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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brilliant and charming, 12 year old Caitlin Sanchez

The new voice of Dora the Explorer. I was so impressed by the interview that she gave on NPR yesterday, I can't stop thinking about her. Would that the adults who are interviewed on public radio could be as intelligent and interesting as this young girl.


It really seems to me as if certain elements of the Palestinian people like love kind of thing. If they didn't they would stop all their nonsense.


"Islam is a tree that feeds on blood and grows on severed limbs."

It really is incorrect of the media to be claiming that "It is the worst violence the Middle East has seen for years." After all, suicide bombs kill hundreds of people a month in the Middle East. And the bombers deliberately target markets, school buses, and restaurants where they know women and children are going to be.

As usual, the condemnation is only for the Jews. Muslims can kill thousands of Muslims and garner no response at all from the international community.

Human rights are a Western invention. The Muslims have never believed in human rights. if they did they wouldn't murder their daughters for dating boys or treat women like livestock.

I pay not one iota of attention to Palestinians when they say that Israel violates their human rights. They have far more rights under Israeli law than they do in their own countries. Human rights is just a term they use to make the Western democracies feel sorry for them. They are masters of manipulation. Kind of like robots posing as humans. They say all the right things to make you think they are real, but in their hearts they don't believe any of it.

That having been said, I do feel sorry for the people in Gaza. I heard one Palestinian woman saying that she thinks maybe they should eat the leader of Hamas as he is fat and she can tell he's not missing any meals.

But still, even though the Palestinians danced in the streets after 9/11, I feel like Omar Sharif's character, Sherif Ali, in the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, who sees bombs dropping on the Turks in the distance, something he has never before witnessed.

"God help the men who lay under that," he says.

Lawrence says, in confusion, "But they are Turks."

Ali replies, "God help them."

Obama is a scrawny fetus person!

The fetus of Curious George!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fear of fear itself

On Xmas eve I had dinner with the lefty neighbors. I have been turning down their invites to socialize with them since they moved in in May of this year. I have to bite my tongue a lot around them, so I thought the dinner would be a trial. It was actually quite nice. My neighbors are 2 sisters, lab bio-engineers,, from Montana. Their mother was here visiting for the holidays and she was a real peach.

A old fashioned style school marm, she was just back from a trip to Uzbekistan. She used to teach there. She was very excited when I mentioned that a young man from Mongolia was living next door. I imagine she doesn't meet that many Mongolians in Montana. In any case she was utterly delightful.

The sisters used to live down the street a ways before moving near me. An ex neighbor, an upper middle class African-American woman was also invited to dinner. I am rarely around African-Americans of her class and was fascinated by her. She was well traveled, she spoke of a recent trip to Portugal, and she was very knowledgable about world affairs. I don't mean to sound racist, but I just have not had much contact with African-Americans who are like her.

Anyway, she was reminicising about the time just after the sisters had moved into their new cottage, when she came by to visit. Jamel and I greeted her and told her the sister's were not at home. "Well, she said, they can't have gone far, all their windows are open."

This turned out not to be the case. The sisters regularly leave the house for days, with the windows wide open. These are ground floor windows.

Somehow this segued into talk about serial killers. The sisters mother had read serial killer profiler John Douglas's book and wanted her daughters to read it.

One daughter said fiercely, " I don't want to talk about this, it's Xmas eve."

The other daughter said, "They are trying to make us afraid, I won't live in fear."

Then it sturck me. I had read the other day that liberals reacted more fearfully to footage of 9/11 than conservatives did. Liberals are always telling us they "don't want to hear" about things that disturb them. Liberals are always writing books about the "politics of fear."

Liberals are the ones who are afraid. They are terrified, all of the time.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bad guys

I am so sick and tired of the lefties who are reviewing Tom Cruise's new movie, Valkyrie, complaining that it is "disturbing that all the "bad guys" speak with German accents and the "good guys" speak with American accents."

I got news for them, the Germans were the bad guys.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

In a nut shell

"Modern conservatives tend to see the locus of appropriate moral concern more in personal behavior than in social structure (I am not here concerned with whether they are right or wrong). They believe in personal responsibility rather than causation by abstract social forces. They do not believe in entitlement, their own or anyone else’s, or in an indefinite extension of rights. They do not believe in perfection, and they think that even improvement usually comes at a cost."

