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Friday, August 31, 2007

If Senator Craig was a Democrat

The police would be in hot water right now as the media and the left spun the police sting operation and Craig's subsequent arrest into a discrimination against gays incident.

Mexican 300

Check out the parody of the film 300 on No Pasaran. Hilarious!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senator Craig is a "member" of the LGBT community, own him gay people!

Pun intended.

Americans getting shorter???

In this study they excluded Asians on account of they are thought to be, um, short. They should have included them. The young Asians here in the bay area are getting taller and taller. It's common now to see Chinese-American boys over six feet tall. We have quite a few 20 something Asian girls working here who are about 5'10.

While Americans die trying to bring democracy to the world,

the French are engaged in a desperate struggle to keep the word "airbag" from being used in France. It's a dirty job but some Frenchman's got to make the world a better place, for me and you, just wait and see.

Indian cotton farmers committing suicide at massive rates because American and European governments give welfare payments to our farmers

More muderous consequences of liberal policies. Giving subsidies to farmers is on a par with the Dutch paying welfare to artists who can't sell their work. If you can't make a living at something you should move on to another profession. It's the old story of liberals rewarding failure, which goes against Darwinism and natural selection.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jury duty, chapter 3

Chato puts the gun to the driver's door of the Bronco and fires it. The bullet goes through the door and into Boo's upper left calf. Chato's friends reach in and yank off Boo's gold chains. Chato puts the gun to Boo's head and says, "You know where the next one's going, get out the car!." Boo gets out of the car and Chato's buddies push Boo to the ground, punching and kicking him. Chato gets into the Bronco and yells, "Where are the keys?" Boo says "Fuck you!" Chato finds the keys on the floor and starts the Bronco, his friends get in the 2 other cars. They drive away and as Chato drives by Boo he yells, "Don't snitch!" He and his amigos turn right, out of the cul de sac, and drive toward the freeway.

One hour previous to the car jacking, Sheila Revee Luna was chillin' in the small camper she often parked in the cul de sac in the driveway of the concrete business she worked at. Her boss would let her park there and take her breaks and lunch in the camper. Ms Luna's boyfriend had stopped by to visit her in the camper and he had mentioned that he saw Boo parked in his Bronco at the end of the cul de sac. Ms Luna had partied with Boo one night and Boo and her boss had installed a new floor in her camper. She knew Boo to sleep in his car in the cul de sac pretty regularly. She did not know him by his real name, she only knew his nickname.

Some time after her boyfriend had told her of Boo's presence she heard yelling and angry voices. The she heard a pop. Then came a knock at her camper door and Boo's voice saying, "Let me in, I've been shot." She did not want to let him in, but she knew him and he convinced her that the shooters had left. She let him in and he called 911 on her cell phone. After that he was on hold for 20 minutes before the CHP forwarded the call to the Oakland Police Dept, hereafter referred to as OPD. In the call Boo said, I've just been car jacked and shot. It was a guy named Chata, (the name differed from the actual nickname, but it was close) He's Hispanic, he lives on Santa Rita St. There were 3 of them, they got out of a silver Toyota and a red Honda. They were all Hispanic. One of them had bad teeth, like a heroin addict. They took everything I own. They took my gold chains. The took my Green Bronco with $4,000 rims. They shot me in the leg.

The police arrived and one of the officers found a bullet casing at the end of the cul de sac where Boo had been parked. He picked it up for evidence. The EMT's had arrived and were working on Boo. They drove him to Highland Hospital. The OPD officer who had responded to the scene went to the hospital to take Boo's statement. She wrote that he said the gun used was a 35 caliber revolver, black in color, with a nickle plated handle. He repeated the information he had given to the 911 dispatcher. They kept him overnight at the hospital. An OPD officer took pictures of Boo as he slept and close ups of the bullet wound. The doctors told Boo the bullet would work its way out of his leg in time and that removing it would cause more damage. He left the next day and according to his testimony he stayed with various family members, moving from house to house for safety' sake.

He said that his family and friends have suffered retaliation from Chato's friends. Boo was evicted from an apartment recently because his front window kept getting smashed. When the defense attorney grilled him about the "supposed acts of vandalism and retaliation" and demanded to know where and when these incidents occurred, Boo declined for reasons of safety. The defendant Chato let out the most heinous laugh at that point. It was a defining moment.

