If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Miss C agrees with Cindy Sheehan,

Many Americans do care more about American Idol than they do about our Soldiers in Iraq. That's just how people are.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

If Americans are the worst contributors to greenhouse gasses due to our lifestyles,

why are we encouraging immigration from less developed countries? Is it not in the best interests of the environment for Mexicans to stay in Mexico? Of course we can not worry about the comfort of individuals in the grand scheme of things. We must not let them come here and own cars and live in houses with electricity, for then they will no longer be good and pure but evil and monstrous like all Americans. It is for the good of their souls and the environment that we deport them quickly.

Check out Cooth's, of Breeze on By blog, pretty feet!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Orwell quote, quoted by fabulous commenter, Penny, on No Pasaran blog

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." -- George Orwell

"Thank God for the American military"


Miss C would not make a good Sugar Momma

Every day as I walk to the bus stop after work, I pass a residence hotel. There are often mushroom types of males hanging out in front. I always get looks and comments from men who are looking for a working woman to support them in their many "habits."

Last week a hooded individual was walking out through the front door just as I passed by.

"Hey, he said. What are you, a model or something?"

"Or something, I said. I am a bit old for modeling."

"Naw, he said. 'Sides, thirty-five ain't old!"

Sunday, May 27, 2007

American muscle cars are the best!

To the Americans pissing and moaning that the war in Iraq is messing up their lives and making them all depressed.

Liars! You are bald faced liars. Unless you have a friend or relative in Iraq, a soldier or a native of that sad country, the war is not affecting you one iota. My life is the same as it ever was. So is yours.

Name one area where you have made sacrifices or your lives have been changed because of the war. You can't, can you? I thought not.

Iran has socialized medicine

I sure hope Mookie al Sadr got his rotten teeth fixed while he was there. The blackened, sugar eaten nubs that passed for his teeth that is.

The very same people who despise Wal-mart,

and are always yelping about the fact that we have to subsidise the health care of Wal-mart employees, are perfectly content, even eager, to have us subsidise the health care of millions of illegal immigrants. What makes the contractors, farmers and brothel owners, who employ illegals and don't pay health care benefits for them, exempt from the ire of the leftist Wal-mart haters?

Guess what...

The whales have, so far, stumped the "experts." Could that be because they are not so "expert?"

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Esther, you so ugly,

I'm gonna put your face in some cookie dough and make Frankenstein cookies!"

next method of terrifying "trapped" whales, Wall O'Bubbles!

Now the "experts" are going to use high powered spray nozzles to create extreme amounts of bubbles, which will somehow "coax" whales into swimming back to the ocean. Miss C is sure that said whales have discovered a delicacy. Delta cat fish. They will not leave the delta until they have eaten every last one.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feed the " marine mammal experts" to the orcas!

"A team of marine mammal experts today will try using new underwater noise -- of attacking killer whales and humpback whales from Monterey Bay -- in the latest attempt to coax two lost humpback whales back to sea."

"Boats Filled with Experts Shadow Whales in Delta"

The proper term is not to "coax, but to "threaten" or "terrify". For the last week, a variety of developmentally disabled employees of wildlife agencies have been tormenting and assaulting a mother whale and her calf who have been injured and have swum up a river delta. The "experts" have been making an unholy din by banging on pipes and playing whale sounds in order to drive the whales back into the ocean. The whales have refused to do what the "experts" want them to do. A co-worker suggested to me that the whale swam up the river because she and her baby are wounded and she knew there were no sharks there. The idea of further tormenting these poor whales by playing the recorded sounds of attacking orcas is unbelievably horrific. What in the hell are these jackasses thinking? Anyway how do they know that these whales are lost? It's an assumption. Aren't these people the ones that are always telling us that whales and dolphins are highly intelligent? If the whales wish to swim up the river and die, let them. Humans always think they should be doing "something" even if it's "anything." They have to interfere, get their hands in the pie. Man is really irritating that way.

The decline of Western culture.

Sometimes my neighbor will rent a car to take us shopping. We head to a Target Store in San Leandro. The shoppers consist mainly of immigrants, probably 95%. As you navigate the store, you notice that in every aisle there is ripped open packaging. Many of the items have had parts removed and the cosmetics are used. I was in the deodorant aisle and there was a woman there with her son, who was about 12. He squatted in the aisle, taking the lids off deodorant cans, spraying the deodorant into the lids and sniffing the fumes. He already looked as if he had brain damage. His mother was entirely unconcerned.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

people won't even stop their car for a blind person any more

One of the reasons immigramts bother me is that they do not share my values at all. Today as I walked home, I saw a blind woman crossing the street with her white cane. Did people stop for her? Hell no! They drove around her. A very dangerous thing, because if people are behind you they don't know that you swerved over to avoid someone and may have just continued and hit the blind person.

