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Friday, February 29, 2008

In Afghanistan we need to be meaner than the Taliban in order to win the war

I was watching the Taylor-Pavlik boxing match the other day. The two fighters were pretty evenly matched and were respectful of each other, so after each round they would touch gloves to show their mutual admiration.

Finally, Kelly Pavlik went back to his corner and his trainer said, (I disremember the exact words but here's the essence) "Stop this touching gloves bullshit. He's making you like him, stop that shit. You don't need to be friendly with him, you need to get out there and beat his ass."

He was right. The general Afghan population is more frightened of the Taliban than they are of us. Why? Because we are too nice that's why. We need to make the Afghans more frightened of us than they are of the Taliban. A lot of them are sure that the lefties will make us pull out of Afghanistan and they will be left with the Taliban who will accuse them of aiding the US and execute them and their family members.

Right now if they don't aid us, they have little to fear from us. We need to make them afraid to support the Taliban and afraid to cross the US. Americans always want to be liked, it's a stupid and self defeating desire.

Nick Cohen's words

"In these bleak days, it's worth remembering what was said after September 2001. A backward glance shows that before the war against the Taliban and long before the war against Saddam Hussein, there were many who had determined that 'we had it coming'. They had to convince themselves that Islamism was a Western creation: a comprehensible reaction to the International Monetary Fund or hanging chads in Florida or whatever else was agitating them, rather than an autonomous psychopathic force with reasons of its own. In the years since, this manic masochism has spread like bindweed and strangled leftish and much conservative thought.

All kinds of hypocrisy remained unchallenged. In my world of liberal London, social success at the dinner table belonged to the man who could simultaneously maintain that we've got it coming but that nothing was going to come; that indiscriminate murder would be Tony Blair's fault but there wouldn't be indiscriminate murder because 'the threat' was a phantom menace invented by Blair to scare the cowed electorate into supporting him."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Boy faints like a girl during a speech by our Governator, blames it on global warming

What it really proves is that liberal kids are pussies! Miss C often falls down after she goes to the Vietnamese restaurant down the street. The owner always gives her free wine. Once as she turned the corner after tying a couple on, she tripped and fell flat on her face. Her friend from the bus suggested that he would leave a mattress around the corner from the restaurant so that she could fall on it and sleep it off, as needed. Miss C in no way blames global warming for scratched palms and sore knees.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Grandma always warned me that this would happen

She used to say that organ transplantation is cannibalism. She said if you have an organ donor sticker on your driver's license and you are in an accident, they won't save you, they'll hasten your death for to harvest your organs. She was right. If euthanasia becomes a general practice, they will be snuffing people left and right and selling their organs for fun and profit. Just like the Chinese.

This article from the Oakland Tribune speaks for itself

What the reporter neglected to say is that the Afghan owners of Zazoo's Restaurant left one war zone for another. Out of the fat and into the fire.

Violence shutters another Oakland nightspot
Zazoo's the latest casualty among African-American clubs in Oakland
By Cecily Burt, STAFF WRITER

