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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Man magnet

I took a pic of the head male dancer at the Stanford Powwow years ago. He is Menominee. My friend found a magnet that someone had made out of him and bought it for me.

Racist book of the week!

Miss C is not the only person to believe that the "myth of the model minority" is not a myth at all.

Pretty Girl

Movies I have seen, in order of bestness

Catch a Fire (You never wanted anyone to blow up a nuclear plant so bad in your life!)
The Departed (Poor Leonardo DiCaprio, you feel so bad for his character and really hate Marky Mark, but he sure is purty)
Zodiac (1970's nostalgia hit me bad)
Smartest Guys in the Room (Enron motherf&*kers!!!)
Paradise Now (Kids of Palestinian "collaborators" feel guilty and wish to blow themselves up to prove they are more loyal than their lilly livered dads, depressing, but good anyway)
Open Water 2, Adrift (Do not watch 1 0r 2 if you scuba dive or go boating!)
Shooter (not very good, the shooting part is fun and more accurate than in most movies. It's the first time they show people aiming ahead of a moving target, but Mary Mark is sure purty and I will watch the actor Michael Pena in anything)

Barack Obama's crazy White acolytes

Barack Obama came to Oakland a few weeks ago. Right wing co-worker and his girlfriend picked the wrong day to eat in Jack London Square. After the Obama rally, all the excited attendees went to House of Chicken and Waffles (formerly Roscoe's) to eat. My co-worker said the Black supporters were normal looking, but the Whites were covered in Obama stuff head to toe. He said that many Whites had "Obama 2008" written in marker ink on the skin of their arms. The Blacks ordered the fried chicken and ate normally, but the Whites ordered vegetarian fare and were sitting there picking daintily at their fruit and vegetables.

Chemical warfare!

One of the Mulitiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder gals used to have to share a work table with another employee. One day MCSD received flowers from a relative. She put them on the communal table, which was split down the middle. When the other co-worker came back from lunch he saw the flowers on the table and commenced to sneezing. He moved the flowers to the MCSD's personal desk. Then the MCSD gal came back and moved them back to the table. The allergic employee told her to move them back to her desk as he was allergic to them. MSCD said, "These are not bothering you." "

"They are bothering me and you need to move them!" he said. She again refused. so he went to the cabinet and took down a bottle of WD40. He waved it in her face and said, "You are allergic to this. How would you like me to spray some in your face?"

She screamed "AHHHHHHH.... He's trying to kill me!!" and started running around the room weaving in and out between the desks as he chased her.

You may think that this was in fun. But it was totally serious on both of their parts. This is the kind of crap we had to put up with for years.

As I said before, my dad had life threatening asthma. So did my grandma. My uncle got out of serving in Vietnam by drinking a quart of orange juice before he went to his physical. He broke out in hives. My dad was allergic to everything. But he never talked about it, probably because he was embarrassed and felt it was unmanly to do so. I only knew that my grandma substituted for anything that had eggs in it when she cooked for my dad. My dad was so allergic to eggs that when he first married my mom, he had to go to the hospital because his throat swelled shut because my mom opened a box of angelfood cake mix (one of her favorite foods) and the powdered egg white flew through the air, and my dad breathed some in. My dad said he knew then that they were doomed, as my mom refused to quit making the cakes. Perhaps I have a lot of my mom's blood in me. I am very uncompromising, tis true.

One time my dad was fishing with his cousin and his cousin cooked some freezedried food that had peas in it. It was dark and my dad ate it accidently. Again, his throat closed. My dad was out in the woods and his cousin had to carry my 6'3 dad to the car and get him to a hospital. Sometimes my dad would joke that we put eggs in his food to try and kill him. After we ate, sometimes he would say he felt "Cold, cold all over." It was life threatening and yet he made jokes about it.

None of my relatives ever complained all the time, about every little thing or what they could or could not eat. This is in direct opposition to the people I have met with supposed MCSD, who will not shut up, as my blog commenters prove. They wax on about every time they ate corn or some such nonsense and every one of the most minute symptoms. They will talk about their phlegm on and on ad infinitum. I kid you not.

Now I do not dispute that people can get migraines from smells. I have twice in my life, once from a friend's perfume. I got in her car and the smell went up my nose and boom, I ended up crawling around on the floor. But I never told her she could not wear the perfume when she was with me. Another time the pipes started leaking at work and a very bad smell came out of the leaky water, the same thing happened. But I never saw that happen to the people claiming to have a reaction from the laminator or the WD40. They just felt dizzy, or my favorite feeling, "weird" they felt weird. Well, they are weird and so are we all.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Miss C's favorite perfume

I have no pity for the weak.

None at all. Why should I? What good does pity do? It's survival of the fittest, Baby. I won't even date a guy who's allergic to cats. I can't stand all that sniffling and sneezing. It's annoying, and far from sexy.

I once dated a guy whose face would swell up whenever I got in his car. It was the cat dander all over me. I used to have to keep a change of clothes at his house and put the clothes I wore over there in a bag. Then I had to take a shower and wash my hair. What a drip. He lasted about a minute. Too bad, cuz he was cute, and pretty good in the sack. Ultimately, he just wasn't worth all the trouble I had to go to to be with him. "Le jeu ne vaut pas la chandelle."

My co-worker, a Marxist hippy, used to work for a woman with MCSD. She said at one point she was sniffing the woman's mail, (that was her job, protecting the woman from assault by scent) and she said to herself, "This is bullshit, I can't do this anymore. This woman is not really sick." Then she quit.

As Kurt Vonnegut says,

It's Miss C's bad chemicals that make her act this way!

The cure for Multiple Chemical Fake Sensitivity Disorder is


In the words of Jesse Jackson, "If you can't sympathize, euthanize!" OK, OK, Jesse didn't say that Miss C did.

I don't mean you Miss Molly.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

People with Multiple Chemical Fake Sensitivity Disorder think Miss C is a

Perhaps she is, but her airways are clear and the air is so sweet!

Flat Captain Kirk

Pic of Miss C's bungalow Court in 1910, from a postcard

Ghouls and ghosties all year round!

Our ex co-worker from Panama hates skulls and ghouls. Her mother was from Jamaica and she believes in voodoo. Her father was actually poisoned to death by a romantic rival. She has retired but she comes by to visit once in a while. The other day she came to use our computer to look up Travelocity. She looked to her right and screamed, Aieeeeee......!!!(see directly above) Then she took my right-wing co-worker's name in vain. "It's always Halloween around here," she sighed, in disgust.

I realized she was right, we are a morbid lot. Every Halloween something new and nasty gets added to the mix. Here are a few of our, all Halloween, all the time, decorations.

People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder are nuts!

I worked with two women who claimed to have MCSD. In another post I mentioned that one of them was fired for vandalizing the toilets in the women's restroom. The other was fired for performance reasons. The commenters in the post below spend a lot of time looking up mentions of the fake disorder on the net and leaving irrational and insane comments on blogs that are critical of the fake disorder. Self centered hypocondriacs that look up their fake illnesses on the net all day are crazy. Having had close observations of people who claim to have the disorder, over a period of years, I can tell you that they are full of shit.

For one thing merely detecting an odor of something will set them off. Second they were control freaks about every other thing. One of them was very sensitive to sound. She could not stand the sound of a fan. So these people have compulsive disorders more likely than real chemical sensitivity.The proof is this, just because you can smell something does not mean that it is present in enough volume to cause a reaction.

Second, you can't be allergic to chemicals, you can be sensitive to them but you can only be allergic to natural substances. Yet these 2 women could not differentiate between an allergy to a natural substance and a sensitivity to a chemical substance. They both also claimed to be allergic to foods. Now my dad was allergic to every food there was. Seafood, peas and beans and eggs. If he ate any of these things he would die. Neither of these women ever experienced any thing of the sort.

