If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Miss C is dangerous!

Chinese Christian co-worker just told us that she was born in the year of the rat.

"Oh, really" I said. "I was born in the year of the tiger."

"I guess we'll have to build up your cubicle walls a little higher," she replied.

Miss Carnivorous reprints, yet again, due to it's timely nature, Paul Lyon's posting on my blog from 2005

"There once was a tiger named Tigeroo
The hungriest tiger in the zoo,

All day he liked to eat
Not cake, not cookies, but only meat.

The keeper said, "Now Tigeroo,
You eat too much, you know you do,
If you eat anymore, and you get sick,
I'll call the tiger-doctor quick.''

"I'll eat all I like'', said Tigeroo,`
"I'm the hungriest tiger in the zoo,
You tell that doctor, I said Pooh!
If he comes in my cage, I'll eat him too.''

Our Senator, Don Perata, was cajacked over the weekend

Miss C has met Mr Perata and found him to be a likeable guy. That having been said, she takes leave to doubt his efficacy as a politician.

If you needed more proof that liberals are only too eager to defend dangerous criminals, here is the statement from Perata's publicist regarding the low life thugs who pointed a gun at Perata's head, gangsta style, after they pulled up in a stolen gold camero, to carjack his car for its "rims."

"Sometimes the holidays bring out desperate times for people, and he did the safe thing and just gave up the car," said Perata spokeswoman Alicia Trost. "It's just unfortunate, but we're very happy that he's uninjured."

That's a good one, Alicia "The holidays bring out desperate times for people."

Xmas was over. The jackasses already had a stolen Camero. But they could not be content with just a Camero, they had to have pretty new rims too. The guys who used a lethal weapon to relieve Perata of his property are just bad people. Miss C knows this after serving on jury duty this past July. The carjacker/ gang banger we convicted was not interested in working a regular job, but he wanted kewl wheels and kewl rims and lots of car stereo speakers, so he shot other people to get them.

The late Benazir and her crew of idiots

Now her 19 year old son is in charge of her political party as her "supporters" run around the streets murdering people. You can see what kind of person she was and her supporters are.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The stupid punks at the SF Zoo and Benazir Bhutto have a lot in common

They all tried to grab the tiger by the tail and payed for it.

Is there anyone who doesn't think that the "victims" of the Xmas day tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo worked really hard to get the tiger's attention?

Half of the people at work think that the 2 survivors probably dangled the poor guy who was killed over the tiger exhibit railing. I would not go that far, but they are responsible for the kid's death.

The 2 punks made no mention of their mortally wounded friend in a 911 call they made from the zoo's cafe. Later on, when the police questioned them, they still would not give their names or the name of the dead boy. The father of the dead boy called one of the friends earlier and asked where his son was. The friend lied and claimed he had no knowledge of the son's whereabouts.

I believe that these men deliberately stayed around the tiger exhibit as the zoo was closing and threw pine cones at, and taunted Tatiana the tiger in an effort to get her to come dangerously close to the viewing area. They totally pissed her off. Tatiana already had a jones for kicking human ass. She was the wrong tiger to fuck with and mean enough to make an effort to jump the barrier wall and get those stupid assholes. And she did.

To tell you the truth, I wish the 2 survivors had been hurt a lot worse. I wish they both lost an eye and a limb or 2. Both of these punks have been arrested for pranks and stupid shit before. They were caught chasing 2 other guys a few months ago. They seem to like to stir up shit. They should be prosecuted for manslaughter in the death of their "friend."
As for the police officers who shot the tiger, they deserve commendations. A week before I went to Oahu many years ago, an elephant killed a trainer, played soccer with another guy's body and escaped from the circus and ran out into a busy tourist area. The Hawaiian cops had no idea what to do. They shot at the elephant as she rampaged down ala Moana boulevard, wounding her and making her more angry and dangerous. People were on their hotel balconies crying at the horror. The police did not have large enough caliber weapons or know where to shoot an elephant to kill it. A lot more people could have been killed. The police at the SF zoo did the right thing. I have read that it can take 20 minutes to tranquilize a tiger. The police did not have 20 minutes to waste, one of the victims had been attacked repeatedly by the tiger. The police did a fantastic job.

