If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Americans are getting too big for their britches!

Right wing co-worker's friend works for a medical response, ambulance service. She told him that their customers are getting so fat that they have had to make flat bed ambulances because many patients can no longer fit on gurneys. They nicknamed the new ambulances "fatty wagons."

Putin gets his butt kicked by a little kid!

There is a video floating around in which Vladimer Putin is at a Judo tournament and gets his ass kicked by a small Asian kid. I told right wing co-worker that no way would Bush get his ass kicked by some snot nosed brat. Bush would have kicked that little kid's ass. My co-worker said, "Yeah and then Bush could have bragged that he defeated a master of Asian martial arts!"

Frightening Google searches

china elites feasting on baby fetuses

Someone Googled this and got a hit on my blog. My co-worker and I were talking about it and agreed that it is not so weird. The Chinese elites would eat fetuses if they felt that it would enhance their longevity, health or virility. Especially if it was rumored to enhance all three. It would be no different to them than tiger penis soup or rhino horn. They would slurp fetuses down at a thousand dollars a bowl if they believed it beneficial.

Global warming is verifiably untrue, I have documentation

That would be my gas bill. (My gas bill is separate from my electric bill) It has been about 25 dollars higher per month. That is nearly twice as high. It has been a long cold winter. Last night I walked home from the bus stop through a hail storm. Pelted with hail stones on my leaking umbrella, I was wishing that the so-called catastophe called "global warming" was actually true. If it gets any colder I won't be able to afford my utility bills.

Last summer was so cold I never had to turn on my ceiling fans. Those babies are caked with the dust of disuse. The expected Indian summer we usually have, whereupon the hot weather lasts into late October, just did not materialize. I lived through a major drought here in California in the 1970's. I remember what it was like when the rains never came.

Ultimately I am going to believe the evidence of my own eyes, and goose bumps, over the so-called evidence of experts. To my mind reality trumps theoretical, computer model, future projection evidence, any old day!

I just watched the gorgeous PBS program, Nature, filmed in the Andes. Andean, and other, volcanos are spewing tons of sulfer dioxide into the atmosphere. Some scientists claim Volcanos cause both global warming, (from the Co2) and global cooling. (from the ash clouds shading and reflecting) The fact is that on this earth, we have weather. Variable and unpredicable. Always have and we always will.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gay Mexican granted asylum in the US

A gay man was granted asylum by a judge who cited severe persecution of gays in Mexico. Jorge Vega, asylum seeker, said he was in danger of harassment and violence from police and even his own family members.
I have only 2 questions;
1) What was he doing to raise the ire of the Mexican police? Cruising in the park, perhaps?
2) What in the heck are we doing letting thousands of intolerant, gay hating immigrants, who are willing to commit acts of violence on their own family members merely for being gay, into the US to pick on fruit? Woops, I mean pick fruit?

Of course you realize that Miss C is well aware that Jorge made all this up just so he could stay here in the good old US of A. Well who wouldn't want to stay here, can't blame him for that.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Powwow, by George Ancona

"A parade signals the beginning of the powwow. First comes the honor guard made up of men who have served in the US military. A warrior's bravery has always been valued by Native Americans. Those who have fought in America's wars are honored as they would have been centuries ago."

You know you're ghetto if...

You wear a gold cap over your cavity!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Miss C has to give up a few expectations

I have been re-reading the Bell Curve. A few weeks ago I read a fabulous book called, The Feast of Reason. Both of these books have had a very profound effect on me. I read The Bell Curve when it first came out and it pretty much reinforced what I had been thinking already. That is, your IQ pretty much determines your place in the world. In my nearly 45 years of living on this planet, as a strong, healthy, intelligent and attractive (for my culture) human being, I have had many advantages over others whose natural born traits were not the equal of mine. However, my own IQ precludes me from entering certain professions. I could not become a lawyer for instance, but I am moderately successful. Life seems infinitely more difficult for people who are not very smart. They are not able to make intelligent decisions or weigh the consequences of their actions.

The other day I was talking to one of the security guards at work and he began to tell me about his problems with credit and how he does not have a bank account. This is a guy in his late 30's who lives with his mother. I was full of advice for him, but as I talked with him I realized that nothing I said would make a damn bit of difference as he did not have the capacity to learn from his experience and find a different way of being. It just is not in him. To him the simple path is, get a credit card and charge it up to the max while buying things you want at the moment, regardless of the consequences later. I have friends who get joint accounts with relatives, in order to help them repair their credit, only to have the relatives turn around and ruin their own credit. One friend had a joint card at a jewelry store with a boyfriend. After the boyfriend left her for another woman he bought his new girlfriend a diamond ring with the card and did not pay the bill. My friend was stuck paying $7,000, for a rival's engagement ring.