We had Calosha out a bunch of times and they were unable to measure anything harmful and yet these kooks would start feeling dizzy anytime someone turned on the laminator. It is in their minds and only in their minds. One of the women was a Native American with naturally black hair. She bleached her hair blond. If the dye/bleach did not cause reactions, when it sat directly on her scalp for who knows how long, it was hard to believe that anything else could cause a reaction.

Working with these 2 gals made me ultra certain that anyone claiming to have MCSD was nuts in the extreme. As for me being crazy, yes I am, but I am willing to admit it. As for wearing scent and using hairspray and laminating items, I will do it as much as I like and especially when I am around silly people with fake MCSD.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

City Chauffeur

We have an employee art show every year. City employees will loan one of their art pieces for display and there is a reception. One year a crazy woman with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder(MCSD) entered one of her paintings. The guy that drives the city car around, distributing mail and checks and such, was told to take Miss MCSD down to City Hall along with her painting.

After the art show he had to bring her back. We were standing at the delivery door when they pulled up. Miss MCSD was sitting in the backseat of the car. This is unusual, as when he gives us rides someone generally sits in the front, but maybe she wanted to hang on to her artwork or something.

Miss MCSD is a weird looking, librarianish, very prim and proper lady. One of my Black co-workers was outside smoking. She looked at the car as it pulled up and as she bent over laughing she said, "He's driving Miss Daisy!"

Our litigious society alleviates the need for personal responsibility

My co-worker's elderly mother was run over by an Alameda County Transit bus driver, who ran a red light. She lost a leg. After the accident she was given a settlement, the amount of which she was unable to disclose. My co-worker was amazed that the driver of the bus, a woman, never called or came to see her mother during her long stay in the hospital. She never even sent a card.

Most of us would feel terrible about running over an old lady, much less causing an injury that resulted in the loss of a leg. I know for a fact that I would have apologised to the woman, face to face, if her family had allowed me to. I would have sent cards and flowers til the cows came home.

The problem is this, no one is allowed to admit guilt any more. Their lawyers would advise against it. If the driver had gone to the hospital to apologise, that would have been an admission of guilt. I am sure the lawyers for the Transit authority cautioned the driver not to admit guilt for fear the incident would go to trial. So the truth, morality and plain common decency were subverted.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jafar said, "I hate Americans, they are so boring stupid and ugly! But you are different. You are beautiful and strange. May I kiss you?"

Dialogue from Miss C's coffee date with an Algerian! He got really bent out of shape when I asked him about his people's complicity in the African slave trade. He had been bragging about being of pure Berber descent.

Flat Daddies for the inner city!

I was listening to an NPR story about the cardboard cutouts of soldiers in Iraq. I used to have a cutout of Captain Kirk in my cubicle and people would perform indignities upon his person. Someone gave him a 911 cape and a dot in the middle of his forehead. There is a lot of Bill Shatner hatred out there in the universe, I can tell you.

Anyway, the kids in the farm belt have their daddies in cardboard form and it is supposed to be helpful to have the daddy around, real or not. I was thinking, perhaps, that kids in the inner city could have cardboard cutouts of "Prison Daddy" It's like your dad is in Iraq, only cooler, cuz he's a bad ass prison gangsta! They could just have a "Flat Tookie" for all the kids, as most of them don't even know who their real daddies are, anyway.

Sunnis slaughtering Shia, and even Sunnis, to foment more terror

The Sunnis are even bombing their own fellow sectarians now and hoping the Sunnis pin the crimes on the Shia. Sunnis in Iraq have no interest in a stable civilized government. They have been ruling over Iraq like the White South African goverment for the last 30 years. They know that their reign is run. They have no stake in a stable Iraq because the oil is not in their areas. They have nothing to lose. They are supported by Sunnis from other Arab countries in their mission to keep Iraq from stablizing. Sunni Arabs, all over the Arab world, believe that a small minority of Sunnis should still govern over all of the Shia in Iraq.

Sunni Iraqis and foreign Sunni fighters are employed in the industry of terror. They make money by killing other Iraqis, men, women and children. We can not depend on the majority of Sunnis in other countries to condemn the killings because they really don't care about the Shia either. Sadly, Iran is the only country that does and they are lead by a lunatic. Shia militias are merely a response to the continual terror suffered at the hands of murderous Sunni bombers.

In the same way that Palestinian factions thwart any effort toward peace, the Iraqi Sunni groups and al Qaeda in Iraq will thwart any effort at security. Arabs do not care about the lives of Arabs if they are taken by other Arabs. The only time Arab lives have value is if they are taken by Jews or Americans. In order to defeat an enemy you have to be willing to go out and fight them. Obviously the Iraqi army does not have the air power that the US does. We should bomb the hell out of the Sunni areas, right now.

The only way to stop the Sunni terrorists is to go in and carpet bomb the Sunni neighborhoods until the Sunnis themselves stand up and say they've had enough. It worked for Japan and Germany. The Sunnis simply do not care about the Shia. They would prefer less Shia if not the total genocide of them all. Muslims are obviously too predjudiced to value the lives of anyone not in their own sect. We can't make them care, because they don't have it in them. It is a fatal flaw. The only way they can be made to feel the error of their ways is to lose more members of their own sect than they are comfortable with. Sunnis are already a minority in Iraq, let's take their numbers down to a bare minimum. I am of the opinion that the world could use a lot less of these barbaric scum.

As for wanting the Americans to leave Iraq, obviously they don't, or they would stop killing each other and straighten up so that we actually could leave. Much as half of the Palestinians need Israel in opposition so that they have an enemy and can receive terror funding, the Sunni Jihadists need American to occupy Iraq. They claim they want us out, but it just is not so.

Hmm... you may all say, Miss C is such a bad person to suggest such a thing. Miss C disagrees entirely, and does not care what you think of her anyway. Since the Sunnis support bombing innocent people as a policy they can hardly complain when the same methods are used on them. Anyway, put yourself in the Iraqi Shia's places. How would you like to be blown to bits while out on a trip to the farmer's market with your children?

Monday, March 26, 2007

The best war movie I've ever seen!

Downfall, the last 12 days in Hitler's bunker. Much better than Letters From Iwo Jima, the director of Downfall made no effort to "humanize" the enemy. The image of Goebbel's wife poisoning her six children, because she did not want to live in a world without Hitler and National Socialism, will live with me forever. There is no need to know anything else about her. I don't care if she was highly educated, or played the violin, or visited America and neither did the filmmakers. The bitch supported a monstrous regime and she murdered her own children, what more is there to say about such a person?

Based on the experience of Hitler's secretary this film is a fascinating view of what went on during the fall of the Third Reich as the Russians entered Berlin. Himmler and others were desperately trying to make contact and surrender to the Americans because they knew that the Russians would not cut them any slack.

As for Hitler's ideological resemblance to the left wing in this country it was startling. His desire to steal from the rich property and business owners (Jews in this case, often true in America as well) and redistribute funds and properties confiscated from them. His antisemitism. His vegetarianism. His love of animals over humans. His worship of art, and in particular architecture, (the only people I know who are enamoured of architecture are leftists) all mirror the current social positions and interests of those on the left. He believed that you could entirely recreate society through social welfare programs and the deliberate reconstruction and engineering of public spaces. Euthanasia of the weak and unfit. Medical experimentation. A devotion to science and technology.

At the end, before his suicide, Hitler bemoans the decadent West and it's inferiority to the discipline of the East. The horror of what Hitler subjected Europe to, the complete starvation and utter degradation of his own people and he still blamed them for not being good enough.

The new age puritans!