Now we come to Bhutto. She worked really hard to get al Qaeda's attention. It has been sickening to watch her for the last few weeks, knowing what was going to come. She was taunting the Islamic terrorists every time she appeared in public at her ridiculous rallies. She had no regard for her supporters' lives. She was too wrapped up in the thrill she got from the adulation of the crowd. She should have stayed in seclusion and ran her campaign from a safe place. I heard many interviews of her and she never struck me as very smart but really, upon reflection she was selfish, egotistical and fearful stupid. After the first attack on her life, when many people were slaughtered, she should have stayed away from the public, for their safety if not her own.

Friday, December 28, 2007

The breakdown of the traditional family is responsible for global warming and obesity

Remember the good old days. Dad worked. Mom stayed home. One car for the whole family. If you had a second car, it sat in the driveway or maybe it was a kewl car your dad raced on weekends or took you for a drive in. He fixed it himself or worked on it with his friends.

It's true that most family vacations then consisted of driving somewhere, but then you camped and fished. When it snowed, your dad would drive to the mountains.

Mom walked you to school She didn't pull a car up in front of the school and block traffic, let you out and speed away to her job located six+ cities away. No need for day care, or for people to drive to work at the day care. Divorced couples have 2 households, 2 cars, bigger carbon footprints.

As for obesity, that wasn't a problem. You could count the fat kids in school on one hand. The stood out and often were made fun of. It was well accepted that they ate too much. It wasn't that they ate products made with corn syrup, they just ate too much of everything.

Your mom cooked. You ate cereal for breakfast. Except for the weekends when maybe your mom or dad made french toast, pancakes or bacon and eggs. My step-dad used to scramble eggs with bologna. You ate sandwiches for lunch. At dinner you always had to eat your vegetables, even Brussels sprouts. Going out for hamburgers or ice cream was a real treat. During the summer, fruit season, you ate an awful lot of fruit. Santa even put fruit in your Xmas stocking. You ate a tangerine before you opened your presents.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Light traffic and half empty buses

There is hardly anyone about. The streets are empty and quiet. At work we are running on a skeleton crew.

Instead of standing on the bus, everyone found a seat.

Would that it could be so, all of the time.

If only a nice plague could hit and take out 3/4 of the population, it could be like this always.

Tiger attack victim's parent demand answers

One wonders why they didn't even know their son was at the zoo. Teenage boys don't go to the zoo on Xmas by themselves. He was with his posse and up to no good, there is no doubt.

Miss C suggests that the proper authorities waterboard the two surviving victims to find out what was really going on before Tatiana the Tigress managed to escape her "habitat" and go on a rampage.

What do you get when you squeeze a synagogue?


Miss C's friend from Panama sees things a bit differently

I got a haircut. It's almost universally popular. I have had at least 20 people tell me how great it looks. A kid I ride the bus with said "It looks like something from Vogue" (magazine).

It's also been called "Jazzy."

Last week my friend from Panama came to visit us at work. She took one look at my hair and said," Oh, you cut off your hair. I got used to you with all that hair." She wrinkled up her face to express her disapproval.

Then she looked down at my hips and said." Did you lose weight? You don't need to lose any more weight. You look too skinny."

This is a matter of cultural preference. Miss C is in no way skinny, much less "too skinny."

But she is happy to have her friend think that she is. Even if the friend is not pleased about it.

I totally forgive her for not liking my haircut.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Congress is the wrong group to defend terrorists from waterboarding

PETA should handle it. After all, they're the ones who are for the ethical treatment of animals!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fido, the movie, contains spoilers!