The defense attorney, pit bull like, again tried to demand that he give up that information. He asked Boo why he could not see his kids (at one point he told of his depression at being separated from his kids), "Where do your kids live?" he asked. "Aren't you being ridiculous to say that they might be victims of retaliation? Tell us about these so-called acts that have been perpetrated against your family." Then Boo looked at the defense attorney and said, "You don't really want me to tell you." The inference was that it would make Chato look bad. The defense attorney got a funny look on his face as he realized, belatedly, how stupid the request was and how bad his client would appear if Boo answered his questions. That was another defining moment.

To be continued.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ugly French people try to imitate us, UGH!!!

Lord forgive them!

Hat tip to No Pasaran!

Versus totally kewl, good looking Americans

The Anti-Americans

PBS's series America At the Crossroads/The Anti-Americans was damn funny!I order you to go to the website and watch the clips of little French children who have been drilled into becoming nasty little racist xenophobes, and listen to rich elitist Brits at a dinner party making idiots of themselves as they show their abysmal ignorance of reality. One British guy claims that all blue collar guys are ignorant and inarticulate. One reasonable and intelligent Brit interviewed said that anti-Americans are such hypocrites, it's as if they are sucking off one tit while punching the other!" Strangely enough the French Muslims living in French tenement apartments and who are not part of the great french socialist dream, express admiration for George Bush, not because of his policies but because, as they put it, "He gets things done."

Do You Like Baken?

As part of a public service capaign to discourage "tagging" or grafitti on county transit buses, they have posted signs on the buses saying,

"Do you see a cop? Tag a bus and you will."

The other day I was riding on a bus and noticed that someone had written over the wheel well,

"Do you like baken? Tag this bus and you will smell it!"

Monday, August 27, 2007

Cockfighting ring broken up in San Jose, California

Do you think Gary had anything to do with it?

Iraq in Fragments

The documentary consists of a trilogy. The first is about an orphaned Sunni boy practically enslaved by an awful man who calls the boy a "pimp" and son of a whore" and regularly beats the crap out of him. The second part involves Muqtada Al Sadr's followers and shows the bitterness they feel at having been liberated by the US and how badly they want us out of Iraq. The third follows a Kurdish boy and his elderly father, who does not want his son to end up a poor shepherd, like himself.

The cinematography in this film is gorgeous. Footage of a Shia flagellation ceremony is stunningly beautiful. Saddam Hussein had forbidden the Shia practice of self flagellation, much like the American government once outlawed the Native American Sun Dance ceremony, on the grounds that it is too brutal. The Shia are practicing it again since the overthrow of Saddam.

Some Shia arrest and beat some alcohol sellers and the sellers tell their attackers that it is the same as it was under Saddam.

The elderly Kurdish man says that God sent the US to save the Kurds. He also calls the US "her" as in, she's feminine.

Sign in the window at the Mongolian restaurant

Sheff Salad

Friday, August 24, 2007

Jury duty, chapter two

Two days after Boo drops Chato off at Santa Rita street, he gets a call from him. Chato wants Boo to drive him to Hayward where they will pick up a large TV from Chato's sister's house. Chato offered Boo a laptop for his trouble. Boo said he did not think the TV would fit in his Bronco so he borrowed a friend's van. The friend, Yannick, let Boo borrow his van and tools when Boo needed them to do plumbing jobs. When the defense grilled Boo and asked him why Yannick would loan his van to Boo, a known meth addict, Boo said "Sometimes life is just that way." Once in a while a contractor would want him to dig a trench or something and he would leave his Bronco with Yannick and he would take care of it and the contents and Boo would use, then return, the van and tools in perfect condition as well.

So Boo and Chato went to the sister's house and drove into the garage. The large TV was sitting in the back of a huge SUV, a Cadillac Escalade. They loaded it into the van. Boo said maybe they went into the kitchen and had a drink of water. Then they drove back to Oakland. Boo began to call people to see if they wanted to buy the TV, without luck. They drove over to a cul de sac where many druggies and homeless people hung out. There were a few businesses in the cul de sac and a friend of Boo's haad a shop there and Boo said he had also bought some stuff from him before, but the friend was not in. Boo told Chato that he often slept in his car in the cul de sac.