OAKLAND — Zazoo's Restaurant in Jack London Square is the latest nightspot to voluntarily surrender its cabaret permit after three patrons were shot outside the club two weeks ago.
The waterfront restaurant on the Embarcadero will remain open, but the owners will no longer host private parties or the popular Saturday night dance club that catered to a largely African-American clientele.
The nightclub's closure follows the lead of other venues popular with black patrons. Last summer, @17th nightclub on 17th Street voluntarily closed after two men were shot and killed outside the club. Mingles on the Embarcadero closed in November 2006 after a pregnant woman was shot and killed outside after closing time.
Sweet Jimmies, a longtime institution on San Pablo Avenue, also closed in 2006. Owner Jimmie Ward said he decided to close down and sell the place because multiple complaints by the city forced him to alter his musical format, and business dried up. (they forgot to mention that a White woman got the holy shit beat out of her by a group of Jimmie's patrons who taped the beating)
Those clubs featured hip-hop or Top 40 hits some nights and drew young, African-American patrons from around the Bay Area. But it was typically the crowd scenes outside that caused the most complaints and problems for the owners, especially when Oakland police officers were called in to shut down sideshows and respond to stabbings and shootings.
Zazoo's, for the most part, had been spared the kind of violence that occurred down the street at Mingles. Attorney George Holland said the venue attracted an older crowd, and the owners had really tried to control the atmosphere both inside and out.
Neighbors in the adjacent Portobello condominiums complained about noise and litter from people leaving after closing time. Their concerns escalated after a shooting in the parking lot last year, and the city asked the owners to do a more thorough job policing the cars in the lot and the crowd, said Barbara Killey, Oakland's administrative hearing officer.
Then, on Feb. 10, three people were shot as they left the nightclub about 1:30 a.m. The suspect was sitting in a car in the parking lot waiting for one of the victims, his target, to come out, and the other two victims were caught in the crossfire. All survived.
A hearing scheduled last Friday to gather public testimony about the club was canceled after Zazoo's owner Zahra Homayun, perhaps fearing the worst, decided to relinquish her cabaret permit.
"We can't condone that kind of situation anywhere, and in a residential setting if you can do something you really have to do it," Killey said. "I can give you a really long leash on littering, but we were just really lucky that nobody died."
Holland said the owners tried as hard as they could to operate a nice, safe, venue and he believes they were "beaten down" by the complaints.
"I think it was racial when it comes to Zazoo's," Holland said. "It catered to an older African-American crowd, and the homeowners association complained about people leaving from 1:30 to 2 a.m. for half an hour. The trains come by every hour and make more noise."
But Killey scoffed at the suggestion.
"I think the African-American residents of Portobello would really take umbrage at the notion that it was racist," Killey added. "It was a very mixed group who complained. The people who were supporting the club staying open didn't live there. You didn't have residents coming and saying, 'We really want to keep this open.'"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Right wing co-worker be luvin on dem zombies!

He saw the new George Romero movie last weekend. We were discussing it amongst ourselves. I told him that Romero makes rednecks look bad, but rednecks are exactly the kind of people I would want around if we fell victim to a zombie plague.

Jevovah's witness co-worker agreed. He said that gangsta thugs would be of no use at all if zombies were involved as they would run away like fraidy cats. His brother in Philly had a friend who came to visit in a really nice, fully kitted out van. He was concerned about leaving it on the street in such a tough neighborhood.

Jehovah's witness's brother told him to, "Park it over at the cemetary. Ain't no one going to go into no cemetary at night. If someone breaks into it you know they are White, cuz only White people will go into a cemetary at night."

My other co-worker swears up and down she saw a grinning skeleton driving a car by the cemetary one night.

The Burmese want thousands of American mercenaries to come and bring them freedom

They love Rambo. They wish he was real!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Liberatarian co-worker brought us carnitas today

While we were loading up our plates one of the tech guys came over.

"Hey yoga man, I said. Some of that hippy tea you guys drink would go great with these carnitas."

"What do you have against yoga? he asked me, puzzled by my animosity towards the discipline of yoga.

"Yoga is left wing," I replied.

He again looked confused."Yoga is not political," he claimed, erroneously.

"You have to understand, with her everything is political," said libertarian co-worker.

"Even these carnitas, are these carnitas right wing?" asked yoga man.

"Yes, they are, because they are being served with flour tortillas," I said. "If they were being served with corn tortillas, they'd be left wing."

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let's see here, "people" are racist if they don't vote for Obama, and if they do

Anonymous commenter said,

"I think most people who support Obama are just racist and are amazed that a black man can give a normal speech."

Never mind that it's been Blacks who have been pretending that they might vote for a White candidate, named Hillary Clinton, when all along they intended to vote for Obama, because he's Black.

I guess commenter is pretty damn racist too, because one can infer from his\her comment that he\she feels that the majority of Black men aren't able to "give a normal speech " and that Barack Obama is the one lucky sumabitch Black man who is able to stun silly, liberal, just racist people into thinking he's a smart guy merely because he speaks well.

