If you come in my cage I'll eat you too!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's bred in the bone comes out in the roast and the contrariness of small fry

My ex boyfriend the taxidermist and big game hunter now has 2 male offspring, one is 2 the other 3. Both of them are more bloodthirsty than their father and that's going some. He says they have never seen an animal they did not want him to shoot. Deer, bobcat, coyote, bear and mountain lion, all are mere food to these boys. He says every time they see a deer they exhort him to, "Shoot it daddy!" They love fishing and gigging for bullfrogs.

My ex lives in the woods and thus gets to see and kill a lot of wildlife. He says when he first moved there he wanted to leave the wildlife alone. Right up until they began to slaughter every last one of his livestock. He no longer has goats because they attract mountain lions and he walks around with a pistol whenever the kids are in the yard. He says the bobcats and coyotes killed every chicken he had and his cat too. Since you can't keep livestock you may as well eat the wildlife.

The other day he took the kids to an Asian seafood market, Ranch 99. At this market you pick out a fish and they'll fry it up for you right there. The kids nummied down on their fishies and smacked their lips in pleasure.

My ex said that he also bought some clams to take home. Later that night he fired up the BBQ and was ready to throw the clams on the grill when his kids became hysterical. Blubbering piteously, they begged him not to kill the "Mommy, daddy and baby clams." They could not be convinced nor consoled and so their father was forced to postpone the "clam slaughter" until another time. It must be because clams are so darn, uh, cute and all.

Beyond the Gates of Splendor

A few months ago I watched the movie, The End of the Spear, a dramatization of the true story of Christian missionaries murdered in Ecuador by members of the Waodani tribe. The wives of the slain missionaries decided to remain in Ecuador and civilize the tribe, who were well on the way to annihilating each other by spear or being killed by the goverment in order to protect oil production. 6 out of every 10 tribal members were being murdered by spear.

There were no recognizable laws or rules which governed individual behavior by the tribe's members. It was kill or be killed and every man for himself. They had begun to slaughter oil workers and oil workers were returning the favors. The missionaries realized that if they did not intervene the indians would all be moved out of the jungle or killed.

The lead is played by an openly gay actor, who shines and gives a moving and nuanced performance. There is a scene where the missionary is ready to make contact with the indians, knowing that he is certain to be killed and his son asks him if he will take a gun to protect himself. The missionary tells his son that he can not do this, as he, being saved, is ready to go to heaven, but the indians are not.

There is also a documentary, Beyond the Gates of Splendor, about the missionaries which is in every way superior to the dramatic film. Meeting the real missionaries' wives and seeing the actual footage of the murdered young men is very moving. They were all college educated. Some of them had been in the military. Without exception they were, and their wives are, the most educated and amazing examples of human beings I have ever seen. They are more intelligent and educated than anyone I meet on a daily basis in the big city. Any stereotype people have about Christians will be blown out of the water after watching this documentary. I challenge any liberal to match his knowledge, experience and educational credentials against one of the missionaries. They were all learning Greek at the time they decided to run off to the jungle.

While living with the indians one of the female missionaries noticed a path in the jungle that the indians never took. When she asked why they never took it, they replied that the indians at the end of that path were very, very bad killers. When she said, "But you are killers too!" They laughed and said, "Yes, we are killers, but they are really, really bad killers!"

The difference between liberals and the Christians is that the Christians insisted that the indians behave in a civilized manner. There was no honor or nobility in the lifestyle the indians were engaging in. It was not romantic, it was monstrous. The Christians believed the indians were capable of better and they were proven right. There is a lesson about Iraq here. The Iraqis are capable of better. Their way lies madness. They must be made to see that their behavior is wrong on every level.

Eventually the children and grandchildren of the slaughtered missionaries go to live in the jungle with the Indians who killed their relatives. The grandson of one of the missionaries becomes the adopted grandson of the indian who speared his grandfather. This is an amazing story of peace and forgiveness and hope. I am an atheist, but I was incredibly affected by the faith and goodness shown by the missionaries.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Miss C's neighbor's fabulous art work!

After I saw the movie The Queen last night I walked by my distant neighbor's lovely anti-Bush artwork stationed in his front yard. The art changes but it is always anti-Republican. Republicans=fascists and stuff like that. I snuck back tonight to take a pic.

The text on the message says "It's very sad that we are outraged at a word like fuck and indifferent to a word like war." I am not sure who he thinks is indifferent, obviously he is not indifferent. I know I am not indifferent.

I was with the lesbian, new age neighbors and of course they were fans of the art piece. The artist was standing by his art billing and cooing with another leftist as I walked by. I tried to slip by unnoticed but the artist zeroed in on me, jumped in front of me and stuck his face in mine and said "Hi' all smugly as if he was sure I was going to congratulate him on his magnificence. Crazies are drawn to me like moths to a flame. Like recognizing like, no doubt. Sadly, I had to disappoint him. I am not an admirer, but definitely amused. All I could say was, "Poor Bush."

I read that the artist has been visited by the secret service not on account of his threatening art work but because he sent an email to Bush warning him not to visit our fair city.

Check out the the Carolina Chocolate Drops!

There was an interview with the Carolina Chocolate Drops on NPR this weekend and I fell in love with them. They are young African-Americans who play old timey string and jug band music. They play a form of music that has all but died out. I love the old timey blues singers like Blind Boy Fuller, Memphis Minnie, and the Memphis Jug band, so it is a treat to hear young people carrying the torch.


Well, I guess he kind of has a job!

I just went out to get lunch. As I passed a shopping cart parked next to a garbage can, the shopping cart's borrower looked up from rifling through the trash for cans and said in his most seductive tone of voice. "How ya doin' sexy?"

In Bed With Mr Ed!

Liberals fall to a new low at Sundance film festival. There is a reason we marginalize perverted behavior. It is dangerous to society and often physically unhealthy. Lord knows what mutant diseases will be caused by interspecies activity of this sort.

Bestiality is not art.(although my neighbor might think it is, see above) Sorry. Guys who desire to be anally penetrated by horses are selected against. I'm for going ahead and getting it over with. Let's just kill them now.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Miss C's got the rabies so watch out!

Miss C came home to a rabies notice on her front door on Thursday. It claimed that a rabid bat had been found in her neighborhood. Note to self, I gotta start eating the whole bat instead of just biting the heads off!

Sharky sharky shark shark!

The other day I was reading the Surfer's Magazine Guide to Northern and Central California Surfing.(Miss C will read anything) The author gave the pros and cons of each surfing spot. Almost without exception the con description mentioned sharks as a potential danger. The author was so creative that he managed to find about a hundred different ways of mentioning the danger sharks (and nasty locals) pose to surfers on the North coast.

Friday, January 26, 2007

California Mountain lions say peoples is good eatin'

Why waste your time chasing down boney deer when you can eat delicious, gorp fed hikers. As Gary Larsen once said, "No claws, no horns, no fangs, just soft and pink!"

Hey did you know that Every Thug Needs a Lady?

Miss C's aim is to educate the masses. Now you know.

People are making big deal out of Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman's face time with Bush after his state of the union address, but

Jesse L. Jackson Jr hung on to Bush a lot longer than Bachman did. Jackson wanted a "special" dedication written by Bush on his little State of the Union program booklet.

Molly Ivans RIP

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Free daughter, to a good home

Today as my Black co-worker was putting on her coat prepatory to going home, she said something to me.

"Did you just ask me if I wanted a brown daughter?" I asked.

"No, she laughed, I asked if you wanted a grown daughter, but either way will do!"

Her thirty something daughter has moved in with her while her daughter's boyfriend does a second stint in jail. The first time he went down was for robbing a bank. The ink in the bag of money exploded all over him. Then he tried to catch a taxi but the driver saw the ink on him and drove off.

Yukky bus ride!

Last night someone left a used condom on one of the seats in the back of the bus. I sat across from it. Everybody that got on and came to the back of the bus took a look at it and there were lots of "Ugh! That's so nasty!" "Oh my God, that is so damn nasty!!!" No one would sit on the seats next to it. Finally one women sat down but she turned herself sideways in the seat and jammed her legs into the tiny space between her seat and the front facing seat, so she wouldn't have to look at the condom.

I tried to watch An Inconvenient Truth

but I started cracking up when Al Gore totally negated everything he said by showing his diagram of the Earth right at the beginning of the movie. He told a story about a teacher of his and then showed a map and reconnected South America and Africa as they were before they split into separate continents. Thus proving that the earth has changed mightily over the centuries and will continue to do so in the future. There is nothing humans can do to stop it. Then he jumped right into hurricane Katrina, I started laughing so hard I couldn't take it any more. Besides which, he is a gross bloated toad with a dull droning voice and it's hard to look at him. He is full out creepy! So I turned off his galleon sized ass and watched A Scanner Darkly, instead.