Then the pair drove to Miss C's old neighborhood. They drove into a church parking lot across from Miss C's mom's very favorite KFC. Boo sometimes sold things to the pastor of the church. This time the pastor was not interested in the TV. While they were in the parking lot a woman drove in in a red Mercury, she could not turn the engine off and was very pissed. Chato went over to help her and she offered him the car for $300.

Chato came back to the car and told Boo he wanted to sell the TV and get the money for the car. Then possibly speakers were discussed. Chato asked Boo if he would give him speakers for the car he was going to buy with the money from the TV. Boo said sure. Boo was at this time having severe muscle spasms all down his left side. He told Chato he needed to go to the drug store and get some medicine. Chato began to belittle Boo and call him some kind of gangsta insult to the effect that Boo was a pussy. Boo was getting pissed again. Then Chato began telling Boo that he did not want to be on this particular street(again, the exact area Miss C grew up in) as people were looking to kill him and he did not want to be seen. Boo was by this time, sick of his shit and told him Yannick would drop him off at his brother's house with the TV. Boo called Yannick and he met them at the drug store. Yannick wanted the TV but did not have the money for it. Boo left in the Bronco. Yannick left with Chato and the TV in the van.

The next day Chato called and told Boo he had a car and wanted his speakers. He had given Boo the laptop and wanted the speakers in return. Boo told him that he would give him the speakers just to get rid of him. He said the laptop did not work. Chato kept calling Boo, threatening him, telling him not to fuck with him. A few other people called Boo and told him that Chato was saying that he was going to car jack him. All this time Boo was doing meth. He had been doing meth for about three days and was coming down and needed to sleep so he headed for the cul de sac. He pulled his car into the end of the cul de sac and had been sleeping for about an hour and it was about 2 in the afternoon when he heard cars drive in very fast.

As he lifted his head he saw a red Honda and a silver Toyota pull up and block his car in. He saw Chato get out, along with 2 other Hispanic males, one with, as Boo put it, "Heroin teeth, messed up teeth." Chato was waving a gun at Boo and Boo asked him if this was about the speakers. Chato said "It ain't about the speakers no more, I'm taxin' you. I'm taxin' you! Now get out the car!" The other two guys were punching Boo through the window and Boo was trying to keep them from opening the door. Heroin teeth told Chato to "Shoot his fucking ass, just shoot him! Kill his fucking ass!"

To be continued............

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jury duty, chapter one

One of my workmates commented today that I do not seem like my old self. I have to admit this is true. Jury duty took it out of me. It was a hellacious experience. In fact, I think it is cruel and unusual punishment to subject good people to such stress as we, the jury, suffered. I will hereby relate the experience in chapters. Every time I tell the story of the trial to someone my heart starts squeezing up and I feel as if I am about to expire, so I will give it to you in small doses. It's an interesting, if awful, story.

I am going to change the names of the people involved. I do not want anyone to google the defendent's and witnesses' actual names, aliases, or the gangsta names they go by. At the end of the story you will learn why. Each of the names I will use are close in meaning and/or sound to the actual monikers and given names of the people involved.

"G-code" is the gangsta code against snitching. "Licks" are crimes drug addicts do to stir up money for drugs, often in the wee hours of the morning when addicts are coming down from their highs, or "crashing." They break into ATMs and pay phones, engage in petty theft, stuff like that.

I did not expect to get picked for the jury. We went through 2 days of selection and I was picked at nearly the end of the last day of selection. The District Attorney, Gia Santiago is a tiny, cute, twenty something Filipina-American. The Defense Attorney Mr Wong, is a fifty something Chinese-American who looks like an Eskimo wearing a fancy Italian suit. Both of the attorneys dismissed and dismissed potential jurors until the room was near emptied out. Many of the minorities were dismissed because they had been victims of crime. They were dismissed for cause during Voir Dire. A woman from India said that criminals had more rights than victims. A man from China said he knew the defendent was guilty.

Many Hispanic jurors had relatives in jail or who were police officers, possibly both in the same family. One Hispanic woman's daughter had been raped. A Black guy had 2 nephews who had arranged a hit on someone. A Filipino man's mother had been shot and murdered. Every time the judge asked potential jurors if they had been the victims of crime a majority of people raised their hands and told of horrific experiences. I knew no one who worked in law enforcement and had never been a victim of a serious crime and I said so. I said I could be fair and impartial.