Really sweet, very funny, nostalgic zombie movie. Scottish actor Billy Connelly plays Fido, a kid's best friend, who just happens to be a flesh eating zombie. The story takes place after "The Great Zombie Wars, where people were forced to kill their own parents after the parents were turned into zombies at the moment of death, due to radio active poisoning.
In the after war climate, old people are always suspect, as they are liable to "go any time," and turn into dangerous zombies. You can arrange for funerals for you and your loved ones, wherein your head wll be removed so there is no chance of reanimation and your head will have its own casket. These funerals are, however, very expensive.
A company, Zomcon, has developed a collar which, when worn, restrains zombies from engaging in their flesh eating tendencies. Some men have taken zombie concubines and it is a status symbol to have zombie servants. There is a great scene where zombies are unloading a moving truck, lurching and limping as they move boxes. Too funny.
This movie reminded me of the movie, starring John Goodman, Matinee. Matinee is a comedy set during the Cuban missile crisis and was serious and funny at the same time.
Run out and rent Matinee and Fido together.

Wow, the Turks get to bomb Iraqi "insurgents"

Why don't we?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Michael Moore called Al Gore "Evil" at Ralph Nader's 2000 campaign rally

Watching the documentary "An Unreasonable Man" about Ralph Nader and his fall from grace in the eyes of the left was chilling. Liberal after liberal raged against Nader, their faces twisted with hatred, excoriating him for losing Al Gore the election, despite the fact that Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore were at the forefront of Nader's campaign in 2000. Susan was filmed engaging in bad white dancing on stage at Nader's rally, where he pulled in 20,000 paying supporters.

Years later she had the nerve to refer to Nader as, "Your candidate," on Bill Maher's show. Bill called her on it, by firing back at her, "My candidate."

Michael Moore, on stage at the 2000 Nader rally with Suasn and Tim, said of Al Gore, "The lesser of two evils is still evil!"

The lesser of two fat bastards is still a fat bastard!

Some loser lefty actually threw a pie in Nader's face during a speech Nader was giving in support of Peter Camejo. The shame of it. Nader has dedicated his life to real change and implemented hundreds of policies the left holds dear.

A journalist from The New Republic complained that the Democrats have trashed Nader for years and said, in disgust, "They are the meanest mother fuckers on the planet!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The PKK aka Kurdistan Worker's Party are extremists

in the sense that they are Communists, who are all extremists. I have never met a commie and I've met plenty) who wasn't certifiably insane, in that everything he or she steadfastly believed to be true had already been proven to be false over and over again.

They are like adults who still believes in Santa Claus, even though they haven't gotten any toys for the last 50 years.

The problem is this, the media yammers on and on about the PKK extremists without once mentioning that they are Communists. God forbid that you should call a spade a spade. Maoist rebels, the PKK, the Shining Path, are all murdering, commie thug bastards.

hey, how come Greenpeace can just go and build a wall

without even an environmental impact study?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh ohh, the guns of Oakland!

The security guard at work said that the other week he came home to find a very big gun lying on the sidewalk in front of his house.

He called the police and told the dispatcher about it. She said an officer would come to get it. Our guard waited for an hour. No cop. An hour and a half. No cop. He went outside and saw a cop car pass by. He thought they'd stop. No luck. He saw another cop car. This is it, he thought. No, nuh uh.

He went back in the house. Looking out his window he saw his neighbor, a woman who works in security, sneak over and pick up the gun and go back into her house.

The cops finally arrived and he told them the gun disappeared. He didn't want to mention his neighbor, in case it was a gun she used for work and had accidently left outside.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Masked bandits attracted by my neighbors' chickens

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Algerian arm of al Qaeda calls the UN "the international office of the infidels' den"

They vow to "cleanse" North Africa of the "children of France and Spain!" A worthy goal if there ever was one. Just dangle a piece of cheese or a pack of cigarettes on a string in front of them and walk them over a cliff.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nero fiddled while Rome burned

Head of the UN is too busy fighting "Global Warming"to worry about the real danger of Islamic terrorism.

"This is just unacceptable," said a somber Ban, who was on Indonesia's resort island of Bali for a U.N. climate conference. "I would like to condemn it in the strongest terms. It cannot be justified in any circumstances."

Al Qaeda murders UN employees in Algeria. Wow, al Qaeda hates the UN too!

