If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Its clear that the unions have deserted Hillary

I got a survey call the other night form my union. The questions and scenarios posed to me involved John Edwards and Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton was not mentioned once as a possible candidate. They asked me if I would vote for Giuliani or Edwards, Giuliani or Obama. They obviously think Giuliani will win the Republcan primary.

Ethnic medicine!

One of the Black guys who works here was talking to another Black female co-worker. He told her his hand had been hurting, real bad. She told him she had some Chinese medicine he could put on it.

"No thank you," he said. "I do not do ethnic! It don't work on the brutha's. I ain't sayin' it don't work on them, I'm just sayin' it don't work on me!"

She tried to convince him that she got it from our other Black co-worker and that it worked on her.

He said, "That's different, she's Mexican!"

We said, "No, she's Panamanian."

He said, "Same, same. She's different from me is all I'm sayin' She's not a Black American!"

To elderly Chinese immigrants I am the veriest of circus freaks

Sometimes I walk by a Chinese senior center on my way to work. The other day there were hundreds of seniors out taking their morning constitutionals. As I passed the groups of 4 and five, most of them sporting canes and walkers, I stepped to the side so as not to frighten or knock into them.
Was my good deed unpunished, hell no! As they passed me they gawked at me in horror, even slowing and stopping so they could stare at me longer.

Entirely fed up, when I arrived at work I complained about it to my co-workers. The Blacks were sympathetic, themselves being the victims of the "Asian evil eye" on frequent occasions. My Chinese co-worker tried to say that they wanted to look at me longer because I was pretty. She claims that they stare at her too. So I imitated the looks I received and she agreed that it was the "Oh my God it's a big foreign devil (gwai lo)," stare.

So I said, wait a minute, this is my country, they are the foreign devils!" And my Black co-workers said, "Thank you!"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

In the future, Al Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, will be the butt of jokes

like the film Reefer Madness and the Duck and Cover shorts we saw in school.

Iranian government continues crackdown on teachers, students, unions and women!

Smart. Well, I guess they ain't all bad! They are also arresting peaceful demonstrators. Hmm, maybe the leftist admirers of the great and powerful Amahdinejad are right about him. Go Mahmoud, go! The unions and the teachers and the feminists will fuck you up if you let them, so don't you let them.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If we want to let in millions of undocumented workers, I vote to let in millions of Filipinos!

They have provided invaluable help in a few wars. They make fabulous citizens and are extremely patriotic. Here where I live you see a lot of Filipinos with American flags on their cars and houses. The women are beautiful and gracious and make the best, most patient nurses. They do not have a racist bone in their bodies, because they are already a mix of races and cultures themselves. They intermarry frequently with Blacks and whites and the resulting children are so incredibly goodlooking it's amazing!

Many of the baggage handlers before 9/11 were Filipinos and were mistakenly dismissed by the Bush administration, and replaced with idiots who are now demanding Union representation. There was no law against taking box cutters on planes and so the former baggage handlers had done nothing wrong. I remember seeing on the news one of the Filipino handlers who heard of the plan to replace the handlers with people picked by homeland security, and she said some of the handlers suggested striking in opposition, but she herself could not do that to the American people during the holiday season. Now that is devotion to ones job and customers. As it was she probably lost her job anyway.

Here is a comment from a Filipino blog about the superiority of Western democracy, by a Filipino living in Sydney Australia.

"When we go to the west, we see that drivers stop at pedestrian crossings and actually let people cross. A bus stop actually means that the bus only stops at the bus stop! That bureaucracies are less labyrinthine and don't encourage you to bribe your way through. That you can work at a backbreaking factory job on night shift and be paid enough so that you can go overseas on your holidays. That you pay your taxes and you actually see the money flowing back to your own benefit in the form of social infrastructure like education, health care, roadworks, aned social welfare. That people who steal public funds get caught out because whistleblowers don't get death threats at home. That journalists are not killed for uncovering anomalies in all levels of government. That there are still people who sincerely believe in "the public good" as a reality instead of a hackneyed phrase only used for electioneering. And on and on and on...