Some people felt that having tools taken from their garage made them a victim of a serious crime. It's all in how you look at things. I personally do not agree that petty theft is a serious crime. To me, a serious crime involves the loss of expensive property or being the victim of violence. I told them my dad had been arrested and charged with assault on a police officer and my aunt, his sister, had driven her car into someone's house and served time in jail for it. The judge asked me if this was a long time ago and I said 15 years. I thought about telling her that I had once gotten myself and my friends kicked out of a bowling alley for repeatedly walking on the lane, but it really was no time for levity.

They announced our names aloud as went up to sit in the jury box and asked where we lived and worked and even asked people with grown children where their children worked. They did this right in front of the defendent. I found this very irresponsible of the people in charge of the system. At one point I noticed a very beautiful, very tall Latina in the audience during Jury selection. She was there nearly the whole time. Someone noticed her and the bailiffs made her leave. I did not know what that was about at the time, but I found out later.

I got called up to the jury box after many rounds of dismissals. Just before lunch I was asked to come up and sit in alternate juror chair 13. Lucky 13. I knew I was in big trouble. Then we broke for lunch. I went to work and told them I was just called into chair 13. My workmates laughed. One workmate, who hates me, told me they'd never pick me in a million years. Boy was he wrong!

After lunch the attorneys continued to question us. They asked us if we had any problem convicting someone on the testimony of one witness. They emphasised that over and over. They asked us if we had a problem believing people who had been car theives or prostitutes or had been convicted of felony drug possession. I didn't. Just because you lie once doesn't mean you are always lying or that you lie about everything, all the time.

When neither attorney asked me follow up questions after I answered the stock questions I knew I was in trouble. The DA dismissed another juror from chair 3 and the judge told me to move into it. I was juror number 3. They picked 3 alternates, one of whom was an anarchist who said he did not believe in our justice system and could never judge anyone. He was royally pissed to have been selected. The other one was the only Hispanic juror, a very nice woman and the third was a Chinese Christian who worked for the post office and smiled all the time. This was on Thursday and the judge told us the trial would start on the following Monday. I went back to work, mind you I work across the street from the courthouse.

Monday morning, at 9:30, the attorneys made their opening statements. The defendent, an Hispanic male, Roberto Navarro, aka Chato Loco, was acused of car jacking, shooting in the leg, and causing great bodily injury to one African-American male, Mr Sam Hendrickson, aka Boo. He was charged with 2nd degree robbery. Having been previously convicted of felony marijauna possession he was also accused of being a felon in possesion of a deadly weapon.

Boo tesitified for one and a half days on the witness stand. His story is this, on or about March 5, 06, he went over to a friend's, (Bam Bam, who was in jail) girlfriend's (Tiffany) house to help her move. (The street Tiffany lived on is a block from where my parents lived when I was born) Boo went over late in the afternoon in his 1986 green Ford Bronco. Bo bought the Bronco for $200 in Dec,2005, at a Volunteers of America auction. He paid another $40 in processing fees. His Bronco had $4,000 rims on it and contained twenty speakers, his mother's ashes, his clothes, his Ipod and all his worldly goods in it, as Boo was homeless at the time and a meth addict. Boo was a plumber and when he worked he could make 5 or 6 hundred dollars a day. He admitted he had a $50 a day meth habit. He had been convicted of car theft and being a felon and having a gun on his person and making false statements to the police.

Boo met the defendent at Tiffany's house along with about 11 other people. Everyone was doing meth and after they moved Tiffany's stuff(Boo says he put a mattress on top of the Bronco) some of the people asked if they could stay overnight in the empty house. Boo said everyone was crashing, coming down from the meth and it was a bad scene at the empty house and shit was getting weird and as a result he wanted to leave. It was 4:30 AM. As Boo left, Chato, who had been intoduced to Boo as Willy's cousin, asked if Boo would give him a ride to Santa Rita Street. Boo said he would. As they drove around they decided that coming down from meth was a bitch and that they needed some money for more meth. Boo started telling Chato what kind of "licks" he did to get quick cash, such as breaking into the machines at gas stations with a drill.

Chato told Boo that he liked to car jack people. Boo said he didn't like that one bit and was getting pissed and did not like Chato's action and wanted to get him out of the car, but he knew Chato had a brother who sold good dope. He liked his brother's dope, so he didn't want to get rude but he really wanted him out of his car. Chato told Boo to stop at a friend's house. Chato went in to the yard of the house and came back with a drill. The drill had the wrong bit for what Boo wanted it for. They went to a gas station anyway to try it but the air machine was too close to the cashier and it was getting light so Boo just dropped Chato at Santa Rita street.

