether their military is involved in a war and, if so, why. "If a war is legitimate, there's no reason to hide it. If it's illegitimate, there's no reason to wage it."

The French have a history of secret meddling in Africa, said Andrew Wallis in the London Times. It was at the French Embassy in Rwanda in 1994 that Hutu government ministers "meticulously planned" the genocide of the Tutsis. "Witnesses spoke of these ministers, many now facing life imprisonment for crimes against humanity, sitting in plush embassy chairs comparing notes on where the killing was going best." Three months later, after 800,000 Tutsis had been hacked to death by machete, the French ambassador helped evacuate the masterminds to Paris. Why would France do such a thing? Because it had been helping the brutal Hutu regime ever since 1990, when English-speaking Tutsi exiles in Uganda tried to return to their homeland. France always sides with French speakers. So far, "France has been adept at trying to hide this stain on la gloire." But the investigations into the genocide continue. Soon, the truth will be known. "

The Week, December 22, 2006

The truth about AIDS in Africa

Why are we wasting so much money on these people? Send them some garlic, beetroots and potatoes and be done with them all! We are merely prolonging the inevitable. The left is constantly saying that we need to send more condoms to Africa, yet the studies bear out the fact that African men refuse to wear them. So the money we spend on condom distribution is wasted.

In truth there is no Western answer to this crisis. It's a form of natural selection, either the Africans will have to learn new behaviors or they will perish. The antivirals are probably just adding to the infection rates, as the people taking them are probably a bit more frisky and thus prone to having sex more often, than the symptomatic cases are. The West can not solve this problem, the Africans need to take responsibility for themselves. If the fear of catching a horrific and deadly disease can't sway them, I don't know what can.

From the magazine, The Week,

"The Culture of Denial
Some of the countries worst hit by AIDS are still in denial. In South Africa, where 5 million are infected, Thabo Mbeki's government spent years expressing doubts about whether HIV causes AIDS and insisting that AIDS was a Western plot, that the drugs were poison, and that it was better to use African "cures." Though he was later forced into a U-turn and subsequently ordered the distribution of anti-retrovirals, Mbeki hasn't recanted his earlier views; his health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, has said she has more faith in lemon, beetroot, and garlic than in any drugs. South Africa's booth at an AIDS conference in Toronto this year featured garlic, beetroot, and potatoes. Some ARVs were added, but these were apparently borrowed. Meanwhile, many South African women refuse to take HIV tests, fearing their husbands will beat, abandon, or kill them if they find out. Some even end up infecting their babies through breast-feeding because bottle-feeding is tantamount to an admission they have HIV. Even when people test positive, they are often reluctant to take ARVs, because they think the drugs are poisonous."

Why are women stricken more?
"Because of their powerlessness in sexual encounters. The rates of sexual violence in the region are astronomical. In South Africa, where the culture of male entitlement to sex is especially strong, one-quarter of women have their first sexual experience as a result of rape. And African men often insist on not using condoms, although they could prevent HIV transmission. One of the more chilling findings of recent studies in Kenya and Zambia was that young, married, monogamous women had higher rates of HIV infection than sexually active single women of the same age. Women also have less access to HIV testing and to the anti-retrovirals (ARVs) that could delay progress of the disease and stop mother-to-child transmission during birth"

Pinochet's death virtually eclipses the guilty verdict against Mengistu of Ethiopia

Ethiopia's High Court convicted former Marxist dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam, of genocide, in absentia. Genocide is pretty ho hum stuff for a leftist dictator, true, but you'd think someone in the press would give a rat's ass about it.

My antipathy for Europeans and Liberals stems from the same root!

20 years ago I dated a Swiss architect. The Swiss guy could not keep his suggestions and opinions to himself. He was filled with "expert" advice on how I could improve myself, not to mention how Americans in general could improve themselves.

Of course, this guy was so in love with America, he kept a Levi's jacket on his wall. He considered it a work of art. One of his most important experiences in America was attending an all Black church.

I noticed, early on, that he was exactly like the liberal elites I had grown up around. He was obsessed with other peoples' thoughts and habits and worried that someone else might find the slightest bit of enjoyment out of a McDonald's hamburger. He was always touting the superiority of Muesli as a breakfast food.

I have mentioned before that my great grandmother was from Alsace Lorraine. She was a mean, mean lady. Meaner than snake doo doo. She was also very judgemental and superior. The food, clothing, habits and behavior of Europeans were considered to be far superior than anything we had in the States. She was an elitist.

I always found Western Europeans to be very superior acting and arrogant. I also found them quite dry and dull, not interesting and unusual like most Americans. Most Americans have distinctive personalities, except for extreme liberals, who I have lived amongst all my life but have trouble telling apart personality wise. They all have the same interests and the same ideas and are boring to talk to and have little sense of humor. They whine and complain constantly and obsess about other peoples' habits. The point of their existence is to get others to see the error of their ways. Exactly like Europeans. Europeans have spent centuries inflicting themselves on other cultures and demanding that people act like Europeans. They just can't quit the habit.