The Democrats seem to be very confused as to what soldiers do exactly

The Democrats are always a bit surprised when soldiers, um, die during, um war. The seem to think that the military's duty is to hang around in the States, I dunno, loading and unloading supplies from trucks.

London rejects ban on ultra thin models!

Good for them! High fashion models are supposed to look different from the general population. It's their job to do so. The feminists need to shut their jealous mouths and let other women make their own choices. Hands off my body and all that. They get pissed that people are telling women they are too fat, but they turn around and tell other women they are too thin. They need to mind their own damn business.

I've said it before and i'll say it again. Obesity is killing way more women than anorexia. The left is always worrying about the wrong crap. Anorexia is a mental disorder caused by a lack of necessary brain cells and anyone with anorexia is clearly selected against. If animals don't eat they die. Period, end of discussion. Anorexia is not caused by exposure to pictures of thin models, else Miss C would have been dead long ago. She is an avid reader of fashion rags. She is also partaking of a hot link sandwich as she types this post.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Miss C is a queen among women!

On my way to the bus stop the night before last, I was walking down the street when a Black guy got on his hands and knees in front of me and started sweeping the sidewalk with his bare hands. He said, "Let me get this dirt out of your way, Red!" I was bent over laughing. White guys never do that kind of stuff.

The Oakland Tribune neglects Martin Luther King Jr

On Martin Luther King Day I was totally shocked as I unfolded my newspaper. There was absolutely zero mention of Martin Luther King in the headlines or even on the front page of the Oakland Tribune. Instead, there was a full page, prominently displayed story about a 30 year cold case involving the murder of a White woman who was a bookkeeper for the Black Panther Party. First off I know all about the bookkeeper's murder. She was an idiot to work for the Panthers in the first place and even more idiotic when she threatened to turn them in to the government for tax evasion. I won't say she deserved what she got, but well, you know I hate idiots.

I am to the right, far, far right, but putting this story on the front page on MLK's birthday struck me as totally disrespectful and unnecessary. The next day at work I told my co-workers how strange I found the editors idea to neglect coverage of King festivities and to print the 30 year old murder story. My other right wing co-worker said, "You know the Oakland Tribune is now owned by someone in San Jose, don't you?" I had heard some such but had forgotten about it. Still the whole thing seemed odd to me. The editors in San Jose should have realized what they were doing.

Yesterday, in the Tribune, there was a letter to the editor from an African-American woman saying exactly what I had been thinking. She did it in a nice way too. I would not have been so polite.

Good movies I have seen this year

Tsotsi (South Africa) Brutal young man finds his humanity again after kidnapping a baby.

Something Like Happiness (Czech Republic) Czechs suffering after the end of communism

A Simple Curve (Canada) Kid made miserable by his American hippie, draft dodger, master woodworking dad. I love the scene where the kid goes off about carob not being a fit substitute for chocolate.

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (South Korea) Woman gets revenge on a child killer, stylish and beautifully filmed

The Year I Became a Woman (Iran) Gorgeous, gorgeous. Filmed on an island in southern Iran. I want to go there, now!

Water (India) Sad story of Indian widows forced to beg for a living, some widows as young as 6 or 8.

Fire (India) India after British rule, during the split from Pakistan

Pan's Labyrinth (Spain) Spanish civil war. Shameless pro communist propaganda. Not much of a story, great visuals.

Calvair (Belgium) Creepy, creepy, creepy. nuff said

Aaltra (Belgium) Darkly funny, very funny.

Time of the Wolf (France) Life after Armageddon in France. Scary, realistic

Monster House (US) Great animation, funny good characterizations

The Good Shepherd (US) Fascinating.

Cache( France) Brilliant, tense thriller about race relations between Algerians and the French

Street Fight (US) Documentary about the Newark NJ mayoral race, I described in another column

I also had a Sean Bean-athon, pretty much watching every movie he's been in, some good, some not so.

And a Hellen Mirren-athon. The absolute worst movie I have ever seen was Shadowboxer, starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Helen. Playing incestuous mother and son assassins. Going at it like rabbits on Viagra. Cheesy, strange and just plain bad. It's worth seeing just for the nervous laughs and Cuba's cute butt. There is an incredibly shocking scene that I will not ruin for you.

Bush is such a liberal!

Arrgggghhh.. Too much mushy, luvey dovey, teary eyed crap in Bush's speech for me. To Miss C's mind the world is a swirling cesspool of gloom and doom. Kill or be killed. Strike while the pants are ready to drop, oops, I mean the iron is hot. It's a dog eat dog world and I wanna be the biggest dog. Bush is filled with love for his fellow man, while I am filled with justifiable suspicion of my fellow man. We are more likely to see the end of civilization in the west than we are to see the flowering of civilization in Muslim lands. Bush thought too highly of the Iraqis and look where it got him. Bush is too nice for his job.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Poor Pelosi gets tarred with the Zionist brush too!

Someone graffitied across a newspaper stand the words, "Zionist Pelosi like Zionist Bush!" To which I can only reply, "Yeah, so what?"

Hezballah is our mortal enemy!

We need to drop bombs on the protesters in Lebanon now! We miss way to many opportunities to take out our enemies. They are conveniently gathered together in one place. Sooner rather than later. Cuz it's gonna come down to it.

The nomination of the movie, Little Miss Sunshine for best picture proves that liberals are very, very stupid!

Last week I took home Little Miss Sunshine. After hearing nothing but hype about how great it was, I was shocked at how stinking awful it was in actuality. It is just a bad movie. Bad writing. Bad directing. Unbelievable characters. One reviewer says it's National Lampoon's Vacation for people who think they are too intelligent for National Lampoon's Vacation. Too right!

The next day I came into work and was telling my co-workers about how sucky bad this "Indie" film is. One of the intellectuals began to argue with me, saying it was charming and character driven and intelligent. Then she began to back down and admit that it was really not an important film and that it did have a forced quirkiness to it. I think maybe the intellectuals were afraid to say the Emperor had no clothes.

I told her that it was not as good as most movies written for television. I said that many "Indie" film makers were actually not as talented as most of the writers writing for the big studios, which is why those writers get paid the big bucks. There is a reason no major Hollywood studio would have taken on Little Miss Sunshine, the reason is this, it sucks. Big time.

My other right-wing co-worker took it home and watched it and was also totally underwhelmed. He did not even find it as funny as I did. I found a few parts totally hilarious, he found one part slightly amusing. Many liberals have had me convinced that they had book learnin' smarts, at least. Now I ain't so sure. Nominating this stink bomb for best picture is insane. It is so far below the great movies of the past it's positively shameful to include it in this category.

For realistic quirky characters, hilarious situations and biting social commentary centered around the world of beauty pageants see the movie, Drop Dead Gorgeous! Now that is a great movie.

As for Eddie Murphy getting nominated, I am pissed about that too. The 2 greatest living American actors, Don Cheadle and Delroy Lindo, should have had an Oscar for every single performance they have ever given. Don should have gotten one for his portrayal of Mouse, in Devil in a Blue Dress and Buck, in Boogie Nights. Until those 2 Black actors receive the respect they deserve, no other Black or White actor should be nominated. The only other actor in the world that is worthy to lick the boots of Don or Delroy is Gary Oldman.

Monday, January 22, 2007

We had a retirement party on Friday

As the festivities were winding down I looked around at my colleagues and said, "Now we gotta run outside and start breaking some store windows, looting, torching some cars and stabbing and shooting people. Cuz in Oakland it's not a real party until it becomes a riot!"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Racist Imperialist Capitalists ready to infiltrate the universe

Mickey D's in ascendancy, Bwwaaaaahaaaahhaaaa...!

Mark Twain on Saddam Hussein's execution

Victor Davis Hanson made a great analogy about the left's bleating over the execution of Saddam.

In Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, a "committee of sappy women" petition the governor to pardon the murderous Injun Joe. "If he had been Satan himself,” Twain snorts, “there would have been plenty of weaklings ready to scribble their names to a pardon petition, and drip a tear on it from their permanently impaired and leaky waterworks."

Realizing that American troops are on their way to "Fuck his shit up"

Moqtada al-Sadr pulls his head out of the sand, real quick like, so as not to make a target of his big fat ass!