Ah shoot, I thought the UN was the terrorists' very bestest friend. Al Qaeda hasn't been very successful at attacking the US, so why not attack the people most likely to cave in to their demands. France is next, I'm telling you.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Miss C's Xmas tree ornaments

Miss C's ex's sister is an African/Native- American who converted to Catholicism when she married an Italian-American. She is fearful religious in the common way of born agains and converts.

Miss C and she were discussing religion once when she asked Miss C, in high indignation "Do you know that some people even put ornaments of Satan on their Xmas trees?"

"My goodness," Miss C replied. What kind of awful person would go and do a thing like that?

Nick Cohen says the left's refusal to admit the danger of Islamism

is no different than denying global warming. Or worse.

"Far leftists go further and are open in their support for jihadis. The apologias from some liberals are so comprehensive that they must also support radical Islam in their hearts. Far leftists have to head to the far right because there is simply nowhere else for them to go now that the revolutionary guerrillas and communist regimes of the twentieth century are history. A love of violence and hatred of their own societies – well merited or otherwise – leads them to conclude that any killer of Americans is better than none."

Security Guard at work hates Bush, but he liked Reagan

Reagan was alright, he told us.

"I was in the military and Reagan gave me a raise in salary," he said.

"I was making $400.00 a month and after the raise I made $500.00."

"Yeah, Old Reagan was alright."

Sea Scout leader accused of gettin' it on with his boy scouts.

Still think gay men should be Scout leaders? Think they can be trusted around teen boys?

What's crazy is that this guys was suing the city of Berkeley over it's refusal to let the Sea Scouts berth their boats at the marina.

Berkeley gave as the reason they refused, that the Scouts discriminated against gays. So, this guy was actually gay and a Scout leader. Sounds like the Scouts don't discriminate enough.

What is so funny here is that gays are really turning out to be the most pathetically hypocritical people on the face of this earth. The liberals who keep supporting the right of predators to obtain jobs where they work around youngsters are also hypocrites, as well as dangerously stupid in refusing to accept the true nature of most gay men.

This guy claimed to be about helping kids and he really just wanted to use them to get his sagging old rocks off.

The most famous bay area Liberal talk show host is charged with viewing, and sending over the internet, kiddie porn

Bernie Ward. The biggest big mouth that ever did walk the planet Earth claims he was "doing research" when he downloaded kiddie porn and sent it to someone else.

He also said some such crap about looking up the kiddie porn while researching hypocrisy. Hyposcrisy is a favorite subject of liberals, as we all know. They can't get enough of trying to point it out. It's a religion with them. They have no standards so they belittle people who do.

Bernie Ward is the pastor of the Curch of the Holy Donut and he's always thought he was holier than thou. I hope he's convicted, and thrown in jail with the criminals he so adores. After all it's illegal to download it and send it over the net, for any purpose.

Article in the SF Newspaper saying that young Black men are very, very violent

They practice a "Culture of Violence." That is their most important contribution to the world, after sports and music.

Wait, I thought that was a stereotype. Commenter Gary is always saying Miss C is "stereotyping" Blacks when she complains about the depredations they are perpetrating on each other and the innocent people around them.

Of course there are articles like this in the newspapers every day, because it's real and happening. The problem is, Liberals don't read the newspapers, except for the letters to the editor, usually because they have written one to complain about Bush.

Returning to their breeding grounds

The marina where I walk Devil Dog is a gay male cruising spot. There used to be restrooms where they got their freak on, but they tore those down to try to prevent the shenanigans.
It hasn't stopped them though. The area is littered with condom wrappers.

I told right-wing co-worker about it.

"They are like birds who keep flying back to the same breeding ground," I said.

"Yeah," said he. "They're swallows."

Essay by Guantanamo "interrogator"

"I believe in the power of redemption. I was an interrogator at the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I don’t have any torture stories to share. I think many people would be surprised at the civilized lifestyle I experienced in Guantanamo.