When a Black man has brain damage, he listens to country music!

I ride the bus every morning with 3 young people who are a bit slow. They are not genetically retarded, but have suffered from brain damage somewhere along the way. There is a cute little Black girl and her White boyfriend and a very large Black guy. They are a close knit group and talk amongst themselves very, very loudly on the bus. They always add a lot of emphasis on each other's names after every sentence.

The other day the female member of the group told the Black guy she had seen him walking down the street and called his name but he did not hear her, because, "You were listening to your cowboy music, Brent!" He has his headphones on every morning and you can hear the twang of steel guitars coming out of them. So, it got me to thinking, does everyone who likes country music have brain damage?

The difference between the coverage of the deaths and illnesses of third and first world leaders

Coverage of Castro's slow demise is cracking me up. Is there not a third world country who can allow the truth to be told? Remember Arafat's death? Now contrast that with the coverage of Sharon's stroke in Israel.

A third world dictator, especially one who runs around in a military uniform his whole life, just can't be allowed to look weak to his people. Up until the day he dies he has keep up the appearance of strength. Even while he is in the hospital having his diapers changed.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Miss C thinks this is soooo scary!

If Miss C begins to write excessively in French, please stage an intervention. She suffers from migraines but had no idea she was in such danger.

"It may sound funny to others, but suddenly thinking you are French is terrifying!"

I'll say!

Actually Miss C is kind of pissed at Pinochet

If it wasn't for him, that lard butted Isabel Allende, would not have come to the US. Miss C hates magic realism more than she can say. She likes realism, she likes fantasy, but never the twain shall meet. Magic realism makes one think that all Latinas are crazy and see ghosts everywhere.

California textbooks to honor gays, bill would ban negative portrayals of gays

What exactly do they mean by banning negative portrayals? Does not the California School system have more important things to worry about, such as teaching our kids to read in the first place. Sexual orientation has no place in the school curriculum. What you do in bed with another person is your business and really should have no bearing upon your contributions to the greater society. Gays are in no way special because they prefer to have sex with each other. It does not give them magical powers.

Mentioning that a contributor to American culture is gay should be countered by mentioning when a contributor is, or was, straight. Since there are many more straights than gays, the contributions made by straights will far outweigh the ones made by gays. How about we say, Heterosexual scientist and inventor, Ben Franklin. Heterosexual author, Issac Asimov. Heterosexual painter, Andrew Wyeth. Etc, etc. That'll really piss off the gays.

Eugene says his grandad invented the Holocaust, but the real inventor is a Black gardener from Louisiana!

The other day Miss C had a visitor to her cubicle. The visitor was a former employee, a gardener for the City. He is originally from Louisiana and has retired there. Now he works as a golf pro. As he was updating Miss C on his life of leisure he happened to glance behind her and spot her posters of Japanese zeros on her cubicle windows. "Are those Spitfires?" he asked. Miss C knows him to be a veteran of WWII and was already blushing when he answered his own question, "No, he said, those are Mitsubishi Zeros, kamikaze planes!" Then he began to talk of being in Europe and being at the liberation of Buchenwald concentration camp.

How can there be a "Holocaust Conference" if there was no Holocaust?

It seems to me that the Iranians are mightily obsessed with the so called "non-existent Holocaust." More so than the Jews even. The Muslims just can't stand the fact that the Jews have more right to use the "victim" status. It just gets their goat. What is non existent is the persecution of Muslims, by non Muslims. By far the most dangerous enemy of Muslims are other Muslims.

Witness yesterday the wacky Palestinians running around in the streets flaunting fake corpses with fake blood on them. Kooky. kooky, kooky. Nothing like it on this earth. The Muslims desperately want to be victims of something. They are strangely and creepily jealous of the Jewish Holocaust. They take perverse pleasure in victim hood.

The fact is that the Jews have been victims for centuries and they are not running around slaughtering other Jews. The Muslims on the other hand have been responsible for genocide, not victims of it. Think Armenia. There can be no excuses for the crimes that Muslims are perpetrating on others, in the Muslim world, in Africa and in the West. Even had they been been victims of the West in reality and not just their vivid imaginations, there would be no excusing their murderous behavior.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Zontar's alter ego spies on the populace and fights crime, if only it were so!

More on the increase of rapes, by immigrants in Norway

About a year ago, Miss C was raked over the coals, by a lot of gay British bloggers, for doing a column about the increase in rapes in Norway. 2 out of 3 of the rapists are non natives of Norway. The limp wristed lovers of the dark races didn't like the results of the study, at all. Perhaps because it suggested that most immigrants preferred women, when given a choice. Here is a new study and it reiterates the old one.