The unwritten constitution by Thomas Brewton

§ The Unwritten Constitution
The United States was founded on the Judeo-Christian ethic that historically was the substance of Western civilization. Ours was a specifically English conception of individual morality and individual responsibility that, only in England and its North American colonies, had produced a government of laws, not men, a government in which even the king is subject to the statutes of the land and to a higher moral law.
This conception of government necessitates a citizenry self-regulated by moral precepts that are preserved and taught by religion. The government must similarly be restrained by the limits of natural law, which say that no legitimate government may infringe any individual's rights to life, liberty, and private property.
No society can survive without a consensus about right and wrong, about what constitutes moral conduct. That consensus is the unwritten constitution of society, the content that gives meaning to a written constitution, the meat on the bones of the structure of government.
Opposing our original conception of government is the liberal jihad, driven by the ideology of socialism, sometimes called The Religion of Humanity. This religion was formalized in the 1789 French Revolution, the same year that our Constitution was ratified and became the law of the land.
Socialism is a secular religion. Like Islamic suicide bombers, liberals are so firmly persuaded that their cause is right, good, and just that they are prepared to go to any lengths necessary to destroy the Judeo-Christian ethic of individual morality and replace it with a rigidly regulated National-State collectivism, of which Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were extreme examples.
The religion of socialism is being taught unconstitutionally, at your expense, in public schools and colleges receiving Federal aid. Teaching the religious doctrine of socialism as scientific fact amounts to making liberal-socialism the officially established religion of the United States.
The only constitutional way to stop the liberal jihad is to force schools to present both sides of the story, traditionalist, as well as liberal. Publicly funded schools now teach only the amoral, secular materialism of the socialist religion. Schools no longer present true versions of American history and of our original ideas of civic virtue and personal morality that are historically the substance of Western civilization. Penetrating the shield of socialist teachers' unions and the politicians whom they help elect is a very long-term project, but a vital one.
The largest volume of immigration in the nation's history, both legal and illegal, coupled with liberals' relentless efforts to destroy America's original traditions of individual morality, leaves us with no core values and a diminishing will to defend ourselves against foreign enemies

The "quagmire" in Iraq versus the "quagmire" of the American educational system.

Any new funds or new teachers sent to work in the same old system can be considered a "surge." Throwing good money after bad and bad teachers after worse.

Girl Power!

My taxidermist boyfriend was a river rafting guide. When I met him on a scuba diving trip, he asked if I'd like to go river rafting. So on our third date we went up to the American River to go rafting. A married couple he knew came with us. The male half was a banker and his wife was an executive headhunter. It was a fun trip, but the woman kept saying that we were being "powerful" women. Now, I did not feel in the least powerful, nor am I powerful in my position as a lowly city clerk, so I humored her a lot. I found it hilarious actually.

At the end of the trip she shook my hand and said, "Thanks for being powerful with me today!" God, I could hardly hold in the laughter. She was actually pretty powerful at one point in the trip. Not very athletic looking, she nonetheless jumped over the side of the raft, swam over to a raft full of marines who had been drenching us with buckets of water and grabbed one of them and pulled him in the water. So maybe she was "powerful."

Afterward I got in trouble with the ex because I was making fun of her and saying "Thanks for being powerful!" to all the girls I knew. He did not like me making fun of his friends. Of course, we were doomed. I make fun of everyone, as you all very well know.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Urban pacifist gunfighter

The other day I was sitting on the bus. There was a tall blond guy wearing a big black hat and suit standing over me. I have been seeing the lady who was seated next to me at the bus stop for about 7 years. I turned to her and said, "I can't believe how fast your hair grows." She told me that every one said so and that she grew it to donate it to a children's wig organization. The tall guy overheard us and said in a very effeminate voice," If you want your hair to grow you have to cut an inch off every month." As he spoke he flipped the ends of his long ponytail at me. I did not disabuse him of his misinformation. Hair grows from the root, not the ends. Cutting the ends has no effect on growth.

I looked up at the guy, smiled thinly as I do at most stupid people and said, "You have kind of an urban gunfighter look going."

"Oh, no, he said. Far from it, I find violence in all its forms abhorrent. I have personally marched and protested against this war and I am totally for gun control. I was actually going for a blues musician look, although I don't play."

As he got off the bus I turned to the lady next to me and said, "I think his handcuff key chain kind of contradicted his devotion to the ideology non-violence."

More proof the Palestinians are racist

Jamal al Husseini made a presentation before the UN as a representative of the Arab Higher Committee in 1947 in which he stated;

"One consideration of fundamental importance to the Arab world was that of racial homogeneity." He explained that "The Arabs lived in a vast territory stretching from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, spoke one language, had the same history, traditions, and aspirations." They were afraid of the threat of an "alien body" entering the middle east region.

I told you they were anti-immigrant xenophobes! No Jews allowed!

Palestinians must never have control over Jerusalem

Sunni Muslims have proven themselves the great destroyers of the holy sites of other religions, time after time. Sunnis have never met another's holy site they did not wish to annihilate. Other religious sites in Jerusalem predate Islamic sites by hundreds and thousands of years. The Sunnis can not be trusted not to destroy the great historical records contained in Jerusalem. Especially after their destruction of the great Buddha statues in Afghanistan and the bombing of the Al-Askari mosque in Samarra, Iraq. They place as little value in mankind's common history as they do in modernity. Sunni Islam is the be all and end all of their universe.

The Islamists in Egypt continually threaten to destroy ancient Egyptian sites that are considered evil because they are pre-Islamic. The left probably would not get their panties in as big a twist over the destruction of Christian and Jewish holy sites as they did the looting of the Iraqi museums. We could not count on France to halt the riotous actions of their good friends the Palestinian mob.

The only people that will fairly guard and protect the holy sites of the three major religions in Jerusalem are the Jews.

My Chinese supervisor just got back from her annual trip to China.

My supervisor goes to visit her relatives in China every year. Last year she became very ill from the pollution and spent days in bed. This year she became dehydrated because she could not drink the water. She said the Chinese add a chemical to all the water to kill bacteria and that the chemical comes out of the pores of your body. She said all restaurant food tastes like the chemical. She said she was throwing up chemicals. She would only eat rice she made herself with bottled water.

She said her sister became very angry with her when she told her that she hated China now. her sister said, "You were born here, how can you say that?" My supervisor says that every commercial on Chinese television has a western model or actress in it. She says no matter how Chinese the product, western models are selling it. They hire Russians because they are cheap.

When my supervisor first came from China she lived and worked in Omaha, Nebraska. When her husband had to move to California for business reasons, my supervisor cried and cried. She said she used to think California was disgusting and dirty and she wanted to go back to Omaha. Now when she goes to China she can't wait to get back to California!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Liberals have to defend criminals, it's a form of Tourette's syndrome!

Gary, in the comments section of my previous post, takes issue with the opinion I hold that liberals have never met a criminal they did not like. How does he prove that he is not devoted to the cause of setting brutal murderers free to murder again. By defending a murderer, that's how!

To quote Gary ;
"Mumia is the convicted cop-killer. A quick look at Wikipedia shows inconsistencies in the evidence and that he may not have had a fair trial. So give him a new trial."

There is no jury on this earth that will be able to convince liberals of the guilt of a Black man. They are always sure that the trial was somehow unfair. Of course no trial could ever be perfect enough. We should never under any circumstances arrest a Black man for any crime, because he will not get a fair trial, according to liberals. So let us just let them run rampant and slaughter at will. We will save a hell of a lot of tax dollars. No cops, no public defenders, no judges, no lunches and milage pay for jurers.

We know that Black citizens will pay a heavy price, as they are for the most part the victims of Black criminals. But in the happy liberal universe, it's better to leave the murderers loose because they might not get a fair trial. To many liberals even arresting a Black man is a racist act. To suspect a Black of a crime is also racist. Blacks know that Black men never commit crimes, despite the fact that Blacks are always calling the police every time their uncle or cousin comes to their house to shoot and kill their family members.

Blacks call the police on each other every chance they get. Then they get angry about being profiled or stereotyped. It's not white people in the rich areas calling the police on Blacks. Its not white racists killing thousands of Blacks in the inner city every year either. But those killers can't get a fair trial or at least have the same damn defense attorney that claims every client of his is unable to get a fair trial. Gary is smart but not smart enough to realize that that is just about proof someone is guilty. When all the evidence shows a client is guilty, you start lying and saying he did not get a fair trial.

The ultimate question is this, if someone is as guilty as fuck, does it really matter if they did not get a fair trial? Do the rights of a sadistic murderer supercede the rights of law abiding citizens to go about unharmed? According to the world of the liberal they do.

Dinesh D'Souza is so wrong it's not even funny!

Dinesh's new book, The Enemy at Home, the cultural left and its responsibility for 9/11, does a 360 degree turn around to arrive right back at the empty leftist screed "We should ask ourselves why they hate us."