Devotee of the religion of Global Warming Bill McKibben was on NPR last week touting his book, Deep Economy. Loony tunes! The listeners calling in were all members of the cult. The strange thing is that these moon bats are totally oblivious to the fact that they are so weird and different than the average American. They really think they can win everyone over to their side by insulting the general population. It's the old Puritan stigma routine. Precious Bane. Carbon credits= sin eating. Waxing on about the benefits of buying locally, they treated us to diatribes of the evils perpetrated by average Americans. One caller said, "I can't believe all the people that drive around in pick-up trucks with nothing in the back!" Evil Americans, so selfish and thoughtless.

Of course these liberals are the very same people that will not make a value judgment against people that saw other people's heads off. Who do you think these pantywaist liberal do gooders call when they need someone to help them move? Their friend with the empty pick-up truck that's who!

Many of the callers touted Europe as the be all and end all of the universe. Europeans eat and think locally, yada yada. Europeans are community oriented, Americans need to get that back. Europeans are so all fired superior.

May I suggest to these ignorant twits that America was founded by individualistic people who left Europe for a good reason. European culture is homogeneous and smothering. Americans have always been different. We are not community oriented its true, because our genetic makeup precludes it. We were founded by people who thought differently and we are very successful as a culture, while Europe is a stagnant pool of lazy useless old farts.

Many people who share European values live here in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a microcosm of like minded individuals who left their home states because they did not fit in with the rest of the population. It is not a very successful experiment either. Bad social problems abound.

If they can not tolerate knowing that others who inhabit the same country have different world views, may I suggest that the people who don't care for American and Americans, go back to Europe where they may live among those exactly like themselves. So much for diversity.

Liberals are so effing uptight and silly its just not funny any more. They are attacking our regular everyday actions with a religious zeal. Use the wrong grocery bag and you are a bad, bad person. They do not want anyone to deviate from proscribed actions which are determined by a small elite group. It's Salem(really Danvers) Massachusetts all over again.

Friday, March 23, 2007

White Devils reinfiltrate their own schools, bring money and academic responsibilty, but African Americans are not sure if its a good thing!

There is an upper middle class neighborhood in Oakland known as the Rockridge district. The link above tells of the effort White parents in the district are making to improve their neighborhood schools, both physically and academically. Some parents have chosen to enter their children into the public school system, which they are forced to pay for whether they utilize it or not. These people are actually risking their children's future in order that they may, perhaps, influence social change. They want to expose their children to a wider variety of people and classes. A brave and worthy thing to do, if you ask me. But are they rewarded for it, hell no, they are looked upon with suspicion because of their skin color. No matter how liberal you are, how devoted to social progress, you will be tarred with the racist brush. Many of the employees of the city dept I work in live in the Rockridge district. All the middle class liberals I work with send their kids to private schools.

Proof that vegetarianism is bad for you!

"Man wanted in arson arrested at hospital" San Francisco Chronicle

His father said Warner is a peaceful vegetarian and lover of yoga, and had a flourishing art career until recently suffering a breakdown.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Abu's claims in the comment on the post below.

Abu claims that the lehem in Bethlehem comes from the Aarbic for meat. He is, I believe, only partially correct or even historically incorrect.

Bethlehem is a Hebrew word and is the name used in the Bible. Today's residents use the Arabic name Beit Lachem. Beth and Beit mean house. Lachem refers to meat. Lehem refers to bread. Hence the meaning House of Bread or House of Meat.

Israeli poet Agi Mishol on the News Hour

Agi Mishol read for us the beginning of her poem about an incident, involving a young Palestinian woman named Andaleeb Takatka who blew up herself and six others in a bakery.

"You are only twenty
and your first pregnancy is a bomb.
Under your broad skirt you are pregnant with dynamite
and metal shavings. This is how you walk in the market,
ticking among the people, you, Andaleeb Takatka.
Someone loosened the screws in your head
and launched you toward the city;
even though you come from Bethlehem,
the House of Bread, you chose a bakery.
And there you pulled the trigger out of yourself,
and together with the Sabbath loaves,
sesame and poppy seed,
you flung yourself into the sky"

Islamists set to divide and destroy Thailand with their cruel mentality

After the tsunami the Thai people rushed to help victims. They cared not whether the victims were foreign tourists or natives. They graciously opened their hearts and went out of their way to help locate victims' relatives both living and deceased. They fed and clothed people. The biography of a supermodel who lost her boyfriend and had her pelvis shattered during the tsunami, told of being stuck naked in a tree afterward and how 2 Thai men came and gave her their clothes to cover herself with. While she was lying on a stretcher, a Thai man who had lost his family gave her his Buddhist necklace.

On the other hand, the stories out of Banda Ache, Indonesia, a Muslim area, were not nearly as positive. I remember particularly a story one man told of his neighbor who was stuck up in the wreckage of his house, pinned by debris, who died screaming, over a period of days, as his neighbors were too shell shocked, busy looking for their own relatives, or just plain too selfish and cruel to help him. Many Muslim women were raped and sexually molested after the tsunami, because they had lost their husbands, no doubt turning them into instant husbandless sluts in the eyes of Muslim men.

There was a ferry disaster in Indonesia a few years back. An American aid worker spoke of being molested by men in the ocean, after the sinking of the boat. She had to swim far away from these men and stay by herself. When floating out in the sea, one man came up and shared food with her, but she was even suspicious of him and told him she preferred to remain alone. He said he understood. He later was rescued by a fisherman whom he talked into looking for her too. One tiny ray of hope. All the Indonesian women on the ferry died, drowned because they did not know how to swim.

Brigitte Gabriel, the Lebanese Christian tells of her experiences with the cruelty and selfishness of Muslim culture compared to the humanity of the Israelis. She tells of an incident where her mother was wounded by Israelis rocket fire because the Lebanese would fire rockets into Israel from the Christian areas. When the Israelis would try to take out the rocket launchers they would hit Christian civilians. For that very reason, the Israelis bought ambulances for the Arabs to use to take the Arabs to hospitals run by Israelis. She said that when her mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance, the Arab driver, who was from her own neighborhood, took too much money from her for a service that was already paid for by the Israelis. She points out that no Israeli would ever receive medical care from Arabs as they would be torn apart before an ambulance could arrive anyway.

She saw Israelis at the hospital working frantically to save terrorists as well as civilians. She learned that everything the Arabs had told her about the Israelis were lies. An Arabic speaking Israeli nurse asked around and figured out that Brigitte had not been eating during her mother's hospital stay. Brigitte thought that she would have to pay for the hospital and since the Arab guy had taken half of her money she was afraid to spend any on food. The Israeli nurse took her to lunch, then set up a job translating so that Brigitte could eat for free in the canteen. The nurse gave her a change of clothes and personal care supplies. Brigitte dreaded leaving the hospital, as she had fallen in love with the Israelis. Eventually she was given a job at the hospital by an Israeli commander and she moved to Israel and became a newscaster.

The fact is that there are peoples on this earth who are humane and there are peoples who are cruel and inhumane. Muslim culture is inhumane. The basis for it is entirely false. There is no God, so there can be no excuse for violence in the name of something that does not even exist. When you base your entire culture on the worship of some false idol in the sky and ignore real human suffering, you are evil. Jews in general are just better people than Muslims. That is all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

If Congress has its way and withdraws support from Iraq, what happened to Cambodians will happen to Iraqis.

"One of the results of the short American invasion of Cambodia was that the US Congress brought several new laws, including one that massively limited the ability of the President to deploy US military in a war against foreign countries. The other result from this short adventure was the further development of what meanwhile became known as “Nixon’s Doctrine”: this was to see the replacement of US troops by the local forces, equipped with considerable amounts of US-built arms. The US military attaché in Phnom Penh was ordered to prepare a study of what was now the Aviation Nationale Khmère (AVNK), and how it could be improved."