One of the reasons I am conservative is that I feel too much tolerance of the misogynistic attitudes third world cultures have toward women is causing most of the world's most deeply entrenched poverty and misery. AIDS is a problem caused by men and inflicted upon women and children. Ignorance and poverty are perpetrated by men who refuse girls the right to an education.

There is an increasing tendency to inbreed among humans. The Muslim tendency to marry first cousins, the Mormon fringe groups returning to polygamy and making girls marry their uncles. The Hispanic girls in the inner city bearing their uncle's offspring. We can not let these practices become so common as teen pregnancy has become. Inbred societies are intellectually and physically weak. Women and girls are increasingly losing the power they had to negotiate for a secure future, for themselves and their children.

Third world men can infect a culture. Western men, like most men, are connected by a thin thread to civility and tend to envy the freedom that third world men often have in regards to sexual behavior. Sex with underage girls, no problem. Look at Osama Bin Ladin, virtually any daughter of any tribesman is his for the asking. My co-worker, a liberal Jew, thinks that Black inner city men have it going on, visiting different women and impregnating them and letting the State raise them is not a bad job, at all.

There is a huge problem in the world and it is this, men from the third world do not respect, admire or value women. Women are, as one Imam put it so well, "cat meat." Men in the third world are not really very accomplished at much, by Western standards. The Nobel Peace prize winner Mohammed Yunis does not like to give them loans, but they have the small comfort of thinking that they are superior to women, at least. In reality they are like animals, horses or elephant seals, herding women into harems and guarding them. Hundreds of thousands of Armenian women ended up in Turkish harems after Turks slaughtered their men.

Controlling your females takes all your energy and time. There is little time left over to cure diseases or found fortune 500 companies. George Bush may wish to control the world's oil supply, but Osama and his ilk wish to control the world's women. I'm for Bush.

The UN soldiers from third world countries are notorious for raping and taking advantage of the women and very young girls of the countries they are assigned to. In the West, as exhibited by the behavior of a few in Iraq and our own country, there are rapists, but rape is not condoned by our society. In fact it is punishable by law and frowned upon by average citizens.

In the third world it is rampant. The woman is always to blame. Rape is used to punish entire families. Rape is used as a political tool. Women's lives are ruined by it. It can contribute to the annihilation of a culture. Forced marriage is rape. Perhaps the immigrants in Norway are utilizing it for some of these reasons. In every way inferior to Norwegian men, the immigrants are getting back at the powers that be by raping their women. The problem seems to be that the Norwegian men, so afraid of looking racist, are content to let this happen. I like to think that if a group of immigrants started to rape American women, there would be some sort of protest, some outcry, but I am not so sure anymore.

Now, gay British bloggers may wish to be raped by third world immigrants, I do not. may I suggest that the immigrants to Norway visit one of the 300 farms currently operating in Norway that allow people to have sex with animals. Animals with animals, I say.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One man' s meat

The news story about condoms being too large for the average Indian man's penis made me remember a documentary I saw years ago.

A Spanish anthropologist was interviewing a Chief of a former headhunting tribe in South America, who was reminiscing about the good old days.

The Chief was telling him about the raids they used to go on to steal Spanish women.

The anthropologist asked the Chief, "Did you have Spanish women?"

The Chief grinned salaciously, "Yes," he said.

The anthropologist asked, "Do your Indian women ever have sex with Spanish men?"

"No," the Chief said, firmly, "Never. They never would!"

"Really? Why not?" asked the anthropologist.

The Chief held his hands out and spread them about 10 inches apart, "Because their penises are too big," he said, making a disgusted face.

Taraji Mustafa, Sudanese -Canadian human rights activist,

"The Palestinian people should not forget that we, the Sudanese people, opened our doors to them in the days of Sabra and Shatila. The Palestinians should not forget that Ja'far al-Numeiri saved Yasser Arafat in the days of Black September. Unfortunately, none of this is imparted to the Palestinian people, which, as has been proven, treats the Sudanese in the worst possible way – with racism and persecution – because they are black."

"I believe the Arab media in its entirety – TV, websites, movies, and songs – should be held responsible for this racist behavior. We are sick and tired of seeing blacks in Egyptian TV series in the roles of doormen, waiters, or drivers. We are sick and tired of the stereotyping of blacks in the media, in series aired in the Gulf countries."

Monday, December 11, 2006

Miss C found Britney Spears panties!

They are in the panty vending machine!

Proof that Liberals' brains are different than Conservatives' brains

On Saturday night I was awakened by a horrific crash outside my house. A speeding car had ploughed into another car parked at the entrance to our cottage complex, destroying it and setting off it's car alarm. I woke up and was instantly sick to my stomach. Then I ran outside to see if everyone was OK. I, and the guy whose car it was were the only 2 humans to be seen. He called the police and I went back in the house, shaken.