The book claims the Muslims hate us for our decadent, sex obsessed, society. In essence he is saying that Muslims are actually superior to Westerners. So, superiors may kill inferiors at will. The truth is that all men are obsessed with sex. The most devout Muslim is still prey to his biology.

If the veiling of all women stopped men from obsessing about sex and gave them the "liberty" to concentrate on more important, less animalistic endeavors, the men in Muslim countries would be the most productive on earth, this is very far from the case.

9/11 was not anyone in America's responsibility, it was the responsibility of a minority of Muslims who adhere to a warped ideology and a tendency to blame others for their entirely justifiable feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. They are inadequate and inferior, but it's their own damn fault.

This book is an open invitation to mockery. The very title sounds amateurish and nonsensical.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just cuz they'll kill you last doesn't make you their buddy!

Miss C really can not make a joke out of this most horrific occurrence in New Orleans. A doctor, well known for his devotion to the underclass was shot 3 times and his wife murdered in their own home, in front of their 2 year old child. A God awful thing. All your liberal credentials are for nought when you come face to face with the truly evil.

There was no earthly reason for the murderers to have shot them. Robbery is one thing but it only the most depraved animal would shoot a woman to death in front of her child. The good doctor runs a Food not Bombs program as well as administering no-cost medical care to people in the projects. That's the thanks he gets.

Too bad he can't convince the people he champions to forgo violence. He is lucky to be alive (if you can call it lucky) and he really should move back to Canada with his son, but I doubt he will. He will probably sacrifice his and his son's life to the God of liberal stupidity.

Miss C recommends this book to her liberal readers

Evil Americans!

The left in its universal contempt for the average American is always complaining that Americans, unlike their beloved Europeans, only speak English. It is considered a sign of our arrogance and insular mind sets, that most Americans are monolingual. Despite the fact that English is the universal language of commerce and speaking English in any other country gets you a better job.

Yet the left is vociferous in its defence of immigrants who come to America and wish to remain monolingual. Of course I know this contrariness to be common among leftists. It is a symptom of their self hatred and shame to even be American. They find all other cultures to be superior to American and thus even speaking English is a racist and imperialist act. So they consider Spanish and Chinese to be superior to English, because they are not English, that's why! Even though both are languages of imperialist powers every bit as nasty as the US has ever been.

Leftists defend the right of immigrants to remain non English speaking in every way. DMV booklets in every language under the sun, ditto with voter's info. Signs in public buildings, all in foreign languages. So called bilingual education, which is in fact, monolingual. Bilingual pay for public employees, etc, all designed to prevent immigrants from having to learn English.

My friend's parents came from China in the 1940's and 1960's respectively. Neither of them have ever bothered to learn English. My friend has been translating for her parents since she was a tiny girl. She had to watch her mother have serious dental surgery when she was very young. She said she was devastated to see her mom's blood and bone flying through the air and splattering everywhere.

Lately she has been translating the dreaded Plan D part of her parents' Medicare coverage. In essence her parents are infantilized by their lack of English speaking ability. My friend is probably much more capable than most Americans due to acting as her parents' parent for so many years. her brother left the state long ago as his wife did not want him to neglect his own family while becoming the primary caretaker of his parents. My friend's mother never had a better job than a seamstress in a sweatshop.

The other day I was in line at my neighborhood liquor store. A Mexican man came in and picked out a can of malt liquor and a can of soda. He came to the counter and pointed at the cigarettes behind the counter. The Indian clerk pointed to each cigarette pack until he hit the Marlboro's. The guy grunted for yes. The clerk put them on the counter. There were two packs connected together by a flap and "Buy one get one free" prominently written on the packs. The Mexican guy said, "One!" and tried to pull them apart. The clerk said, "One is free. Two for one." The Mexican guy became agitated as he probably could not afford 2 packs and tried to tear the packs apart and give one back. So I racked my little brain for the Spanish for 2 for one and buy one get one free or buy one get the second one free and came up with some retard Spanish. "Comprar uno, y uno es gratis." The Mexican guy understood and said "Gratis."(free) I almost said, Es muy bueno, no? Tu puedes morir mas temprano (Good huh, now you can die even faster.) But I thought he might take it as a racial slight against him.

Aren't the tobacco companies sweet to give people free cigarettes?

If you live in a country where hanging is the preferred method of execution and

you have a scrawny neck and a big ole head, you might not want to commit any heinous acts that may later be considered war crimes!

When I heard that Saddam's half bro was separated from his head during his execution I yelled at the television, "That's cuz he had a scrawny neck and a big ole head!"

The other day in the Oakland Tribune they ran an article by a so-called expert on hanging. He said that if you had a particularly scrawny neck, your head would probably be ripped off during a hanging. They should of just asked me, I'd have told them.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Condoleeza's trip to the Middle East

Looking at the footage of Condoleeza with the leaders of the Middle East, I was overwhelmed by feelings of pride. She was the only woman for miles. A youngish, attractive female in a sea of white haired, elderly males, kings and statesmen. She is an African-American woman and she was in every way the most important person in the room.

The Bush Administration, for the first time in the History of these United States, appoints a female to head the Department of Forestry

But as usual all the left can do is bitch about it. She must not be the "right kind' of female.

French TV

Some years ago I visited Canada with my ex, the taxidermist. His family on his mom's side was from Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron.

While there we stayed with a cousin of his. We were sitting in his cousin's house watching a French language children's television show with his cousin's kids.

My ex's cousin walked in to the room, looked at the TV screen and said disgustedly, "What are you watchin' French for?!" and changed the channel.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Last night I had the strangest dream!

I had a nightmare in which I showed up to work in an age inappropriate outfit. Mutton dressed as lamb. Low cut jeans and a midriff top. Muffin top bulging over the jeans. My co-workers were telling me how great I looked. I was eating it up. Then I noticed they were forming groups and whispering to each other, talking about how ridiculous I looked.

Miss C promises she will never post a pic of Mokie al Sadr's teeth!

Jack did, but Miss C would never be so cruel! Snaggly, grotesque, yellowed and blackened nubs. The guy should stop drinking that delicious but sugary tea and that counterfeit Iraq Pepsi! It hurts Miss C's teeth just to think about sugar syrup hitting those exposed nerves. Don't they have 1-800-Dentist in Iraq? Mokie is a narsty bugger, but I do admire his gumption. If Iraqis were occupying the US I would follow Mokie's example. Miss C would have her own militia a go go.

Miss C's contribution to MLK Jr Day!

A rat done bit my sister Nell with Whitey on the moon.
Her face and arms began to swell and Whitey's on the moon.
I can't pay no doctor bills but Whitey's on the moon.
Ten years from now I'll be payin' still while Whitey's on the moon.

The man just upped my rent last night cuz Whitey's on the moon.
No hot water, no toilets, no lights but Whitey's on the moon.
I wonder why he's uppin me. Cuz Whitey's on the moon?
I was already givin' him fifty a week but now Whitey's on the moon.

Taxes takin' my whole damn check,
The junkies makin' me a nervous wreck,
The price of food is goin' up,
And as if all that shit wasn't enough:

A rat done bit my sister Nell with Whitey on the moon.
Her face and arms began to swell but Whitey's on the moon.
Was all that money I made last year for Whitey on the moon?
How come there ain't no money here? Hmm! Whitey's on the moon.

Ya know, I just about had my fill of Whitey on the moon.
I think I'll send these doctor bills
airmail special....
to Whitey on the moon.

Hat tip to my buddy, Abu R.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My liberal co-worker prefers to see movies in the rich parts of the bay area, because people are better behaved!

On Friday my coworker got a call on his cell phone. He went to the computer to look up movie times. As he perused the theaters and times he engaged in a running conversation with his girlfriend on the other end. "I will do anything, he said, to avoid seeing a movie in downtown Oakland or Berkeley. I like to go up to the areas where rich people live, because when the movie starts everyone is quiet!" You can see from the map how far Mill valley is from Oakland. That's where he goes to see movies! I told him it was not very liberal of him.

I have a visceral fear of Beyonce!

When I was in junior high, I used to be the goalie during gym class soccer games. On the other team was a tall powerful Black girl named Yolanda Minter. She looked like Beyonce without the weave and troweled on make-up. Naturally beautiful and stong, Yolanda had thighs like Earl Campbell on steroids. My dad would have said, had he lived to see the rise of Beyonce, what he used to say about Tina Turner, "Those thighs will crack your head like an eggshell!"