Theodore Dalrymple

Republicans need to start investigating Obama and continue to do so for the next 4 years

In the spirit of bi-partisanship the Republicans need to do what the Democrats would have done if this kind of scandal had happened if McCain had been elected. That is, call for endless "bi-partisan" investigations. Have Obama go before Congress to be grilled endlessly by people far more corrupt than he. Ted Kennedy for instance. Sic Old Ted on Obama's scrawny ass.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama Co. and Blagojovich co-ordinate their stories

so that the first lady elect won't have to host white house dinners from the hoosegow. Also Obama is promising Blagojovich an immediate pardon if he keeps Obama and Co. out of it. Actually Blagojovich has never had more power than he has today and he knows it. Obama is probably begging Blagojovich not to blab.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Liberals at UC Berkeley study poor kids' brains and discover they all have "brain damage like" brains

You know, the science loving lefties never, ever get tired of poking and prodding at the underclass in Mengele fashion. They just can't understand why everyone is not like a White liberal, so they have to figure out medical reasons for it all.

Personally, I think we should pass laws against studying the poor and we should study the rich instead. What makes rich people rich and how can we get some.

Right-wing co-worker and I have noticed that White liberals especially feel they have to educate Black people. They feel it is important to tell them how to do things properly. Some things, you know, only a White liberal knows how to do. On account of their high IQ's.

A few weeks ago a smart, liberal, bike riding White man just had to edjumacate a dumb, bike riding Black man on how to put his bike in the bus bike rack properly. He just could not understand why the Black man got his BVD's in a twist over some White man publicly chastizing him over which wheel he put the locking bar on. Whitey was, after all, just trying to help the Black do things the right way. The Black guy had to go and get all uppity and shit. Probably because of his brain damage like brain. Anyway, it got a little ugly.

Once the lefties have figured out exactly how poor peoples' little brains work, or in this case, don't work, they can figure how how to remold them into good, smart White liberal brains instead of icky, dumb, brain damage like brains.

Most people are dumb. You don't need a study to know that.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Liberals knew nothing about Obama when they elected him

He has set precedents for his current behavior. When he was elected to the Harvard newspaper he immediately put 2 conservative students on his staff, furiously angering his lefty buddies.

Obama stepped on the necks of his political opponents in Chicago to get elected. He did not choose to run against them fairly, but made sure that they were disqualified before they got out of the gate. Obama has engaged in Blagojovich style politics.

He has dealt in dirty politics just like all the Chicago politicians. He has been especially prone to doing this to female opponents. Look what he did to the presumptive heir to the presidency, Hillary Clinton. He married Michelle Obama for political expediency. She came form a family with deep roots in Chicago and Obama had no pull as a Chicago outsider, so he used her for street cred.

Liberals have no right to be angry at Obama for his cabinet picks. Liberals pretended that Obama was a clean slate and an unknown quantity. He wasn't and he isn't. He is a political opportunist, just like every other politician.

Besides, it was the liberals playing all that lip service about crossing the great divide between the parties and us all being one America, blah, blah.. Again Obama as good as warned them he would pick people from the other side to serve in his cabinet.

Liberals always ignore facts when it suits them to do so.

Miss C's favorite bellydancer of all time

is Fifi Abdou. She was so deliciously pretty, had a loose natural style of dancing and a killer shimmy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

India is meaner than China

My Chinese supervisor has told me that her friends and relatives in China are amazed that she has advanced in her job as she is now over 35. My supervisor says that in China hen you place an ad for hire you can state that you want a tall, good looking, young person. After 35 no one will hire you and if you are lucky enough to be employed your aged self cannot expect to be given a promotion.

I was discussing this with my Indian friend, Lakshmi, and she said, in India the cutoff age is 28. No one wants to hire you if you are older that that... and you can also state in an ad that you want tall, good looking, light skinned people to apply.

You can't even do that in a personal ad here.

A shoe in the face I am sure the lefties would disapprove of

My ex, the taxidermist has a lot of Mormon friends, for whom he has nothing but admiration. I think that the lefty child advocates might take issue with their methods of disciplining their kids even though they think they are fitting to use on President Bush.

One of the Mormons is a lady from Tonga who brooks no smart-mouthery from her younguns.

"When my daughter talked back to me once, she said, I took off one of my shoes and popped her in the mouth with it. In public. She didn't talk back after that."

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Aftwarned is fore arsed!

I swear, the, er, gentlemen of Oakland grow more charming every day. The other day, whilst on my way to the bus stop (every blessed Gawd awful thing happens during my trip to the bus stop) 2 gentlemen were standing in front of a barbershop shooting the breeze.