The next day I asked my neighbors if they had heard the crash. "No" they all said. This is so typical of them. We had a transformer blow up, making a huge kaboom, and shooting flames across the power lines. Only one other person, besides me, heard it. One night there was a woman screaming as if she was on fire, I called the police and it turned out that her husband was trying to commit great bodily injury upon her. My Liberal neighbors, heard, nada.

Raccoons regularly fight and mate in the walkway between our cottages. Fighting raccoons sound like a cross between a stuck pig and a scalded cat, a bizarre sound and it goes on forever. The raccoons used to come and drag our garbage all over the yards, before we got new cans. I and my crazy cat, Buster, would run outside and chase them away, but they would come right back. None of my Liberal neighbors have admitted to hearing, or even seeing a raccoon in our neighborhood. When I asked one neighbor if she had heard the raccoons fighting in her yard she looked puzzled and said,"I didn't know there were raccoons here."

It's the same with the drunk heroin addict that tries to beak into my neighbor's houses, I am the only one to call the police. Gunshots outside, they don't hear them. I think this proves that Liberals are not physiologically programmed to respond to real and immediate threats. Conservatives are. It's about survival and Conservatives are selected for.

How'd ya like to be the stepfather to Steve Irwin's kids?

New stepfather, "Hey kids, let's go see Happy Feet!"
Steve Irwin's Kids, "Boring! We wanna go swimming with Great White Sharks!"

At 3,000 dead and only a 100,000 refugees,

Augusto Pinochet was a veritable piker compared to your average left wing dictator. Slow, slow, slow. What's up with that? For all the left's accusing the right of being such war mongers, we can't catch up with them. They are just too good at slaughtering and maiming.

I guess it's the pent up frustration they feel when their ideology is proven to be bankrupt over and over again. "Excuse me Comrade, but maybe our government isn't working like we thought it would." BLAM! You're dead! It just makes them mad enough to go out and kill. They never think of changing their ideology, they just kill everyone who disagrees with them.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Would the left have protested the verdict in Augusto Pinochet's trial?

Had Pinochet been tried and found guilty of murder, would there have been feelings of outrage from the leftists and the human rights groups? Would the left have claimed that he did not receive a fair trial?

Leftists can deal with Baathists, because the Baathists are like leftists

Secular elitists interested in harnassing power to serve their own wanton desires and inflict their unpopular agenda on the majority. The left has always understood dictators like Saddam. He has done nothing that a good leftist dictator hasn't already done. Purges, revenge killings, mass murder, all in a day's work for the left. That's why the Dems are again demanding the return of Saddamists to their former positions.

The truth is, the left is terrified of religious Muslims, like Muqtada al-Sadr and Abdul Aziz al-Hakim. The turbans really freak out the left. They don't mind the guys that run around in uniforms all the time, like Castro and Hussein because it reminds them of their beloved Che Guevara.

Crotch Shots!

Seeing Britneys Spear's girlish charms exposed for all to see/enjoy, reminded me of a story a co-worker related to me. A friend of hers had recently had a baby, and my co-worker went over to the friend's house to see it .

As my co-worker sat upon the sofa, her friend's 3 year old daughter picked up a photo album from the coffee table, sat down next to my co-worker and proceeded to show her the photos while narrating them. My co-worker said she was horrified to see that the pics were from the recent birth of the new baby and very graphic.

The little girl pointed to an up close shot of her mother's crotch and said, "This is the bagina." She pointed to the next pic and said, "This is the baby's head coming out of the bagina!"

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Miss C is not ignant, but she sure acts ignant! It's very odd!

"miss carnivorous, you kicked me off your blog when i presented some information that was fully researched and which i presented not as a jab or a stab but as a person who was trying to contribute to the conversation. so i left.

i know this is donkeyhue's blog and i need to behave myself here. but let me just say that i think you are just plain rude and thoroughly disrespectful and what you write makes you appear ignorant. i don't believe you are ignorant. but you sure act that way. it's very odd."

December 05, 2006

Anita, on Aurora Blog.

Come now, Anita, Miss C is all sweetness and light. That's why Miss C posts lots of pics of cute kitties and happy inspirational messages. Who would ever think Miss Carnivorous, of Carnivorousness blog, would be rude? Miss C never would, especially not to liberals, whom she adores.

A good Samaritan

My co-worker's son served on an aircraft carrier during the Gulf War. When they returned to the United States, a good Samaritan had chartered a party boat and rented a lot of strippers to stand naked on its deck, to reward the sailors for their service to their country.