You know what the really big problem is? In some ways it's a chicken-and-egg situation. A lot of these things in more civil societies work because the people also do the right thing. The rulers and the rules need to both agree to play by the rules. Or play a different game altogether.

Or maybe we will just have to kill off a lot of people if we are ever going to make any headway. Okay, maybe just make them hurt really badly. I mean, Jesus H Christ, whatever happened to the wrath of the oppressed? Imelda and Bongbong and Imee Marcos are all in government. Marcos cronies are also back by the truckload. Despite all the evidence heaped upon him, there are still people that fervently believe Erap has done no wrong. Military rabble rousers stage a military coup and they get spanked on the wrists? Why are there so many guns in Philippine society?

Hey, maybe democracy is a bit of a fucking joke if too many people are ill-informed and willing to whore out their votes. Yes, I know, poverty and all. Sack of rice more important than measly ballot paper. Yada yada.

But see what I mean, it's a sad state of affairs when you think, ah, maybe we need more democracy but that just means people are free to willingly vote for criminals that are to blame for their poverty!"


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Right wing co-worker's friend thinks that gayness is a choice

So I told co-worker that every time he hangs out with his friend, at the end of the evening, he should pat him on the thigh and say, "Thanks for choosing to be straight with me today, John, I really appreciate it"

Chinese criminal rings

I was talking to my boss, who is from China. Last time she went to China she heard that there were criminal rings who kidnapped peoples' children then chopped off limbs and otherwise mutilated them and sent them out to beg for money.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Conversation of the, er, uh, gentleman on his cell phone walking behind me,

"Motherfucker shot me in the motherfucking head with a motherfucking silencer! How long is it going to take the motherfuckers to realize that I am motherfucking disabled?!!"

Miss C gets offers like nobody else!

Walking to the bus stop after work on Friday, I heard a guy yelling, "Hey you in the yellow shirt, get over here!" Since I had a green shirt on, I didn't think he was talking to me. He yelled again and I looked over at him and he did a little happy dance and ran over to me and came up on my left side and said, "Would you like to go on a date with me?"

I turned, noted his crazy eyes, extreme youthfulness and silver front teeth, the canines of which were long and pointed like a vampire's, and said, "I'm sorry, I prefer older guys."

Whereupon he stood up really straight and said proudly, "Well I'm 19."

"I like guys 50 and older," I said.

"And that are not psycho," he said resignedly, asking and answering his own question.

"But you do have kewl teeth." I said, to soften the rejection.

Friday, June 22, 2007

In truth there are not enough prisoners incarcerated in Guantanamo Prison

Any and all persons involved in the plot to blow up innocent civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan should be sitting in cells wearing orange jumpsuits. I am not talking about the "insurgents" engaged in fighting the US occupation, that I can understand, I speak of those who go to markets and mosques and gleefully blow up non-combatants, women and children.

As Theodore Dalrymple says "It is not the wrongfully imprisoned but the wrongfully free who give rise to concern" and "For every person wrongfully imprisoned, there are literally hundreds who manifestly deserve to lose their liberty."

Think not of the poor prisoners interned in Guantanamo, but of the innocents they would deprive of life and limb. If there were true justice in this world there would be more prisoners, not less.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Pope is worried about Christians in Iraq!

This is just another form of sectarianism. The Pope should be worried about all innocent people in Iraq, Christians, Muslims, every damn somebody or other.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Miss C is so down with this eco-extremist, she must be an eco-extremist too!

"Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop below 1 Billion!"

He wants us to go back to using sailing ships for sea transport. Miss C has been saying this all along. Clipper ships are beautiful and good for the environment too.

Gary, formerly known as Zontar, is always yelping about the projected deaths of over a billion people do to the imaginary threat of "rising sea levels." Miss C does not look at the loss of over a billion people as a sad event at all. On the contrary, it would be wonderful were it only true.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

adbusters article "The American Left's Silly Victim Complex"

Check out this article by a leftist, wherein he decries the unfairness of being associated with "liberals." Although he reams the "liberals" a thousand new ones and pretty much drives the nails into their heads, he doesn't convince me that he is much different, except that he is smart enough to hate mimes. However, I do love the way he illustrates his points, even though we on the right have been saying the same stuff all along, he says it better than most of us.