Anyway, Yolanda would come up to the goal line and kick that Goddamn ball so Goddamn hard it was like trying to block a rocket. She broke my glasses in half twice! I'd get ball shaped bruises. Whenever I see the muscles flexing in Beyonce's thighs I get flashbacks!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lazy man's job!

One of our laziest workers has been on the job for a long time. He's got a lot of vacation time. Every Christmas he takes a month off. About three weeks into his absence we actually may start to feel it.

One day I said to his co-worker, the guy who has to take up his slack, "I bet you are missing him right about now!"

"Yeah, said my co-worker, "He don't do everything, but he do do something!"

Miss C does not care if you say she's racist! For Liberals the mere existence of whites is racist.

I get called racist a lot on this blog. This doesn't really bother me, one because I am not a liberal, conservatives are tarred as racist anyway and two, because I tend to think of the liberals as the real racists because they do not seem to hold people of color to any standard of civilized behavior what so ever. Liberals make excuses for the most heinous brutality perpetrated by people of color. I myself believe that "people of color" are perfectly capable of joining a civilized society, if they would only try. Liberals define themselves as "better" than conservatives because they are 'kinder" and more "caring."

Everybody wants to think themselves better than somebody. More power to them. I have admitted many times on this blog that I am neither kind nor caring, for the most part and I do not aspire to be. I do not think of myself as an evil person and wish the best for everyone under the sun, but I don't find pity to be a very productive emotion. As a child of drug addicts and acoholics I look on pity as enabling. People who are shocked by my outspokeness might look to my blog name to get a clue. The point of my blog is to rake the liberals and their pretentions to superiority, over the coals. I find their policies criminal and damaging, most often affecting the poor and minorites. I calls em as I sees em. As many of you know, I grew up in the ghetto on welfare, with a drug addicted mother who was a substance abuser and mentally ill. My alcoholic father did not in any way support us. I feel qualified to speak on behalf of the underclass, poor and "disenfranchised."

I do not write this blog for liberals. If liberals find my thoughts offensive, they are free to leave and I really don't care if they do. In fact, if they are going to mess up my comments sections with liberal orthodox garbage, already proven to be useless, I will tell them to go away. And good riddance. I have grown up around liberals, been somewhat educated by them, insofar as they are able to educate anyone, work around them and know everything they know and a whole lot more besides. I am an adult now, I don't need to listen to liberals any more. I have heard everything they have to say and have disregarded most of it as useless drivel. (Not you Gary, you are an original thinker, and a mine of new information.) I guess my standards for liberals are higher than my standards for conservatives. I read a lot of conservative writing and some of it is just as useless as the liberal's, but generally I think conservatives have a much better understanding of human nature. The are for personal responsibilty and against victimhood. Also, it's my blog and I can say what I want. So here goes.

Liberals have entirely different rules for whites. The standards for behavior, and even private thoughts are very strict indeed. Whites are not even allowed to be annoyed at say, the complete lack of driving skills and general disregard for motor vehicle laws that Asian immigrants display. Everyone that lives near Chinatown dreads, above all, to drive down a street populated by Asians. they will drive way across town to a bridge and drive all the way back up town to avoid going down a certain street. Yet, if I were to state this fact aloud in the company of liberals they would turn up their little noses and accuse me of being racist. Because they consider it more criminal to state a truism about people of a certain race or culture than it is to run an old Chinese woman down in a crosswalk, with a car you are not skilled enough to drive.

We have a lot of altercations on the buses between Chinese people and Blacks because the Chinese push and shove people and cut the lines. They also rarely say excuse me. Blacks are always telling the Chinese to "Say excuse me, you rude motherfucker!" If I had a dollar for every incident of this type I would be rich by now. On the other hand the Blacks will hog up the seats reserved for the handicapped and seniors and woe betide the unfortunate person to ask them to surrender a seat. Long assaultive diatribes and threats ensue. The Black kids regularly let the back doors slam in people's faces because they are too cool to hold the door for someone. That would make them a "chump."

Black men can murder an entire Asian family, call them "Buddha heads" and earn slavish devotion from the left, but let some poor white guy call someone a "Macaca" and all hell breaks loose. So thought crimes and crimes that do actually cause bodily harm are only serious when perpetrated by whites, while murder, torture and racism perpetrated by Blacks are excused. That's pretty racist if you ask me.

To perhaps find effeminate gay men irritating as hell, and not particularly enjoy them or desire to have them as friends is considered bigotry. Yet gay men, for the most part, do not like women. They live, happily, female free existences. We had an old queen who worked here who became incensed when he heard they had hired a female to work in his department. He told the administration that he had an all male crew and he wanted it to stay that way. When the girl was under his supervision he would not address her directly and was incredibly rude and dismissive of her work. One time he came over to look up records in our department. All of the sudden he threw up his hands, and said, "There are too many women here!" and flounced off. If I had gone to his department and stated that there were too many gays, I would no longer be an employee. So, if I were to admit that I find him to be a mincing little creep who should wash his clothes more often and that I find it hilarious that his prostate is shot and he is always running to the restroom, the Liberals would be hatin on me. Do you think I care?

Now if a straight white man had done this type of thing it would have meant a trip to the courthouse and the unemployment line for him. Of course, a straight white man would probably enjoy being surrounded by many female secretaries. I prefer to be surrounded by straight guys, so sue me! I had homosexual sensitivity training, it obviously did not take! Like someone once said "You can have all the handicapped sensitivity training in the world and afterward you will still vote to keep the full use of your limbs!"

To the liberals even talking about people of other races or gays is forbidden. Unless you only say nice things. Actually many nice things you say about other races is considered racist too. You can't state the obvious, Blacks on average run faster or Asians on average have higher IQ's. I break that rule all the time. The reason is this, I live among "people of color." I could choose to live among only whites, but that would be considered racist by liberals as well. So I choose to live among people of many different races because I prefer it. There are many things to admire about the different cultures and yet there are many aspects of other cultures I reject. Why would a liberal choose to become a Buddhist if he did not admire Buddhist culture. However, he may dislike Evangelical culture. He is making a distinction. He is entitled to say so aloud.

If persons or a person of color or another culture does something I disapprove of I will say so. When I was in school I was well known as one of the few white girls who "talked back" to Blacks. I will continue to do so as I see fit. I am an advocate of tough love. I love blacks, but they are really messing up their own lives and throughout the years, my life too. The murders in Oakland are spreading outside of the drug zone. People are dying in their own driveways in the middle of the day. Three innocent men have been assaulted in their own yards recently. The culture of violence in the inner city is spiraling out of control. I have for many years been the victim of physical and verbal attacks on the street. I have been spit on and hit and had bottles thrown at me, merely for being white.

As I see it, most inner city Blacks are particularly fucked up. There I said it. Liberals are either unwilling to admit this is the case, afraid of being tarred with the racist brush or they don't live near Blacks and are oblivious to it all. It doesn't even matter to me if the Blacks want to claim they are fucked up because of white people, just admitting that you are fucked up is half the battle. But I believe they are fucked up because inner city culture is not conducive to personal or group success. I've no earthly idea of how Blacks are doing in other areas of the country. I am merely relating my own experience. My family were prime examples of the failure of poor uneducated whites. But I learned from their mistakes and decided not to repeat them.

I will say this, I admire, very much, Asian, especially Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese-American culture. Other than the fact that Chinese people ought not, as the Pakistani kid in the movie Syriana said, "Even be allowed to wash cars," much less drive them. I can seriously say that the entire world would be better off it it followed the examples of the majority of Chinese immigrants to America. You can't argue with success.

Our latest fiasco is the election of Black nationalist, Ron Dellums to the position of mayor of Oakland. In a previous column I spoke of the thuggish behavior of some of the Blacks at his inauguration ceremony. It turns out that the blacks were yelling and heckling the Hispanic city council member and calling him "Nacho" in a derogatory way. Chinese senior citizens who attended the inauguration ceremony left because they were afraid of a "melee." For melee read riot. (update, one newspaper quoted a Chinese community leader as using the word, melee, another newspaper stated she said "riot.") I'm certain she said riot, but the editorial staff probably did not want to print the word. Too risky, even though it's nearly a given in Oakland that any gathering of Blacks will eventually become a riot. We've had to forgo a multitude of cultural events for this very reason.

Now this intimidation and riotous behavior is typical of a certain set in Oakland. But this set has a lot of political power. Now if they actually achieved anything for Black people by their bullying and threats, you might excuse their behavior. But they do not. Oakland is getting more and more fucked up by the year, because these very people will not let anyone else climb out of the barrel. They will elect someone who has no political record of helping Blacks as long as he is seen in opposition to Whites. Mayor Dellums will be under great pressure from these people but he will not be able to please them, because the truth is, people with this mind set are not very intelligent and do not know what they want. They always want what ever they imagine anyone else is getting, because their lives are motivated by envy and greed.