Anonymous may even mean to say that Black people, as well as Whites are bamboozled by a fancy talking Black man. He\she was not racially specific as to who "people who support Obama" are.

Very kewl blog stolen from Staghound's blog roll

P.C Bloggs, a Police officer from the UK who's tough on criminals and funny as hell. Check her out.

Thanks Staggy!

Miss C has done something very terrible

I have done a terrible, terrible thing. 3 years ago I started vicious gossip about my next door neighbor.

The night before last, I heard my neighbor and his new girlfriend of about 2 months, screaming at each other in the cottage next door. He has never done anything of the kind before so I was extremely surprised by the commotion. It sounded like she was breaking down his house and he was trying to get her out of it.

Then they came outside and I looked out the window to see her pummeling and beating on him even though he is twice her size. He was begging her to leave, as by this time most of the neighbors had come outside. The lesbians living across from him of course were thinking that he was abusing his girlfriend. I opened my door as he was screaming at his girlfriend, telling her he "didn't need people like her in his life and that this was where he lived and she couldn't do this here."

I was very depressed to hear this as they seemed to have been very happy til this point. As she finally left our communal walkway he then walked up to me and screamed at me "Don't fucking talk about me at the beauty shop any more you fucking bitch!"

"Oh, God," I said, in horror, realizing that they had been fighting about something I had said to my hairdresser, about him, 3 years ago! I had no defense.

"I am so sorry, I kept repeating. I am so sorry!"

"Fuck you! he screamed. Fuck you!"

I could see he was crying and completely devastated by the incident. He went back in the house to lick his wounds.

Afterward one of the lesbians came over to ask if I was all right and I had to explain that everything was actually my fault. All of it! The poor guy has been doubly humiliated, by what I said about him and then by the public attack by his girlfriend in our cottage complex.

3 years ago, not long after he had moved in, I was getting my hair cut. My hairdresser had been thinking of buying the cottage he eventually bought so she asked me who had moved in next to me. I told her and added a bit of unnecessary nastiness about him. There was a girl sitting next to me and she asked if it was --------? and she said his name. "I used to go out with him," she said.

I realized, too late, what a monumental mistake I had made right then. I forgot my hairdresser does all the high school students' hair and knows everybody. She also enjoys gossip.

"Please don't repeat this information," I begged both of them. I felt cold all over.

"It's ok, my hairdresser said, she doesn't talk to him anymore, anyway."

That's when I knew my new neighbor and I were both fucked! I just gave a juicy tidbit of information to a woman bearing a grudge and a notorious gossip monger. I was in a panic.

When I got home I told my other neighbor that I had just grossly violated our new neighbor's privacy in a terrible way. She said she felt sure that nothing would come of it, but I have been living in fear for 3 years. I knew it was inevitable that he would hear about my stupid remark. I had no idea that someone would be cruel enough to tell his new girlfriend.

I don't know if my hairdresser told her or if my neighbor's ex told her. I haven't been going to that hairdresser for a year and right-wing co-worker told her I was a Republican. She may have been out to get me or just wanted to hurt the girl by telling her a secret about her new boyfriend. I just don't know. But whoever told fucked up three people by doing it. But ultimately, I am responsible for it.

I am in bad shape and can barely function for the incredible guilt I am feeling. I am crying all the time. I also have been avoiding the neighbor. I peek out to make sure he's not outside before leaving the house. I could not blame him if he went off on me again.

I wrote him a letter explaining that I did not do it to be malicious, it was just stupidity on my part, but I don't expect him to forgive me. I do not deserve forgiveness for this. I deserve to live with what I've done.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Why they love Obama

Cuz he speaks like a preacher, but uses secular terminology. So he's a secular preacher. He took the inspirational speech patterns of a reverend, like M.L.King Jr, but cut out all the God talk, thus making himself acceptable to the liberal secular masses. Brilliant!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Go John go

You know, this story about John having a supposed relationship with a young employee can only enhance his reputation. It was proposed some time ago that his health was failing and that he was too old to be President. Sounds like John might still have it goin' on in the virility department.