Nixon kept on supporting Cambodians by having US pilots train Cambodian pilots, even after the US Congress declared such actions illegal. This was a top secret mission known only to the President and the Pentagon and the troops involved.

"Known by their radio-code name of “Rustic”, this special and secret unit received their order directly from the President and the Pentagon and bypassed all levels of command between him and the 7th Air Force and MACV. Recruited among volunteers, and using O-2 and OV-10 aircraft drawn from the five Tactical Air Supprt Squadrons deployed in South Vietnam, the Rustic operated mostly from Bien Hoa and later Ubon in Thailand.The VNAF also deployed a Tactical Air Control Center in June 1970 to Pochentong to supervise South Vietnamese air operations. Furthermore, until 1972, VNAF deployed an average of 40 helicopters in Cambodia, mostly at Pochentong and Neak Luong. They were put at disposal of the Cambodian Army until the KhAF was able to field a sizeable helicopter force. VNAF operations over Cambodia represented more than a third of the total sorties flown by the service in 1970 and 1971, but Cambodia also often served as a test-ground for the huge VNAF expansion program by experiencing new forms of operations - like enemy road traffic interdiction at night or complex combined airborne assaults. During the period 1970-1972, ARVN continued to launch a series of incursion inside Cambodia, each time heavilly supported by allied air power. The last South Vietnamese incursion occured in 1974 in the Parrot Beak Area. Meanwhile, the Thai air support remained largely limited in geographical scope and size. The RTAF still attacked only targets on the western part of the country and had engaged only some T-28Ds and AC-47Ds and a few F-86F sorties before they were withdrawn from service. The RTAF also flew RF-5A reconnaissance sorties in profit of the Cambodians."

Of course, we all know what happened after US support was entirely withdrawn from the Cambodians. The killing fields.

Miss C was smiling her ass off!

As I was walking back from lunch today, I passed an SUV with a "Vets For Bush" bumper sticker on it. It made me smile, as such a sight is rare indeed for the bay area. A good looking Black guy saw my smile and said, "What a big lovely smile. Did you just win the lotto or something?" I said, "Practically!"

Bush needs to arrest all the Democrats and the treasonous Republicans too. He should send in the military to do it.

He is being hampered on his ability to do the job he was elected to do. The obstructionists need to be sent to Guantanamo to live with their pets, the terrorists, before they harm our country irreparably. Bush had the right to fire attorneys as he saw fit. Bush, Rove and Gonzalez have nada to apologise for.

If Valerie Plame looked like Madeline Albright, Helen Thomas or Hillary Clinton,

do you think the press would give a rat's ass what she had to say?

Monday, March 19, 2007

All of us agree that 300 is a very, very bad movie!

We are universally agreed for once in our lives. Right wing, left wing, liberatarians all. Now before you start in, let me tell you, my co-workers are comic collectors and dealers. 2 of them are artists. Well versed in Frank Miller, we loved and adored Sin City. His Dark Night Batman is the greatest. We love, love, love war movies. The more violent the better. We love weird stuff. Personally, as you know I am right wing. That is not to say I am an apple pie and mom type of patriot. I love my people but I am a realist. If you get stupid with your patriotism I will call you on it.

Yes 300 was a right wing movie that celebrated the fight of good over evil, if not the triumph. So what! It was still a silly, stupid and childish movie. It had a few good visuals, the rhino, the giant, the hunchback, handsome men. Much of the movie was eye catching. But most of it was eye rollingly dumb. The narrrator, who had a part in the Proposition, (which I loved) was horribly unsuited in his role as a Spartan and has a grating voice. Tragically, his goofy voice assaults us throughout 300. Gerard Butler as King Leonidas sounds like he has a mouthful of peanut butter. I wish they had just trotted out Sean Connery and had him play an older King Leonidas.

The right wing, pro war dialogue is laughable. "Freedom isn't free!" Arrggghhh!!! Right wing co-worker and I were sitting behind 2 gay guys during the film. Whenever the Spartans would spout some over the top pro war lines, the gays would look at each other and groan, it was small comfort because I was groaning too. The battle scenes are not original or even well choreographed. They are repetitive and dull. After the first freeze frame, blood spurting shot, it was like, alright already! They should have asked Mel to help out. Mel can stage battle scenes.

If you want to see an excellent film about a small band of warriors standing up to a huge army see Zulu. Of course, the British at Rorke's Drift in South Africa were not on the side of right, but showed great resourcefulness and bravery nonetheless. This makes a movie actually worth watching. If you want great ancient war action see Ben Hur, Spartacus, Gladiator, Kurosawa's Ran and Kagemusha or HBO's Rome. 300 does not work on any level, not as a war movie, not as a history movie, not as a fantasy and not as a comic book adaption.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hundreds of idiots mob Alameda County Adminstration building trying to get free money for being stripped searched by Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies

Right wing co-worker went to the courthouse the other day. His credit union is located in the courthouse. He went on the wrong day. Rumors were flying that people who had been "illegally" strip searched by the po'leece, would be getting $8,000 if they filed suit. A lot of criminals jumped at the chance of benefiting from their criminality, by stealing from the tax payers yet again.

Co-worker said the line to get into the courthouse(you have to pass through the metal detector first), stretched for miles. Hundreds of men were standing in line, bragging about how many times they'd been arrested. One of them said to another, "I been in 14 times, man!" He was thinking, I am sure, that he would be getting $8,000 for each time he'd been searched. Co-worker came back to work disgusted!

Miss C and her Mama

The thief of Baghdad!

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

And now for some "global" cooling!

Ladies when global warming starts overheating your globes, chill your hot sticky buns in these jammy jams, available in the Bunny Shop catalogue! Your hubbies can fulfill their uh, dirty fantasies of making it with Grizzly Adams. The model looks a bit like a young Valerie Plame, to my mind. Only, her hatch is blown instead of her cover!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Californians rate transportation as their number one concern!

What they mean is, they want everyone else to get out of their way so that they can drive!

You know how the left wants the US to fail in Iraq?

Well Miss C wants the left to succeed! Miss C really hopes that global warming is a true phenomenon. Oh God, do I hope it's true! I can think of nothing I would enjoy more than seeing all the doomsday prophets getting their wishes fulfilled. Just think, if we do all they are asking to stop "global warming" and there is no disaster, there will be no way to prove that they were wrong. So I say let's just keep on keepin' on. If they are right for the first time in recorded history they will actually have the satisfaction of knowing it.

I was laughing great loud belly laughs at the "climate change report" out of Brussels last week. This is funny, funny stuff. Sylvia Brown on acid. May I suggest to these lunatics that they return to the folds of the churches as they are obviously desperate for a religious experience.

Here is the ultra, super dooper, bestest part of the report. It sounds really good to a mysanthrope like Miss C.

"Hundreds of millions of Africans and tens of millions of Latin Americans who now have water will be short of it in less than 20 years. By 2050, more than 1 billion people in Asia could face water shortages. By 2080, water shortages could threaten 1.1 billion to 3.2 billion people, depending on the level of greenhouse gases that cars and industry spew into the air.
Death rates for the world's poor from global warming-related illnesses, such as malnutrition and diarrhea, will rise by 2030. Malaria and dengue fever, as well as illnesses from eating contaminated shellfish, are likely to grow.
Europe's small glaciers will disappear with many of the continent's large glaciers shrinking dramatically by 2050. And half of Europe's plant species could be vulnerable, endangered or extinct by 2100.
By 2080, between 200 million and 600 million people could be hungry because of global warming's effects.
About 100 million people each year could be flooded by 2080 by rising seas.
Smog in U.S. cities will worsen and "ozone-related deaths from climate (will) increase by approximately 4.5 percent for the mid-2050s, compared with 1990s levels," turning a small health risk into a substantial one.
Polar bears in the wild and other animals will be pushed to extinction.
At first, more food will be grown. For example, soybean and rice yields in Latin America will increase starting in a couple of years. Areas outside the tropics, especially the northern latitudes, will see longer growing seasons and healthier forests. Looking at different impacts on ecosystems, industry and regions, the report sees the most positive benefits in forestry and some improved agriculture and transportation in polar regions. The biggest damage is likely to come in ocean and coastal ecosystems, water resources and coastal settlements."

