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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vicious teenagers of Oakland making our lives a living hell

Whilst waiting for the bus last night, we were treated to the sight of a vicious beating perpetrated by 5 somewhat less than charming teen girls upon a teen boy.

They came to the bus stop like a troop of baboons, hooting and presenting their rumps, commenced to harassing, cursing at, hitting and finally, just as the bus pulled up, engaging in a full on, brutal attack, beating the poor boy senseless, as I screamed at them to stop. This continued until he could was no longer able stand up on his own and lay like a limp rag upon the curb of our bus stop. Finally, two men, a young gay Black guy and a white guy dressed like a rapper, stepped in to to push the girls off and tried to lift the dazed boy to his feet.

Bus passengers were horrified. African-Americans expressed embarrassment at the fact that the girls were of their race and lamented at the lack of parental control. I did not like to tell them that the parents of these kids are probably worse than the teens. I am surprised that they don't know it.

"I am glad they are not my generation," one lady said.

"I regret to say they are of mine," another teen said.

The buses now have to run in packs as the drivers are so besieged and beset by the teens leaving locals schools that they are afraid to drive alone.

One driver regularly tells the teens, as they exit the bus, to "get off, go away, get off my bus, good riddance."

When we warned him that a badly beaten teen was collapsed between his bus and the curb, he said, "I don't give a damn, as long as he's not on my bus."

Wow, I am almost proud of the Democrats for the first time in my life

For not going all Stalin on Lieberman. Of course this is just for political expediency. They want more people on their side and he votes with them most of the time. I wonder if he's learned his lesson and now knows not to deviate one iota from liberal/left orthodoxy again. Not even if it's to protect his own jewish ass.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The way lefties think and why most of them should not be in charge of children

Lakshmi and Rama, my neighborhood liquor store owners have a beautiful, gentle daughter. Their daughter is now attending a college of medicine in Poland. Their daughter is a talented pianist and a straight A student.

Lakshmi and Rama have worked at liquor stores, gas stations and check cashing businesses. Sacrificing any semblance of a normal life to raise and educate their daughter, Rama was shot while working at a check cashing business and he lost his right eye as a result.

They work 14 to 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are like the cartoon character Apu, the Quicky Mart owner in the Simpson's show. In one episode Apu stands up at a town meeting and says, "I have been shot 5 times and as a consequence I almost missed work, once."

They have been robbed twice in their current location and Lakshmi told me that she does not let her daughter hang out in the store any more because she is afraid that they will be robbed again and her daughter will be harmed. In her early years, the daughter stocked supplies.

They sent their daughter to a strict Catholic school. Sometimes money got tight, but their daughter told them that public school here was not an option. She worked her butt off in a school that had high academic standards. Last year whilst attending college in Pennsylvania, she was disappointed to find the course work involved using textbooks and materials she had already studied in high school.

During her final year of high school, she won a $1,000 scholarship from a scholarship funded by President Bush. During the ceremony given to the winners of the high school scholarships the principals of the public high schools and the catholic high schools attended. One of the principals recognized Lakshmi and Rama from the liquor store. He walked up to their daughter and said, "I know you. You don't deserve this scholarship, because your parents own a liquor store."

Lakshmi said her daughter was furious. "I do deserve it. I worked hard for this scholarship," she replied.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Discovery Channel's program, "The Deadliest Catch" seems to refute the theory of global warming

As I watched the second season, I noticed a lot of evidence to show that there was no warming in the Bering sea. The crab fishermen were saying that the icepack had actually traveled further south than they had ever seen it. I looked it up on the net because I was curious to know if anyone had asked the crab boat pilots what their take was on global warming. Someone had indeed.

Johnathan Hillstrand: "I want to see global warming, I have not seen it yet. We have a glacier that has grown 5 miles in the last two years. In the Southeast opi fishing has not seen global warming but we've been waiting for it. Bring it on!"

Friday, November 14, 2008

We are all doomed!

The Russian president is visiting Venezuela and Cuba. The Democrats will not let us drill for oil, despite the fact that Iran, Russia and Venezuela are ascending in power because of their oil revenues.

A US without Bush is not going to be equiped to deal with the dire threat China, who hacked into both presidential candidates' campaign websites, will pose. China will no doubt increase its exports of poisoned food stuffs and Iran will increase its threatening rhetoric and missile launching and Russia will throw its weight around in Europe. The terrorists of the middle east will build strength even as the Democratic lickspittles cosy up to them.

The lunatics who think that a weak US headed by an emasculated president will bring peace and prosperity are going to learn a hard lesson.

As David Lee Roth once said, "The world is a swirling cesspool of gloom and doom."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Religious fundamentalist Democrats

All the religious fundamentalists I know are people of color, and registered Democrats. Blacks, Mexicans Filipinos, Tongans, Chinese and Koreans.

Every Black person I heard or saw interviewed before, during and after Obama's election said that they were praying, or had prayed, for Obama's victory. Does the fact that Obama was elected by religious fundamentalists bother the left?

Not likely.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Blacks and immigrants and gay marriage propositions

I warned my gay friends before the election that Blacks and immigrants would vote against them and for the Proposition to ban gay marriage.

White liberals have always been deluded fools when it comes to minorities. In this election Blacks showed how little fondness they actually feel for White liberals. The fact that they came out in droves to vote for a Black presidential candidate when they have never voted in droves for a White liberal, should tell you something. They don't like or trust Whites, even liberal Whites. As for gays, they really don't like them either.