"the American left is just a noisy Upper West cocktail party for the college graduate class."

"What we call American liberalism is really a kind of genetic mutant, a Frankenstein's monster of incongruous parts- a fat affluent, overeducated New York/Washington head crudely screwed onto the vanishing middle American manufacturing class.

Miss C gets called for surveys a lot

Last night I was asked many questions about California coastal waters. Somebody is thinking of banning sport fishing in some areas and wanted to get public opinion on the matter. They named a few environmental groups and asked if I had negative or positve feelings about them. They asked what I thought about California Fish and Game and did I think that fishing was an important part of life. I did, I do.

Today at work I told an African-American co-worker about the call. She is a Democrat, as are most Blacks. When I got to the part about the environmental groups, she said, "Oooh, I hate environmentalists, I really do! I just hate them!"

Now even I don't hate all environmentalists, but these groups might want to consider the image they have created and how negatively they are viewed by the general public.

Raoul Trujillo, as Zero Wolf in Apocalypto

Miss C's kind of man! He's not afraid of an honest day's work or getting his hands dirty and he has family values!

There are 2 kinds of people in this world, the warlike and the pacifistic

Hutus and Tutsis, farmer and the cowman, Iraqis and insurgents, on and on. We will always have people who want to fight and make war and on the other hand people who despise killing. The only way the pacifists can stop the warlike people is to kill them, which would entirely defeat their purpose, now wouldn't it. Even if they did manage to kill us all, had they the stomach for it, our type would keep popping up in the general population. Unlesss they find the warlike gene and eradicate people who carry it. Of course an entire world populated by a bunch of self righteous liberals would be pretty rough. How would they keep their feelings of moral superiority if everyone had the same opinions as the next person.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Crazy as hell but a brilliant tactician!

My ex, the taxidermist, had a close friend who did not care for me. Pete was his name. He was manic depressive and in his manic stage was known to make up elaborate stories about himself. He was the greatest this and the greatest that. Most people believed his wild tales of being a former Navy Seal and swimming with the hammerheads and wrestling baboons off the decks of ships with his bare hands, but I did not. I have been around the block a few times and know a lot about a lot of things, so I could call him on his nonsense. He took a great dislike to me right away.

He only dated girls under 25, because they were firm and cute of course, and because they did not have enough life experience to realize he was crazy and full of shit. Some times he'd be telling a story and he'd look at me and he would see that I had my, "You are so full of shit face on," and he would be hatin' on me in that moment.

One day while we were at river rafting camp, he was going on about how "Mr Happy" would not work with women over 25. So I said, "Sounds like you have a problem with Mr Happy, you better get that checked out," and everybody laughed at him.

He had a problem keeping his credibility with me around, so he did much to undermine my relationship with the ex, no more than I did myself, but I remember one very clever, funny incident.

He had a very cute 21 year old girlfriend at the time, Jody was her name. They came over one night, uninvited, they just "stopped by." Jody was wearing very tiny white shorts. As they came in the house, Pete said, "We can't stay long, Jody isn't wearing any underwear."

Kerchow! They stayed for over an hour.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Read Fred On Everything's latest great column on why the third world is, well, the third world

"Half-Assed in Haggledom

Economic Laws for the Real World"

Old Fred lives in Mexico so he oughta know what he's talking about!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Know your ABC's

Right-wing co-worker was processing a children's book. He brought it over to show to Miss C.

He opened it to the first page, "A is for acrobat," the text read. "So far so good," he said.

Then he turned to the next page, which read, "B is for balls!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Infidels and Jews don't defile Muslim holy sites, Muslims do!

Blowing up the minarets. It's a dirty job but some Mohammad's got to do it!