I noticed, 2 1/2 years ago, when I was pregnant, that people were no longer courteous as they had been when I was pregnant 24 years ago. Very few people would give me a seat on the bus. There was an incident where a very rough, hard looking Black woman, who may have been a drug addict, threw a giant fit because nobody gave me a seat on the bus one morning. She looked as if she needed a seat worse than I did, but she was outraged on my behalf, bless her heart. She read the whole bus the riot act. I thanked her kindly and told her that people are just not nice or polite any more as they once were. A lot of this stems from the fact that it's a dog eat dog world in the countries the immigrants come from. They also have no social connections to Americans and really don't care about them. This is only going to get more pronounced as time goes on.

Hunting and gathering is the only way of life to have little impact on the environment

Every day now, on the radio and in print here in the Bay Area, I am subjected to hippie diatribes about eating locally and having less impact on the environment by becoming a vegetarian. They are so full of shit! What ignorant idiots these self congratulatory fools are. Agricultural peoples have had detrimental effects on their environments, throughout the ages.

Here in California, many farmers have been growing crops unsuited to the semi-arid environment. Strawberries have substituted for the former apple tree orchards. Strawberries require a lot of water. And I have not eaten a strawberry that had any flavor for nearly 35 years. There is always a water shortage here in California. We really should not be growing any crops here at all. All these non native crops require insane amounts of irrigation, dams and a lot of dead fish as a result.

I propose that if these conceited, big headed know nothings really want to stop global warming and the degradation of the environment they will commence to eating acorn mush, venison, rabbit, bear and the always abundant wild turkey. Also they will have to stop the incessant driving!

The world's prettiest fish is the California Golden Trout

I say we pretend to give the illegals amnesty

and then, in a giant sting operation, we arrest them and throw them back over the border. We do sting operations for wanted American criminals all the time. We pretend they won something and when they show up to claim it we arrest their asses. Why don't we give amnesty to the American criminals too while we are at it, it's only fair. Why are we penalizing American citizens but not foreign law breakers? I just don't get it. Help me out here people.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

When leftists say that we can't discriminate against poor, uneducated immigrants,

I just have to scratch my head in confusion. There is an odd tendency on the left think that poor foreigners are better and purer than well educated people. Somehow those who have done well in their life are not to be rewarded by being allowed to emigrate to the country of their choice and immediately commence to being a productive tax paying worker.

In the leftist mindset, poor people are never responsible for their poverty and successful people are never responsible for their achievements. The individual does not matter, they are all powerless victims, or benefactors of society. Society has its favorites and they are given all the goodies. So if foreigners have already benefited in their home country, it would not be fair to let them in to ours. They are rich selfish pigs. There is no such thing as the greedy selfish poor in the leftist world view.

As a Conservative I believe the opposite is true. In reality, the left disdains the idea of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. If bettering oneself is not possible in this country then why should we bother to let millions of Latinos in to this country at all? They will not be able to make anything of themselves because society won't let them.

Malaysian Pirate!

My friend Janet got robbed by Malaysian pirates when she and her husband escaped from Vietnam by boat. Somehow I don't think the pirates looked like this! This is a Victoria's Secret kind of Malaysian pirate. You know I can't resist posting a pic of a pirate wench.

Now the Palestinians are refugees from their own refugee camps!

This type of crap can only happen in Arab countries. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic! Double refugees and double victims. Palestinians are turning the culture of victimhood into a fine art!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The whole country needs to vote on this immigration bill!

I vote no!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bobby Rahal is an Arab American as apple pie!