Often there is a lot of onus on mortgage companies that charge poor people high interest rates. But I can not name one low income person I work with that has good credit. They often will stick with a bad mortgage broker who will keep refinancing them over and over with a balloon mortgage. Their thinking being that they will never pay off the mortgage anyway. This type of thinking is rampant. On the other hand my smart friend and her husband are trying to pay off their mortgage as fast as they can. They have a 15 year mortgage. They pay their credit card bills when they become due and have never carried a balance. They also have a large savings set aside. Now, my smart friend has repeatedly tried to set up our other friends with her mortgage broker. I refinanced with the broker myself and she gave me the best advice I ever will get. She told me to refinance at a lower interest, but to still pay the same amount as I was before, with the over payment as extra principal. That way I would pay the house off a lot sooner and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am able to understand this thinking, but many other people are not. So I will be more successful and better off financially than those who can't. It is not because I was raised to be fiscally responsible. I was not. my mom wrote bad checks all over the neighborhood for many years. But I learned from her mistakes.

The Feast of Reason author talks about rationality. There are very few rationals in the world. They are a minority elite. There are even fewer altruistic rationals (of which I am not one, as I am not much given to public service) so we must expect that most of our institutions are run by altruistic irrationals. Because of this, we must expect some chaos in the way our institutions are run. Education is a primary example. I find public school teachers to be some of the most over-emotional, irrational human beings on this earth. Perhaps this profession attracts them. So we must never expect that the educational system in the US will be well run. The same with any social service agency. We just have to accept humans for the flawed beings they are.

Most children will never do well in school anyway, because most of them are not intelligent. It's not that the school system is so bad, so much as the kids can only use the brains they've got. The problem is that the rational cognitive elite in the US are undereducated and unchallenged academically because we have dumbed down the system to fit the unintelligent. What I think I am hearing on my bus rides are undereducated teens, mixed in with slightly stupid and very stupid teens.

There is not a whole lot to be done about this. The more people in the US the more stupid people there will be, I just have to relax and not let it get to me. I have been thinking too much like a liberal and expecting humans to be perfectible. They are not.

Gays in the Castro district show their true rainbow colors!

Pissed as hell because straight families are movin' on in to their exclusive neighborhood, gays say "Heterosexuals are welcome as long as they understand this is our community" In other words, you can move in but you'll never be one of us.

Hmm, what if we substituted "Blacks" for heterosexuals. How would it sound then? The leftists are incapable of looking in the mirror and seeing that they are just as predjudiced as anyone else. We all have our likes and dislikes. We all prefer to live amongst people who share our values. I am not surprised that gays prefer to live among others of their ilk, nor should they be surprised when I prefer to live among those of mine. I would never move to the Castro district for that specific reason. Not that I could afford to anyway.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Democrats are flinging shit left and left.

Just like in the California gubernatorial race, the Democratic presidential candidates are flinging shit at each other like zoo monkeys. The Republicans need only duck down and wait for them to soften each other up. Then we can move in and take the whole banana, like Schwarzenegger did. The press has already deserted Hillary for Obama.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Arrgghh, we just had one. I hate em, I surely do!

Letters From Iwo Jima

During this movie I could not wait for the American forces to arrive and put the Japanese out of their misery. Either by killing all the Japanese or forcing their surrender. I did not care, I just wanted it over with.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is not a baby it's a newt!

If I had it I would keep it moist and feed it meal worms!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Here's a recipe for enlarging breasts from the book, Sarava! Afro-Brazilian Magick

To Enlarge Your Breasts

7 grains of yellow corn
2 red candles
2 black candles
1 black dove
7 long-stemmed red roses, denuded of thorns
1 bottle of anisette liqueur

On a Friday night, take the grains of corn, one candle of each color,
and the matches to a "T" crossroads. Light the candles and invoke the
Pomba-Gira Maria Padilha (Mary Little Sandalfoot). Show her the corn
and entreat her to imbue it with the power to make your breasts grow.
Tell her that if she helps you out you will give her a fine present. Leave the candles burning as an offering, and return home and rub each grain all
over your breasts with the corn for seven Fridays in a row. On the last Friday, give the corn to the black dove to eat. By now you should see some difference in breast size.

Go back to the same "T" crossroads, taking with you the two remaining candles, matches, anisette liqueur, and seven well opened, dethorned long stemmed roses. Light the candles, invoke Maria Padilha, and thank her for her assistance. Open the bottle of anisette liqueur, take a sip as a libation to the entity and leave the bottle upright and open at the crossroads for her. Give her the roses as a present as well. Exit the site leaving the offering and the candles burning.

As we discussed this spell amongst ourselves at work, we were wondering where we could find a black dove. One of my co-workers said, "It will be difficult, especially since they executed
Tookie Williams!"

It's against my religion

Abu R called me on Friday night.

"Did you still want to see Smokin' Aces?"

"Yes, I said. Let me see if it's still playing."

I looked it up in the paper. "No, I said, it's not playing anymore."

"What's playing?"

"Wild Hogs," I said.

"I can't see that!" said Abu R.

"Why not?" I said.

"Because I'm a Muslim!" said Abu R.