The detainees I worked with were murderers and rapists. You never forgot for a moment that, given the chance, they’d kill you to get out. Some committed crimes so horrific that I lost sleep wondering what would happen if they were set free. But this was not the only reason I could not sleep; I had spent 18 months in Iraq just before my arrival in Cuba. First I served as a soldier for a year, and then returned as a civilian contractor because I felt I hadn’t done enough to make a difference the first time.

After the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, I left because I felt I could not make any difference anymore. Those events simply undermined all of our work. I felt defeated and frightened and tired, and I hoped I could redeem myself by making a difference in Guantanamo. Still, I couldn’t sleep. I was plagued with dreams of explosions and screaming. After being sleepless for more than 48 hours, I began to hallucinate. I thought people were planting bombs outside my house in Guantanamo. That was the night my roommate brought me to the hospital.

When I returned to work, I began to meet again with my clients, which is what I chose to call my detainees. We were all exhausted. Many of them came back from a war having lost friends, too. I wondered how many of them still heard screaming at night like I did. My job was to obtain information that would help keep U.S. soldiers safe. We’d meet, play dominoes, I’d bring chocolate and we’d talk a lot.

There was one detainee, Mustafa, who joked that I was his favorite interrogator in the world, and I joked back that he was my favorite terrorist—and he was. He’d committed murders and did things we all wished he could take back. He asked me one day, suddenly serious, “You know everything about me, but still you do not hate me. Why?” His question stopped me cold. I said “Everyone has done things in their past that they’re not proud of. I know I have, but I also know God still expects me to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love my neighbor as myself. That means you.” Mustafa started to cry. “That’s what my God says, too,” he said.

Accepting Mustafa helped me accept myself again. My clients may never know this, but my year with them helped me to finally heal. My nightmares stopped. I don’t know what kind of a difference I made to the mission in Guantanamo. But I found redemption in caring for my clients, and I believe it saved my life—or least my sanity.

People say, “hate the sin, not the sinner.” This is easier said than done, but I learned that there is true freedom in accepting others unconditionally. I believe we help to redeem each other through the power of acceptance. It is powerful to those who receive it and more powerful to those who give it."

Alex Anderson (a pseudonym) is a former interrogator at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. She heard This I Believe while working at the prison at Guantanamo. She requested anonymity because of on-going death threats against interrogators.Independently produced for NPR by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman with John Gregory

Miss C supports torture. There, she said it

On the dust up over the so-called CIA tape destroying scandal, Miss C has this to say, She does not care one iota if 2 or more members of Al Qaeda were "tortured" in an effort to get information on possible future attacks against American citizens.

President Bush's responsibility is to the American people, not to our enemies. If the suspects had information it was the CIA's duty to obtain it, by any means necessary.

The Democrats have always more interested in protecting murderers, rapists and terrorists than they are in protecting the good people of their own country. It is their nature to bend and over and let the enemy fuck them like they are women. Liberals have proven that they are selected against and very, very dangerous to our safety.

For the good of the country, Bush should declare himself dictator and put the real enemies of the people, liberal Democrats, in jail.

Today on NPR's, This I Believe, they featured a female interrogator from Guantanamo, who told of her interrogation techniques involving, of all things, chocolate. Using a pseudonym for her, NPR reiterated that "Terror suspect interrogators have received death threats."

This is the reason the CIA said they destoyed the tapes. They were interrogating very important suspects with a lot of clout in the fundamentalist Muslim world.

Much classified information has been leaked to the press by enemies of our country, namely Democrats. The Interogators cannot take the risk that they may be identified. Their families lives are at stake.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Democrat Party is the party of interrogation and vengeance

Lunatic witch hunter Nancy Pelosi vows to get to the bottom of the recent oil spill in SF.
Aside from the insane rantings of environmentalists and their leftist cronies, the oil spill was not very important at all. It was a tiny oil spill.

The boat pilot accidently crashed into the Bay Bridge in a heavy fog. You'd think, from Pelosi's constant harping, that the acually pilot wanted to crash the container ship he was responsible for guiding into port. The poor guy has been fired. Sounds like someone has already taken the fall, accepted guilt, been blamed, what have you. It's his fault, OK. Nuff said, story's over.