This video is proof that our next President needs to emulate Bobby Kennedy and bust the Unions

The teachers unions that is. Kee rist!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Librarian farmers

In 1990 a delegation of Russian librarians from our sister city, Nakhodka, came to visit. These pics are from a scrapbook they put together for the library. I just processed it and got a big kick out of it.

They showed pics from their "Miss Librarian "contest. The winners of the contest won trips to "the central Asia."

They also were proud of their farming abilities!
At the bottom is a pin of Lenin which a male member of the delegation gave to me.

Director Werner Herzog loves Americans, quote from an interview about his movie, Rescue Dawn

"For me, Dieter is a quintessential American. Of course, he was an immigrant—someone who not only wants to improve his life condition but he came with a big dream, and that big dream was to fly. And America gave him this opportunity. That's why he was so loyal. He has all the ingredients of what I love about Americans: self-reliance, courage, optimism, loyalty."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chinese Evangelical co-worker is not all sweetness and light, she has a potty mouth!

Co-worker is 47 and lives at home with her brother and father, who is in his 80's. This is common among Chinese families. I know many Chinese women who have never married and still live with one or both parents.

The other day co-worker was listening to some tunes. Abba tunes to be exact. I guess she had the, uh, phonograph cranked as she is wont to do when she is bustin' a move to Abba or the Carpenters.

She was groovin to the song Fernando ( I made that up, I don't know which song it was), when her brother stomped into the room and turned the sound down and berated her for listening to loud music. When she complained to her dad, he told her she might like to get place of her own.

" That wasn't fair of him," she told me, a few days later. "It's my brother who wants to be on his own. He was just being a bitch!"

I swear to you, I had not thought her capable of such strong emotions nor such strong language! It's bad enough she listens to hard rock music. I don't know if I can continue to be her confidant any longer!

Lefty talk show host, Bernie Ward was outed for child porn by a dominatrix!

She says he was talking to her on line and sent her pics of naked kids and she reported him. Crazy!!!

Right wing co-worker pointed out that the dominatrix certainly earned her pay. Ward was totally humiliated, in public, and he was positively punished, by losing his job as a talk show host. He may face further humiliation in prison if he is convicted.

Liberian immigrant children suffer racism and abuse at the hands of African-Americans

Just like the Cambodians and Vietnamese do here in San Francisco.

"The policy has reinforced the already discriminatory effects of the unabated harassment of Asian residents. For example, several months ago, a Cambodian family, the Nouns, was offered a unit in a project which had a history of violence against Asians. Only months before, the agency had moved out two Vietnamese families after their children had been beaten, spray painted, and called racial names. Mr. Noun visited the apartment and was told by a non-Asian neighbor that he should not move in because it would not be safe for him. Mr. Noun returned to his car and found the air had been let out of his tires. When he asked for an assignment in a safer place his family's application for housing was removed from the waiting list. The family had been waiting on the list for five years."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Illinois shooter was a peacenik who hated religion

"Kazmierczak's interests are listed as corrections, political violence and peace and social justice, according to the essay, and he had plans to co-author a manuscript on the role of religion in the formation of early prisons."

Forget about crazy Iraq vets, they're a myth, look out for college students. College brainwashes you and makes you crazy!

Check out an Arab's view of how they are treated at the hands of the French

interesting Wonkette post wherein every commenter goes on and on about gays and lisps and whatnot , I thought lefties are supposed to be liberal

Weird. I don't know one liberal that would talk like this in public. At school, kids are not even supposed to say, "That's so gay." Why do liberals thinks it's ok to say rude shit about gay men in posts? Wonkette's fans are clearly more Hitleresque than Marxist.

This ties into Mark Steyn's post,

"In the old days, you'd write a column and get three hostile letters in green ink on lined paper. Since the Internet came along, you write something about, oh, Iran's nuclear program and ten minutes later you're drowning in e-mails fixating in detail on one's bottom and the various objects, inanimate and otherwise, that might profitably be inserted therein."

These lefties sound pretty fratty to me.

Our new gardener has to keep a sense of humor about his shitty job

Pun intended. Today when I got to work he was hosing and scrubbing the shit and piss the wine bums deposit in our doorways every night.