Immigrants with educational values

When I walked into my corner liquor store last week, the daughter of the owners saw me and asked excitedly if I would like to see her High School diploma. I said "Sure" and she took it from behind the counter and proudly opened and let me see it.

So I told her how great it was and that she had done very well and her parents had done a great job raising her. I noticed from the diploma she had gone to a local Catholic school. Mind you, she is a practicing Hindu. I told her mom that she was right to send her to Catholic school because the level of difficulty is much higher than in public school. She said that her daughter had told her the same thing whenever they grumbled about the cost of private school. The daughter told them that she would get good grades in public school but they would be meaningless as she would really not learn much.

She is also a pianist and won a scholarship to a college in Pennsylvania, because of her playing. Her parents are working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and even more because you have to count the time they spend shopping for stock for the store. They have devoted themselves to raising their daughter and it has paid off 100%.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Al's pic from the jacket of his new book, The Assault On Reason is a convenient lie!

He has not been this thin in 20 years!

Why the JFK conspiracy theorists are so desperate

The left has always been murderous. Millions and millions of innocents have died at their hands. But the fact that a leftist killed one of their beloved icons, JFK is something they just can't stomach. They will never accept the truth.

It's ironic that JFK was telling these idiots that communism was dangerous. He was killed by a communist. There you go. Proof, right there in your face. You wouldn't accept the truth about your pet commies then and you won't accept it now.

Enrique's Journey, the real story behind who is responsible for the suffering of immigrant children from Latin America

"In this astonishing true story, award-winning journalist Sonia Nazario recounts the unforgettable odyssey of a Honduran boy who braves unimaginable hardship and peril to reach his mother in the United States. When Enrique is five years old, his mother, Lourdes, too poor to feed her children, leaves Honduras to work in the United States. The move allows her to send money back home to Enrique so he can eat better and go to school past the third grade.Lourdes promises Enrique she will return quickly. But she struggles in America. Years pass. He begs for his mother to come back. Without her, he becomes lonely and troubled. When she calls, Lourdes tells him to be patient. Enrique despairs of ever seeing her again. After eleven years apart, he decides he will go find her.Enrique sets off alone from Tegucigalpa, with little more than a slip of paper bearing his mother's North Carolina telephone number. Without money, he will make the dangerous and illegal trek up the length of Mexico the only way he can-clinging to the sides and tops of freight trains.With gritty determination and a deep longing to be by his mother's side, Enrique travels through hostile, unknown worlds. Each step of the way through Mexico, he and other migrants, many of them children, are hunted like animals. Gangsters control the tops of the trains. Bandits rob and kill migrants up and down the tracks. Corrupt cops all along the route are out to fleece and deport them. To evade Mexican police and immigration authorities, they must jump onto and off the moving boxcars they call El Tren de la Muerte-The Train of Death. Enrique pushes forward using his wit, courage, and hope-and the kindness of strangers. Itis an epic journey, one thousands of immigrant children make each year to find their mothers in the United States.Based on the Los Angeles Times newspaper series that won two Pulitzer Prizes, one for feature writing and another for feature photography, Enrique's Journey is the timeless story of families torn apart, the yearning to be together again, and a boy who will risk his life to find the mother he loves. "

City liberals are pretty damn useless

I was just commenting on Mo Rocca's blog regarding the intelligence, or lack thereof, of Bush, always a favorite topic for the liberals. In the comment, I said that Bush has the ability to do many things liberals cannot. Riding a horse, flying a jet, using a chainsaw. practical things. Anyway, right after I typed that comment, I walked into a pit of liberal conversation in the ladies staff room. One of my liberal co-workers was telling another,

"I need to have someone come in and do some work around my house."

The other woman said, "What kind of work?"

The first replied, "I need someone to hang some pictures and install 2 glass doorknobs. I could try to do it myself, but I don't have any tools."

What the fuck? You can't hang pictures, I am thinking. What kind of people have neither a hammer nor a screw driver? Useless liberals that's who!