The problem is that the Democrats are too involved in getting to the bottom of incidents that are been and gone and making the poor unfortunates involved, "pay."

The say they are against torture but what else is it but torture to be grilled by a fool woman like Pelosi, who knows absolutely nothing about the subject upon which she is interrogating people. She wants vengeance for a few dead birds, is all. She wants everybody punished for their supposed transgressions. She wants the ship's owners, the pilot, the crew to get it, she wants the Coast Guard to get theirs. She wants the clean-up crew to get theirs.

She will not stop until everyone has been made miserable.

The Democrats are always involved in some investigation or another. They can't stop. It's an addiction which them. They want to send hard working people to jail and get them fired over even unintended accidents. They are sick, sick, sick. Bush should arrest them all, a la Musharraf, and throw their criminal asses in jail. Then every day an interrogator should enter their cells and grill them for as long as they grilled Bush's nominies for political posts.

A Merry Musselman Christmas, habibis, from Osama bin Santa

Courtesy of Right-wing co-worker's photoshop skills.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Liburls are "stressing" over a Xmas tree

The director walked through the Children's room the other day and told the women in charge that the room was not up to Holiday snuff and told them they needed to put up a Xmas tree. They had to do it, the head honcho told them to.

But they've been "stressing" about it for days. They asked to have a special meeting about it with the Children's program director. She told them to leave the tree up and gave them some money to buy a menorah and some other religious iconography to display for the sake of multiculturalism.

Right-wing co-worker and I are having much fun at their conniptions.

Oakland firefighter candidates accuse mayor's cronies of unfairly picking only Blacks

and children of firefighters, including the current fire chief's son, out of a crowd of men waiting in line to deliver their job applications.

When murderers and rapists get early parole

absolutely no good can come of it. Read this article.

I used to live in the same apartment building with an African-American poet. He had served time in Attica for murder. He seemed like a nice guy, but I would never leave my daughter alone with him or indeed do anything to make him angry. He lived there with a teen-aged white girl, a little hippy chick.

He was a very, very good poet, and writer, I must say. Here is his Wiki entry./

In the year 2008,

Some Playboy Centerfolds will list their birthdates as 1990.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Miss C's back up plan has fallen through

My co-worker used to take in all her indigent relatives when they fell on hard times or created hard times for they ownselves. Her daughter is currently ensconsed in her mother-in-law cottage and her niece's dog is living in the back yard because the niece has become homeless.
The niece lived with her years ago and a nephew did too. The nephew had mental problems and my co-worker was often scared for her life. He is since deceased.

Both the daughter and the niece took up with convicted felons and the felons have gone back to jail yet again. The niece has two kids and lost her job and instead of looking for another job she slept all day and ended up getting evicted from her apartment. She then got evicted from the homeless shelter she and her kids were staying in because she was taking the morphine co-worker's daughter has been prescribed for a back injury. Niece failed the mandatory shelter drug test and was disinvited to stay in the shelter.

Co-worker said that niece was offered, by the Dept of Welfare, an apartment, first and last months rent paid, but chose instead to live half out of her car and half out of co-worker's house, because "She might be leaving the State."

Co-worker got married a few years ago and bought a house and has turned over a new leaf and does not allow people to camp out, gratis, in her digs any longer. She has allowed the niece's dog to stay for some long months now. This is surprising because co-worker is not a dog person. She complains about having to care for the dog, but she buys the dog treats.

Niece keeps showing up at the house. Co-worker noticed that niece's son has a new portable DVD player even though they are living in their car. Today she was complaining that some of her DVD's are missing. Borrowed by the niece whom the daughter lets in during the day whilst co-worker is at work.

Co-worker's husband came home one day to find that the niece's laundry was occupying the washer and dryer.

This is pretty typical for many people who live in the inner city. Most have relatives who are pure parasite.