As the aircraft carrier was coming into port, the party boat with the naked girls came up on the starboard side of the carrier. The sailors on the carrier were running to the port side to wave at their families, then running back to the starboard to look at the naked women, then running back to the port side to wave at their wives and kids again.

Mary Poppins as a horror film, check it out!

I saw this on Cartoon Brew and it's really funny. I always forget how exquisitely beautiful Julie Andrews was. Gorgeous, gorgeous face!

Tax payers should not have to subsidize bad ballet companies

A few years ago I decided to see the Oakland Ballet's Nutcracker Suite, which I have attended off and on for 35 years. Oh Gawd. This particular performance was awful, just dreadful. Strained and shabby and uninspired. The theater was less than 1/4 full. They had guest dancers from the Dance Theater of Harlem, presumably a sop to the Black community but totally unnecessary, as there were no Blacks in the audience(there never are.) The director of the Oakland ballet is a Black woman and is trying to drum up interest from the Black community, which is not going to happen on a traditional ballet performance schedule. There are very few civic minded Whites left in Oakland who would actually be interested in seeing such a poorly managed company perform. You tend to feel used. Spending good money only to be appalled by the lack of talent and direction, does not a Happy Holiday make.

So, I was not surprised to hear that the Nutcracker that year was horribly undersold. The company was in the hole and going under fast. I would not care to see a repeat of the sad performance I had seen that year. Then I heard the director was looking for donors to save the company. I secretly hoped that the funds would not be forthcoming. Any business must be expected to run at a profit. If no one in Oakland is interested in Ballet any more and you can't even keep the audience you have, you do not deserve to keep your jobs. The dancers must leave this failing company and find and compete for jobs in successful companies. The tax payers do not owe these people a living in the profession they choose. If you are ballet dancer who no one cares to watch you dance, its time to hang up your toe shoes. Oakland Ballet sends me the fliers for the Nutcracker every year and I throw them in the trash.

Leftists have more in common with rich people than they do the working class!

My liberal jewish co-worker was bemoaning the fact that her son might have to go to a private school where the students came from well off families. She felt she had nothing in common with them and was worrying about "mixing." I laughed in her face and said that she had more in common with them that she thought. I said, you have the same taste in literature, food, entertainment. I said you are nothing like the average American. You will have plenty to talk about. The differences between elitist liberals and the average American are legion. She had to admit that it was true.

We have a lot of potlucks at the library. All the lower staff, the clerical staff, bring cheesy, yummy stuff and rich creamy desserts. Our favorite dish is a really incredible macaroni and cheese that one of the typists brings to every potluck. It's made with Campbell's Chedder Cheese soup and buttermilk. It doesn't last long. Someone always makes collard greens with pork. One of the other typists makes a kind of kitchen sink spaghetti, with a spicy sausage and lots of cheese. One of the guys makes turkey chili, because all the freaking hippies won't eat red meat. It gets on my nerves.

The Chinese people all bring something from a Chinese restaurant. One girl always brings a roast duck. Chinese people cook every day, so when a special occasion rolls around they buy food from a restaurant. To them it's a rare treat, and they are honoring us by doing this.

The Philipinos bring fried lumpia(thin egg rolls).

Then we have the leftists and their hoity toity gourmet food. Pomegranite and mandarine orange salad. E Coli infected spinach salad. The leftist of the lefties, Mr Protester always brings prociutto wrapped melon, which nobody eats, and he later has to walk around asking, no, begging people to try it. Other leftists bring vegetable wraps and even once, home made yogurt!

The left has so much more in common with the rich of America and Europe than they do the working class. They don't understand us, they are not like us and they should just all get on a leaky raft and sail through shark infested waters to their dream country, Cuba!

See's Candy has removed "The Devil's Swine" from its recipes

My friend called me last night and I told him that I had researched the See's Candy/lard connection and had found no evidence of lard contamination. At work we have been chowing down on See's all week and I read the ingredients on every box. I also Googled "lard and See's Candy/Chocolate" and got no hits claiming that See's actually contained lard. My friend listened skeptically, then said, "I know there was lard in the candy, I have a box right here, and I will prove it!" He read the ingredients aloud. After cataloguing every ingredient, he said, "They removed it! They removed the devil's swine from the chocolate!"

Friday, December 08, 2006

Born again Muslims refuse to eat See's Chocolates

My friend's born again Muslim brother would not let them have See's chocolate in the house over the Thanksgiving holiday. He claims that there is "lard" in See's chocolate. He would only allow Godiva chocolate to be eaten in his presence. I know why he would not allow it in his mother's house. It is because he knew he would be unable to resist it. See's with or without lard is divinely delicious.

Most people are content to merely gaze upon Godiva truffles as they sit in the refrigerator, for years. Why is that? In my humble opinion, it is because the flavor of Godiva chocolate could only be improved by the addition of lard.