Ha ha ha ha ha. Hilarious! Besides the US gets off very lightly as usual. I swear if I believed in God I would think we were His chosen people. A little smog, a few old people and those with respiratory problems might die. They were going to die anyway, so what. Africa and Latin America will just get a bit more of what they already got, malnutrition, diarrhea from dirty water and malaria from mosquitos. The mosquito problem will be self limiting since when it gets really hot and dry the mosquito's breeding grounds will dry up.

Asians will get hurricanes and rising sea levels, pretty much what they're already used to. As for the plant life in Europe, ha! Who cares? What goes around comes around. The Europeans practically destroyed the eco-systems of the new world when they brought their rats and cats and native plants to the new world. That Jaques Cousteau almost destroyed the ocean by releasing foreign algae from his sea institute. The European hunted some North American animals to extinction and I am supposed to care about their little plants. I'll leave that to them to worry about.

If all these humans die, it won't take long for the earth to clean itself and return to a better, more natural balance, I guess. What's so bad about that? A lot less humans for whatever reason is a good thing. The left loves purges don't they? Just look at global warming as a big old colon cleansing of mother earth!

Had lunch with the leftist Jewish friend yesterday

He said a lot of interesting things. He mentioned his parents (he's a red diaper baby) support of the Soviets under Stalin and how they were ignorant of reality. He also said that he believed that Conservatives were basically the same people in public and private as they could pretty much say anything they wanted. I told him I felt free to express myself because I did not have the political correctness police to worry about.

My friend and his wife were even at odds during the trial of the men who tried to murder truck driver Reginald Denny after the Ridney King riots. His wife, a Jew, on the extreme left, was of the opinion that that Denny's attackers should not be convicted of any crime, while my friend was horrified at the idea they would not be punished.

He said that what he thought as he traveled about the inner city and what he could express about it were 2 different things. He had not been to Oakland (he lives in Albany, a liberal suberb of Berkeley) for a few months and was irritated by the inane, very loud and often offensive conversations young Black girls were having on their cell phones. He said he had forgotten how bad Oakland was. If he were to say this around his liberal friends they would crucify him.

Dogs are from France!

Miss C has decided that dogs are most definitely French! They hate baths but they sure like to keep their genitals clean.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweden proposes setting gender quotas in the performing arts

According to the article above they want the artists and staff of theatre groups to be composed of at least 40% of each gender. 40 + 40 = 80%. What do they propose the other 20% consist of? Animals? So, if they go under 40% men, but they need a lead for a female role, in a new play, would they have to hire a guy instead? How about if the ratio is 60% men to 40% women, won't the women be angry still? Why not just hire the best people for the job in the genders needed to put on current performances.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is it a conspiracy?

This weekend Abu R and I ate at a restaurant in Berkeley, owned by Iranians. The waiter came to the table and told us the specials. Then he looked convincingly apologetic as he explained that the "pork chops" were not available this evening.

The old bait and switch tactic. Uh hmmm. Bet they pull that one every night. Let's trick the infidels into coming to our restaurant by offering them their most beloved native food. We don't actually have to serve it to them.

Lord knows, we infidels are so easily seduced by the pigmeat! Abu R was blissfully unconcerned.

The dressing of the ringworm

Yetsreday my infected co-worker showed us a handwritten sign that said, "Do Not Enter." She said, "I have to put medicine on my ringworm in the closet, so I will put up this sign so everyone knows. My ringworm is oozing, so I have to put this medicine on it."

In the afternoon I asked her if she had put up the sign and done her ablutions. "Yes," she said.

I said, "So I missed the whole thing? The dressing of the ringworm? No way! Something important happens and I miss it. Did you touch anything in there? Did you wash the doorknob? Cuz I gotta tell ya I am really paranoid about getting this. I am inspecting myself all day and getting itchy just thinking about it."

My ex wants to sell carbon offsets.

Always thinking on his feet and just plain greedy, my ex, the taxidermist, has a great business plan. He lives in the woods, in Mariposa county, near Yosemite National Park. He says he will plant trees on his property for anyone who needs a carbon offset. Somebody tell Al Gore! Maybe my ex could use a sliding scale. The left should go for that one. He can charge rich bastards like Gore more than he charges small businessmen.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Right wing co-worker's idea for a bumper sticker

"If you can read this bumper sticker,
you weren't educated in California."

Monday, March 12, 2007

Duck lover!

My ex the taxidermist once went to a hunter's house to discuss stuffing the guy's trophies. My ex said that the guy had decorated his house in wall to wall duck motif. Duck statues, duck decoys, duck paintings, framed duck stamps, duck rugs, duck upolstered sofas and chairs. Stuffed ducks. Duck lamps. Total duck overkill.

My ex said that he's sitting there on the duck sofa talking to the guy and he hears, "Quack, quack. Quack quack. Quack quack " The guy says, "Excuse me for a minute" walks over and picks up a phone shaped like a duck and says "Hello."

Condoleeza' s a lot more dark skinded than Harry Belafonte!

Harry Belafonte says, "Condoleeza Rice needs to be told about her"Blackness!" What a racist piece of doo doo he is. He has a lot of nerve. If he could keep his hands off of White women long enough to look in the mirror, he would see that he owes his light complexion to a few White ancestors himself. Slave owners. He should pay his own descendant of slave owners ass some reparations, shut the hell up, take some Viagra and go back to banging White women. Banging White chicks is about the only thing he's good at. Condoleeza is a lot Blacker, and a hell of a lot smarter, than that calypso singing fool. Does he speak fluent Russian? I think not! She also has a lot better taste in clothing. Harry is always flashing that man cleavage in his ruffly shirts. Geerosss!

Vanity license plate on the Cadillac Escalade in front of us


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sgt. Derwin Longmire, Oakland Police Dept, homicide investigator, on the skyrocketing homicide rate in Oakland

"A kid is geared in a certain direction, but that doesn't mean they're doomed. They're not employable. They can't get up to go to work on time. They haven't followed instructions since the third grade. Society doesn't require anything of them.

When the lights are out and everything is quiet, I think they want to change. But change is hard. They might do it for as long as it's easy. They need a male model to come along and say, "Partner, life is not easy." I don't know if they are willing to do the work or if the support is there."

San Francisco Chronicle

"We would suck the blood of the Sunnis,"

Nazar Sharif, 34 a leader of the Mahdi Army in the Sadriya neighborhood of central Baghdad, said in an interview on Wednesday. "But we can't because Muqtada asked us to avoid clashes with the military and with the Sunnis."

Saturday, March 10, 2007

When they kick out your front door, how ya gonna come? With your hands on your head or on the trigger of your gun?

I was reading David Mamet's book, Wicked Son, a month ago and he metioned how insane it is that Jews are for gun control. He thinks every Jew should own a gun to defend himself with should the need ever arise again. The very same Jews that decry the blindness of their people for not realizing the danger of Hitler before it was too late and blame them for giving in so meekly, do not seem to understand the need for private citizens to own guns.

One thing is sure, if the government or mobs of vigilantes decided to attack inner city Black neighborhoods, it would be a very foolish move because there are hundreds of thousands of guns in the houses of Black people. Black people could and would defend themselves. They would never go meekly.