Moonbats whine "Conspiracy theorists are making us look bad"

Lowering their IQ average so to speak. (notice I didn't type, "average IQ") Lord knows liberals pride themselves on being "smart." Being able to decipher subtitles in foreign cinema and all is a matter of great pride to them. They enjoy character driven plots, (not like we primitive rightists who prefer violence and lots of explosions, whoo hoo, with a simplistic easy to follow plot)

The left has high falutin tastes in literature too, reading Noam Chomsky, what have you.(I love his work on linguistics myself) Even though they run around at other times yelping about how IQ doesn't matter. Except in death row inmates, (some are just too stupid to die) and George W Bush,(he's just too stupid to live) but I have talked about all this before. I won't bore you all with the details.

Calm yourselves liberals, the conspiracy theorists are not making you look bad, you do a good enough job of that on your own. The veriest redneck in the hills of Appalachia can only gaze on in wonder at some of your antics. (trying to make a deaf baby with a turkey baster, for instance) The rednecks are scratching their heads and saying, "Hell, my wife's got more sense!"

Deaf lesbians genetically select for deaf baby

Gay activist groups are up in arms about the studies one scientist is doing on gay rams. They are worried that if a gay gene is found people will start genetically testing fetuses for it and then aborting the defective fetuses. What goes around comes around and vice versa. If hearing children are considered defective to deaf lesbians, then gay children may be considered defective to straight parents.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Movies I have seen this week

Norbit, funny, funny. Eddie Murphy deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of Rasputia.

Breach, not so hot. Ryan Phillipe is boring. Too much Ryan Phillipe. Chris Cooper is great as Robert Hanssen, but there is not enough exploration into his fascinating character. His nasty paranoid behavior reminded me of my dad when drunk. Some of the evil looks he gave people were exactly like my dad's when he would give us the stink eye. I was spoiled by the Good Shepherd, and expected Breach to be as deep, but it is not.

Children of Men, loved this movie. It's my kind of movie. They created a whole new universe, which is exactly what a good science fiction movie should do. It's like a combination of 28 Days Later and Blade Runner and Soylent Green. Its an allegorical tale on the current world situation, definitely from a leftist perspective, but even the leftist style guerrillas come in for a skewering. It is very good and very scary. At the end it develops into a religious allegory. One of my favorite allegorical religious movies is Whistle Down the Wind, with Hailey Mills and Alan Bates.

On DVD, Jet Li's Fearless. Excellent fight scenes. Jet fights a specialist in Spanish sword technique and an expert in a German style of fighting with lances and swords. In the extras, Jet admits to being a follower of Tibetan Buddhism. The Chinese government must be pissed about that. My Chinese co-worker told me the Chinese can't say a damn thing about it as Jet Li is a hero to the Chinese people.

Foreign Arabs are blowing up innocent Iraqis.

Yet the press blames the Iraqis themselves for discriminating against foreigners. Go figure. The press just does not like it when people defend themselves against evil doers. It fucks with their crazy world view. They have all but ignored the story of foreign Arabs' responsibility for the horrific and continual attacks on innocent Iraqis. Once they are forced to confront the reality, they immediately slant the story in a bizarre way.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Miss C riding Donkeyhue

This was in the paper today!

Miss C's got the cramps real bad like!

Jamel has joined the hoodie nation!

The hoodie is pretty much glued to his head. He turned down a trip to the ocean because he wanted to stay and play with me today! We never get tired of playing cars and Lincoln logs!
You can see by the pic, Devil Dog is missing some teeth. He's defective in more ways than one!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jamel is coming to visit from Seattle today!

My neighbor's husband took him to his fire station when he was here last summer and let him wear his gear.
I would not have let him hold the axe. I let him play with my wooden pirate sword once and it was freaking scary! When he and I have plastic samurai sword fights in the yard he fights ruthlessly!
My neighbors gave me this pic for Xmas. They told me they weren't trying to initiate me into the cult of Jamel!

If therapy can't "cure" homosexuality what can it cure?

The left is overwhelmingly devoted to the idea of psychotherapy. The other day at work I was complaining about the fact that SF mayor Gavin Newsom's married paramour, the beauteous Ruby, had told her husband about her affair with Gavin, thereby setting into motion a nasty chain of events that ended up hurting a lot of people. One of my co-workers said, "She was in a 12 step program and they tell you to confess all the bad things you have done." I said I thought that was a really stupid idea, as maybe it clears your own conscience but it tears at the feelings and self esteem of those close to you.

My "libertarian" co-worker, overheard me and said nastily, "Oh, of course, you hate psychiatry, so you would think that. Damn those evil Jewish liberals who invented psychiatry!"

It's true I have often belittled the institution, as I blame psychiatrists for turning my mom into a tranquilizer zombie and have not known psychiatrists to "cure" anything. But I was shocked at the ignorance of my co-worker, who was unaware that a 12 step program is based on Christian principles and not psychiatric ones. So I told him that A A was a religious program and that the confession was more of the same and was not based on Freudian psychiatric principles at all. He did not say a word after that. He, on the other hand, loves psychiatry and constantly analyzes everyone and even movie characters by it.

To me therapy is basically a self centered thing. Depressed people are probably not having a very exciting life and spend too much time sitting around dwelling on their imaginary victimhood. Many of them never leave the house or go to a party for fear people will find them boring or inadequate. Those sort of people are boring. What could be more tedious than to listen to them at a party or in an office? You notice psychiatrists are paid a fortune to listen to selfish, boorish idiots. If you don't have friends who will listen to you for free it's because you are a boring and self absorbed person, get over yourself. I read a great book by a psychiatrist years ago and he admitted that often felt alternately bored and helpless as he listened to his patients.