I said, "Ah, that's the worst part of your job."

"I'm trying to make it smell all lemony," he replied.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

When I was at the dentist I found out that singer song writer John Stewart died

Great loss. His album California Bloodlines was one of the finest albums ever recorded, each song beautifully written.

"While the other young boys were enjoying their toys, he gave me my first cigarette, and I'd like to say that these were the days that my sprung lungs won't ever forget, and I know that his blood it still flows in my veins as I fall for each blue eyed temptation
and the razorback woman who stood by his side is skinny and fixin' to die,
and the razorback woman is calling me home, and she cries, oh my God how she cries.
"I often get the feeling that I'm talking to the wind and no one hears, no one listens in. Then I start singing songs and the music makes the whole world feel like home. And I'm believing, believing, believing that even when I die, some lonesome picker will find some healing in this song"

"I can't hold it on the road when you're sitting right beside me and I'm drunk out of my mind merely from the fact that you are near, and I have not been known as the saint of San Joquin and I'd just as soon right now, pull on over to the side of the road, and show you what I mean"

"And I have been around with a gypsy girl named Shannon, daughter of the Devil. It is strange that I should mention that to you. I haven't thought of her in years"

His album Chilly Winds was near about as good too,

"Miss America I got your game, it's a Christian burlesque show. Feastin' their eyes on your sweet young thighs and you're pretending, gal, that you don't know. But an all time woman, she ain't selling nothing but soul."

French commenter Anon wants the US to get out of the Middle East

Sorry, Anon we are going to stay as long as the French did. You've had your fun, now we'll have ours.

Let's see, you were in Algeria from 1830 to 1962. 132 years, that's a long, long time, 32 years longer than John McCain thinks we'll be in Iraq.

Hell, I'm for staying in the Middle East as long as the Muslims stayed in Spain, aka, a country in Europe. That would be about 500 years.

Yesterday I went to the liquor store across the street

and pointed to the Danish ham in the refrigerator case and told the Muslim clerk to "Give me the infidel swine please."

He choked out a laugh and took out the ham. The he looked at it and said,"It's no good."

"Liar," I said. "You just don't want me to have it. Ok, give me the turkey then."

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Miss C watches African American Lives

Where Henry Louis Gates helps popular African-Americans find out their roots using DNA. The show tonight is the second in the series. I just find this show to be spiffy.

Tonight they are going to find out about Chris Rock and Morgan Freeman and my favorite actor Don Cheadle. In the previous show the people who thought they were part Native American turned out not to be and the ones who thought they were not, were. Henry Louis Gates turned out to be very, very White.

The thing is, few of the African-Americans I know give a rat's ass about this show. One Black woman I work with told me she hates PBS. A few months ago she said she heard me and Black Jehovah's Witness co-worker talking about it, so she tried it. "I watched it for about 10 minutes, she said, and I asked myself, how do they watch this shit?!"

So tomorrow, I, a White intellectual, will be bursting with knowledge about Black people that they themselves couldn't care less about. I'll feel like a liberal.

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds look like jowly tomcats

Of course they used steroids, but it's not my business. Nor is it the business of our government. The Republicans should stay out of this. This investigation is big government and it stinks. Both Bonds and Clemens helped keep baseball afloat, steroids and all.

I heard that a lot of the foreigners fighting for al Qaeda in Iraq are coming from Libya

This would explain why some of the suicide bombers are Black. One bomber was having his head used as a soccer ball by kids after he went kaput.

Greedy house sellers should give back a few hundred thousand dollars to the poor schmucks who bought their grotesquely overpriced houses

The tax payers should not have to bail these people out. It's the sellers who committted criminal acts by selling their houses for inflated prices. People who bought their houses for $10,000 and $20,000 sold them for obscene profits. Nobody talks about them and their greedy scum asses. I've posted about this before. Most of the people around here who made a killing on their houses are liberals who are for low cost housing as long as they can still sell their crumbling bungalows for big bucks.