My problem is this, I always thought that should I choose to shack up for a time with a twice convicted felon, bear his children, quit my job, stop paying my mortgage and get evicted by the new owners of my former house and should the felon be then thrice convicted, so qualifying for the three strikes law, and I am robbed of his bank robbery/car theft earnings, such as they may be, who is going to take me in? I used to think that co-worker was the go to person, but now she had to go and get all tough love on people's asses.

I told her I was very displeased with the new her.

At least I know she'll take in Devil Dog.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Points on for Hugo Chavez for being the first lefty not to contest election results

and claim that he won!

I read these books over the weekend

Firefighters hate solar panels because they are dangerous!

Right-wing co-worker told me about a story he saw on the news about firefighters saying that solar panels are making their jobs more dangerous. I found an article that decribes it better than I can. Go read it.

I almost got lynched on the bus today!

As I rode the bus home from work a couple got on the bus with a stoller and a baby about 2 months old. The baby commenced to crying, just a light constant cry, not too annoying, but audible to all the passengers.

We all smiled at the couple to let them know that the crying was not bothering us. One woman whom I ride the bus with regularly noticed that there were Raider's decals on the stroller.

" Wow, he's already a Raider fan," she cooed.

"Yes, " the father said, proudly.

"That's why he's crying," I said.

Half the passengers turned and gave me the evil eye. Thank God my stop was next and I could exit that den of cobras.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dems argue over drivers' licenses for illegals

In the recent Democrat debate one of the candidates gave Hilary a hard time over not supporting the policy of driver's licences for illegals. The candidate said "Hispanic males are far more likely than other races to die in car crashes," as if this is a reason to give them licenses and Hilary is a bad person for not wanting to do so! It seems like they should not qualify for licenses because they can't drive!

It is pretty much a given here in the multicultural Bay Area that people from third world countries are shitty drivers. This does not make them bad people, but it does make them dangerous behind a wheel.

I wrote about this before. MADD put out statistics saying that Hispanic males are far more likely to drive drunk. Most hit and run crashes here in the Bay Area are perpetrated by Hispanics. The other day they did a story on Stanley Robert's, People Behaving Badly about the traffic problems many drivers are causing near a local school. All the bad drivers they showed were Hispanic women.

The argument about illegals getting licenses is pretty funny. My co-worker has an illegal boyfriend and he drops her off at work every day and picks her up. He has no license. Illegals have shown a tendency to disregard the laws they do not feel apply to them. What makes them think that the laws regarding motor vehicles are any different?

The license is merely another way for them to get over on the American people. If they don't pass the driver's test, they will just drive anyway.

Banh Xeo, Vietnamese pancake full of shrimp, incredibly delicious!

Guantanamo prisoners' defense attorneys

Yesterday on NPR they interviewed 2 attorneys who are working for the defense of prisoners at Guantanamo.

I have no quibble with their doing what they are doing. It is the job of defense attorneys to defend people. The problem is that the majority of people they defend are guilty. They know it and we know it.

The attorneys know their clients are guilty and still use every means available to get their clients off. Including obfuscation and out right lying. This is not justice and it is not good for society in general.

One of the Guantanamo defense attorneys made a statement which few liberals will take the time to dissect. He said, "One of my clients is a Saudi police officer who took a 2 month leave of absence to go to the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan to do humanitarian work. He left his family to do so."

Now, seriously, does anyone with half a brain believe that a Saudi police officer was in the Taliban controlled areas to do humanitarian work?

Obviously, he went to defend his Saudi Muslim imperialist, fundamentalist brothers, and their Afghan converts, against the US invasion. The same is true of the young British Muslims who are the subject of Michael Winterbottom's film, "The Road to Guantanamo."

These men went to fight the US but they were not successful. They were taken as prisoners of war and must await the cessation of hostilities to be released

The problem for the US is this, these men are enemies of the US. We have chosen to engage in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and letting sworn enemies loose to fight us is suicidal and self defeating. It will make the wars drag on even longer.

If you are going to start a war, you want of course to win it in the shortest time possible. Letting prisoners of war loose on your own soldiers is not the way to win a war. This is not catch and release fishing.