Back to the leftists getting their panties in a twist over the homosexual cure idea. If therapy is incapable of curing gays from gaydom, then it would also follow that therapy is equally useless at curing child molesters or rapists or domestic abusers or any criminal of any sort or even depressed people. Yet the cries on the left are always about rehabilitation of the therapeutic sort. They place a high degree of trust in the validity of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors.

Gay or multicultural sensitivity training is also as worthless as anti-homosexual therapy. Yet gays in my workplace demanded that we be given the training. It worked no better than the anti-homosexual therapy, I came out of the training as insensitive as I was went I went in. Also I am confused as to the meaning of sensitive in the idea of word, don't they wish we were de-sensitized to homosexuality as opposed to sensitive to it?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Elie Wiesel's attacker gets the book thrown at him!

"He faces charges of attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment, elder abuse, stalking, battery and the commission of a hate crime."

Wow, elder abuse. Jews are not even safe in San Francisco, arguably the most tolerant city in America. People wonder why the Jews need their own country. This is why. They need a place to go and circle the wagons should the need ever arise again, as I am sure it will.

Miss C is sometimes afraid Gary might kidnap her, falsely imprison her and force her to say that humans are responsible for global warming. Let this be a lesson to you Gary. If you try it you will be charged with elder abuse!

Um, uh, stupid study finds that teen girls feel slutty, insecure and used after sex, while boys' self esteem and status is enhanced!

What a total surprise! We could save a lot of money if these fools would only read a little history. Men's status has always been enhanced by more sex while a girl's reputation becomes worse with every encounter. This has been the case thoughout time. Regency days, Victorian days, the 1950's and today!

Miss C at 5 and yes, believe it or not, 15!

Mi Papa y las gemelas!

Los tres alcoholicos!

On boycotts and the Dixie Chicks

After I watched the Peter Jackson movie, Heavenly Creatures a few years ago, I decided not to read the Victorian mysteries of Ann Perry. During the making of the movie, reporters tracked down the identities of the killers involved. It came out that a very well known author, Ann Perry, while a teenager, aided in the murder of her best friend's mother. They beat the women's head in with a brick in a stocking. I vowed then that Ann Perry did not need my money or my patronage any longer. Her books are good and it's a sacrifice, but I am happy to make it.

Other than that I generally do not believe in boycotting things that give me pleasure just because I dislike an artist or business person's politics. I love the Dixie Chick's music. They are truly talented. I don't like Mick Jagger or Michael Jackson as people, but I love their music.

When I was young, my grandmother boycotted Israeli goods because she was against Zionism and mad about the partitioning of Palestine. At that time the Israelis made some very nice towels and bathing suits. I think I mentioned before that my grandma and I went to Cost Plus World Market one time and I bought some cookies there. When we got home my grandmother threw a fit because the cookies (wafers) were from Israel. That was my first experience with boycotting, although I had heard about the farm workers and the grape boycott and the divestment movement over apartheid in South Africa.

I have always thought that the left was the most dedicated of boycotters. There is no end to the products and stores they boycott. Wal-Mart. TV in general. Starbucks. Products that are tested on animals. Fur. They are the kings and queens of boycotters. Recently gay activists got a very funny Snicker's Super Bowl commercial removed because they felt it was homophobic. It was the opposite of homophobic if you ask me. Maybe they will boycott Snicker's now. Fools!

Anyway, I love the Dixie Chicks songs, "Cowboy Take Me Away" and "Earl." I saw them on Austin City Limits, years ago and fell in love with them. The thing is this. The former fans who boycotted the Dixie Chicks, had every right to do so. Making death threats is going too far, but I fail to see how those on the left, who support boycotts every chance they get when it suits their ideology can be surprised when those on the right follow suit.

I think many Black people might boycott the Dixie Chicks because of the name of their band.

Devil Dog has a road named after him

Miss C on her pony

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Great Match

I saw a really good movie last night called "The Great Match." It's about three groups of people in different parts of the world who are trying to watch the World Cup Soccer match between Brazil and Germany. There are Mongolian nomads, Tuaregs and Brazlian Indians. There is gorgeous footage of the Mongolians hunting with eagles.

One of my favorite lines has to do with the Amazon Indians, who go to a mission hoping to watch the match on TV, they have already complained that the new mission priest is American and does not like soccer. When they get to the mission a fat guy is watching baseball. The indians ask if they can watch soccer and the fat guy tells them soccer is stupid. As they paddle off down the Amazon the Indians talk amongst themselves.

"The Americans are very advanced", says one Indian.

"What makes you think they are so advanced?" asks another.

"Because when we get angry we use sticks to hit each other over the head until our heads split open," says the Indian. When the Americans get angry they hit a ball with a stick. That's advanced!"

No blood for Olive Oyl!

History of the Taliban

I read this a long time ago, but thought it was cool enough to revisit.