The anti-marine protestors of Berkeley are elitists who do not believe that people are capable of making their own choices

especially when the choices involve something the elitists disagree with. I don't live in Berkeley and leave it up to their city council whether they countenance Marine recruiting offices or not. A block from my house are 3 recruiting offices that go unprotested. My city is, so far, ok with them and if my coucil were to decide that they were no longer welcome, I would go there and protest.

Berkeley leftists have always been against the military in one form or another and this recent development is nothing new. I have always thought it strange for the people of Berkeley to even have college sports teams, football especially being much too war like.

Liberals have never trusted others to make the decision to join the military and can not conceive of young people joining of their own free will, because they don't understand the nature of it. They have never been able to put theirselves in other peoples shoes. They think everyone is like them and ultimately thinks like them. They are and always have been clueless to real human nature. They are the strange ones. Most peoples on earth love war and want their side to win.

Anti-abortion activists think that a holocaust is going on right here in American abortion clinics, yet they are not allowed to block access to clinics any longer. The people of Berkeley should be allowed to protest the Marine recruiters but not chain themselves across doorways.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cure for rising sea levels due to global warming

Trash. Lots of trash. Don't we have too much trash? Isn't the Mafia in trouble with the citizens of Naples, because they have been letting others dump trash in that less than fair city? Don't ship the garbage to Sardinia, Napolianos, ship it to the North Pole.

We should take the trash up to the north pole and dump it in the ocean so that the polar bears still have places to haul out on. We could call them, The Polar Bear Islands.

Supposedly Native peoples are losing their land do to soil erosion caused by rising sea levels due global warming. Dump some trash on their beaches.

Miss C is a sort of philosophical scientist, she has no science degree, but she thinks this could work. She herself spends a good deal of time on landfill and is happy for it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

JFK was shot in the back of the head, In the Zapruder film you can see blood spraying out the right front of his head

People are often wrongfully convicted of murder after a spouse commits suicide. People who do not know the difference between entry and exit wounds often mistake one for the other. In small towns, coroners who have never seen a gunshot wound may be confused as to which is the entry and which is the exit. When Oswald shot Kennedy, the use of high powered amunition by civilians was rare. Few people could be expected to know or understand what actually happened.
Above are Red Cross photos that are meant to help investigators responsible for prosecuting war crimes during armed conflict. They explain entry and exit wounds. The entry wounds are tiny and the blowout from the bullets' exits are huge. This is exactly what happened to Kennedy's head when Oswald shot him. If Kennedy's body was not lying down you would see that the exit wound was all forward. The bullet exploded his skull forward and outward.

I believe that the explosion of his bone and brain matter caused his head to snap sideways. It cracks me up to see that some of the conspiracy theorists think that the driver of Kennedy's vehicle shot him.

I once saw a court case where a poor Mexican immigrant was accused of shooting his wife in the back when she actually had shot herself in the stomach. The coroner had never seen a gunshot wound before, just like all the conspiracy theorists who are mostly lefty pacifists anyway.
I recently had an argument with a guy who claimed to have seen a blonde woman pointing at a "CIA" agent with a smoking gun in the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assasination. Modern guns don't smoke don't smoke, so he must have been holding an ancient, black powder gun. He said that the "CIA" agent had blue eyes and blonde hair also. He saw this film on TV when he was 14, right after the assassination. I asked him what a "CIA" agent looked like. I also told him that all TV's were black and white at the time Kennedy was shot (well according to Wiki only 3.1% of households had color sets by 1964 and they were horrifically expensive) and he was describing things in color.
Then he started to go off and say Kennedy was shot in the front of the head and that he wouldn't "lie" to me, but he was concerned because I was in danger and didn't even know it, because of the trial I served as a juror on.
Crazy, crazy, crazy. Like all conspiracy theorists. He also claimed that Kennedy's secret service men were taken off the job that day. I told him "Sure they were, and all the jews were told to leave the Trade Center on 9/11." "That's true too" he said. He also admitted to me that he almost became a State Trooper but could not conceive of carrying a gun. So a guy who knows nothing about firearms is still expert on entry and exit wounds.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Andrew Klaven's fine article on the current anti-war movies

He leaves out a few bits though. Like the fact that the anti-war films are always so intense and filled with brutality that you have to enjoy violence or at least relish the depiction of violence in order to watch them. True pacifists would have their stomachs turned by all the rapes and waterboarding and exploding body parts.