Yesterday as I watched the News Hour they showed a story about the Indy cars switching to ethanol. Bobby Rahal is a big proponent of cleaner fuels and was interviewed. As I watched him I kept saying to myself, Rahal, Rahal. That's an Arabic name. He looks Middle Eastern. I used to watch the Indy 500 every year and saw him many times, I never thought of him as anything but an all American guy and he is an American of Arab descent.
Just goes to show you never can tell. An icon of American culture, an Indy 500 Champion is an Arab-American. Cool.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Leftists vote "transgender," sex toy company operator to the head of the Police Commision

As far as I am concerned "Theresa" Sparks is still a man insofar as I do not consider a woman to be simply a man without a penis. Sparks was also voted "Woman of the Year" in 2003 by assemblyman Mark Leno, who is gay and of course would rather all women really be men anyway. What a blow to patriarchal culture when men posing as women are considered better than real women! I really feel sorry for the SFPD. They have a hard enough time instituting law and order with out having to worry about this guy breathing down their necks.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

These books just crack me up!

I asked my Black friends if they wear bikinis around the house, they all said no.

Same shit circa April, 1961

I am taking care of my neighbors' cat while they are hiking in Australia. As I sat in a chair with the cat in my lap I looked at the newspaper my neighbor found under the stairs when she was remodeling her cottage. The paper is from 1961 and she has decoupaged it onto a cabinet. Imagine my surprise at seeing reported on the front page 46 years ago, nearly the exact same problems we are dealing with today. The tax on the middle class. The Mexican economy or lack thereof. The article mentions that Mexicans are migrating to the US by the thousands. Then we had peace talks in Algiers. I think we can all give up and go home now because we are in a continuous loop and it's groundhog day. The only thing that has changed is that there is an ad asking for "Boys" to deliver the Alameda Times Star paper. They never would be so sexist now.

Vietnam vet neighbor says,

although he is a Democrat, as a former Seabee, he does not think he can ever vote for a Democrat again because of the way they are treating the troops! He also told me a neat story about Vietnam I shall relate in a future post.

I have decided that the library should not purchase any more books until

the patrons have read all the books we already have. Once they have finished those we can buy new ones. It will be like a summer reading club. After a patron reads a book we will mark it off on a list for him/her. After they read, say, 100,000 books or more, we will give them a kewl library key chain, t-shirt or a nifty sticker. Books on CD or tape can count but not DVD's.

Devil Dog is a Highlander because he believes,

" In the end there can be only one!"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I bet Jerry Falwell is shocked!

No he's not! He's just dead and gone and there is no God! No afterlife. Nothing, nada.

The Europeanization of California

I am not sure if this is happening across the country but here in California many restaurants are engaging in, to my mind, an unwelcome habit. They no longer bring butter to the table with your bread basket. Instead they bring a small bowl of olive oil, and sometimes, balsamic vinegar. You are supposed to dip your bread into both, it being considered oh so much healthier and all that jazz. Even as I type this I am chowing down on a salad covered in vinaigrette dressing. I love balsamic vinegar on my salad. Walnut oil and raspberry vinaigrette are delicious together, don't get me wrong, but on my bread I must have butter, the salted variety preferably. Bread slathered with butter is an American tradition. An elderly European once said that he only ate brown bread in Europe and the first time he had white bread was in America and it tasted like cake to him! I love brown bread, hate white, but brown bread and butter is as good as it gets!

Nowadays I am forced to ask for butter, whereupon the snooty waiters repeat back to me the word, "Butter?" in a sneery, condescending tone. At least in a Mexican restaurant I can say it in Spanish and not receive the stinkeye! This all reminds me of my neighbor's story about asking, at a high class restaurant in the wine country of Napa, if she might have an iceberg lettuce salad and her co-worker getting embarrassed and bent out of shape and saying that "No one eats iceberg lettuce anymore, it's gauche!"

I read a comment by Bob Woodward in Carl Bernstein's biography and he mentioned that Bernstein's ex, the writer Nora Ephron, bitched mightily about the type of lettuce served at a dinner party once and how petty they all thought her. They didn't like her and felt sorry for Carl.

Liberals have turned food into a religion. At the library we are receiving legions of silly books written by well known novelists about their families' obsessive behavior centered around eating. Natural organic, locally produced, they are tripping on their "relationship to food." If you don't follow their puritanical rules you will be shunned! This food cult is a proxy for religion, which explains why many on the left, although they claim to be Darwinists, are not rational, they still engage in extreme religiosity. Of the holier than thou variety!

One of the people I work with, who became pregnant by artificial insemination, informed me that she did not think she would become "fat" like her sister while pregnant, because she had a different relationship to food. So superior! I don't have a relationship to my food, I just eat it. Once someone made a comment that Devil Dog's and my relationship seemed to work, I had to bite my lips to keep from laughing. Where do they come up with this stuff?

