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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Grandmama's reading material

My Grandmother had wide ranging tastes in literature. I used to wait for her to go to bed and sneak to the book case and pull out her Marquis de Sade novels, which I found most, er, diverting.

Obama continually uses "a" when he should use "an"

You understand I am only nit-picking Obama's grammer because the lefties do it to me all the time. Grammer is exceedingly important to lefties.

One of my co-workers is a twin

She was born with an extra finger and her sister had an extra toe. The other day she was bemoaning the loss of her extra digit.

"My mom made us have them removed, she said, sadly. I wish I still had that bad boy. I'd wear a ring on it, too."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am Sonia hear me roar, my ass is too big to ignore!

Sonia Sotomayor looks like a character from Sesame Street.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Envronmentalists don't care if your kids starve

The environmentalists are at it again. They have gone through the activist courts to hurt the hated evil Chevron and instead hurt blue collar workers and their families.

I know a guy who has been a welder at the refinery and is now loading up trucks with materials they can no longer use for the expansion of the refinery. He is working 14 hours a day and will be laid off as soon as they clear the building materials out.

The crazy thing is. All the crude that Chevron was going to refine here in California will still be refined elsewhere. Any oil that is remaining on this planet will be recovered and utilized for energy.

Inner City kids in pools

Parents should be afraid if a hoard of inner city kids shows up at at their private pool. I have to ride the bus with the savage monsters. A few weeks ago I stupidly got on the bus at one stop before the school kids usually get off. I had to add fare to my bus pass and the stop was closer to the bus station.

The middle and high school kids were coming home from school. The kids were enraged that we had the nerve to get on the bus and were yelling at us not to get on. One of the girls, all pretty in pink, had a psychotic look on her face and screamed in an elderly Chinese woman's face, "Are you fucking retarded? Get off the bus bitch!"

The bus driver, an Asian man, told us that the kids try to control who gets on and off the buses.

When the kids got off they pushed through us, deliberately going through the front doors, screaming "Move bitch, move," in our faces.

I was shaking my head, saying out loud, "Animals."

My ex boyfriend told me that when he was growing up in Michigan he, his mother and sister went camping at a campground. One day, buses pulled up and out came kids from inner city Detroit, screaming running around and generally acting like wild animals. "We were terrified," he said. His mother got them in the car as fast as she could and took off.

When inner city kids can learn to behave in their own city pools then maybe they will be invited to play in other peoples' pools. Until then, if you see a group of them coming, head them off or get your kids out of the pool as fast as you can.

Obama's off the cuff speeking makes Bush look eloquent

Obama continues to stutter, stumble, grasp for the "right words" while "errr.. errrr.. errring.. his way through unscripted and uncued speeking. I'd say that his I.Q. is about average.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oakland school employees will tell you "It is no fun to be taken over by a larger government entity"

The Oakland school superindendant was all over the radio saying how happy he is that Oakland schools have been released from state receivership and are back under the pathetic management of Oakland city government.

"You should do anything you can to avoid being taken over by the county, state or federal government," he yelped. Boo hoo.

Funny how the union lefties can't stand being doused in the same sauce they dish out all over everyone else.

The Hurt Locker

I saw "The Hurt Locker" today. I am not going to spoil it for you all, but the movie gives the correct impression that war can be both painfully tedious (between fire fights) and gloriously exciting (during fire fights.) I can't attest to the reality of the plot, some of the bomb defusing material and derring do seems a bit far fetched, but the movie is on the whole, a great one.

Also, too much is made of the fact that war is a kind of "addiction" for some men. To be addictive, something has to give you pleasure in the first place. So much pleasure that you want to do it over and over again. There is a reason that men continually go to war and that is because many of them like it.

The main character in Hurt Locker loves his job as a bomb defuser. This movie is not of the "Stop Loss" variety where guys are just wetting their pants thinking about returning to battle. Lefties in the audience (I saw it in San Francisco) had little to laugh about in this movie except for a scene where Iraq boys run alongside a moving American Humvee and throw rocks at it, and another in which David Morse plays a moronic Colonel. The audience was almost entirely silent except for these scenes, both of which they snickered at.

I, and the Vietnam vet next to me, (who was there with his son) laughed a lot more than anyone else. The movie was filmed in Jordan and there were a few scenes that included skinny and crippled cats, which, of course caused some female members of the audience to groan in sympathy. The cats were real, and the many dead humans in the movie merely actors, so I guess the cats rightly elicited more pity.

The tension level is very high and I got queasy a few times during the film. It is like the worst/best roller coaster ride you have ever ridden. I really wanted to get right back in line and see it again.

Lefties, are you worried about "needless deaths" of young men?

Stop protesting wars and start protesting the use of motorcycles. Every morning on the traffic report there are motorcyclists down on every freeway here in the bay area. Thousands more men are being killed while riding motorcycles than are being killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Instead of "No More Nukes" howzabouts "No More Bikes."