After Afghanistan, aided by America, defeated the Russians, Afghan soldiers, used to fighting in an unchecked manner, began to perpetrate degradations on the civilian populations. The soldiers were robbing and raping constantly. They would kidnap girls and boys and take them to encampments and brutalize them. Finally, some men went to the Mullahs to complain about this state of affairs and ask if something could be done about it.

Many of the Mullahs fit the caricatures we hold about Afghan Mullahs. One armed, one eyed, battle scarred. They agreed that the situation could not continue on as it was. They formed brigades of fighters with a religious and moral purpose. They took back power from the groups of armed men and stopped the kidnappings and brutalization.

But, as is often the case, they did not know when to quit. Power corrupted them and led them to inflict brutal degradations on others. In order to prevent the rape of young men they would chop off the toes of boys who didn't wear beards. So to prevent degradations they began to perpetrate degradations.

Many Aghan women lost their husbands during the war. The Taliban issued edicts that prevented women from leaving the home or working. Unable to make a living, some of them had to become prostitutes to support their children. A prominant Afghan women's rights advocate made a public statement telling the Mullahs of the Taliban that they were violating Islam because they were pimps for forcing women to support themselves by prostitution.

Obama bin Laden crap!

Barack Obama is probably a pretty good guy. He is dangerous only in the way that liberals are, that is, unintentionally. Demonizing him by comparing him to Osama Bin Laden, in the way that the left compares George Bush to Hitler, is unworthy of us.

Besides, I don't even think of Osama Bin Laden as a bad guy. He is doing what he thinks he's gotta do and so are we. The story of mankind is the continual struggle for power, resources and world supremacy.

I want my country to prevail because it is in my best interest for it to do so. I do not hold with the ideology of Islam. I believe Western liberal ideology to be superior in most ways.

Excepting our rather high crime rates, slutty teenagers, uncontrolled abortion and the way gays have taken over our public life. Even religious fundamentalists aren't wrong 100% of the time.

That is all.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baby Boomers Gen Xer's and the Flatheads!

The few people that Miss C knows who actually are having children here in the Bay Area, are always showing off the weird flattened heads of their progeny. Due to the threat of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), people are putting their kids to sleep on their backs, resulting in deformed heads. So may I propose the name for the next generation, it shall be "the Flatheads!"

Shia welcome US troops into their Baghdad neighborhoods

Sunni's meet them with car bombs! There is no doubt who our enemies in Iraq are. Nancy Pelosi was all over the television saying that the Iraqi constitution needs ratfication to make the Sunni terrorists happier so they won't be so angry.

The Sunnis are angry because they have lost the right to rule over the majority of Iraqis in the same oppressive manner they always have. They are clever and have made the left in America into their lapdogs. The Democrats need to get behind the push for a few months wholeheartedly and stop championing the terrorists cause.

I was reading in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Bay Area colleges are getting ready to vamp up their anti-war protests. One of their more silly antics is setting up a check point on campus. The point being, that check points in Iraq are somehow, bad. Never mind that check points probably save the lives of thousands of Iraqis who are in danger from other Iraqis and non Iraqi, Arabs, North Africans and Afghans, not Americans.

The college students interviewed seemed totally confused as to the fact that the US is engaged in a peace enforcement mission at this point. They seem firmly convinced that it is US forces slaughtering unarmed and innocent Iraqis by the hundreds and hundreds. If they are aware that Iraqis are primarily responsible for the deaths of other Iraqis, they seem to think that the killers have an actual excuse for the slaughter. That is, US presense on Iraqi soil gives the Sunnis the right to blow up women and children!

I was reading the author Alice Sebold's book about her brutal rape while she was in college. After the rape, while she was in the hospital, her dorm mates brought her a change of clothes, but they forgot to bring her fresh panties! This, to me, epitomized the stupidity of a lot of college students. God knows, clean underwear is the first thing I would bring to a rape victim!

I had a rotten date with a less than intelligent liberal the other day and he told me that he did not support the war and it was all for oil, duh, duh, duh. I told him the reason I thought Bush went to war, then backed up my opinion with a lot of facts. I admitted that WMD's were a lie, but I told him Bush would not be president if he had not taken serious military action, as we were attacked on our own soil. The American people would have been screaming for his blood.

The liberal listened for a while and said, "Wow, I guess you have read a lot about it." Then he had to start on global warming, something else I know he has not "read a lot about." I told him if he didn't like global warming he should stop driving this minute, it was that simple.

I can't stand this crap for long. The ignorant lecturing me on subjects they know absolutely nothing about. So I had to kick his sorry ass to the curb!

Harley Davidson Flaming Pouf chair!

For the flaming poufs in your lives!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

As we say here,

Happy Valentime's Day!

Due to global freezing, California tax payers are stuck supporting thousands of illegal aliens

Illegal farm workers are lining up to get government aid because there is no citrus fruit to pick this year, due to the freezing temps last month.This is outrageous! All the workers should be sent back to Mexico to seek aid from their own government. Our disaster aid rightly belongs to legal citizens and residents over illegal immigrants in any state. Jesus H. Christ! Enough is enough! My Mexican co-worker told me that when her father brought her to America illegally he told them that since they were not legal they would have to survive on their own because it was wrong to take money from other Americans. If I was working in Thailand and the Tsunami had wiped away my livelihood I would not expect the citizens of Thailand to support me, indefinitely.

