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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Leftists engage in sneak attacks!

I have noticed that the commie pukes that are reading my blog sneak a peek and run back to their favorite site to rail against my ignorant, KKK joinin', dunce cap wearin', negro lynchin', Bush votin', McDonald's eatin', Ho Ho scarfin', TV watchin', meat devourin', illegal alien despisin', Jihadi insultin', Big Gulp gulpin', Right-Wing cheek of evil ass. Maybe 5 of them have dared to leave a comment and it is never to the point. The arguments consist of insults to my person and cusswords worthy of the most basely natured of Duke lacrosse players. The answers to my columns are as follows. You are scum! Lesbian! Cunt! Racist! Bigot! Ok, now that you realize that I have heard your complaints and taken note of them, we can move on. Isn't any one brave enough to take me on? Leave a comment with a talking point, why don't ya? As for the cyber attacks linking me to porn sites, I would expect no more of a group of people whose ideology is so based in a childish philosophy. I can see why you might be afraid to take Miss Carnivorous on on her own turf. Miss Carnivorous has never been accused of being nice!

Leftist vandal!

We had a super psycho woman working for us. She was twitchy and weird and was always asking me to do her lifting for her as she had a bad back. She could only work at the computer for a few minutes before she had to hop up and do all this stretching and other movements that should only be performed in private. It was irksome and she hardly did any work at all. I have to use a laminator in my job on a daily basis. So this woman starts to complain about the smell emanating from the laminator and how it's making her ill and dizzy. She calls in Cal Osha and they come and measure the pollutants in the air. They don't find any. Then they tell me that I might have to go into a small room and laminate in there. So I say, well, if the machine fumes actually are dangerous, what makes you think that I am going into a tiny ventless room to use it? Then they back off and tell me I have to use it when she is not around, which is impossible. Then she puts a nail in her coffin. We had lobbied for a long time to get some deodorizers in the restrooms. Ms Environmental Illness goes into the restroom and cuts the lines running from the deodorizers to the toilets and writes on the bathroom mirror, "Scent Free America!" The custodian was so pissed, he was walking around saying, "I can't fix that shit!" The eco-terrorist ran off, then she came back and confessed and was fired that day.

Naming the crow.

My co-workers and I have a lot of toys in our cubicles. We dress up for Halloween. Last year we all dressed up like pirates. One of my co-workers, an artist, brought in a stuffed, fake crow, as part of his costume. He was cleaning his cubicle the other day and pulled out the crow. He popped his head up, Whack a Mole style, like we all do when we need to communicate face to face, and asked if anybody wanted the stuffed crow. I said I did. My only right-wing co-worker, also an artist, said, "You can call him Hitchcock or Poe." "Hey," he said, "you can call him, Quid Poe Crow!" Quid Poe Crow it is. My co-worker has the fastest brain alive when it comes to punning, and yet, there are those reading my blog that would call him stupid, just for being a right winger. It's funny, all the leftists we work with are always telling us how smart we are and all we do is talk about how stupid they are. Of course we never say it to their faces, that would be rude. Besides they are just too dumb to know how dumb they are. Oh, wait, that might imply that they were too dumb to know how smart we are and it's true that anything is a step up for them. Well any dumb animal can recognize a superior being.

Libertarian stands for amoral asshole!