I don't care if the tyrannical, pretentious, liberal food police think I am gauche, I want butter! I was raised to believe that it was tasteless to embarrass others over their food habits or anything else, especially in public.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The French just can't kick the Disneyland habit.

My co-worker went to Disneyland last week. As she described her trip to me I asked her if there were many foreigners at the park.

"Oh yes," she said, with a little shudder. "We got stuck in line behind a group of stinky French people!"

Friday, May 11, 2007

If Europeans hate fat Americans,

why do they love Michael Moore so much? What makes him exempt from the superior inhabitants of the old country's censure? Can they not see his bulk? Are they blinded by love?

Miss C's ecological footprint is size 7! But her feets still too big!

Her ecological, or carbon, footprint is actually smaller than her for real shoe size. A dainty little carbon footprint. But according to the earth lovers way too big! They say Miss C needs to cut her hooves nearly in half! Well, to be mathematically precise, a third.

I need to bind my feet and get them down to a 4.6. If I keep stomping, feeding and heating my honking, great pig's trotters, we are going to need another half planet to support them in the comfort they are accustomed to! The average footprint of Americans is 24. Go and take the test and see how you rate.

Former President of Spain Jose Maria Aznar on supporting Bush and Blair in the Iraq war

On one of PBS's programs about the rising tide of extreme Islam in Europe, shown during their "world after 9/11 series," former Spanish government officials and President Jose Maria Aznar were interviewed. When Aznar was asked why he supported Bush's plan to go to war in Iraq he said that he thought it was in his country's best interests to ally himself with the world's 2 greatest democracies, the US and Britain.

Here is a quote from a 60 minutes interview with Mike Wallace.

AZNAR (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): "Because the task of a political leader is to do what he believes is better for his country. Sometimes the public opinion is in favor; sometimes the public opinion needs a little bit more time to understand things. I mean, how many British supported Churchill when he said that Hitler was a threat? How many people in how many countries have understood the threats or their leaders at a particular moment in time? It is, of course, much better to get as much support as possible, but a political leader has a responsibility. A good political leader meets his responsibility."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stolen chicken tastes best!

Le,(pronounced Lee) the owner of my favorite restaurant told me that when he was growing up in North Vietnam he could never have imagined that eating too much would kill you off sooner. In Vietnam they had the opposite problem. Le told me that he and his brothers and sisters would steal a chicken from someone, pluck it, cover it in mud and bake it in the ground and that it was the best tasting chicken in the world!

Lesbians are twice as likely to be fat as straight women!

This has been Miss C's personal experience. This study is no surprise to her. A lot of the fat lesbians Miss C knows are vegetarians. Yet if Miss C stated this, at say, a party, liberals would be all up in her grill. She would be accused of "bigotry" and "generalizing." There are many reasons for the fact that lesbians can get away with being fat and straight women can't. Most men are not chubby chasers. Miss C has had fat friends who raked in the men, but they were "pretty" fat girls, feminine looking with long hair and they dressed sexy for their weight. But many men won't even sleep with their own wives if their wives gain weight. Lesbians on the other hand, look for "inner beauty." They consider flouting accepted standards of beauty as a kind of rebellious act. That, and half of them just can't stop gorging themselves on cous cous, soy lattes and tofuti.

"A man may have as bad a heart as he chooses,

if his conduct is within the rules."

Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr.

This quote epitomizes the difference between conservatives and liberals. Often liberals disdain the rule of law and claim that it infringes upon rights (not God given rights because they don't believe in God, but some natural rights, whatever that means) Liberals do however set great store upon the idea of thought control. To liberals thoughts are often worse than actions. They believe if only they could get people to stop having bad thoughts about people of other races the world will be a perfect, peaceful paradise. I do not belive that liberals themselves are free of racist or hateful thoughts. I believe that liberals have racist thoughts everyday. They hate white Christians and Israelis and certainly members of the darker races as well. They just don't verbalize the hatred and they project it on others to set up a smokescreen. Like the inquisitors, liberals are probably more guilty than those they publically excoriate.