To be continued...

Go read John McWhorter this instant

He's Black you stupid liberals so don't say shit! He is the first person to say that there is a subculture of violence going on in the inner cities that is separate from the "fight for civil rights" "social justice" and whatnot. All that crap is totally beside the point. What good people of color need or want has nothing to do with the animal stupidity of young Black men destroying each other, and the people around them.

Miss C will tell y'all about her jury service this evening. It's hella f'ing crazy. Just yous wait!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Miss C makes a citizen's arrest

Right wing co-worker's mom moved into one of the cottages near Miss C. Right wing co-worker has 6 brothers and sisters! One of his nephews had a yard sale last weekend. He had some handcuffs for sale, which Jamel found irresistable. He conned his Grandmas into letting him buy them for $1.75, a real steal!

He immediately ran to Miss C, handed them to her, put his hands behind his back and demanded that she cuff him. So she did! He forgot that he had put the keys in his pocket, a pretty deep pocket. Miss C got the key for him, but he had a heck of a time getting out of the cuffs, as you can see!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Evil Bastard Joe Biden to send son to kill and maim innocent Iraqis and possibly die in an insurgent attack

He's as bad as that effing bitch Cindy Sheehan who sent her poor son Casey to die like a dog. I'm sure glad Republican Mitt Romney didn't force his kids to fight and die in Iraq like those scum sucking Democrats did their innocent little children!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Miss C is a juror!

The trial begins on Monday. My mind is taken up with the big responsibility that it is. I can't think of much else and won't be blogging much. I am trying to get as much work done as possible so that right wing co-worker is not completely swamped next week.

Right wing co-worker at the psychomatronic film show

Co-worker goes to art house films. A friend of his has a theater that has couches and you can buy beer and wine and eat pizza during the movie. Best of all, no kids allowed, except on baby night. He just opened another theater in a nearby city.

Last week the owner decided to let kids into the new theater for the first time for a special show. The show was billed as a psychomatronic show. The owner had rented some old films and commercials. He had not watched the film strips and so was surprised to see a commercial in which General Mills talked about how healthy Cheerios were whilst lovingly dragging on a cigarette. Then a young Frank Gifford came on screen to say that unfiltered Lucky Strikes were great.

The embarrassed theater owner got up on stage and said, "Kids, smoking isn't cool!"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The sign next to Miss C's front door

You don't know what you got til it's gone

Jamel came over 2 weeks ago and showed me a new metal change box his grandma had bought him. He's 8 now and that seems to be the age where kids become interested in cool stuff and realize that the way to get cool stuff is to get money from grown ups. In other words they become greedy little shits. He had a lemonade sale last weekend and made thirty bucks. One lady gave him five bucks for a cup of lemonade and told him to keep the change. Now he wants to sell lemonade every day!

When he showed me the box, he pointed out a couple of rolls of pennies to me and spoke of his pleasure in rolling them. A dastardly idea came to me and I was unable to resist it. I have been collecting pennies for a few years now and did not know how to get rid of them. So I went into the kitchen and got a huge plastic bowl and proceeded to pour all my pennies, from every container in the house, into it. Then I gave it to Jamel. He could hardly carry it, it was that heavy. As he walked into his Grandma's cottage he told her I had given him the pennies. She yelped, "What?!" I cringed, but I was not really that sorry. A few days later he brought a few dollars rolled and asked if I would give him dollar bills instead. I guess he was a little tired of counting and rolling. I told him "No way! I don't want those damn pennies, that's why I gave them to you!"

Today Jamel told me he had finished rolling the pennies and had taken them to the bank. "They gave me $40.00," he said, "2 twenties!"

"What?!" I yelped.

Another sexually frustrated lefty sends an angry email reply to Miss C's CL post

"W would be very proud of your lack of intelligence Ms White Trash"

Note: Miss C is not a Ms.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Conservatives are always making fun of people who listen to Hollywood actors when they talk politics.

Those selfsame conservatives are all up in Fred Thompson's ass. UGH! Think about it people. Fred Thompson is Alec Baldwin turned inside out!