I can't understand how a leftist or liberals can say that it is understandable for Arabs to attack America, but it is not understandable that Jews need a country of their own and a military to protect it. Why does the left forgive atrocities commited by Iraqi insurgents against their own people but despise Israel for defending itself against attackers. The left doesn't cut Jews any slack at all. Maybe it's because the Israelis are too much like us. Not brown enough for the left. That's probably why they never championed the Kurds either. They are not enough of "the other" to qualify for the "free to commit atrocity" pass.

It seems to me if any people can be forgiven their trespasses it's the Jews, historically the most oppressed and endangered people on earth.

Liberal crap!

Yesterday there was a most bizarre, even for San Francisco, article about the accused attackers of the Yale Choir members on New Year's Eve. "Boyhood friends dispirited by New Year's fight charges." In the article the reporter drones on about the "stigma" the attackers are supposedly suffering. They have lost weight and have trouble sleeping. Boo hoo.

These are guys who kicked someone in the head over and over again. They shattered a person's jaw. That person was on a liquid diet and I am sure he suffered sleep disturbances from the pain of that broken jaw. I do not know what in the hell the editors are thinking to even print such a story. Anyone reading it is probably thrilled that the young men are getting their comeuppance. It's beginning to look as if they are never going to be charged for their crimes. Being social outcasts can not possibly be as hard as they would have it in jail. I know they would get some ringworm.

Guy sues to prevent being made to take anti-psychotics, wins case then goes psycho and kills his buddy!

Well, I don't think too much of anyone who would move in with a psycho. Living with a slovenly roomate is bad enough but living with a dangerous nutjob who claims that a blonde woman started the Vietnam war is outside of enough.

Stand Off at Oakland pizzeria!

Damn, I used to work at this Cybelle's Pizza!

The real Devil Dog and the real Miss C.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Miss C and Devil Dog are on the covers of alternative weekly Bay Area papers!

Abu R was walking by the newstand when he spotted Devil Dog on the cover of one newspaper and Miss C on the cover of the other. Miss C had already been alerted to the Devil Dog story by a co-worker but she had no idea that her cover as a lady detectve had been blown!

Here are my favorite Black cowboys

My favorite cowboy from the Black Cowboy Parade and Association is to the left. His bouncing dreadlocks look sexy when he's riding. His horse has a purty gait too.

My redhead scalpin' co-worker is standing behind Betty the cowgirl. I pity the poor horse that Betty rides, oh yes I do. But I would not say so to her face!
My ex boyfriend from Spring, Texas said his dad would hire one Black guy seasonally to help break horses for him as the Black guy was the best bronc buster that ever was.
My boy-friend's parents were Hispanic but his mom was a little racist. He said that she would invite the Black guy to stay in the house, reluctantly, but he would always decline politely and sleep in his truck instead. He also spent his spare time with white women in town. My friend said that the white cowboys never gave him any grief over it because they respected him too much as a man and a cowboy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Miss C is losing her powers of seduction!

On Thursday and Friday I have to take a mess load of DVD's to another dept so they can be sorted for delivery. The guy I give them to hates sorting them and gives me dirty looks every time I bring them to him.

I was getting ready to take them down when one of his dept co-workers came in to our dept. I told him that I hated taking the DVD's down there and why.

He said, "Why don't you flirt with him a little, butter him up. Call him Sugar Bear."

So I said, "I call him Cowboy (He's in the Black Cowboy Association). I'll try it!"

I took the DVD's down. As he peeked around his cubicle and gave me the death stare, I crooned seductively, "Hey Cowboy, I brought you some DVD's."

"I'll scalp you like an Indian!" he growled.

Two of my cell mates have the ringworm!

A few weeks ago the woman in the cubicle to my left asked me if I wanted to see something gross. "No, I said. Not really. I mean, why would I?" She then managed to lure several of the co-workers into looking at the "gross something." They were awed by it's disgustingness. Then she came in one day and announced that the grossness was ringworm. Now my forward cubicle mate has it too. Since it is often spread by wrestling, I have accused them of wrestling with each other.

Some years ago now, my brother broke my dad's ankle while they were drunk and wrestling on the floor. My brother was going to Marine boot camp the next day. He dissolved into a drunken puddle of tears when he realized his parting gift to my dad was a lifelong limp. After that, anytime one of our relatives hugged anyone my dad would say sternly, "No wrestling!"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Left wing commenter dissected

Left wing commenter said,

"Gary, you are right. Violence begets violence. End of story. The rest of you are dipshits that don't know what the hell you're talking about. Especially, Donkeyhue, what kind of fucking name is that anyway. You mind as well call yourself Jackass because you're dumb as dirt. Let me break it down for you s-l-o-w-l-y so you will understand. Collective identity (I'm talking about Muslim extremists for you retards that can't figure it out) is fashioned and defines itself in opposition to an oppressive group (that's us shit-for-brains). We have been over there messing with their goddamn lives since before any of us were born. If we stop fucking with them, they stop fucking with us. Being rational and practicing restraint does not equate to being a "pussy." Go fuck your donkey hole or whatever the fuck your name is and think before you open your mouth".

This left winger defines collective identity. Hmm lets see. Do Americans have collective identity? I would say so. Are we oppressed? No. Many people have collective identity. The Chinese community in China town have collective identity. University students have collective identity. Is collective identity always negatively expressed. No.

Are Muslim extremists a minority? Yes, very much so. The left is usually the first to state this fact and I totally agree with them for once. If all Muslims are oppressed, why aren't all Muslims extremists? In fact the people most in danger from Muslim extremists are Muslims themselves. What have moderate Muslims done to oppress extremist Muslims that have made extremists so well, extreme? Those very same extremist who attacks us on 9/11, were very happy to have our help and arms while they fought the Soviets. I don't remember the left having any peace rallies through the streets of Berkeley demanding that the Soviets leave Afghanistan.

I also like how he includes himself as an oppressor. "That's us shit-for-brains" It really doesn't matter what we actually do. You can be a supporter of the Palestinian cause and still feel guilty as hell for some supposed crime perpetrated by Israeli troops. He should just kill himself before he commits more acts of US imperialism and aggression. It could be that he is being brainwashed at San Francisco State and will feel better once he is free from the yoke of peer oppression from the campus commies.

Does violence beget violence? It did when some rich spoiled Saudi boys decided to commit a shortsighted act of violence on people from many countries who happened to be working or visiting the World Trade Center on 9/11. Did all those people who died come from countries that oppressed Palestinians, no way.

Did Gary, the artist formerly known as Zontar, quote the bible? Yes he did. Does he enjoy being championed by such an eloquent and learned speaker? Only he can say for sure. Is Donkeyhue a funny screen name? We must all agree that it is. Did he know that people might play on the theme of donkeys and perhaps refer to him from time to time as Jackass? Since he refers to himself as Jackass, I would have to surmise, yes. Does this type of thing hurt his feelings,? I would have to say, No. Are we all retards? Who can say. We are Republicans. Many consider Republicans to be quite retarded. Do we have shit-for-brains? Only when shit faced! I will say this, if I were to be admitted to MIT, I would be considered quite retarded among my clas mates. There would be no courses remedial enough for me. We are all retarded compared to Einstein and Michael Jordan. Ideally we should be a combination of them both.

Have we been over "there" messing with their goddam lives since before they were born. They must have been programmed in the womb to hate us then, not a lot we can do about that. One finds it hard to see the Saudi males as oppressed though. Seems to me they've got it goin' on. In fact, considering that the majority of 9/11 hijackers were Saudi, I think we have been more than generous to the Saudis. Bush is hand holding buddies with them. Many Saudis practice an extreme form of fundamentalist Islam and Bush hardly chaps their hides over it.