I have researched this Muslim style, urban legend and have been unable to find any information regarding the secret addition of lard to See's Candy.

This story reminds me of the time my friend wanted to take her kids to Disneyland but they refused to go, because they had heard that there were deadly, poisonous spiders infesting all the park rides.

Skirt man

Every morning, on my way to work, I see the same homeless guy standing in the doorway of a shop in Chinatown. He is a tall, muscular and very masculine, middle aged Black man. From his head to his waist he dresses normally. From his knees to his toes, he dresses normally. But from his waist to his knees he wears, and always has worn, women's skirts. Sometimes he wears a short, white tennis skirt. Sometimes he wears a long floral patterned skirt. This morning he wore a plain brown, calf length skirt with his down jacket, athletic socks and tennis shoes. I have never seen him wearing pants, no matter how cold it gets. No one knows why and of course we would be too afraid to ask him. We all just call him "Skirt Man."

Descendant of the Prophet Mohammad blames Saddamists and Al Qaeda for Iraq unrest

In his interview with Ray Suarez on the News Hour, Shiite cleric, Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim also said that the Palestinian/Israeli issue had nothing to do with Iraq's problems.

Destined For Destiny

My co-worker and I were reading this hilarious book, Destined for Destiny, an unauthorized biography of George W. Bush, by one of the writers of the Onion. Here is an excerpt;

I tell the untold story of my inspirational life. You will struggle with me in my strugglesome youth. During the Vietnam War, you will be right there at my side as I face down the terrible enemy of my sinful partying. Together, we will meet and fall head over heels for the love of my life -- Jesus. And through me you will become a beloved, terror-fighting hero in the greatest hour of my presidency, September 11, 2001.

I embarked upon this important and historical work against the advice of my advisors. Come what may, I wanted you to hear my story from me, in my own talking.

God bless,

George W. Bush

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Iraq Panel members a bunch of old ass fogies!

Old people are incapable of having new ideas. It's all "back in the day" and "when I was a young man" crap. As has been pointed out by those much smarter than Miss C, the third world will not change until younger men with new ideas take over power. Old people do not change their attitudes. opinions or ideologies. The Iraq Panel members are old, bordering upon ancient. They rehashed everything the MSM has been saying for years now and didn't even put a cherry on top.

Put a group of thirty somethings back on it. Get a lot of Iraqis for the panel and some religious leaders, invite a terrorist or 2. Ask them, "Say, what would it take to get you to stop slaughtering your own people, people?" Ask the Iraqis if they really give a rat's ass about the Palestinians right now, or if they have their own damn problems. After all, its not the Israelis slitting the throats of Iraqi men and boys and dumping their bodies in rivers. Ask them if they really want the US to leave, or not. Forget about politicos, get a wide variety of professions and classes to weigh in on the subject.

By the by, Jim Leher made mincemeat out of Baker and Hamilton last night on the News Hour. Go and read the transcipt. He shredded them into tiny little pieces. You could hear the skepticism in Jim's voice as he got more and more frustrated with those 2 clowns. What a fiasco. Talk about your quagmire.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Keebler Elf is talkin' to me!

The recent "Got Milk" campaign in San Francisco, whereupon city bus shelters were to be outfitted with chocolate chip cookie scented devices, was scrapped, nearly before it began. Advocates for the poor and homeless said that it was unfair to entice poor people with the delicious scent of cookies, as they were unable to buy any.

My co-worker and I thought that more likely the cookie smell would mess with the schizophrenics minds. They would confuse the odor with other hallucinations perhaps. Imagine sleeping on a bench all night while smelling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in your dreams. It might cover their own funk.

Drugstore Superhero!

Last night I was at the very busy, downtown, corner drugstore, buying Devil Dog his Milkbones and tucker, when an amazing incident happened right before my very eyes. I was in line when a Black guy came from one of the registers, which is on the other side of a big column. He shot past me, then a tiny, gray haired, Philipino clerk jumped over the counter and grabbed the guy and started a tug of war over an item the Black guy was trying to steal. The Black guy twisted away and ran outside the store. Usually there is a security guard at the exit, but I did not see him last night.

The Philipino guy chased the Black guy outside and commenced to wrestling with the much bigger Black guy on the pavement. A bunch of us were standing around in the store looking, out the doors saying, "Uh oh, that guy is a little old to be fighting, he could get hurt!" They fought for some time and a younger clerk finally ran out to help the older guy, but the older guy already had it under control.

The Philipino guy came back in the store carrying the item and walked right back to his register and said, "Next, please." So I was like, I am getting in that guy's line, cuz he's cool! This guy was totally unruffled, not even breathing hard, I would have been shaking like a chihuahua in Paris Hilton's bed!

When my turn came I said to him, "Wow, you just ran out there and beat up a shop lifter and then came back and started ringing up customers like it was nothing! You are a superhero!" He said, calmly, "Ma'am, that item costs $50.00, I was not going to let him steal it."