Hoof in mouth disease

Jamel went to the building museum the other day, he said he made a ladder there. He came back with a scrap of PVC pipe and a long strip of some fibrous material. He was playing with them in front of my cottage. He pounded the pipe into my yard and made a big hole in my yellow and brown weeds that pass for a lawn. I told him to stop.

Whereupon he put the fiber strip into the pipe and flung the pipe overhand and the fiber strip flew out of the pipe and traveled about a hundred feet.

"Wow, I said, very impressed, that was really cool, it's a spearchukker!" Then I covered my mouth with my hands and looked around to make sure nobody had heard. God, I hope he doesn't repeat it!

But it gets worse. I was tearing up the vines smothering my cottage and Jamel came outside and started to sweep up the vines I had pulled down. He often mows my lawn, for monetary gain. His grandma came over and said, "Are you helping her do yard work?"

So I said, "Well, that's pretty much all they're good for." Then as I thought about what I had just said, I scrambled for cover. "Uh, kids, I mean, that's all kids are good for, heh, heh."

The inability of liberal teachers to enforce discipline on Black children is killing Black children

I watched the movie, Pride, last night starring the delectable Terrence Howard, and it reminded me of something. On NPR a few months ago they did an interview with a White liberal former teacher who had gone down to the south to teach in a segregated school. Right away the Black kids in her class started to act out. The teacher was unable to enforce order in the class. Some of the students went home and told their parents that the White lady could not control her class.

Now this was in an era where if a Black child spoke insolently to a White person, that child might be killed. Like Emmit Till. Enforcing discipline meant life or death to those children, but the White liberal woman could not do it. Liberals are not tough is all. They are too busy feeling sorry for the kids to be of any use.

The parents demanded a meeting with the school principal, wherein they demanded she do her job, which as they saw it was to enforce discipline. The White teacher saw that the school principal would side with her, because she was White, so she decided she would quit and she did.

This is still going on to this very day. My friend was telling me today about his teacher in Philly, an Irish woman by the name of Miz Fitzgerald, but the Black kids called her Fitzy because she could throw a fight. He said she was a tiny woman but she could handle a class of 250 Black kids with ease.

We need more teachers like Miz Fitzy!

Charming homeless people of San Francisco

The young man standing front and foremost prefers to be called, Repo Violence. Vector control should handle the removal of this vermin. They should set out those bear traps that have been outlawed for years. How's that for a little violence?

Honestly, who would buy this shit? Outside of Canada at least.

When I was on Manitoulin Island, in Lake Huron, in the early 1990's, The Canadians all had gossip rags with Diana in them piled waist high (when you were on the toilet) in their bathrooms. They loved that girl. But a plate with Diana on it? Freaking weird!

Miss C posted again on Craigslist and got hate mail from a liberal!

The majority of mentally healthy, self confident liberals just ignored my post and moved on to the other million ads from ugly, uptight vegetarian women specifying liberal men only, but this guy could not resist sending me hate mail. Like most people afflicted with Bush derangement syndrome, he has no self control. I was sure to get a column out of it so I engaged with him. He also flagged my post repeatedly until they took it down. What a psycho.

My post went like this,

You can look like Fido's dinner as long as you have a boat !

That is, a boat that you take out on the water regularly. I am a former bad girl with a few nautical tattoos in girly places and very short hair. I love fishing and hiking, hiking and fishing, in those orders. Did I say I loved fishing and hiking? My musical tastes run the gamut, from punk to country, world music and classical and even hardcore rap. I am a film buff and watch a lot of foreign films and documentaries along with action and war movies. If you have objections to reading subtitles, I am not the lady for you.I only get along with conservatives, I repeat, I only get along with conservatives. There are plenty of liberal women here in the Bay Area to go around so don't take offense and don't write me hate mail. I love G.W Bush. You don't have to love him too, but I don't want to hear you dis him constantly either.I am looking for an easy going guy who is manly and can take charge. You should be active but not into extreme sports. I hate bikes, both motor and the kind with pedals. Pick up trucks are erotic to me, but it's ok if you don't have one, I guess.

Here is the hate mail and my replies;

(Hatemailer) "I was wondering who was part of that 25% percent(sic) who thinks Bush is still a good president. You must be illiterate.....