Saudis oppress women at will and are well off enough to employ foreign workers who soil their hands so that Saudis don't have to. No Saudi has to engage in manual labor because they import foreign workers to do it for them. In fact, they hire a lot of Palestinians to do the dirty work. All this, they do on US petrodollars. I'd say no Saudi male has a right to fly planes into buildings in the US. if it weren't for an American philanthropist who was trying to help the Arabs find water in the desert but found oil instead, Saudi Arabia would not be the Rolls Royce buying mofo's they are today.

Bush hardly started the Palestinian crisis, that was the fault of the Arabs. The League of Nations mandated territory for the country of Israel, the Arabs did not accept the mandate and started a war with the Jews. Unfortunately for the Palestinians, the Jews, as we know, won the war and expanded their territory for the safety of their citizens. This happened again and again. I am afraid that the Arabs are very slow learners.

It always tickles me when the left gets very upset at our invading Iraq and says that Saddam Hussein did not attack us on 9/11 only to turn around and claim that the Saudis and all Muslims from Africa to Asia are somehow oppressed because the Palestinians are oppressed and so have the right to attack us in the name of Muslims everywhere. What has one to do with another? They are coreligionists is all. Muslims lump themselves together in one group so that we don't have to. Thanks Muslims. Now we don't have to be careful what country we invade, cuz you're all the same anyway. Makes it a lot simpler for us retards.

I saw King Abdullah of Jordan on the News Hour tonight and he is demanding that the US negotiate for peace between Palestine and Israel. What the fuck does he think everyone in the whole fucking universe has been doing for the last 30 years? He seems to think it important for the US to be part of such new and serious negotiations.

Well I think that since the US is so important we should finally give up the idea of peace between Israel and Palestine and let the cards fall where they may. We have Iraq to worry about and Darfur. Many more people are in mortal danger in those 2 countries. Let the UN handle the peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israel. The US should continue to support Israel as our ally.

Let France negotiate. Let Germany negotiate. After all, those 2 countries are primarily responsible for the Jews having to leave Europe. I say let's desert the Palestinian peace process entirely. If the world thinks it can reason away war like tendencies, let them deal with the hated Israel. After all the left thinks that despots are all open to reason. They think Israel is despotic. Let's test the UN's mettle. If the Palestinians get serious, let them come to us. I washed my hands of them long ago.

Somali Author, Nurredin Farah blames Saudi Wahhabism for the ruin of his country

For years in Somalia Islam was practiced in the tolerant and laid back way Africans have of practicing foreign religions. Most Africans became converted to Islam willingly. Africans liked Islam because it meshed with a lot of their own traditional practices, female circumcision, polygamy. For hundreds of years Somalis practiced a benign form of Islam. Except for a period when African Islamic scholars began to want to enforce a more strict form of Islam on their own people, Africans were content to practice it in accordance with mixed tradition. More recently, Somalis began to go to Saudi Arabia to seek work. In the mosques in Saudi Arabia they were converted to Wahhabism. They took this fanatical belief system back to Somalia like a virus and commenced to destroy Somali society.

A worthy goal!

Every afternoon on the way to the bus stop I walk past an African guy who is a security guard for a dental office that caters to low income people. Often he is outside, standing in a doorway, scoping out the chicks and engaged in animated conversation with another African immigrant.

The other day he was talking to a tall, impressive looking man from a different African country than the one he hails from. As I passed them I heard the tall guy say, "In Africa, if you made $ 1,000 a month, you could live like a pimp!"

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ann Coulter's comment is an insult to gay men everywhere!

Miss C would not have used that word to describe John Edwards at all. Many gay men have been found to have higher than normal levels of the male hormone, testosterone. There is no way that John Edwards has higher levels of testosterone than your Average Joe, if indeed he has any testosterone at all floating around in that blue blood of his.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Devil Dog's nemesis Juniper, the roof cat! She has a jingle bell which drives him crazy!

Insane liberal rant blaming the Bush administration for an abandoned newborn!

This creepy feminist lunatic, Trish Hooper, is always writing bizarre letters to the editors of various California newspapers. This one takes the cake though. Liberal Larry's satire on his Blame Bush website has nothing on the reality of the irrational hatred and unrealistic, "I want Bush to be everyone's baby daddy and solve all the world's problems while everyone wallows in stupidity, carnality and criminality and does what ever they damn well please" attitude leftists want to instill in the underclass. Bush is supposed to protect everyone from the consequences of their own behavior. In fact, behavior is not even recognized to have consequences by most on the left. They refuse to accept it. Unless the consequences are global warming.

Truth be told the underclass are not half as irrational as the leftists. The underclass knows that Bush is not their baby daddy. They know exactly who the daddies are, and they probably blame them, not Bush. It's all about personal responsibilty people. Some have it others don't. If those on the left are pissed because some people drive big cars or feed their kids trans fats, you'd think they could have a little indignation left over for people who leave babies to die. If someone put a puppy in bag and left it under a bush, the very same woman who penned this screed would be screaming blue murder. She'd still blame Bush though. What will the left do when Bush is not around to lay blame on any more? Here goes the dumb cow's rant.

A mother in despair abandons her baby

Editor -- "So, a 24-year-old woman, with two children already pulling at her life, found herself pregnant again ("Attempted murder charges filed in case of abandoned newborn," Feb. 25).
Had she ever been told about contraceptives? Did the man who impregnated her use a condom? Did he give an expletive that she carried his child and didn't want it and neither did she? Did this woman know about the sanctuary law that made it possible for her to leave her baby at a hospital or fire station? No, of course not.
That information isn't made public, not with this hypocritical administration. No, of course she didn't know. She went through her birthing alone, she packed up that baby alone, still with its umbilical cord attached. She put that baby carefully into a covering and left it alone under some bushes. Aching, bleeding and alone, she went back to the home where she had received an eviction notice, and probably wondered what would come next. Nothing good, that's for sure.
So, what are we doing about family planning, sex education, R&D in contraceptive research? Very little. Planned Parenthood tries and tries. But its funds are cut while abstinence-only programs, which have a zero effect on unwanted pregnancies, get the funds and women, such as the one in the latest story, will be charged with murder for having the baby she abandoned. That's pro-life.
Which is better? Contraceptives? A safe abortion, or an unwanted dumped baby and a young mother with no future? Where are our priorities? Who cares?"
Portola Valley

I have one suggestion. K through 12 teachers may want to start teaching kids the alphabet, so in the likely event they become pregnant at the ripe old age of 24, they can look up adoption services under the letter A. When they contact such services they will be given help and support. I gave up a baby for adoption 2 years ago. Although my pregnancy was unplanned, I never once thought of leaving my baby under a bush to die or be gnawed upon by rodents. As for the Bush administration preaching abstinence, Trish old girl, that's not for married women, that's for teens. As for the mother never having been told about contraceptives, what planet is she from? Sheesh!

Cool urban novel title!

Unified School District employees Googling "guy's big penis images" on Office of Education computers! That is really gay!

No wonder the California educational system is so messed up!
They should fire this guy and make him a Boy Scout leader instead!

[<<] [>>]
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206.15.232.# (Grant Joint Unified School District)

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Three great movies!

I saw a marvelous movie from Romania, The Death of Mr Ladrescu. It is a real time story about a lonely, sick old man who needs a blood clot removed from his brain. A caring ambulance driver picks him up and drives around from hospital to hospital trying to get someone to care for the old guy. You would not think this realistic movie would be so damn fascinating, but it is. It is not sentimental and we all have been in the hospital with someone we know, or for our own problems. In any case this movie is brilliant, interesting and extremely well acted.

The other great movie is, Down to the Bone. It is about a young mother of 2, a supermarket clerk who is a coke addict. Very simply told, it is quietly good and coming from a family of addicts, it is about the most realistic movie about drug addiction I have ever seen. It's realistic that they portray the fact that some people, the main character's husband for example, can use drugs casually and not become addicted. Other people are not so lucky. Vera Farmiga, who plays the lead, is a wonderful actress and oddly pretty.