Monday, June 11, 2007

When I saw this pic on LGF,

I said to my co-worker, why aren't these guys brave enough to show their faces. Isn't Europe the land of the free and the home of the brave? I mean what do they have to fear in their liberal society? The government? The police?

She replied, "It's because they'll be applying for citizenship in America pretty soon!"

Why are the Brits so concerned about gobal warming? Check out their pathetic weather conditions. Rain every effing day! Oh wait, my bad, not on Sunday

Updated: 1:00 AM BST on June 11, 2007
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 73° F. / 23° C. Wind light. Chance of precipitation 20%.
Monday Night
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. Low: 57° F. / 14° C. Wind light. Chance of precipitation 20%.
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 73° F. / 23° C. Wind West 13 mph. / 21 km/h. Chance of precipitation 30%.
Tuesday Night
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. Low: 57° F. / 14° C. Wind WSW 13 mph. / 21 km/h. Chance of precipitation 40%.
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 69° F. / 21° C. Wind WSW 8 mph. / 14 km/h. Chance of precipitation 40%.
Wednesday Night
Rain. Low: 57° F. / 14° C. Wind SSW 8 mph. / 14 km/h. Chance of precipitation 80%.
Chance of Rain. Overcast. High: 68° F. / 20° C. Wind South 8 mph. / 14 km/h. Chance of precipitation 40%.
Thursday Night
Chance of Rain. Overcast. Low: 59° F. / 15° C. Wind SSE 11 mph. / 18 km/h. Chance of precipitation 40%.
Chance of Rain. Overcast. High: 68° F. / 20° C. Wind SSW 13 mph. / 21 km/h. Chance of precipitation 40%.
Friday Night
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. Low: 57° F. / 14° C. Wind SSW 15 mph. / 25 km/h. Chance of precipitation 40%.
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 60° F. / 16° C. Wind SSW 20 mph. / 32 km/h. Chance of precipitation 40%.
Saturday Night
Partly Cloudy. Low: 50° F. / 10° C. Wind SW 13 mph. / 21 km/h.
Overcast. High: 62° F. / 17° C. Wind SW 13 mph. / 21 km/h.
Sunday Night

Bad reporter disses the Dems for a change!

Miss C is wants Joe Lieberman to be her President!

Joe came back from his visit to Iraq and said, straight up and no bones about it, "We gotta bomb Iran!"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Devil Dog takes in the view of San Francisco

Rolling in stinkweed! There is no dignity in this!

Devil Dog and Jamel play cars, ball and Gameboy

Well meaning, but stupid interference

Today on NPR weekend edition, they ran a story about a group, funded out of California, who are teaching Afghan girls in a remote, extremely Islamisist (read Taliban) village to aid other women in childbirth, in order to lower infant mortality! Sheesh, sorry for the run on sentence.

Anyway a doctor from the group had to convince the villagers to let this happen. They have created a center where the girls reside during training. People in the village are allowed to come and "check" on the center to make sure that nothing "improper" is happening.

During the radio episode they were assisting in the labor of a woman who already had 11 children! She seems to have done just fine without their assistance until now. She could teach them a thing or 2.

One of the trainees said that she is afraid to go home because she has heard rumors that any girl who has been trained at the center will be killed.

Now I ask you, why are westerners engaged in enlarging the populations of ignorant, woman murdering mysoginists in Afghanistan? This is self destructive in the extreme. There needs to be a lot less of these people not more.

Come to think of it, the Mullahs may be right and the clinic is really teaching girls how to perform abortions. I would not put anything past such idiots.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I like it when dogs cross their front legs, it's cool.

Devil Dog all got up as Elvis. He refuses to complete the outfit by donning the Elvis pants.