I have seen a few incidents of anti-gay sentment in my time and they were all perpetrated by Blacks. We had to take homosexual sensitivity training because of a fight between Blacks and gays in my workplace. During our class, I got into it with a White woman who claimed that Blacks were progressive. I told her she was wrong. The recent election proves my point but I always knew that Blacks did not really approve of the homosexual lifestyle. They even think that gays are a White invention.

A few weeks ago , while riding the bus, I saw a Black kid call a gay Mexican guy a "Bitch ass nigger." Another time, on the bus, a Black man refused to let a gay guy sit next to him and verbally abused the gay guy and threatened him with violence for the entire 20 minutes I was on the bus to hear it.

Another Black woman who regularly rode the bus, took a dislike to the gay male supervisors she worked under. She spent months engaging in loud conversations on the bus about how she could not work with gays. It was horrible and I would not engage with her and would continually shush her. She was oblivious and treated the passengers to loud imitations of effeminate gay men's voices and walks. This went on for months. She disappeared and I hope she got fired.

Prop 8 opponents constantly compare the laws against interracial marriage to the laws against gay marriage. The truth is, most Blacks are against interracial marriage too. They don't go in much for marriage at all. I guess its something Whitey does, kind of like getting an education.

When I am sitting on the bus, listening to some Black guy brag on his cell phone about hoarding cough medicine with codiene he gets from Kaiser hospital by "pretending" to have a cough. And he tells his phone companion that he is going to get high and have a couple of little 15 year olds come over to service him and Lord knows that the government is going to end up supporting the progeny of said encouter, who, sadly, carry his substandard genes. We will also end up supporting the 15 year old girls who will bear the kids, and I think about the fact that many Blacks claim to be Christians but really are nothing of the sort. A man like him has no right to vote against gay marriage and act as if other people are the "perverts."

As for immigrants voting against gay marriage, they are from traditional cultures. The couple I went to the Hindu temple with are going to arrange a marraige for their daughter. You can't expect them to suppport gay marriage.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Congratulations to our first president elected through affirmative action

Of course, affirmative action is a good thing!

Muslims lump themselves together so we don't have to!

Next time a lefty snarls at you and says whingingly, "Saddam Hussein didn't attack us so why did we invade Iraq?" Ignore the fact that the lefty doesn't mean that we should have attacked Egypt and Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq and reply,

"It really doesn't matter which Muslim country we attack in retaliation as they are one and the same."

Then, back it up by quoting this recent column written by an Indonesian Muslim who speaks for the entire Muslim world as they are all heads of the hydra..

"There is no doubt that the majority of Muslims from all over the world - and particularly in Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation and the world's third largest democracy - are very happy that Obama has won the U.S. presidential election. Muslims all over the world rejoice in Obama's promise to end the occupation in Iraq responsibly, accelerate efforts to bring peace in Palestine and to strengthen law and order in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Muslims realize President Obama will face a lot of obstacles. But he brings, at the very least, a lot of hope.
We Indonesians view Obama with a special feeling of attachment for an obvious reason: He lived in Jakarta for 3 1/2 years as a child. We believe that Obama, with his multiracial background and experience in multicultural and multi-religious Indonesia, will have a better perspective to deal with this complex world. And because of his background, he will be more likely to use "soft power" than military might when dealing with other countries. This could lead to a better and more peaceful world for us all."

c.2008 International Herald Tribune/ Azyumardi Azra is the former rector of the State Islamic University in Jakarta.

In actuality America is far more muti-cultural and multi-religious than Indonesia.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My supervisor's 14 month old son was watching Obama's acceptance speech

when he suddenly hopped up and ran over to his toy box. He tossed the toys out of his box onto the floor like mad until he found what he was looking for.

A small American flag they had given him on the 4th of July. Then he went to sit down again in front of the TV and wave his little flag.

My supervisor said that she had forgotten the flag was in the toy box.

Deadlier than the male!

Michelle Obama is going to kill and eat her smaller brown husband. Then she will be queen! Bwah ha ha ha ha........

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"America Votes, but First It Must Wait in Long Lines"

Co-worker was belly aching about her fear that people might be disuaded from voting because they have to wait in long lines.

"Maybe those people shouldn't vote I said, if they are that easily disuaded. Good things come to those who wait."

Americans want everything to be easy. Wars, elections, buying houses with no money down and no money in the bank. Babies!

I am against torture, but I am for killing

A co-wroker was just making fun of McCain's "short little arms." Right-wing co-wroker and I explained to her the reason that McCain's arms are all fucked up.

"Oh, she said. I didn't know"

Right-wing co-worker said, "Yeah, those people really torture people."

"I am against torture, I said. If we'd a killed those guys in Guantanamo when we first laid eyes on them, they wouldn't be prisoners in Guantanamo right now. Take no prisoners is my motto.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's evil, racist granny finally kicks the bucket!

Everybody dance!

"I liked the badger because it wasn't a lion"

My ex, the taxidermist, and some of his hunter friends used to stage an event for blind kids. They would bring their stuffed animals to an arena and the kids would be able to feel them to get an idea of what the animals looked like. The hunters brought crocodiles, lions, bears, badgers, foxes, snakes etc.

Later, the kids in one entirely Hispanic class wrote a letter to my boyfriend telling him how much they enjoyed the experience.

" I liked the badger the best, said one boy. I liked the badger because it wasn't a lion."

Me thinks that the people who are so in love with Obama might have a case of.

"I like Obama best. I like Obama because he isn't a Bush.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Decals on newspaper racks

I think they tie in with each other