I am currently in the midst of a battle with a commenter from UC Berekely. This battle has gone on for 3 months now over a column about race relations. The commenter, a white man, is very upset about my opinions about inner city Blacks and has spent many hours telling me how unacceptable my thoughts are to him. He obsessively checks my blog. He has accused me of being a "sociopath." That's dangerous sociopath to you, Sir! Of course I do not know him, nor do I have any contact with him, but he cannot stand the fact that I have ideas which are in opposition to his. I, on the other hand do not care what he thinks, wrong as he may be. As I have said before, I have never, nor will I ever cause harm to another human being, what I think is my own business.

Liberals hate Republicans, really hate them!

Are liberals hateful, ignorant and bigoted?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hate crimes

Perhaps victims of hate crimes should ask themselves, "Why do they hate us????"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fred on Everything's latest brilliant column on the lack of scientific minds in America

Fred bemoans the US government's, less than brilliant, plan to recruit new scientists from the ranks of those who do not have a scientific bent. Those being certain minorities and women.

I give you an excerpt of his amazing rapier wit. God he is fabulous! Go and read him this instant!

"In gummint talk, “minorities” doesn’t mean minorities, like Anglo-Saxons, Greeks, Jews, men, or Chinese. No. These latter cannot be minorities because they do not have a solidly established record of incapacity. They haven’t made their bones by nonfeasance. (Since they aren’t minorities, logically they must all be majorities, or at least half the population each, which must play hell with population figures.)"

"In particular, we has done put the schools in the hands of women with low IQs and little interest in education. Women notoriously care more about feelings and niceness than performance and winning. This is far less true of intelligent women, but they are all in law offices now. The few men involved in the schools are no better, cherishing their scarce neurons like prized marbles. The average education PhD has the scintillating intelligence of a side of bacon. Think not? Read the Graduate Record scores of students going into Education. They are the dark night of the mind, with bats flapping around. Dull-witted bats."

"Solidly established record of incapacity!" Ha ha!

We got our own lil Abu Ghraib goin' on right here!

Former prison guards have been convicted of abusing prisoners in Florida. The guards made prisoners lick toilets clean. This kind of crap happens wherever someone has power over another.

There was so much outrage over the incidents at Abu Ghraib, yet the horrific abuse at the hands of guards and fellow prison inmates does not arouse the pity of the masses. Many of the guards at Abu Ghraib were prison guards back in the States. They probably got up to the same shenanigans in US prisons.

Miss C ain't lickin toilets for no man. If ever she was told to lick a toilet she would open up a can of whirling hell on those sick bastards. A Kansas tornado would have nothin' on Miss C!

I bet the guards didn't have the "for real," "bad ass dudes" lickin' no toilets either. I bet they picked on the weak and the skinny ones. Otherwise they would not have lived to stand trial.

Alas, Sam Silverman is no more!

Last night he met his death by car. Like many Jewish cats, both animal and human, he was incapable of recognizing his real enemies. What did I say in a lower post about cars being the most dangerous weapon? I hate being right, I surely do. He was a cool cat, I am sorry for my neighbor and I'm going to miss him.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The left thinks the right is evil

So why should it surprise them that global warming does not scare us. We were forged on the firey anvils of Hell. We likes it all warm and toasty, it reminds us of home!

PBS's The Conquistadores

Pizarro had made himself most unpopular with the Incas due to his incessant raping, pillaging and unfortunate tendency to slaughter the Indians and otherwise treat them like caca every chance he got. He demanded more and more gold while giving the Incas worthless crap, torture and death in return.

The Incan King, Atawallpa decided, quite wisely, that all the evil Spaniards had to die, except for 3 of them, whom he would merely castrate. These were, the horse breaker, the blacksmith and the barber.

Atawallpa felt that the barber had some kind of power, as he had seen many Spaniards line up outside the barber's tent. When they entered his tent they looked exhausted and scruffy but when they came out their faces were fresh as a baby's behind.

He'll always be a fireman in his heart!

Neighbor has decorated one of his medicinal pot plants with a tool of his trade or a tiny replica anyway.

Debbil's favorite game is for me to wrap his blanky around my arm to use as an attack sleeve!

Squirrel skull I found in the park

Gruesome and kewl!

Urban novels for young and impressionable minds

The other day I was processing this book and noticed that it had been written specifically for teens. Urban novels are very popular right now and the adult novels are straight up, hardcore porn.
So I sez to right-wing co-worker, "This is very good, maybe these novels won't have the extreme violence and brutal anal sex scenes so prevalent in the adult novels."
Right-wing co-worker replied, "Are you sure about that? They might be even cruder!"

French leftists acting like those they purport to despise!