As I reached them, one man fixed his beady eyes on me and interrupted his conversation with the other man to say loudly,

"I am just looking at this lady here. I know she's got some back. I am getting ready to check out her booty."

There was no way to avoid having the "junk in my trunk" ogled by the unsubtle cave man. If I turned to walk away, they would see it and if I continued to pass by they would see it, so I had to just steel myself and suck it up.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

NPR story about a Chinese warship visiting Vietnam wherein a Vietnamese man states he does not trust the Chinese

He said the Chinese have been messing with, and inflicting their will on the peoples of Vietnam for centuries. He said that the Americans came and fought for a few years and then left but the Chinese have been making wars on the Vietnamese forever and he doesn't trust them. American ships come and they are welcome, he says, but he does not welcome the Chinese.

It must chafe Mookie al Sadr's soft baby skinned hide

That he and his followers could not take out Saddam even though the Shia are a huge majority of the population of Iraq. Mookie ran away and hid like a woman in Iran. He should have stayed in Iran a bit longer, I think they might have given him free dental care and he sure needs it. He probably drinks tea with 20 sugars in it which is why his teeth are as black and rotten as his soul.

In any case Muqtada and his followers should be thanking Americans by fasting and kissing the bottoms of our filthy infidel shoes, but, as Ronald Reagan found out when he was a life guard, people tend to resent you for saving them, because it points out just how lame they were for not saving themslves.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hard Driving: the Wendell Scott Story

Wendell Scott was the first African-American NASCAR driver. He went to hell and back again to be able to drive against the top drivers of the day, with whom he not only held his own, but often excelled against, despite horrific odds.
He did not get sponsors. He sometimes would win a race only to be denied the trophy or money. He was treated to threats, racist slurs and even attacks on his life, but he had a jones, and a talent, for fast driving that he could not deny.
I have been reading this book through a haze of tears.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rod Blagojevich needs to do the right thing and

commit ritual seppuku.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our tax dollars and stupid leftists support quacks on PBS

My local PBS station has been having one of their pledge drives. I can't bear to watch a second of the programs they use for the drives.

A parade of quacks is trotted out to sell snake oil, apparently because the shows featuring them rake in the donations. I was raised around educated lefties and just can not understand the anti-scientific trend they have recently become bent on pursuing. It reminds me of an author who said that many of the greatest scientific thinkers of previous centuries still believed in flying witches.

I know they are desperate for a substitute for religious experiences and determined to live in a young body and sharp mind forever, but their insistance on believing in money grubbing liars really bothers me.

We have loony gurus like Deepak Chopra, financial advisors like Suze Ormond, osteopaths,(?) and people who claim to be able to help you preserve your brain function, and the lying liar I despise the most out of of all these lying liars is (Dr) Nicholas Perricone, a supposed (expert) on youthful skin who has had a ton of plastic surgery done on his own face and who sells women grossly overpriced olive oil and vitamins to put on their faces. When ever I get samples of his products in the mail, I throw that shit in the garbage where it belongs.

The aging lefties came out of the 60's youth culture and they hate themselves for getting old.

The whole pledge drive thingy has become a travesty and precludes me from ever giving PBS a dime.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In Response to NPR's reporter Silvia Poggioli's story on Europe being more racist than the US, a Greek immigrant to America left this comment

"Americans who have never lived outside their country can be incredibly naïve. They have to depend on educational system here and or the media for their education two sources that are incredibly biased and anti-American if not downright incompetent. Being a legal immigrant to the US and knowing well both the European and American cultures I know that most of the world does not have America’s best interests at heart. To me the fact that most of the world wants Obama is a red flag. They know what’s best for them and it’s not a strong America and that is why they don’t want another republican president."

Demos Papadopoulos

Monday, December 08, 2008

The foxes, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank

are guarding the hen houses. What will it take to get these guys off of the financial committees they chair.

Barney Frank has a lot of nerve grilling any bank or auto executive on the subject of negligence.

Barney is so clueless that he did not even know that the male escort he had hired to be his boyfriend was running a male escort service out of Barney's own house.

Barney and Chris are hugely responsible for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac messes. Obama needs to remove these incompetent, stuttering, slobbering old fools from their current positions and put them where they can't do any more damage. Preferably in an old folks home run by mean nurses aides.

I have a cost cutting idea for the US auto industry

They need to file for bankruptcy, break their union contracts and hire illegal immigrants to work for them.