Intelligence Committee is an oxymoron!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Here is a beautiful article about Herat, Afghanistan, before and after the fall of the Taliban!

From the BBC, no less. Saying something positive about the war in Afghanistan. I didn't know they had it in them!

What don't you understand about religious freedom?

Keith Ellison had the right to swear his oath of office on the Koran. He is a practising Muslim. The point of religious freedom is not to force everyone to abide by the Bible, people, but to let them practice their own religion. Besides, what is the point of having people, say Hindus or Buddhists, swear on a Bible. Muslims believe in the Bible, but Hindus don't. What does it mean to swear an oath on a book that means nothing to you. What if when you went to court in Utah, they made you swear on the Book of Mormon. It would mean, nothing. Swearing his oath on the Koran was actually a meaningful, and not just symbolic act for Mr Ellison.

Monday, December 04, 2006


My ex boyfriend told me his mom had him when she was 38. I said, "What a coincidence, I'm having you when I'm 38 too!"

The only thing an old man can give me is a note from a younger man

My last boyfriend was 14 years younger than I and very, very cute. He played football for Texas A&M and had big muscles. We used to go hiking a lot on a trail known to have mountain lions.

Once while we were hiking, I heard a rustling in the brush above the trail. I jumped in front of my boyfriend, to save him from a possible lion attack. Turned out it was just a rabbit or deer, but he was very offended. "I can't believe you did that! You jumped right in front of me!" His manhood took a pounding.

I told my co-worker about the incident and he said, "Well of course you jumped in front of him, you were protecting your young!"

I hope Britney Spears sits on a towel while she's driving!

Other wise she'll leave snail trails all over the seat cushion.

Al Qaeda is just another gang!

Osama is just like Tony Soprano with all his chicks and his ordering of hits. Muslims are not supposed to engage in criminal activity, but all cultures have criminal gangs. Muslims try to cloak their criminality in religion.

The Taliban and al Qaeda are not really engaging in Jihad at all, they are just doing what gangsters do. Selling drugs and killing people and screwing women. Guarding their turf. Osama has his harem, Tony has his strip club. Osama has his opium, Tony has his coke.

In fact every immigrant group that has come to the US has a criminal network, The Chinese and Vietnamese have their Tongs, the Italians and Irish and Russians, their Mafia. The Muslims have their terrorist organizations. They are just thugs.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I am glad they've decided to call it civil war!

Now there can be a clear winner and a clear loser. A civil war ends when one side has been decisively defeated. The Sunnis are not engaged in an insurgency, they are trying to recapture their previous dominance over the people of Iraq and the monopolization of power and oil revenues.

Proof, once again, that Allah is not on the side of Palestinians

When I went to get my haircut, my Palestinian hairdresser told me she had fallen and cracked her tailbone. She was particularly upset because she had a date that night and could not wear heels. She also told me that she had had a dream involving green snakes. We discussed what the dream meant. I told her snakes symbolized sex and that she was going to "get some."

She said, "No I am just meeting him for coffee." She has, for years been trying to find a good Arab husband, without success. Her brother and I think she is too Americanized for that, but she will keep trying. We both discussed how much we were addicted to radio. I told her I loved the Car Talk show. She said, "Those guys are so funny! Are they Jews?"

Her other brother got hisself a Yemini bride, after a long, fruitless engagement to an Afghan woman (involving much buying of gold jewelery) and became a born again Muslim with the Nation of Islam. All his friends are Black Muslims. (When I say Muslim after the word, Black, I say it like, MuZ lum. It's an old habit and hard to break.) Your Black Muslim Bakery makes good pies, but they like to smash up liquor stores.

My friend says his mom hires one his brother's Black Muslim friends to work on her house and the guy is totally useless as a handy man and blames the "White Man" for all his mistakes.

Their older sister works for Reverend Sung Yung Moon and goes to Native American sweat lodges. They are a wacky family.

Anyway, I digress, yet again, which is my habit. Back to the snakes. My hairdresser's brother called the next day and said, "We found out who the snakes were!"

My hairdresser had her purse lifted. 2 Black guys were the snakes. They went right out and shopped for clothes and bought gas with her credit cards.

I told her if it weren't for bad luck, Palestinians would have no luck at all! I was right though, because she did get screwed!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Black American Muslims on pilgrimage to Mecca

On NPR's the World, they reported on a story about Black American Muslims going on their Hajj. There are seminars that prepare American Muslims for the Hajj. They are very informative and tell American Muslims what the Hajj involves and how to try and protect yourself in case of pushing or stampeding crowds. The teacher told the group that if they became separated from each other they should all meet up at the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, located at the entrance to the holy site.

America is a wounded caribou!