Anyone who is truly anti-war has to know what goes on during armed conflict. They hardly need Brian DePalma to tell them about it. He's a horror movie director anyway. He gets off on depictions of sexual violence.

Remember the scene in Body Double where the giant drill goes through the ceiling and then through the beautiful woman. That was a symbolic rape. A big screw.

De Palma's like B'rer Rabbit,"Please don't make me watch soldiers rape a teenage girl, oh no, please don't make me," as he peeks through his fingers, one hand in his pants.

I took my mom to see Born on the Forth of July and she was shaking so bad after the movie, she could hardly drive.

I saw an interview with the governor of Ache Indonesia. He's a former Muslim separatist fighter. He was in prison for a long while and was tortured. He was logged, he said, "and that doesn't mean chopping down trees." The interviewer kept to trying to get him to talk about his mistreatment at the hands of his enemies. The governor just laughed at the Western reporter's obsession with such things. He said, "I do not take it personally, because such things happen during armed conflict." He said his fighters wanted to spring him from jail, but he had made friends with his gurads by then, and didn't want any of them to get killed. Then, the tsunami came and he broke out of jail by himself. They should make a movie about him!

Yesterday I told my co-workers that every time somebody votes for a Democrat the baby Jesus cries

"I'm gonna make him cry real hard," replied one heartless co-worker.

More proof that lefties and Christian fundamentalists are a lot alike

The Democrats system of delegates was set up in order to prevent anyone from being made to "feel bad." Everyone running in a Presidental primary gets a delegate, whether anyone actually votes for them or not. The Dems don't want to hurt anybody's feelings or make them feel left out. Ahhh, how sweet.

Chinese Christian co-worker, an independent, just told us that she voted for John Edwards (by absentee ballot, before he pulled out of the race) because she was afraid that nobody else would vote for him. Cuz,like, they were all voting for Hillary and Obama. She said, "I gave him a sympathy vote." She also felt bad for him because his wife has cancer.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Elderly voter runs over unfortunate child at polling place located in a school

Already the bleeding hearts start demanding that schools no longer be used for voting. How about outlawing elderly drivers and elderly voters. Let's kill two tough old birds with one stone. Old people seem to be increasingly responsible for hanging chads and dead pedestrians. Hell, let's outlaw old people why don't we. The rest of us can vote at schools, for a few years anyway.

Send in the clowns!

"Rebel vehicles were spotted moving south of Abeche, where French forces have a base about 155 miles east of N'Djamena, Col. Thierry Burkhard said Thursday.
"Chadian forces in front are of course preparing to engage in combat," he said. "We have our forces who are on the deployment site, where we have increased slightly the alert level and vigilance

I like that. Last week, the Frenchies "increased slightly the alert level and vigilance."

Well it's always good to be, uh, vigilant. Just stand around holding your weapon/dick and watching, that is, as people slaughter women and children with machetes.

I am sure the Chadians and Sudanese refugees are feeling sooo much safer knowing that "French forces"are there to "protect" them. One wonders why the refugees are still fleeing. Don't they know the French have their backs?

" The French haven't the nature for war. Their Gallic laziness combines with their Latinate voluptuousness with the result that they would rather eat and make love with their faces than fight."
Last of the Mohicans, the movie.

All other movies pale in comparison to, The Lives of Others!

Monday, February 04, 2008

The owners of the liquor store near my house have been driven insane

by the thieving local kids and criminals. After being robbed twice they have become so supicious they can barely function. The other day I was at the store talking to them and two little girls came in. The girls were picking out Now or Later candy whilst Rama, the owner, was watching them like a hawk with a nasty scowl on his face.

"Don't put your hands in your pockets, " he suddenly yelled crazily. "Get your hands out of your pockets!"