I can't count the self-declared Libertarians I have met that were the most amoral, selfish people on the face of the earth. My ex-boyfriend, a hunter and taxidermist by trade, was against any law that applied to him but was all for coming down hard on those he considered criminals. He was a big criminal himself if you counted breaking the law every chance he got. He ran out and bought an assault weapon after the government of California outlawed them, he just had to have one, because the government told him he couldn't. He would shoot a mountain lion in California and drag it to the Nevada border and say that he shot it there. If we went to a park and there was a "No Dogs" sign, he would scrape the red circle and line over the dog pictograph off with a razor blade and take his dog on in. He wanted to go on the Leslie Salt property and in typical Communist fashion of disregard for property rights he took the "No Trespassing" sign off the gate barring the entrance and threw it in the bushes. When the ranger stopped us and asked us why we were on private property my ex said that he had not seen a sign on the gate. The ranger ordered us back to the gate and said, "That's really strange, I know there was a sign" My ex was very pleased with himself. He did however want the government and law enforcement to come down hard on illegal aliens. He thought that he had the right to shoot anyone that violated or trespassed on HIS property. He was against laws and bills that protected people from themselves, as he felt that they interfered with natural selection. He didn't even like "Dangerous Surf" signs. Needless to say he cheated on his taxes like a motherfucker. All in all, he wanted to be a selfish bastard and do his own thing and that's why he was a Libertarian. Most of the Libertarians I have met are exactly like him. I'm still open though, maybe somebody can prove me wrong.

Welcome Norbizness fans, all. Now piss off!

Good Lord! Don't you butt licking toadies of Jihadi sphincter realize that you are about my only readers. You can't stay away, can you? Ixnay on the inklay! I am unfortunate enough to be around brain dead leftist clones all day and I don't want to be around them when I am blogging. My blog is not meant for you. You haven't the life experience to understand it. I don't care what you say about me. I dont read your blogs. Please don't read mine. Go away!!!

Abu Musab al Zarkawi is on the Linda Ronstadt diet!

Whoa.. I saw al Zarkawi's new video. I know the camera adds 10 lbs, but he is pushing mass density. He is living off the fat of the lamb. I think, judging from the size of him, that we can pinpoint his location. He's obviously hiding in New Orleans. I notice the left is strangely silent on the subject of his obesity. Aren't they concerned? I've heard that the Danish have the best insulin and Mr al Zarkawi is going to need it soon.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gopher snake!

We used to have a head of custodial services where I work, who has moved on to a bigger and better paying job. He is from Texas and his grandfather was a Black Seminole Indian fighter. My co-worker knows that I love history and family history in particular. My co-worker goes back to Texas to stay with his dad a few times a year and he says he always wakes up to gunfire as his dad shoots a few squirrels for their breakfast. He wanted to preserve some family history, so he videotaped his dad talking about his life. My friend's dad told a lot of interesting stories, but one that I really liked is about his father, who kept a sweet potato patch. He said that the patch would periodically become infested with gophers. The old man kept a pet gopher snake. When a gopher would disturb his sweet potatos, he would fetch the snake. As he put the snake's head to the gopher hole he would say, "Thar gopher, you shall have no more sweet potatos!"

My favorite spam e-mail for the week!

Come like a bison with Spermamax!

When brothers fight to the death, strangers inherit the estate

I was reading the blogger Bhamini, from India and she quoted an African adage which seemed particularly apropos for the Iraq situation.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Gas prices, shmass prices!

I don't care. To tell you the truth, I feel bad for people that drive for a living, like truckers, but I just can't get too worked up over high gas prices. I don't drive.

If I were the president of Iran,

I'd want a nuclear weapon too!! Can't blame him for trying. The problem for him is, we can't let him get one. Sorry!

Miss Carnivorous does not chew her food!