Miss C exercised her white privilege just like Paris Hilton

When I was 19, I was on General Assistance.(I have been on welfare too, both as a minor and as an adult) One of the requirements is that you have to report for some kind of work. I showed up at the Welfare Dept and met with a social worker, a little, middle aged Black man. He was supposed to assign me to my work program, this involves picking up trash next to freeways type of "work." So this guy takes one look at me and says, "Uh oh. Oh no! We can't have you out there with those guys. They will eat you alive!" So he tells me I have to see one of their doctors and to tell him I have "stomach" pains. It's already arranged, code or something. So I go to the doctor and he does not even examine me, he does make me take a pee test, but that's it. He signs a work excuse and poof, I am Paris Hiltonly exempt from threats and harassment, rape, molestation, assault and possible death at the hands of my fellow General Assistance and community service workers. Was this unfair? Perhaps. Was it kindness and pure good sense on the part of my social worker? I know I will be forever grateful to that kind little man.

Miss C does not hate Paris Hilton, she hates Evan O'Dorney

The Spelling Bee champ. What a freak. She can not get way from that stuck up little punk. His crooked mug is all over the local news. "I'm Evan O'Dorney and I am soooo smart, I luuuvvv math, because I am so smart, but I am really a composer of marvelous, fantastic music, due to my smartness." Evan, like most stuck up child geniuses, will disappear into obscurity. In the good old days people would keep a kid like that chained in the attic. If Miss C went to his school she would have bullied him mercilessly. She can see why his mom is home schooling him!

Scumbody be hatin' on Paris Hilton

The news this past week was rife with spot interviews with criminals, recently released from prison, who were saying that Paris would not survive in prison if they were still incarcerated. Yes, the valuable opinions of felons who steal property and money that other people earned through hard work. Then we have the media with their panties in a twist over Paris' premature release.

While watching the very good documentary, So Goes The Nation, a Democrat campaign manager made a comment about Paris' "lazy bony ass." Well I got news for you haters. One, her ass ain't bony. She has a beautiful body and she works. She acts, she models, she generates her own income. Income which was never dependent on her inheritance. Other than being given the lucky genes which gave her a tall slim body and blond good looks, she seems to have made her own way in this world. The truth is, rich people often work harder than other people. The left refuses to admit this because it does not jibe with their world view.

The hatred being displayed toward her is merely class hatred of the kind Germans showed to the Jews before WWII. Losers are jealous of Paris because she is rich and beautiful.

After all Ted Kennedy, a very wealthy man by inheritance and a professional politician who has never had a real job, actually killed a woman with his drunk driving and gets a pass. But Paris can't get a break.

W.F Mahler, poet

You ask me how long life is,
and I shall tell you like it is.
Just as long as the distance
between two dates on a headstone.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reason to take down the unions, number one

Check out this video of a San Francisco city "worker" on Stanley Robert's investigative reporting segment, People Behaving Badly. The "worker" takes 2 hour, coffee breaks every morning, does no visible labor and sleeps in his truck. Since the story broke on television, the City is going to give the "worker" a "hearing." What do you bet he keeps his "job?" In any private, non union company, his tax payers' dollar wastin' ass would be out on the street looking for a new "job" the same day.

We have quite a few of the same type of workers here. We had public works guys who would go to the gym and the movies and bars during work hours and would give homeless people a few bucks to pick up trash around the parks. One of the gardeners ratted the guys out and they made death threats against him. One of the guys who was ratted out was a co-worker of mine's brother, whose nickname around town is "Murder Man." He was telling his sister he was, "For real, seriously going to kill the other worker." Nobody was fired over the incidents.

To Bush's peace loving opponents

To all the peaceniks, why don't you just reason with Bush? Open some dialogue with Bush? Parlay? Pow wow. Smoke the peace pipe? Have a few multilateral talks? If dialogue and political solutions will work with Castro, Kim Jung-il, Ahmadinejad, the PLO and the Iraqi insurgents, then why can't you "reason" with Bush? Give peace a chance and all that crap?

Were it not for the fact that we have a brilliant political system which limits Presidents to 8 years in power, just think what your lives would be like if Bush was a dictator, a forever leader like Castro. I will be the first to admit that Bush does not care about public opinion. I don't care about it either public opinion is crap and most people act in their own self interests Many are filled with irrational hatred. But the very fact that you are marching and carrying signs demanding that American leaders "reason" with terrorists is ridiculous when you can't even reason with your own leaders.