(Miss C) "Yes and you are with the majority. Congratulations, you follow the herd.
Are you afraid to think independently? The majority of Americans also believe in God, that don't make him real. The majority of Germans loved Hitler, that didn't mean they were right. I'll stay with the minority, thank you."

(HM) "Follow the herd!!!??????! The herd which includes you, not me, elected him!!!!!!! and now we are all Fucked. Go volunteer for Iraq if you believe in him so much."

(MC) "Oh, I thought Bush stole the election! You lefties always want it both ways. You are too silly for me!"

(HM) "That was the first election. Er, there was another election in 04 last I checked and you voted for him. See what happens when you skip school and miss the class on US Govt.
You don't even know what a lefty is other than what Bill O' Reilly tells you."

(MC) "Never have listened to, or seen Bill O' Reilly, not even once. For one thing I don't have cable and only really get 1 or 2 channels and he ain't on either of em. I get to hear about his antics from the lefties at work though. It's you guys who are obsessed with him. So as usual what a lefty thinks he knows and what he actually knows are 2 different things. You are behind the times if you think that Democrats don't think that Bush stole the second election. Because anytime the Dems lose it must be because of a stolen election. Y'alll have victim hood down to a fine art."

(HM) "1) You don't know what a liberal is
2) You don't know what a conservative is
3) You can't articulate why Bush is a good president
4) Hicks are the only people who still support him because all he has to do is wave a flag
and they wet themselves. If you have to use "ain't" or "em" of(sic) "Y'all" you are a
hick. never mind about pick-ups being erotic.
Read a book one day instead of going out "fishin. You might learn something."

(MC) "Yassir massa sir, i'sa gon reed a book, yooz da boss. tanks a hole bunch fo' edumacatin' me on accounta yooz so smart! i'z cant hep it tht i'z cant reed, i'z whent to skools taht buy liberls! i'z alays wonda howz i'z end'd ups workin' fo's da libary on acounta i's so dum."

(HM) "First in your family to graduate beyond the 4th grade I bet
"Pick-ups are erotic..." Typical Bush lover.....reee-tarded.
better get home to your trailor and put on your "I LOVE George BUSH and DICK Cheney" t-shirt, Aren't you late for your double shift at the Licker and Sticker Lounge?

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Hey, I speak SF retard."

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(MC) "Hey come on over to my blog. I am posting your emails, cuz they are so funny. Well not really, but they are a study in liberal character or lack thereof. It's ok if you don't have a sexy pick-up truck, lots of liberal gals get excited over Prius's, uh, I think."

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Black men who make over $100,000.00 are content to let the government support their kids

4 years ago I had a cute White co-worker who became pregnant by a Black Oakland cop. I feel comfortable calling him a Black cop, because there is a Black Police Officers Association. Anyway when the girl had to finally take off work in her later months of pregnancy, the Black cop told her to go and get on Welfare, as he was not going to support her and the baby. This after demanding that she name the baby, if a girl, after his mother. This cop worked a lot of overtime and made a lot of money.

So I told my co-worker that when she applied for Welfare, they would ask the name of the father. She would have to deny knowing who the father was and say that she had slept with multiple men. I thought it would not be wise for her to deny the cop as father to her child. Also, she was proud of the father anyway. So she was not willing to do that and told the cop, who then threw a royal fit.

All the Black women at work were mad at me, because I had made my co-worker make a Black man angry. They, of course, would never rock a Black man's boat. They would lie and cheat and steal for their useless men, content to let the government support their kids in order not to upset their delicate mens' sensitivities.

My new hairdresser is a Filipina. She used to be married to a Black guy. She has a daughter who is so gorgeous she makes Alicia Keys look ugly. My hairdresser works 14 hour days, She had breast cancer and still worked during her treatments. The other day I was getting my hair cut when her son called and asked her to take him and his sister for Korean food after she got off work. Then he called back and said that their dad was coming to get them. My hairdresser told her son to ask their dad to take them for Korean food. The kid told her he knew his dad would not take them. She hung up and told me the dad never takes the kids anywhere that costs money. Pretty typical.

Jamel and Devil Dog cooperate to take down prey

Street memorial for murdered journalist Chauncey Bailey "Silenced by a negative Black hand"

There was a story on NPR yesterday about how dangerous it is for journalists in Zimbabwe. Well, it's pretty Gawddamn dangerous here in Oakland too.