The left seems to have been perfectly alright with the farm, restaurant, construction, meat and poutry industries doing so. In fact the left has encouraged immigrants to "come here to find work."

What's wrong with employing them in the soon reorganized auto industries? I have heard a Mexican worker say that 1 Mexican can do the job of 2 Americans at a poultry plant job. I am sure they will work just as hard at any auto assembly plant.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Charismatic co-worker sounds off about PBS

Black Jehovah's witness co-worker and I have always been PBS addicts. We always watch it on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sunday nights. We love NOVA, Frontline, Nature, Masterpiece Theatre and a local show about artists from California.

Jehovah's witness co-worker is a photographer and art lover, so we discuss the art show the day after it airs. On Mondays we discuss the previous night's Nature episode, animatedly. (Although, Nature has been dumbed down to an almost unbearable level, F. Murray Abraham narrates the shows in a painfully slow voice and simplistic dialogue that seems directed at stroke patients, or very young children)

Charismatic co-worker told us she always heard us talking about public television and it sounded so great she thought she'd try it.

" I watched that shit for about 10 minutes, that's all I could stand, and I asked myself, how can they watch this shit?" she told us.

Something new I learned about Iran

They have cheetahs in Iran. Asiatic cheetahs. I did not know that. I thought cheetahs were only native to Africa. You learn something new every day.

Bush should drop a big bomb on Greece right now!

If the Athens police killed one of the anarchists, good on them. It cracks me up to hear brain dead, Greek anarchist sympathizers calling the dead, scummy, 16 year old, former anarchist a "child.'

Well, maybe the anarchists are childish. They like to throw fits and rocks if they don't get their way and they like to play with matches.

Anarchists ought not to be surprised when their violent actions are directed back at them. Anarchists are always unhappy about something and love bombs and fires so let's make them happy and put them put of their misery and kill all the masked mo'fo's in one big fiery blast.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Liquor store owner Rama told me that "India should leave nothing but a crater where Pakistan is right now"

and that the perpetrators of the Islamic terrorist acts in Mubai "are retarded."

I beg to differ with him. Most developmentally disabled people are very nice and wouldn't hurt a fly, much less shoot babies.

The greedy poor

A story ran in the San Francisco Chronicle yesterday about people who bought condos under a program for affordable housing that began 20 years ago.

Wonder of wonders, the beneficiaries of affordable housing do not want other low income people to benefit from the program as they themselves did so long ago.

The condos are supposed to be resold for $225,000, to other low income people. But the current owners don't want to do that. They want to sell the condos for $610,000- $800,000, which is the current rate for condos in San Francisco. Some owners want to rent out the condos for high rents.

The condo owners currently may buy out from the contract by paying the developers $150,000. They would still make a hefty profit after selling, considering that they paid well below market value for the properties 20 years ago. And the developers were totally cheated out of profits by having to offer a percentage of the condos as "affordable."

Just goes to show, that even the "poor" are "greedy" and "selfish" and naturally want to make and keep as much money as they possibly can.

I-tee food!

"I know I-tee food when I hear it! It's all them "eenie" foods... zucchini... and linguini... and fettuccine. I want some American food, dammit! I want French fries!"
The dad in the movie, "Breaking Away."

Friday, December 05, 2008

Monk ee business

Our IT guy has a friend who traveled around the world after graduating from high school.

The friend spent a night in a remote hostel in a monastery run by monks. He said he slept not a wink.

He was kept awake all night by the sounds of the monks having sex with each other.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Liberal soup!

Here at work we are taking measures to reduce our budget deficits and avoid laying anyone off. We are taking off 1 day a month without pay and taking the entire week of xmas unpaid.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was my first day off. On that day I walked out of my cottage to throw something in the trash and my lefty, Zionist despising neighbor was standing outside smoking a cig and spotted me.

"What are you doing home?" she asked, in surprise.

I explained the situation to her.

She got all sad faced, "Oh no, she said, "We are getting ready to leave for Montana in 2 hours and we have some produce in the refrigerator, would you like to have it?"

"When are you coming back?" I asked.

"Sunday," she replied.

"Well surely it will last until then, I said, and I know your rabbit will eat it, even if you won't."

"No, she insisted, you can have it. Just come over and get it when you are ready."

So I went over and she gave me Whole Food's organic carrots, salad mix and celery. She tried to give me some baby potatoes too, but I stood firm. "Those will last," I said.

I always make broth anytime I cook a chicken and I had some in the freezer, so I made soup with my free veggies.

Liberals always want to feed the poor.