Al Qaeda leader Al Zawahiri says Demos aren't working hard enough to futher Al Qaeda's interests!

Al Zawahiri says that the Democrats aren't doing enough to get the US forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan. He warns the US allies, the democratic moderates in Afghanistan and Iraq that the US will pull out, just as we did in Vietnam and ultimately abandon them to the mercy of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

No doubt, if we do pull out, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will begin a Cambodian style purge on those who supported the effort to institute democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is prooof that the Democrats and the terrorists are not only in bed together but angaged in full sexual congress with them, pun intended!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When Miss C watches boxing she always roots for the American boxers

My liberal friend always roots for the international boxers. My friend loves the Russians, the Poles and the Africans. She is always moved by the foreigners' hard luck stories. I most often root for the Americans, who are predominantly Black, or the Hispanics who share my continent and my destiny. I am moved by their hard luck stories. The only time I don't root for the American is when he is obviously a bad person. When my friend watches the matches and sees an American win, she says to herself, "I know Miss C is a happy camper."

This, to me, points out the difference between our political philosophies. My liberal friend feels more connected to people who live outside the US, than she does her fellow countrymen. She is a misogynist and easily annoyed by those around her. So she does not connect with her neighbors, but is able to connect better with the people in other countries in an abstract sense. I do not think much of human beings in general, but I do live in America and care more about my fellow Americans than I do about people in other countries.

The Iranians are not killing American soldiers, Sunnis are

Iranians may be supplying weapons to the Shia but they are not for the purpose of killing Americans. The Shia need to protect themselves from the murderous Sunni, who are determined to control the oil resources at any cost and are willing to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis to do so. If the Americans could protect the Shia, the Shia would not need Iranian weapons. I do not blame the Shia for arming themselves to the teeth. Bush needs to tell his Saudi friends to stop letting their young men go to Iraq to become homicide bombers.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Global warming skeptics are heretics and dissidents!

Throughout history the dissidents have usually been proven correct!

Where are the Muslim peace marches?

While Muslim women and children are being blown into bloody shreds, in Iraq, by other Muslims who follow the Wahabi sect and are hired by secular Sunnis, the Muslim world wastes emotion over the repair of a damaged walkway in Jerusalem. The dead in Iraq are often murdered while shopping. There are never any riots by Sunni's in other countries demanding that fellow Sunnis stop killing the Shias in Iraq. Muslim protests are all about demanding more death and violence, especially towards Israelis and Americans or any convenient target of hatred.

A Jew can't wipe his ass without a Muslim thinking it is an insult to Islam. Touchy, touchy. You have to give respect to get respect. Muslims have no respect for the religious art and artifacts of other religions because their doctrine precludes it. Yet the minute someone looks at a dilapidated walkway cross eyed, they get their panties in a twist.

The panties on the heads of Abu Ghraib prisoners were probably the prisoners' own panties that got twisted around their necks while they were writhing around in indignation over something inconsequential. The Sunnis demand that the Jews respect their mosques. Why should they? Sunnis blew up the most revered mosque of the Shia. We and the Israelis should take absolutely nothing these people say at face value. Muslims have no respect for the religious art and shrines of other religions because their doctrine precludes it.

Israelis are more than generous when it comes to protecting and respecting Muslim religious sites. I am sure the funds for the repair of the walkway are coming from the Jews. Muslim rage over this recent incident is another case of projection. If ever the Muslims were given jurisdiction over the city of Jerusalem they would rampage through the streets destroying all religious sites but their own.

The Muslims also can not be trusted to repair dangerous infrastructure damage. They are willing to let people be killed on unsafe walkways and ferries and overcrowded pilgramages too often to be trusted. I heard some joker on NPR the other day saying that we should become buddies with Iran so we can help them bring their buildings up to code, because a big earthquake is inevitably going to hit them. The technology is already out there and available. They need to use it!

If there is an Allah, and of course I do not believe there is, I doubt that He would value a building, no matter how ancient, beautiful and revered by Muslims, over the lives of actual Muslim human beings.

The worship of mosques is a form of idolatry.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Miss C is part Russian and she loves fur!

Russian animal rights activists are trying to convert Russian women into the anti fur movement. It's not working and I hope it never does. Fur is a renewable resource. Synthetic fabrics are comprised of chemicals which are often toxic. The manufacture of synthetic clothing is not healthy for the environment. As for beauty, there is no comparison between nylon and fur. As a New Guinea tribesman once said, "The feathers made the bird look beautiful and they make me look beautiful too!'

Blacks already suspicious of Barack Obama

According to the newspapers, it seems that "white people" like Obama too much. Some Blacks question why he has drawn such strong support from whites. They figure he must be an uncle Tom to have been so successful.

Blacks are their own worst enemies. Politicians in the Chinese community are drawn from the ranks of successful business leaders. The Chinese admire and embrace successful people. Blacks fear and envy Black success.