One little girl told him she didn't have her hands in her pockets. I hadn't seen either of them put their hands near their pockets.

"You did," he said, "I saw you. Never do that in my store."

His wife, Lakshmi, tried to mediate. "You should not put your hands in your pockets when you go into any store," she explained in a nicer tone of voice.

I was standing there thinking, how the heck do they get their money out of their pockets to pay for the candy if they can't put their hands in them.

It was very disturbing and I try to avoid going into the store now. I feel very sorry for them, but owning a liquor store in the inner city is bad for the soul.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Martin Amis just doesn't understand the liberals anymore

"That liberals cannot make a stand against a global wave of religious mayhem that is ‘irrationalist, misogynist, homophobic, inquisitional, totalitarian, imperialist and genocidal,’ to use Amis’s list, is a moral failure as great as their predecessors’ inability to see Josef Stalin for what he was and offer support to communism’s victims."

Berkeley anti-war protestors think the military is training recruits "to kill babies"

During the city of Berkeley sanctioned protests in front of the Marine recruiting office on Shattuck Ave, ugly hippies in orange jumpsuits yelled at young men, who had come to get infomation about joining up, that the military was training them to kill babies.

Actually, the military is training them to kill baby killers, Iraqi "insurgents." If the lefties want to save Iraqi children from being killed they need to go lie around in pet markets in Iraq.

I have not run into a liberal yet who actually has any knowledge whatsoever about what is going on on the ground in Iraq. They are full of misinformation and they repeat that misinformation ad naseum until it becomes urban legend. It looks as if these anti-war protestors are no exception.

The Black guy in the pic looks like he was trained to kill hippies! Looks like this liberal is getting a reality check that not all Blacks are liberals!

Friday, February 01, 2008

How could anybody hate on Miss C???

Our department is on the chopping block. 4 years ago they sent in Noam Chomsky's daughter-in-law to explore outsourcing our duties. She wasn't very successful. The people we outsourced to made so many mistakes we had to redo everything they did.

The managers still are stuck on this idea of outsourcing and I think they'll eventually be successful. Yesterday I was discussing this situation with 2 co-workers.

I told them that since we still have senority and they can't lay us off, they'll just have to send us to different departments to work.

"That will be hard for you," a co-worker said seriously. "They probably won't like you because you're a Republican."

How are we gonna run universal healthcare when we don't have enough nurses to go around?

There is a serious nursing shortage. Nurse practitioners are responsible for a lot of the care given at managed care facilities. The minute the governmemt passes a universal health care bill we will be in dire straights indeed!

"I don't eat anything that doesn't walk on 4 legs like man!"

Rat Kinneson, in Disappearances.

Islamic fundamentalism is interfering in our ability to buy diet soda and chips!

The Muslim guy who runs the liquor store across the street from our workplace has begun to close the store between the hours of 11:30am and 1:30pm, in order that he may go to the mosque and pray to Mecca.

This is a recent development and does not bode well for his mental health nor our physical health. His sudden burst of rabid religiousity is making us nervous.

Oswald's Ghost

Watching the documentary about Lee Oswald turned me into a conspiracy theorist. As the story progresses you begin to realize that the whole Kennedy murder plot by Oswald and the investigation afterward was a left-wing conspiracy to murder Kennedy and then frame right-wingers and gays.

Oswald had tried to murder a famous right-wing Texan previous to his murder of Kennedy. He shot through the man's window and then came home and told his wife he did it.

"He attempted to assassinate General Walker, a right-wing agitator. He shot into the General’s house, just missing him. He kept a record (for posterity) of the assassination attempt, complete with maps, sketches, etc. The police thought the shooter was driving a car, but in fact Oswald left the crime scene on foot."

He considered Kennedy an enemy of Communism. Oswald wanted the Vietnamese to be ruled by Communism, that is why he killed Kennedy.

One woman who knew Oswald in Russia said that nobody could tell Oswald to do anything. Oswald was a loner who didn't let anyone tell him what to do. I don't really believe that, I believe Oswald would have done anything a Communist leader like Fidel Castro told him to do. Such was his adoration of Communist theory.