Article in the Atlantic on the quality of the new military recruits

Brian Mockenhaupt, himself an Iraqi veteran, has a spanking good review on the pussification of our modern youth and military. The kinder/gentler military is not doing its job of preparing the recruits for the shitty situations they may face in Iraq and Afghanistan. In order not to scare away the boys and girls during training, they let them coast, thus forcing the units to which they are deployed into giving them remedial training in the field. A situation which is highly undesirable.

According to the article the new recruits are fatter and weaker than ever before. That is hardly surprising. Add to that the fact that many kids are not used to being told what to do and you have a recipe for disaster. We probably would have an even lower death rate if the recruits were subjected to a more rigorous basic training.

"Joining the armed forces means shedding individuality and obeying leaders who might ask a soldier to take lives. In the past, basic training was primarily about building brute strength and learning to follow orders. But new times call for new methods: drill sergeants are increasingly softening their barks, incorporating multimedia, and lowering the bar on physical fitness tests. In order to attract—and keep—new soldiers, the Army has resorted to fueling late-night field exercises with Guns N’ Roses music and allowing their charges to eat fatty desserts.
The changing nature of warfare is also responsible for shifts in basic training. Fighting counterinsurgencies requires walking door to door and making split-second decisions about the danger a situation poses. Enemies are no longer recognizable by the color of their uniforms."

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I look different!

As I walked to the bus stop yesterday, my way was blocked by a large and dangerous crazy man. He stood in the middle of the sidewalk huffing out breaths like an angry buffalo. We made eye contact and I realized that if I got too close to him he would attack me. So I walked around him in a wide arc as he followed me with his eyes.

Wheew, I thought, disaster avoided, but as I progressed down the block I noticed another man staring at me intently out of the yellowed whites of his eyes. "You look different," he said.

"How do you mean different?" I asked.

"Everything about you is different," he said. "Your nose, your lips, your eyes, your hair, everything."

"Thank you, I guess, sir," I said, and walked quickly by.

I'm a big fat mama with meat shaking on my bones

Lord, I'm a big fat mama with meat shaking on my bones

Ev'ry time I shake this meat some skinny girl lose her home

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


When my mom was in the hospital dying of lung cancer, she had a really funny gay male nurse. He would clean my mom's mouth with these little pink sponges on sticks. My mom was pretty out of it on morphine and cranky and mean as all get out.

One day the nurse gets a sponge stick and goes to clean my mom's mouth and she bats it away and says, slurrily, "No more lollipops!"

The nurse laughed and said, "Honey, your mouth looks like the bottom of a birdcage!"

An immigrant who loves America, wonder of wonders!

The extremely good looking guy I see on my bus from time to time is an immigrant from Pakistan. I would never have guessed he was from Pakistan, as he looks like a Bedouin from Saudi Arabia to me. He told me that his family are actually descended from Turks, which explains his non Pakistani looks. He works for a company that directs navigation for large container ships.

Anyway, all the ladies are gaga over him and I enjoy talking to him just so I can gaze upon his beautiful countenance. He is a movie buff also, so we have much to discuss. Today we spoke of traveling to other countries. I asked him, "You have traveled here from another land and experienced our strange and terrible ways, what do you think?"

He laughed and said, "I love it here, I could never live in Pakistan again. I am a mainstream American now!"

Of course I am not really surprised that he loves it here. I would be surprised if he did not.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hate crimes are most often commited by Blacks

By all means let's pass a Hate Crimes bill. And after we pass it, let's use it fairly. By far the most hate crimes are committed against whites and Asians, by Blacks. The recent case in Tennessee involving the car-jacking, rapes and murders of a young White couple is not surprising and such heinous crimes are very common. The reason that a higher percentage of Blacks are on death row is that they often compound their crimes with brutal sadistic behavior like in this instance. Robbery turns into kidnapping and rape and torture.