Watching the movie, Street Fight, I also realized that Black suspicion of the intellectual elite is alive and well. I can't say as I blame them for that, I have a sore case of it myself.

The majority of Blacks are going to vote for Hillary, proving that they are still in thrall to white liberals who hold out the promise of endless government handouts and continual victim status. Support systems set up for minorities create emploment for white liberals and ultimately end up filling our jails and morgues with minority youth. Blacks need an inovative, maverick leader of any race or creed, to take up their cause, but it is doubtful that they will break ranks to vote for him/her if one does come along.

Hundreds and thousands of dead fish were washed ashore in California's largest lake, killed by the cold snap!

Salton Sea water temps fell to the high 50's and lower 60's brrrrr...... shiver. Fish don't like the cold water and neither does Miss C! Fish in the valley like those summer months where the air temps get into th 100's. Toasty.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Poor Anna Nicole!

There are three women I have always felt a deep pity for. Christina Onassis, Liza Minnelli and Anna Nicole Smith. These three women seem to lack the life and decision making skills necessary to deal with fame and still maintain a happy life.

I was living with my ex when Anna Nicole posed for Playboy for the first time, so I got to see her photo spread. I remember thinking, at the time, that she had an incredibly beautiful body. Unfortunately, in exchange, perhaps, for receiving perfection of form, she did not get her fair share of brain cells. Her short life was both tragic and sad.

On Gavin Newsom's sex scandal

I am thrilled to hear that SF mayor, Gavin Newsom has actually engaged in sexual relations with another human being. I found it hard to imagine that he did participate in such earthy pursuits as his hair is always so stiff and perfect. I felt sure that sex was just too sloppy and messy for him to enjoy. I was incorrect in my assumptions and I am sorry for them. I am also very glad to hear that Ted Haggard has had his gay removed and is "normal" again.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

When man eating crotch squirrels attack!

The gardener has tamed a few squirrels.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beware the "Pigeon Pose!"

There is an old guy that lives around the corner from me. I met him at the dog park 5 years ago. He used to come over and give Devil Dog a drink of water out of the water bottle he kept filled for his daughter's yellow lab, Baily, whom he has charge of most of the day. He was very impressed, because the Devil learned to drink from a bottle instantly.

Alas, only too soon, Devil Dog became perdogga non grata at the dog park, for attacking tiny puppies, stealing other dog's balls, peeing on people's legs and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Three strikes and his ass was out! These days, I only see the old guy on my way home from work once in a great while and every Xmas eve at midnight mass.

The other day I had already crossed the street, when I saw him come out of his side gate. I turned to wave at him and saw that he had a leg brace on that went from his crotch to his foot and was holding a cane. So I yelled, "What happened to you?" and walked back across the street to better hear the juicy details.

"Well," he said. "It happened in yoga class. Are you familiar with the pigeon pose?"

"No Sir, I said, but now that I am, I will never be tempted to do the pigeon pose, as I can see what a grave danger it poses to life and limb. No pun intended."

My Baby's got a bed

that shines like the morning star.

My baby's got a bed

that shines like the morning star.

And when I crawls up in the middle

it rides me like a Cadillac car!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Follow that hootchie!

Saturday my co-worker was riding Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) to Berkeley. He said that there were 4 Black guys sitting on the train, drinking liquor. At one stop 2 teenage gangstas got on the train followed by 2 teenage hootchie mamas.

One of the hootchies had a boom box and was shaking her bubble butt to the music. The teens passed through the doors to the next train. One of the drunks got up and said, "Ya gotta go with the flow!" and followed the teens. Then his buddies got up and followed too. My friend said, "It was like the Pied Piper of Harlem!"

Mission Peak, Fremont, California

On the very tip top of this mountain are thousands of beautiful fossilized seashells and corals. That means this mountain was underwater at one time. I bet the sea creatures were bummed out when the waters began to recede and they were left gasping on the rocks. Damn that fickle Goddess, Gaia! Al Gore would have gotten all worked up about it, but then he would have been a sea sponge. Come to think of it, he still is.
The snow on this mountain is very rare as well. I have hiked it a hundred or more times and never seen snow. So, there is snow on the peak of a mountain that used to be under water. Nothing on earth remains the same. Except for that Sea Sponge Square Pants, Al Gore and his amphibious, rock lyric censoring wife, Manatee Tipper!
The left has been just about useless at every endeavor they have put their tiny little minds to, ("War on poverty" for example) and even were the planet in actual danger from rising sea levels, I would not trust anyone on the left to be in charge of measures to stop it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mary J. Blige tells it like Miss C has been saying it is!

"We lived in the ghetto," Mary says. "I'd hear women screaming and running down halls from guys beating up on them. People chased us with weapons. I never saw a woman there who wasn't abused. It was a dangerous place. No one wanted anyone else to get ahead. When I was 5, sexual stuff was done to me. My mother was a single parent, a working woman. She left us with people she thought could be trusted. They hurt me. After that happened, I thought: 'Is it somehow my fault?' "
Parade Magazine interview, February 4, 2007

When white people who have lived in the ghetto make the same observations, they are called racists, excoriated and despised by liberals. I am sorry to say these are the facts people. I am not a crazy racist making up bad shit about Black people, because it gives me some sort of thrill. This is everyday life in the ghetto.