A pundit on the News Hour said that America can not expect any concrete help from Iran and Syria in Iraq. He said, Iran and Syria will be about as helpful as wolves to a wounded caribou!

African singer Angelique Kidjo on BBC World News

Singer Angelique Kidjo, who is on a tour exploring and discussing the African AID's crisis, spoke to the BBC yesterday. Her opinion is that African men are infecting their wives and families through irresponsible behavior. She says that education for women is the only way to fight AID's. As long as women are denied rights, they will not be able to control their sexual destinies.

Why does the media so love to call Sadr City a "Shiite slum?"

They can't say the words Sadr City without adding the word "slum." One person's slum is another person's home. Other cities get the cool designation of "stronghold."

Bambi killer!

My ex had a friend in Michigan who was unemployed for a while. Hunting season rolled around and this guy needed to feed his family. Normally most guys prefer to shoot bucks, for the antlers and because it's considered more "sporting." This guy was so desperate he applied for tag to shoot a doe. His friends were ragging him for getting a doe tag. The guy said, "At this point, I'd shoot Bambi, with Walt Disney ridin' him!"

Friday, December 01, 2006

Miss C reviews Happy Feet

I have seen a lot of animated movies lately. Over the Hedge, funny, and also with an environmentalist message. An animated Hell Boy movie, Ice Age 2. Cars, hated it, didn't get it, can't have feelings for cars, no sirree, Owen Wilson is irritating, Paul Newman sounds ancient, etc.

Flushed Away, loved it, who can't love Ian McClellan? My favorite Academy Awards show ever was the one where Ian showed up with his young Latin catamite, that was fabulous! Flushed Away made fun of the French, always a plus.

I wanted to see Happy Feet because it was written by George Miller, of Mad Max, Babe, Babe, Pig in the City, Pig in the City was dark, very dark and beautiful.

Now to Happy Feet. Awful, God awful. Penguins dancing, that gets old fast. Hugh Jackman,(love him as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman sans shirt, yum, just not on a city street) his crappy attempt at a southern accent, horrible, just horrible. Go back to Australia, Hugh, leave the southern accents to us. Nicole Kidman's accent, even worse, reedy, thin, breathy voice, irksome. Tom Cruise should send a Thetan to take her out!

Now we come to Robin Williams, racist, racist, racist. His imitations of an old Black preacher and a Latin lover, are embarrassing. I saw the movie in a small theater and there was a Black guy there with his daughter and I squirmed in mortification every time Robin started doing his Black shtick. Forget Kramer, lets talk Robin. Why they could not have just hired Jesse Jackson and John Leguizamo is a puzzlement.

Environmental message, we are over fishing. Yes, there is a message, but its hard to see how it will affect children, who will eat fish sticks, but are not big fish eaters for the most part. Unless they are Eskimos or Asians. I guess kids will have a good excuse not to eat fish, "Save the fish for the penguins, Daddy." Also, plastic soda rings are a bad thing, I cut mine up. Years ago my mom and I began cutting them up before discarding them, simultaneously, like twins raised apart. Not a bad message to impart to kids. Besides, kids are getting more virulent enronmentalist indoctrination at school and from PBS. They still love their Chicken Mcnuggets. Folks, it's just a cartoon.

Music, the worst soundtrack ever! Soft rock songs, elevatorized. I almost left the theater every time the penguins commenced to singing. I was glad that Mumbles could not sing, because that meant one less singing penguin.

Computer animation, probably the best I have ever seen. Gorgeous! I love arctic landscapes and I especially love animated ice.

Villains, super cool. Skuas, neat! Killer whale sequence, funny and marvelous. Leopard seal, awesome. I love the bad guys and these bad guys are baad! Not very environmentalistic, I would say! Not very leftist, taking sides in the animal kingdom.

Three moments moved me to tears. 2 were when the penguins made contact with humans. One was when I stayed to see if it was Steve Irwin's voice I heard in the role of an elephant seal. It was, and seeing his name in the credits made me tear up.

I was riding the bus with this crazy hippie woman and she was talking about how much she loved Happy Feet as it really hit people over the head with its environmental message. She said smugly, "Do you know Fox news is warning people about the movie." She then pointed out that the graffiti on the walls of the tunnel our bus drives through daily was actually achieved by making clean spots in the exhaust coating, not by spray paint. She said she'd rather breathe my air than the contaminated air in the tunnel. I held my tongue as I always do when talking to liberals who make stupid statements. I wanted to tell her that of course human diseases are more dangerous than car exhaust. They have adapted to spread from human to human and kill them. The next day I came down with a cold. I hope she caught it too.

An excellent reason to support moderate Islam

Moderates allow beautiful, taut bellied, nubile young ladies to choose careers as belly dancers.

Shukran to Egyptian Sandmonkey!