The current rioting going on in France is very odd considering that the French leftists are engaging in Bush administration tactics. They, and their puppet princess Segolene, threatened violence if the French people did not vote the way they told them to.

"If you do not do exactly as we tell you, we will open up a can of Baghdad on your asses! Chaos and fire shall rain down upon you for not listening to us! We are warning you!"

The so-called forces of peace spoke and threatened extreme violence. Trying to strong arm and frighten voters like the veriest third world dictators. After the French people refused to be cowed, the leftists delivered on their threat.

The left is stuck on stupid, they have tried and failed and still have not seen the light. When has the left changed its stance on any single issue? Never, that's when. They do not learn from their mistakes. Once in a blue moon a leftist becomes a born again or a neocon, but these transformations are rare and often come with age. If we could invent a prenatal test and spook out these leftists and abort them before they are born, why what a happy place the world will be!

If that ain't just like a mammal!

Last night on PBS they had a reallly fun Nature about the multiculturally diverse array of sharks that gather off the coast of South Africa. A certain time of year the powers that be remove the shark nets that protect swimmers from attack and let the sharks swim in close to shore for a fish feed. A ribbon of very cold water sweeps through, carrying millions of sardines.

Birds, fur seals and many different sharks, at normal times mortal enemies, ignore each other while they stuff themselves with as many fish as their tummies can hold. Most of the seals catch their own fish but a few of the fur seals have found that the birds floating on the surface of the ocean have bellies full of fish. These rogue seals swim up and grab the birds by the neck, rip open their bellies and eat the fish. Lazy, no good, sociopathic seals. Letting others do all the work while they reap the benefits! Then those same seals get mad when people want to kill them and take their fur! The nerve. These seals remind me of men my friends date! They only show up on payday.

Can I admit that I loved seeing the LAPD beat down members of the press?

Cuz I did. It was hella funny! What the hell does the media have to report about another tired old march for the "immigration "rights" of "undocumented workers" anyway. Same old, same old. Same march, new year.

Abu R says, "The overpass meltdown is clearly the work of Al Qaeda!"

James Mosqueda. Mosque da. Queda. Qaeda. Weird is what it is. Abu R thinks the media is f'ing with us. Reporting from the site Abu R claims the damage is just too extensive to have been caused by a mere tanker truck fire. Of course he is an Arab and thus prone to believe in conspiracy theories.

Right after the accident some lunatic Democrat, somebody Nava or something, came on the television telling everybody about what a great place for a terrorist attack this site is. He named reasons I shall not repeat as I thought it was idiotic of him to mention them in the first place.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I told you Imus looked like a mummy!

Tollund Man and Don Imus, virtually indistinguishable from each other. The only difference is that Tollund man is "well preserved" and Imus is not. There is one standard for mummies and another for live persons.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sheryl Crow should wipe her ass with leaves!

Whenever Devil Dog has a little bit of leftover business attached to him from eating rubber bands, the sidelocks of Orthodox Jew cats, and other stringy bits, I say "Uh Oh" and he hunches on over to me and I grab a big ole maple leaf and clean him right up! A maple leaf always does the trick!

The Mormon bishops say,

"There is no such thing as a fundamentalist Mormon, if you practice polygamy you are not a true Mormon."

Members of polygamist sects say, "If you do not practice polygamy you are not a true Mormon!"

The real culprit behind the melted steel!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Americans kill 2 civilians in Afghanistan, foreign suicide bombers slaughter hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians

Which killings are deemed worthy of a protest?

Immigrant's rights!

The latest march for immigrant's rights just passed by the library today. Don't they realize that if they obtain "rights" no one will have any reason to hire them. Their principle attraction is their underground status. When employers have to pay social security, health benefits, overtime, etc, there is no real incentive to hire immigrants any longer.

The unnatural enjoyment of persecution complexes!

PBS Frontline showed the first of a 2 part American Experience program last night on the Mormons. Caculated, I am sure, to put paid to the candidacy of the only truly Conservative Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, it showed the Mormons in a very bad light.

In any case the historians (hired for their ability to make Mormons look especially kooky,) all point out that the Mormons, in their heyday of clashes with the US government and local townspeople, actually enjoyed and courted their own persecution. Theis reminds me of the current situation in Gaza. Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world have created an identitiy which relies entirely on Israel as the opposition, without which the Palestinians and Muslims would have no identity whatsoever.