The hate in this crime is epitomised by the rape of the young White male by the gang of Black men. When I was working at the pizza parlor, my Iranian boss came to me after he interviewed a guy for the job of delivery driver. He was very upset because the guy told him that he currently worked for a pizza parlor in the Black neighborhood of Oakland. He wanted a job in a different neighborhood because he was terrified to continue working the Black neighborhood. He went to deliver a pizza and was robbed and the two Black guys who robbed him, made him suck their dicks. Mohammad was very sympathetic, but told the guy that he could not guarantee that such a thing would not happen again. Our drivers got robbed from time to time. Many men would not admit to being sexually assaulted, so who knows how common this is.

I read a lot of books and I have read many accounts, firsthand accounts, by Blacks who say that in the youth authority, and in prison, they regularly rape White boys and men. White men are targets, period. Making a White man into a bitch is a real turn on for some Black men. My ex boyfriend, an Hispanic was in jail and said White men have it pretty fucked up. He said he was sorry for them. When the Black men get out of jail they continue the behavior they practiced in jail, that is, the subjugation of White men.

Steven R. Donaldson, the science fiction writer, was thrown into a cell with hardcore criminals after an anti-war protest in the 60's and he was raped over 80 times in 2 days. The truth is out there, but nobody wants to accept it. Maybe if we started throwing the liberal White guys into jail with the Blacks, they would get a taste of the truth. Actually the delivery driver was probably a liberal, until that fateful day.

Why is it ok for Harry Reid to be a Mormon, but not ok for Mitt Romney?

Harry Reid converted to Mormonism, which is stranger than believing in that clap trap because you grew up in it. Either the left is unaware of Harry's Mormonism or they are using double standards as usual.

Global warming is supposedly going to disproportionately affect the "people of color"

Hmm.. let's see. What is wrong with this prediction? Well, for one thing, in most third world countries it's already hotter than hell. Caucasians have not evolved to live in extremely hot temperatures, so I think it is "people without color" who will suffer the most, should the highly unlikely event of global warming occur.

Seriously bizarre names for cute character tape!

Right wing co-worker bought these tape dispensers for Miss C. Clotty Pussi and Fishing Pussi! I kid you not! Click on pic to enlarge if you don't believe me!

Western Europeans can do one thing right!

That'd be chocolate! Here in America we are thinking of changing the ingredients of chocolate to include less of what makes chocolate, chocolate. If they do this, they should call it "American chocolate" like "American cheese," which is nasty and not cheese at all. Miss C will not be partaking of American chocolate!

I still admire George W. Bush

All you right wingers dissing on our President listen up. Bush is allowed to deviate from the orthodoxy a bit. He toes the line on everything else dear to the right wing heart. He has been spending like a drunken sailor at a strip club and you all didn't seem to mind. It's not like he has suddenly declared that killing babies is fine and dandy with him. He disagrees with most of the right on immigration is all. Let him have his flaws. We are not like the left. Look what the left did to Joseph Lieberman. He disagreed with them on one point and one point only, otherwise he was as loyal a party member as even Stalin could have wanted. But that was not good enough for the left. They crucified him. Bush has taken the shit storm flung at him by the left, he is in hell. Let's not join the poo flinging chorus.

The war on poverty is still a quagmire!

Funny how the left is still demanding that the right help solve the war on poverty. Why do they need our help? Why haven't they eliminated poverty yet? They have all the power of the European Union and still many parts of the third world are wallowing in their own sewage. What's up with that? I propose that the French citoyens work an extra 5 hours a week and donate their saleries for those 5 hours to the third world. Viola, poverty solved!

Good name for a punk band

The George W. Bushes!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Leftards just don't get irony, it must be a brain thing

Listening to an interview with the founder of the band Ozomatli on NPR was very amusing. He went on and on about his, and his band mates', dedication to social causes and the anti-war movement. He talked about a song he had written from the viewpoint of a soldier in Iraq ( a viewpoint which I take leave to doubt that he knows one wit about, by the by).
Then the interviewer asked where the band's name derived from and the less than bright young man replied, "It's an Aztec name." At which point I began to laugh uncontrollably. As if, oh my God, the Aztecs were not the most deliciously warlike people ever!