The third great movie is also about drug addiction. Little Fish, an Australian movie starring Cate Blanchette, San Neill and Hugo Weaving from the Matrix and Lord of the Rings. Australians are quirky and their movies are too. This movie is no exception. Really good acting and interesting situations abound. It is set in Little Saigon, the Vietnamese enclave in Australia. It is interesting to me to see how the immmigrant experience mirrors that of the US.

I also saw Oliver Stone's, World Trade Center. It was good, not great, but it did do one amazing thing. It made you feel as if you were trapped under the Twin Tower's rubble with the 2 cops. I was very tense during this movie. At one point I realized my hands were curled into claws. I don't think I have ever felt as much a part of the action as I did during this film. I am not sure is this is a good thing or not.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

God damn these pants are gay!

Ladies, there are only 250,000 pairs of these pants left. Usually when something becomes rarer the value goes up. But since these are the ugliest pants in all of Christiandom, and Buddhadom and Muslimdom too, they are still not a steal at 5 bucks a pop. I have to agree with the ad, these pants must go!

Loose Change, the movie was so gay!

Ha, ha, ha, ha. This movie was so freakin' gaaay, I am laughing as I type this. What cracked me up was that the film maker kept contradicting himself over and over again. There were no plane parts. Yes there were, but they were military plane parts. There were missile holes, etc, etc. But no missile parts. There was no evidence, then there was, but the evidence wasn't right. Ok, if there was no evidence, how could the evidence be false?

According to the film the Trade center collapse was a controlled demolition. It looked nothing like any controlled demolition I have ever seen. The Twin Towers collapsed from the top down, starting from the points of the plane impacts. A controlled demolition in every film I have ever seen of one, collapses from the bottom out and at a few points on the middle floors. They never start from the top down. You see the bottom of the high rises splat out flat, usually starting with the first 2 floors. The Trade Center did the opposite. In Oakland during the 1989 quake, a freeway overpass pancaked just like the Twin Towers. The steel support beams slipped out in exactly the same way. Conspiracy theorists have brain disorders. They are so gay!

Europeans set up new monitoring agency to protect immigrant's rights, how gay is that?

The monitoring center (European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia) claims that Europe's Muslims have routinely suffered acts ranging from physical attacks to discrimination in the job and housing markets. Racism, crimes against foreigners and anti-Semitism remain entrenched in Europe.

Miss C is shocked, shocked she tells you. Here she has been led to believe that Europe was a paradise on earth, where all the white peoples loved all the brown peoples and the poodles too, except for the Muslims who hate the filthy poodles.

Miss C watched the French movie, Chaos, in it an Algerian girl in France runs away from home to avoid an arranged marriage. She ends up kidnapped into prostitution. When she escapes, she tries to get help from a French Algerian man who is working in an anti-racism center, such as the one described. The man kicks her out, telling her his job is to fight racism, not help dirty prostitutes.

Europeans are so gay!

That's so gay, that's so gay, that's so gay!

In Santa Rosa California its ok to discriminate on the basis of religion. But not on the basis of sexual identity. High school student Rebekah Rice retorted "That's so gay!" after some witty fellow student razzed her about her Mormon religion by asking, "Do you have 10 moms?"

Rebekah got a warning and a notation in her file, but I feel deep down in my heart that teenagers say a lot worse things than the word gay used in a derogatory manner. I truly believe neither comment was worthy of note. Had I been the principal, I would have laughed it off and taken the shit storm from all the gays. I would have just told them not to be so gay! Obviously gays are different, cuz they get their feelings hurt so easily.

Miss C is however a conservative and so is not bound by any rules regarding political correctness and is going to exercise her free speech at every opportunity. So, the next time any commenter says anything she does not like, she will shut them down by saying, "That's so gay!" Or worse, "You're so gay!"

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Ground Truth

I watched the anti-war documentary, The Ground Truth a few weeks ago. In the documentary, Iraq war veterans tell of the difficulty of getting out-patient care. I tended to believe them. I had no reason not to. I was not surprised at all when the recent stories of the poor care returnees have been receiving hit the news. We have let these men and women down and I am deeply sorry for it. For all they have done for us, they deserve much better than to be treated like this. The idea of some poor soldier with brain damage having to take his papers to many different depts, over many weeks and months, struggling to get the rightful care due him, just makes me furious. We on the right have been defending and enabling this war without being aware of how badly the people who are fighting it have been neglected by people who should know better. It is our duty to stand up and say that this is not acceptable.

Riots in Denmark prove that all civilization is doomed!

When the peaceful and passive Scandinavians are committing acts of violence you know we are screwed! Civilization is officially over. In the article a Danish police spokesman called the situation "sad." Too right. It makes me very, very sad.

Mayor Ron Dellums proposes hiring ex-prisoners for Oakland City jobs.

When I read Mayor Dellum's proposal I threw it around at work. Universally, with only one person disagreeing, Conservatives, Liberals and Libertarians all agree that it is a good idea. If ex prisoners can't get jobs they will go right back to a life of crime.

My ex boyfriend worked for a large plumbing supply company and they sometimes hired ex-felons. My ex said that they were some of the most loyal employees the company had. Like a dog that you get from the pound, they are desperate to fit in and damn grateful for the opportunity.

I am hoping that Ron Dellums is a maverick like Gavin Newsom (care not cash) of San Francisco. Dellums needs to shake up the power structure and try new things. I am willing to try anything at this point.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Arrgghhh we just had another earthquake!!!

Bigger one this time. 4.2! Nasty!

Flame retardents saved Miss C's life!

After my mom died of lung cancer I inherited my mom's sheets. I have not had to buy new sheets in over 7 years. Unfortunately many of them have cigarette burns in them. I have scanned one of them to illustrate my story. When I was a teenager I would beg and plead with my mom not to smoke in bed, as she regularly would set the sheets on fire. She didn't give a shit.

Had not her mattress and nightgown been permeated with flame retardent chemicals she and I would have died along with many of our apartment neighbors. Flame retardent may penetrate our skin and be present in our urine, but I am here to prove that they save many lives.

When I was very young there were often children, at the many elementary schools I attended, who had been badly burned when their night clothes caught on fire. There has been a recent hue and cry by a group of activists pushing to ban flame retardents. I have been hearing it all over the news and it has me very worried. I do not think they have a clue in hell how dangerous this would be.

Funny book!

This is a novel written by a Haitian-American woman who is married to a Frenchman in real life. She pokes good natured fun at his French ways. Miss C's co-worker thought perhaps the uh, er, cover art was worthy of scanning. Now why on earth would he think that????

Ignorant leftists confuse coastal erosion with rising sea levels

Click the link to read a great letter from an engineer in Singapore where he states that hydrographers (surveyers who map sea levels) are agreed that sea levels are not rising. Often I read or hear some hoopla over indigenous Alaskans having to move inland because of so-called rising sea levels. I always start yelping, "It's coastal erosion, not rising sea levels, that's causing that, you idiots!"

Coastal erosion
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Coastal erosion (or shoreline erosion see also beach evolution) is the local loss of subaerial coastal landmass due to natural processes such as waves, winds and tides, or even due to human interference. Large storm-generated waves often cause coastal erosion."

A squirrel a day!

I was reading a book by a guy whose dad was a famous mountain climber who ended up dying on Mt Eiger. In the book he included some pics of his very cool childhood. He and his mondo parents lived on San Juan island off the coast of Washington State. They had a huge German Shepherd dog. The dog's diet consisted of an enormous rabbit fed to him once a day. Very economical. I have been thinking that perhaps Devil Dog would enjoy a daily meal of fresh squirrel.