Last week one of my co-workers had to take off work to go to court to vouch for her brother who was possibly going to jail for life due to the 3 strikes legislation. I was talking with another Black co-worker about the situation and she mentioned that her own brother, whom she had foolishly let stay with her out of the kindness of her heart, "bounced her off the walls a few times" because she had the nerve to tell him not to be rude to her guests.

We both agreed that Black men do not like to be told what to do by anyone, and that sad fact makes it very difficult for them to keep jobs. We also agreed that there is little incentive for Black men to give up their hound dog ways, as many Black women are only too ready to put up with infidelity and abuse. Some are not only willing to be abused, they are willing to pay the men for the pleasure of being abused by turning over their hard earned pay or Welfare money.

It's a sick, disfunctional culture.


Ladies love outlaws!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Even Miss C is not this evil!

San Diego- "A woman was convicted Tuesday of murdering her Marine husband with arsenic so she could cash in on his $250,000 life insurance policy.

Prosecuters argued that Cynthia Sommer, 33, wanted a more luxurious lifestyle than she could afford on her 23 year old husband's $1,700 monthly salary.

In the weeks after her husband's death and the payment of the insurance policy, Sommer had breast enlargement surgery, threw wild parties and had sex with multiple partners, Sommer's friends and co-workers testified."

This woman has friends? Kill her! Kill the bitch now!

Security guard "accidently" murdered!

In the Oakland Tribune today, an Oakland resident wrote a letter to the editor that encompasses my feelings about Oakland and its horrific murder rate.
It's a beautifully written letter, here goes.

"IN ORDER to become a model city, indeed, even in order to become a safer city, Oaklanders must see to it that doers take responsibility for their actions.
Because of its influence on the region, the Tribune needs to do a better job of not appearing to excuse or countenance the unacceptable violence that ultimately victimizes us all.

In the Jan. 26 article "Freak accident took guard's life," the "freak accident" of the headline was but one recent failure in affixing responsibility. Before that day, readers had no idea that the "nearby shooting" alluded to in earlier reports actually involved the near murder of two young women.

In fact, Demetrio Baltazar was the innocent victim of a murder committed by a wantonly reckless criminal trying to kill two or three other people.

There was nothing freakish about this murder; it is part of a historic pattern.

The intended assaults are either random (any victim will do) or for revenge (any perceived slight will do); the other shooting injuries and murders are by stray bullets not necessarily intended for the innocent victim, but just as devastating upon impact as if deserved. Many crimes have both intended and innocent victims.

The Tribune should take the lead in publicizing the fact and consequences of criminal conduct in our community.

Sweeping the dirt under the rug merely gives the unsuspecting or forgetful something to trip over. We need to clean house by unflinchingly exposing and then removing the dirt."

Patrick K. McCullough


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Nasty bus Jawa

This evening on the bus a young Black man slipped in through the middle doors to avoid paying his bus fare. Huddled into a camo hoodie, he sat Jawa like with his cell phone affixed to his ear under his hood and treated us to a running dialogue consisting of very loud exclamations of "Faggot ass this and faggot ass that."

"He better watch his little faggot ass!" figured prominently in his limited and repetitive vocabulary. Conservatives certainly do not have to be concerned that liberals are teaching "tolerance" and "gay sensitivity" in American high schools. It is more than apparent they are teaching American kids nothing at all. American children are for the most part insensitive to anything but their own momentary satisfaction and base desires and totally insensitive and disrespectful of the rights and feelings of others.

"Gangsta" themed parties deemed offensive to Blacks

Blacks should be a bit more outraged and offended by the actual "gangstas" themselves. They are the ones causing people to stereotype blacks.

"CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) _ White students at Tarleton State University in Texas hold a party in which they dress in gang gear and drink malt liquor from paper bags. A white Clemson University student attends a bash in black face over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. A fraternity at Johns Hopkins University invites partygoers to wear ''bling bling'' grills, or shiny metal caps on their teeth.
From Connecticut to Colorado, ''gangsta'' theme parties thrown by whites are drawing the ire of college officials and heated complaints from black and white students who say the antics conjure the worst racial stereotypes."

A white mother and an African-American mother slam Black "street culture" does that make the white mother a racist?"

From an article in today's Oakland Tribune

"Though a school's academic quality is a factor in the decision, so are race and class, although the subject is often discussed indirectly. Some middle-class African-American parents, for example, say they don't want their 5-year-olds to morph into the teenage kids they see around town, sporting the MTV look du jour — the baggy pants, the gold teeth, the hoods draped over their heads.

"There's no way in the world my son is going to go to middle school or high school in Oakland," said Ta-neshia Roosevelt, who attended a private school fair last fall with her son Omarriyah. "I just see how these kids are out here, and I don't want my son to be that way."

Others worry their adolescent child, already navigating a difficult stage of life, would be alienated from their peers. One white mother described what she saw at her neighborhood middle school as a "street culture" in which her daughter couldn't — and wouldn't care to — fit."