The obsession they have with getting their fair share is killing the political will. At my workplace the Blacks have, for years, been claiming that the Hispanic administration ignores or shortchanges the Black employees. If you go to a union meeting that's all you hear. The Blacks are being put upon. Mind you, the vast majority of them do as little work as humanly possible. Then they go to the union and demand raises and complain of ill treatment. My Grandma worked for the County and the water agency and she would say that some of them spent more energy avoiding work than they did working.

In truth the Hispanic administration did get rid of a lot of Black employees when it came into power. We had a whole slew of really troublesome employees with severe behavioral problems. Vicious nasty, threatening people, used to throwing their weight around. For the first time in 20 years someone stood up to them. The whites in the former administration would not do it. Liberals all, they were scared. The one Black head supervisor we hired stayed for a very short time and ran off to work in an all white city. About the only supervisor who will stand up to a Black employee and demand excellence is a Chinese one. Unencumbered by fear, they alone will do it. An Arab friend of mine says the hardest people to manage are Black women and gay men.

Hispanic administrators were being called racists for doing something very beneficial for the employees and the public. Even though the fired or transferred employees were, without exception, some of the most evil people on the planet, with long, long records of threatening behaviors, physical assaults and doing a very poor job in general, the Blacks that remained were very angry at the administrators. They looked on the whole business as an affront to them personally and whispered that they would be next as the administration was engaged in a form of "ethnic" cleansing. The fired employees all filed discrimination and wrongful termination suits, but lost them.

The Blacks who continually claim that anonymous "whites" are out to get them are the ones who are racist. The Blacks that see a conspiracy of Hispanics eager to relieve them of their jobs and take all the benefits for themselves are racists. The obsession with other races as the instrument of your doom is a symptom of racism. Perhaps the Blacks should take a page out of the Hispanics book and work together as a community for positive change. The Hispanic groups are far more cooperative than the Blacks, not to mention better behaved. The restraint and polite behavior shown by the marchers for the rights of immigrants last year proved that.

So this is some of what I have experienced, living and working in the inner city. I have lots more to say about it and I will. I am not afraid to speak the truth. I have never done any harm to Blacks, Hispanics or gays and I never will. I do not feel guilty in the least. The liberals feel guilty and that is their problem not mine.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Tony Snow came out and said it!

He said Bush would do what he thinks is best even if it cost him politically. After years of listening to the Democrats claim that the Republicans play to their evangelical base or would do anything to get votes, Bush does something guaranteed to make him even more unpopular and the Democrats are furious. The only people that fit the Dems description right now are the Republicans who are jumping off Bush's ship, like the rats they are. They and they alone are worried about their own political skins.

Bush knows that Iraq is in a fucked up situation, because we have been afraid to break some eggs to make an omelet. Well, we have been breaking eggs this entire week. We have been moving on insurgent strongholds and killing insurgents. The added 20,000 troops will go in and help secure the neighborhoods we have cleared.

All the while the Democrats are arguing about sending more troops, our troops are already in harm's way engaging the enemy. The Dems are tripping on the future troops, who will move in after the major operations. God the Dems are as stupid as a bag of rocks. They never seem to know exactly what is going on at any given time.

It's not American "children" who are dying in Iraq!

I am sick and tired of the media trotting out the grieving mothers of these young men who are being killed in Iraq to parade their grief for all to see. Of course they are grieving, but they are grieving not because of a policy decided by our government but of a decision made by their own sons. A decision they did not happen to agree with. But it is not their right to second guess the decision of a competent adult. These young men who are dying are not children, yet the media continues to call them so, to serve their own antiwar purposes.

The continual refrain is that these young men had, for their entire lives, wished to join the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. They were, without exception, terrifically proud to have graduated from basic training. Proud to wear their uniforms and proud to "serve their country." These young men had trained to kill other people and engage in combat. What on earth did the mothers of those young men think was the intention of their sons? Men have always gone to battle. Men have always died in war. The only "children" dying in this war are Iraqi children.

There is no draft, I repeat, there is no draft. It is not up to the mothers or fathers of these young men to determine the fate of their children no matter how much they wish it so. Posthumously trying to change the decision their sons made to go to war, is a gross insult to their sons' memories. It is against all their sons stood for. They need to accept their sons' decisions for what they were.

The only Jews that steal babies eyes are the ones in the Democratic Party

They steal the eyes, lips, noses, brains and spines of embryos...... Bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feets!

Iraqi "insurgents" are exactly analogous to the Ku Klux Klan during reconstruction!

Just about every character named in the text below has a mirror image in the Iraqi "insurgency."

" Vigilante groups, disgruntled poor white farmers, wartime guerrilla bands, displaced Democratic politicians, illegal whiskey distillers, coercive moral reformers, bored young men, sadists, rapists, white workmen fearful of black competition, employers trying to enforce labor discipline, common thieves, neighbors with decades-old grudges, and even a few freedmen and white Republicans who allied with Democratic whites or had criminal agendas of their own. Indeed, all they had in common, besides being overwhelmingly white, southern, and Democratic, was that they called themselves, or were called, Klansmen."

Below we can substitute contractors for "carpetbaggers" and Shia and Kurds for "scalawags."

"The Klan's first incarnation was in 1866. Founded by veterans of the Confederate Army, its main purpose was to resist Reconstruction, and it focused as much on intimidating "carpetbaggers" and "scalawags" as on putting down the freed slaves. It quickly adopted violent methods. A rapid reaction set in, with the Klan's leadership disowning violence, and Southern elites seeing the Klan as an excuse for federal troops to continue their activities in the South."

Lynching, assassination, intimidation of teachers and voters, the bombing of Churches, anti-semitism. The need for federal troops to remain in the South. Now we have the Iraqi Sunnis Bombing mosques, assassinating doctors, barbers, judges. Their activities make it likely the US will remain in Iraq longer.

In many ways the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and those who desired the restoration of white supremacy.[13]

Let's substitute "Sunni" for "Klan" and see how it looks,

"In many ways the Sunni's are a military force serving the interests of the Baathist party, the elite class, and those who desire the restoration of Sunni supremacy."

The Klan sought to control the political and social status of the freed slaves. Specifically, it attempted to curb black education, economic advancement, voting rights, and the right to bear arms. However, although the Klan's focus was mainly African Americans, Southern Republicans also became the target of vicious intimidation

Lets play the substitution game again,

The Sunni seek to control the political and social status of freed Shia, Kurds and Marsh Arabs. Specifically it seeks to curb Shia education, economic advancement, fair distribution of resources, voting rights and the right to bear arms. Although the Sunni's focus is mainly the Shia, any Sunni seeming to collaberate with the newly elected government will also become the target of vicious intimidation.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Miss C and consorts can be mummified for $63,000.00 each!

Bedouins track terrorists for Israel

The Bedouins of the Negev desert are used as scouts and trackers to hunt terrorists, by the IDF. They are expert trackers and can tell from a man's tracks if he was running or carrying a pack. Best of all, they look really, really cool!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Magua says, the Democrats are slaves, dogs, women!

"Magua understand Democrat is a dog to his women. When his women want peace, he lay aside his tomahawk to feed their touchy feeliness."

Accursed infernal petticoat Government!!!!

The Democrats are not girly men. They are just flat out girls!

Miss C is more like Jean Gray when she's cranky!

Alameda County Sheriff Charles Plummer retires after 50 years service, says he has one regret,

He says he wishes he had hit rioters harder during the 1960's!

People in Oakland get shot over parking spaces!

This article makes me so furious. The media is refusing to give any information about the shooter. Why is that? It's racial that's why. I am willing to bet good money that the shooter is Black. They ask us if we have any information. Since they don't describe the suspect, how do we know if we have any information?

Two little girls got shot in West Oakland the other day while sitting in their mom's car. You'd think that would be big news, but we have hardly heard anything about it. NFL cornerback gets popped in a drive by and the media is silent. Miss C is enraged.

If the airport baggage screeners are unionized here is what you can expect!

The weight allowances of bags will go down, because the screeners will not want to work too hard. They will refuse to touch certain items. They will claim all kinds of damage from x-ray machines. We will end up paying a lot of people for not working.

At the libary we stopped stamping the due date on the backs of books because the employees started to claim they were getting repetive strain injuries from the date stampers. So now, if the library patrons want the date stamped on the books, they have to do it themselves. Even though they pay our saleries. Major bullshit!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blacks boo and disrespect Hispanic Oakland City Council member during mayor Ron Dellums inauguration.