Friday, August 03, 2007

I must defend drunk astronauts as well

A few years back there was a really cool documentary about the difference between American and Russian pilots. The Russians came off looking way, way more macho and cooler than our pilots.

The Russians typically drink the night before flying. They may be killed the next day and they live as if that were the case. They can land in a field of debris, unlike our pilots who land after a careful sweep of the airfield by a team of men looking for small debris which might interfere with the landing. This was really stupid to me as pilots are hardly likely to have time for such sweeps during battle.

One time my stepdad's ship, while on a mission, met up with a Russian ship. The sailors boarded each others' ships and commenced to heavy partying and drinking. The Russians were pouring Vodka down the Americans throats.

As you can see this could have been a huge national security breach. But nothing untoward happened.

One time, my stepdad's ship also met up with Jaques Cousteau's ship, Calypso.

Possible connection between the hit on a local reporter and the SWAT raid of Your Black Muslim Bakery

My Chinese-American co-worker came in to work irritated this morning because the reporters on the local news incorrectly stated that SWAT teams were raiding "Your Muslim Bakery" instead of "Your Black Muslim Bakery." "It's the name." she said crankily. "Why can't they say the name?" "I said, "You know why." The real surprise is that they said "Muslim" Bakery.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Miss C lied when she said that regular guys were ok with her

She really wants to make it with Wolverine! Co-worker thinks it might be a dangerous mating. I don't know if he means our progeny might be scary, or if he thinks Miss C might hurt Wolverine in her passion.

I know why Bush hates the British and caused the rivers of Britain to rise

it's because they did not support his friend Tony Blair and the war on terror, but why does he hate the people of Minnesota so bad that he caused their bridge to collapse? I can think of a few states more worthy of his fantastical powers of telekenetic destruction.

Speaking of Farmer's markets

Bakesale Betty in Oakland makes fried chicken sandwiches. Here's a pic. I first ran into her at the farmers market.

I always wondered how they got the mixed greens so dry at the farmers market

Last night on PBS they showed a documentary by one of my favorite documentary film makers about farmer's markets across the US. This film maker has done the spiffiest documentaries about food, Sandwiches You Will Like and The Hot Dog Program. Both films made you want to travel around the country trying all the hot dogs and sandwiches at the places shown.

This one, To Market To Market To Buy a Fat Pig, was just as fun. Anyway, they showed an organic family farm and how the owners and their young daughters prepared the salad greens for sale. They spun the greens in a washing machine!

Every Rick Sebak film is a great one, subjects include unusual buildings, old fashioned amusement parks, flea markets and cemetaries.

The voice of reason from an oceanographer on the News Hour

DAVID HOLLAND, Oceanographer, New York University:

"So the IPCC report, there are two headlines from it. One is that, in the next century, the air temperature is going to increase. That is solid science, totally credible, believable, good observations, good models.
The second headline is that sea level will rise between 20 and 60 centimeters. That's totally incredible and unbelievable. That's just a guess based on past behavior, how much sea level has risen in the past century. We cannot predict yet sea level change, and we're stuck, and we're stuck because we aren't able to model processes that we have not observed."

Discussing the melting of a glacier in Greeland, David Holland says:

"And even with fresh water pouring in from the melting ice cap, they found water way back in the fjord where icebergs break off was salty, confirming Holland's suspicion that changes in the ocean may be what is causing the increased melting"

A local news reporter and editor was murdered in Miss C's stomping ground

today. He was shot in the back of the head by a man wearing all black and a ski mask and not a woman dressed in all black with a cat ear headband. We are sure it was a premeditated hit.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Miss C luvs custom cars

Libertarian co-worker took right-wing co-worker and me to visit his sister and brother-in-law. His brother-in-law is a famous custom car painter. We all got to sit at the table in the bus pictured here. The bus is pretty Gawddamned kewl!

Every day is a holiday for the homeless!

Yesterday on the local news they continued an investigation into the homeless encampments in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They interviewed a charming drunk, who said "I could get a room in the city but I just love it here."

Therein lies the problem. Homeless men lie around all day in public parks, drinking and partying like a bunch of college frat boys who never grew up. Most people have to work for a living and get to go camping and sleep under the stars in public parks only once or twice a year. We have to pay for the privilege of doing so.

As far as I am concerned, they should sweep up the homeless and put them on chain gangs and put their lazy no-good asses to work.