Ignacio De La Fuente called the audience's actions disrespectful to the new mayor, and said he felt racially attacked by the cat-calls and curses. They called him "nacho" and told him to go back to Mexico.

Had he won the mayoral election, De La Fuente would have been Oakland's first Latino mayor.

Well, the Blacks would have lynched him if he had been elected mayor. Blacks claim he is only interested in furthering the interests of Hispanics. I think this is a serious case of projection! It's amazing, they won the election and still behave like thugs. There is just no pleasing them.

Miss C has telekinetic powers and looks like Jean Gray, at least to crazy people!

On my way to the bus stop this evening I had to walk around a drug addict lying in the middle of the sidewalk. He was a Somalian looking guy, as in starving Somalian, skinny due to his delicious, nutritious all crack diet.

The minute he spotted me he started yelling at the top of his lungs, "Jean Gray! Jean Gray! Where's Scott Summers? Use your telekinetic powers, Jean! Teleconnect me! Teleconnect me!"

The Democrats want to unionize the baggage handlers!

In other words they want to kill us all! Union employees are worthless and I should know. I have worked with hundreds of the lazy assholes for the last 20 years. Of all the union employess I have worked with, I can count the ones I admire on one hand. The same is not true for the non union people I have worked with. There are many more of them I would care to hire if I owned a business. Becoming unionized encourages people to become lazy, stupid and selfish.

Suppose the handlers go on strike. Suppose they continually call in sick. They'll put passengers at risk. There will be no way to fire the idiots. They are there to serve us. We are not here to serve them and cater to their pleasure. We pay their saleries. They are answerable to the public.

The Democrats are the evil implements of Satan and al Qaeda. Period. There can be no other reason for them to continually endanger and undermine the interests of the American people.

The media is going to beat the drum over Mitt Romney's Mormonism!

The media will make this into an issue. They will commence to yakking about it incessantly. They want to make sure the American people are well aware of the Mitt's religious persuasion and the danger it poses to the general public. We will be hearing a lot about the Mormons and Mormonism for the next year. It might be educational

The media has tried to convince us that Saddam Hussein is a martyr, but that's not really panning out. They have run columns claiming that Saddam's unprofessional hanging has somehow revitalized his image. The truth is that Saddam's death hasn't caused nearly as much outrage as a few cartoons or a statement by the Pope. He was pretty expendable, which is why Bush went after him in the first place.

Monday, January 08, 2007

6000 American deaths including and since 9/11. Over 600,000 Arab deaths

I am not one to quibble with the statistics. Arabs have died in numbers over 100 times the amount that Americans have. I tend to think this is the reason they have not attacked the US in 5 years. I am not even including Afghans or the Lebanese, also killed because of attempts to strike at the US through Israel. Muslims are dying in droves everywhere you go.

9/11 was an idiotic idea in the first place. Monumentally stupid. They got their momentary satisfaction, then payback was the usual evil bitch. Now they are pissing and moaning about all the Muslims killed by the Bush administration. They were dancing in the streets over 9/11. They thought it was a great idea at the time.

What did they expect us to do? Fall down on our knees and pray to Mecca? Recognize the superiority of Islam? Say, oh my God, you are all so nice and the Israelis are so mean, thank you for proving it to us? We feel your pain? They wanted to bring the fight to us and so they did. We brought it right back to them. They got what they wanted. No use in crying over it now.

The Palestinians were Xenophobic, anti immigration racists.

The Jews just kept coming to the Holy Land and the Arabs were all bent out of shape about it. So they started attacking the Jews. In other words the Palestinians were anti immigration. Why shouldn't the Jews of Europe have as much right to immigrate to Palestine as the Mexicans do to the US? If the leftists belive that in the US borders are to be ignored, then they have to believe that borders do not miraculously become valid merely because they cross Middle Eastern lands.

The Jews in Palestine were a "minority" and the Arabs did not want foreign Jews to settle in Palestine and to eventually outnumber the Arabs and change their culture. They were predjudiced, pure and simple. The Zionist movement is just like the Mexican "Atzlan" movement. I would argue that the suffering experienced by the Jews far outweighs the suffering currently experienced by Mexicans. No one is threatening the Mexicans with genocide.

Just think what would have happened had the Palestinians welcomed the Jewish settlers instead of attacking them. It's sad to think that in rejecting the Jews, Palestinians sowed the seeds for decades of death, destruction and misery. Yes, the Palestinans might have become a minority in their own land, but this might have been to their benefit. Having a large population of educated people flooding into your country is preferable to having an influx of the uneducated. The Jews are a tolerant bunch and the Arabs would not have had to worry about religious persecution.

Now the Chinese are kicking some al Qaeda ass too!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Killings in Iraq down since Saddam's hanging?

Seems to me that the killings have fallen from a 100 a day to under 20. That's a serious decline.

I can't imagine a world without retarded people!

Since the AMA came out with a recommendation that all pregnant women, not just women over 35, have their fetuses tested for Down syndrome, I have been thinking on what it would mean to live in a world without retarded people. I am disturbed by the fact that people with Down syndrome are considered disposable. To me people with Down syndrome are just another human variation. I understand the disappointment that some families feel when faced with a child with Down syndrome, but surely there are many families that love and cherish their Down syndrome children. Next we will abort dwarfs and those with cleft palettes. Where will it end?

Somalian Islamic leader claims that Somalian Prime Minister Ali Mohammad Gedi is Ethiopian President, Girma Wolde-Giorgis' 4th wife!

Well then, maybe he's his wife, Sir, but you are his bitch!

Warmer temperatures are good for the environment!

Doesn't the burning of fossil fuels in our homes and offices cause some of the worst greenhouse gases? Even worse than cars, or so I have read. So if we have a period of warming, and we don't need as much heat during the winter, as is currently happening on the east coast, we will make up for global warming during the winter months!

This winter, due to warmer temperatures, we have not been burning as much gas, coal or wood as in previous years. So, there you have it! According to Miss C's weird science, warmer temperatures are a good thing!

Polls claim that people won't vote for Mitt Romney because he's a Mormon!

I know a few Mormons. I have worked with some Polynesian Mormons and I can tell you, that Mormonism combined with Polynesian culture has formed some of the most gracious, well rounded and just plain fine individuals on the face of this earth.

My co-worker is a Mormon Tongan, she's married to a South American Mormon. They have 2 sons and you can not begin to imagine how good looking these boys are. They speak 3 languages fluently and have done their missionary work in South America. My co-worker works full time for the City and owns a floral business. She is used to people being prejudiced about her Mormonism and is reticent to tell the intolerant, liberal shits we work with that she is a practicing Mormon. She doesn't want to hear them. Liberals are confused when minorities are members of religious groups that liberals themselves are prejudiced against. Liberals think that they are in lockstep with all the brown peoples and that all the brown peoples are liberals.

When I was in Hawaii, I visited the Polynesian cultural center. All the Polynesians who work at the center are Brigham Young University students. I met Mormon Maoris, Hawaiian, Tongans, Tahitians and Samoans, all of whom were as learned and graceful as my co-worker. My sister and I went on a scuba diving trip and met 4 Mormon brothers. I ended up dating another guy who was friends with the Mormons. Without exception the Mormon guys were successful businessmen and responsible fathers. They had all done missionary work and spoke another language beside English, depending upon where they had been missionaries.

While I think Catholicism has done more harm than good for many people around the world, (South American Indians, the Irish, etc.) Mormonism, by contrast has done much good. Mormons are generally self supporting, well adjusted and physically healthy people.

That having been said, my ex boss came from Wyoming. He was raised in town where polygamy was practiced. In fact his family had escaped from Utah ahead of the government who sent out troops to crack down on the polygamists. He said he realized early on that Mormonism was not for him. He ran off and joined the Marines. Often when we think of Mormons we think of polygamists marrying underage girls. Not a good association. I am not against polygamy, at all. I am just against forced marriage.

My ex boyfriend had a Mormon friend who he was very close with. He blindly assumed that this guy was his best friend until one day the guy said, "You know, if you were a Mormon, you'd be my best friend." My ex said, "I thought I was your best friend." His friend answered, "No, you can't be because you are not Mormon!"

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Me blogs gone wonky!

What is up with my template? My pic's all down at the bottom. It must be something I've done, but I'm danged if I can figure it out!

Friday, January 05, 2007

What can you get with a quarter?

Yesterday I was really pissed because the lunatic Black guy that walks around saying that Bush is strangling him, walked up to a little Mexican-American girl at my bus stop, stuck his face in hers and called her a "Greedy Mexican bitch" for not giving him the quarter he demanded from her.

This morning I was walking on a deserted street toward work. I had to walk around a huge Black guy in a dirty coat, who was walking very slowly and weaving all over the sidewalk.

I tried to squeeze by him. "Excuse me," I said and he stepped in front of me. "Pardon me" I said, and he stopped and looked me up and down.

"Can I have a quarter?" he asked.

"No!" I said.

My Arab-American friend's reaction to Saddam's hanging!


George Bush reads well!

Listening to Bush read his speeches these past few weeks, I have noticed that he reads very well. When I was in elementary school, I was unnaturally annoyed by slow and halting readers. They got on my nerves. Bush reads easily and smoothly, clearly a sign of intelligence.

Pan handling for drugs!

There's a really great news segment on my local news station, called People Behaving Badly, by reporter Stanley Roberts. Stanley films idiots disregarding and deliberately flouting laws.

Recently he did a story on pan handlers who beg for money on the streets of San Francisco. He taped them begging with their cups. Every time they would get enough money they would go and buy crack, smoke it and go back to begging, get some more money, buy some more crack, etc.

Before any one starts to accuse me of racism, the guy buying the crack and the guy selling the crack in the video are both white! Stanley Roberts is Black.

Check out the video for yourselves!

Reinventing the wheel

Michelin is developing an airless tire. It's pretty neat! They look a lot like old wagon wheels. What goes around comes around and vice versa.

Congressman Boehner is hot!

He looked purtier than Nancy Pelosi. He's getting mummified for Miss C!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

On Hate

And so
it has taken me
all of sixty years
to understand
that water is the finest drink,
and bread the most delicious food,
and that art is worthless
unless it plants
a measure of splendor in people's hearts.

After we die,
and the weary heart
has lowered it's final eyelid
on all that we have done,
and on all that we have longed for,
on all that we have dreamt of,
all we've desired
or felt,
hate will be
the first thing
to putrefy
within us.

Palestinian poet,
Taha Muhammad Ali

I have a confession to make

I have been a bully and a tyrant. A co-worker of mine recently retired. Last night I dreamed of him. This morning, overwhelmed by sadness, I had to admit something to myself and it isn't pretty. I was guilty of abusing this co-worker, because of his liberal ideology.

For 20 years this guy would come to visit me in my cubicle and take me to lunch, usually for Sushi, always paying, during which I would engage in insane rants. Blaming him personally, for every ill that had befallen me at the hands of liberals. He would pipe in once in a while in defense of his beliefs. He would always say there was nothing wrong in being devoted to social change. But it was a no win situation, as that would just start me off on another crazed tangent

During our lunches he gazed at me benevolently and probably fantasized about stopping my mouth in the time honored tradition. I would be conscious of my offensive behavior but couldn't seem to stop myself. It's one thing to rant to other conservatives on my blog, but totally unacceptable to abuse a faithful friend. He is a humanist in the truest sense of the word and not deserving of such abuse.

I think I would do this because I knew he would still love me. Now that he is gone, I realize how wrong it was.

Sometimes I feel myself unlikeable. Sometimes I am unlikeable. I know that I am an exciting and vital person and that is why many people forgive the major glaring flaws in my personality. Also, for many years I have gotten by on my looks.

My ex-boyfriends mom once said to me, "Stop being so miserable. You make everyone around you miserable!" Nuff said! I promise in the 45th year of my life, to try and be a better person.

The French are plumb crazy, says a French psychiatrist!

According to the good doctor, the French are a bunch of paranoid delusional, schizophrenic hypochondriacs with a warped view of reality. So tell us something we didn't know!

Ignorance of the rest of the world, he suggests, helps the French to insist, simultaneously, that their social model is excellent and that everything is going to the bad.

Vicious she badger strikes again!

Ann Coulter needs a muzzle. In her recent column she both insults President Ford and lambastes Harry Reid for not attending Ford's funeral. Which is more insulting to Ford's memory?

Miss C's solution for Iraq

I have noticed that the Saddam supporters, Baathists, otherwise known as, insurgents, all seem to be concentrated in a few places right now. As in, they are protesting Saddam's hanging. Vowing to take revenge. What form do you think that "revenge" will take? The men are all gathered together by the hundreds, waving large pics of Saddam Hussein. Not hard to spot. Just aim and shoot.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

One of Miss C's Christmas presents from Comrade Beelzabubba!

Number one wife!

In a Hausa village where polygamy is practiced, each wife has a separate but within the family's living quarters. The largest hut is for wife number one.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Street Fight, the movie

Documentary about the 2005 Newark New Jersey mayoral race between incumbent, Sharpe James and challenger Cory Booker, both Black Democrats. Dirty, filthy hardcore politics. Hence the title, Street Fight. The Mayor threatens the challenger and his supporters. taps his phone, and otherwise uses the police against anyone that helps Booker in his campaign. He even sends the police to rough up the film maker.

The most amazing moment in the film is when the Mayor starts to call Booker, a Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law School educated Black man, a White man, a Republican and most startling of all, a Jew! The Mayor's supporters actually drive around town in cars festooned with the Mayor's campaign slogans and scream "Booker's not Black, he's a White man." It is just creepy!

Any business that allows a political rally for Booker on the premises or even displays a Booker sign, is visited by inspectors the next day and closed for code violations. Booker realizes he has to buy Black votes with free food and chartered busses to Atlantic City. This is just the way they do politics in Newark. Jesse Jackson shows up, of course to support the skeezy mayor. At least Spike Lee supported Cory Booker. I hate to say this but I have met many men like Mayor James in my time. Cunning old bulls, they are ruthless at using their opponents strenghs against them. It was like Aikido, everything Cory Booker thought he had going for him turned out to be a liability. An ivy league education is a disadvantage. Being good looking loses you points. If you are well spoken and polite, you're White! If you don't want to smear your opponent, you are too weak!

This film is fascinating and scary! It highlights the fierce loyalty Blacks feel for familiar and beloved leaders. Once won, their good opinion is unshakable. This, sadly, prevents positive change in the inner cities.

Miss C's pick for the next Bond girl!

I was watching the Indian movie, Water, about the horrific lives of Indian widows forced to become beggars after the deaths of their husbands. During the movie I was totally enchanted by the beauty of Lisa Ray. A Canadian by birth, she is half Indian, half Polish and utterly gorgeous, in my humble opinion.

Starvin Marvin and his crack Ethernopian troops 1, Religion of Peace 0

All on less than a dollar a day! Somalian Prime Minister, Ali Mohammed Gedi, says that the Ethiopian troops will stay in Somalia for weeks, months, as long as it takes.

More girly men!

Listening to my local NPR station is always a lesson in frustration, but Monday was a particular bitch! Michael Krasny, an irritating talk show host, continued his unbroken record of inviting the most tired of pacifists, and other should-be victims of Darwinism, to be guests on his radio show.

The theme of this show was art. One guest stated from his high horse that "Art was not art, unless its goal was social change." He belittled people who made "beautiful baubles." He and other know-it-all, elitist guests went on and on about Abu Ghraib and art. Iraq and art. War and art. War and war and war.

One wonders what these so-called artists would do if it were not for social inequality, oppression and their very favorite subject, war. They would have no inspiration at all. They are as engaged in their left wing propaganda machine as any Communist was during the era of Stalin, only they are not forced to it at gunpoint.

I remember something I read about Russia under the Tsars, being a great place for art. Of course those fabulous Russian artists were making beautiful baubles, during a time of great oppression. After the revolution art became an arm of government.

One of the guests, an art gallery owner, one of the few voices of rationality, said that the anti-war art pieces were "trendy." Another guest, a very gay Hispanic artist, who made an art piece of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a ballerina gave his very gay opinion of it all. He was inspired to do his piece, because Arnold called people "girly men." Then the artist said, lispingly, "If there were more girly men there would be less war." Alexander the Great might have disagreed.

My favorite art of all time was an installation piece. It was a shack in the middle of a room. When you went inside, it was like being in a depression era shack during a hard rain. It was beautifully executed, totally contained, alternate universe in the middle of a museum. I will never forget it. I have mentioned it to total strangers, who turned out to have seen it and were just as blown away by it.

The next radio show had robotics specialists, but they managed to get someone who wanted to make games that, you guessed it, engineered social change, by making young men less competitive and aggressive. I thought games were about competition in the first place.

I gotta stop listening to Public Radio!

The soundtrack to Saddam's execution!

It was disturbing to me, but then again it mirrored Saddam's trial. He was allowed to yell and carry on and disrupt the proceedings.

In the name of multiculturalism I guess I have to accept the Iraqi method of capital punishment, ugly though it may be.