Miss Carnivorous swallows her food and her enemies in one gulp!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I am getting a lot of hits from Norbizness blog today. He has done a column which is rather like Liberal Larry's BlameBush blog. The problem is, Liberal Larry is funny because he satirizes subjects Bush could not actually be responsible for. If he satirized the things Bush is responsible for, it wouldn't really be funny now, would it? I am afraid that the left did knock out Hank William's tooth, when the uber leftist, uber fatty Linda (I can't believe I ate the whole Michael Moore, won't someone give me a Big Pharma Prilosec) Ronstadt decided to cover Hank William's tunes. Merle Haggard never had teeth!! The left has a lot to answer for in this country. I was listening to the differently abled Erica Jong on NPR and she, like all leftists, like to use the term, "disproportionally affect the poor." As in, "The bill passed in North Dakota banning abortion will disproportionally affect the poor." Who knew. She should know, having been on the forefront of the sexual revolution that paved the way for irresponsible behavior on the parts of millions of American men. Pun intended. She should now how disproportionately the poor can be affected. The left has destroyed the social fabric that connected Black men to their children by removing the stigma formerly placed on illegitimate birth. The left lives in fear that someone, somewhere, will feel "bad." In order to prevent grown adult gay men from feeling "bad" because they can not become scout leaders, the left is willing to expose thousands of young men to molesters. In order to prevent illegitimate children from feeling "bad" they made it possible for women to bear children alone and unsupported by anyone but the government. Both male and female children are short changed by the lack of any connection to healthy male role models. Girls raised in such households are unlikely to choose healthy and supportive males themselves, and the boys are unaware that they should be supportive of the children they father. Believe me, I know. Stigma and shame were useful in that they kept women from getting pregnant when they had not the means to support and raise a child. They encouraged men to marry and support their offspring. The repercussions of the boom of illegitimacy are dire and have caused the deaths of thousands of Black inner city boys, filled maximum security prisons and doomed women and children to lives of poverty and misery. Conservatives are not responsible for this continuing trend, Liberals are. The lack of intellectual curiousity on the part of Americans can also be laid at the Liberals door. Time after time, Liberals have complained that holding children to a common educational standard is either racist or wounding to a child's self esteem. The self esteem movement has received enough criticism from others and I won't go into it here. Having grown up in a bastion of liberalness, I can see the danger that they pose to the poor. The poor are being undereducated at the hands of liberal teachers that think they are doing good, but are ruining poor people's lives. The policies that the elite engage in do no harm to the elite themselves that a few weeks in rehab or the hiring of a nanny won't set straight, but the damage to the poor is incalcuable. Think on this, if Paris Hilton gets pregnant and wants to keep her child, what happens? If a poor girl gets pregnant and wants to keep her baby, what happens? The consequences are totally different and most would encourage the poor girl to have an abortion. It would have been better for the poor girl to have waited until she found a man interested in having children but the easy availability of abortion and welfare have made the decision too easy. Not so long ago most gay men would marry and father children. Now, most men are not interested in having children at all, and prefer to indulge their selfish natures while being encouraged by leftists. Women have always wanted to have babies and always will. The more irresponsible men become, the more dependent on the state women will become. Patriarchy reinforced by leftists. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire

This morning on NPR's Forum show with Michael Krasney, Morris Berman was the guest. He was discussing his new book, Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire, a hopeful title if there ever was one. He pretended to be depressed at the thought of the good old US of A going down in flames al la Rome, but he couldn't hide his glee at the idea. Listeners were treated to a delightful hour where upon Mr Berman waxed lyrical about the EVIL MIDWESTERN FUNDAMENTALIST/EVANGELICALS (he uses the words interchangeably, while unaware of the true meaning of either) He excoriated the IQ"s of Americans. He said that television was making Americans stupid and distracting them from reading. Of course anyone with half a brain knows that there are people that like to read and those that don't. Those that don't, either engage in lots of physical activities, or they watch TV. Readers are, and always have, been rare. The white left thinks that everyone white should be just like them, they really do not feel comfortable with difference and diversity of opinion. Mr Berman bragged of the learnedness of the Europeans, who have "pulled" together 25 five disparate countries into one united and enlightened utopia of intelectualism and good will towards man. He ignored the fact that they have done so under the protection of the US nuclear umbrella. He believes that Europeans have much higher average IQ's than Americans. He is, I guess, unaware of the recent IQ study that gave Americans a higher IQ average than France, as he seemed to think Americans average IQ was very low indeed. He claimed that Indians had higher IQ's. I don't doubt it, but what does it mean? All I can say is that the left has found a use for IQ scores after years of assuring us that IQ scores were meaningless. The left has indeed become the new right. Mr Berman is apalled at the religiosity of Americans, although I am sure it is just white Americans that he does not want to practice religion. The fact that most brown and Black people are not in accordance with the view that we evolved from a lower life form seems to be alright with him. Millions of Latin and Philipino Catholics get a pass. It's just those damned white Evangelicals. People that look like him and sound like him but don't think exactly like he does. Amazing! A lady called into the show and it turned out she was a journalist that had worked in the SF bay area and had moved to the Midwest for work and family reasons. She echoed Mr Berman's opinions, in her turn belitting the ignorant slobs she was living among and speaking in sneering tones of the television viewing habits of her neighbors. Her neighbors have the bad taste to enjoy reality TV and soap operas. The dreaded American Idol and the unbearable Survivor. She claimed that everyone in Idaho was afraid of terrorism and nervous about the economy and so took to medicating themselves by shopping excessively at "Targets and Walmarts." Sinners, for being greedy and ignoring the evil practices of the world's most hated corporations. Of course she would prefer to live in San Francisco where something in the water must make the IQ's higher, but she claims journalism is journalism, wherever she may be. Of course we know that the truth is that the scorn for these deplorable habits is only heaped upon white people that are engaging in these behaviors. Every time I have gone into a Walmart or Target, 90% of the customers shopping there are immigrants, but they can't be blamed, because they are brown and the left is racist and holds them to a different standard. Most Blacks are Evangelicals and vote for Democrats, but no scorn is heaped upon them for their religious views. The left is really beginning to show its spots and tell us what they really think about the average, hard working white Christian American, Well here is what I think of leftists. I think you are all full of shit. I think that you go on about fake Native American spirituality and Depak Chopra. I think that you co-opt native people's cultures and warp them beyond recognition. I think you are selfish people that spend too much time looking for self fulfillment. I think that you are too concerned with your own self esteem, when you really haven't done anything to earn esteem. I think you waste money on yoga classes and private schools for your kids when you should be demanding good schools for your tax dollars instead. I think that you are bad parents. I have seen your kids in public places and they behave like monsters. I think that you let your kids get away with murder and they have contempt for you. I think you spend too much money on gourmet coffee. I think you spend too much in general. Birkenstocks are some of the most expensive shoes on the planet. Organic food is way too expensive, and most liberals I know are always sick anyway. Liberals always have rare food allergies and are allergic to chemicals and have to go to the acupuncturist and chiropractor all the time. I think you all spend too much money and time on yourselves period. I think Trader Joe's food tastes like crap and costs way too much. I think you all go to therapy way too much and spend a lot of time thinking about yourselves and your problems and how unhappy you are. I think that the American tax payers spend too much money on National Public Radio for them to have to listen to brain damaged Liberal idiots like Mr Berman insult them and criticize their habits. He mentioned that a professor said that his students didn't know the difference between an opinion and an informed argument. Ditto for Mr Berman. National Public Radio is supposed to be for the average American citizen, not for Liberal elitists to use as a soapbox to insult and demean us.

What do transexuals wear in Islamic countries?


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh my God this is sooo funny.

The psycho leftist British Brokeback blogger crew have linked me to one of their favorite websites, Shemale Strokers. They are incredibly childish and I guess don't realize how amused I am by their silly behavior?? Leftists are like children, they have a childlike world view and engage in infantile behavior every chance they get. They throw fits and stomp their little hairy feet and shake their little baby fists. They flip their fake dreadlocks around like Sideshow Bob on the Simpson's. They work up a sweat and send out waves of patchouli funk. "The bad professor said that women and men aren't the same, whaaa, whaaa." "Oh, I am so mad I could blow up a crowd of kids!" Whenever leftists hate on you, you know that you are doing something right!! If they spent half the energy on productive activities that they waste on insulting and attacking people with different beliefs, maybe they could actually be a force for positive change. Still they are funny in a tragic sort of way. They are not intelligently funny in the sarcastic way of Conservatives and Moderates, but they are good for a chuckle, now and then. They always assume that everyone else's motives are evil, instead of asking us why we believe what we believe, and accepting that what we say just may be true. They are always going on about dialog, but they don't really mean it.

The left's favorite pastime

I was laughing with my co-worker about the crazy gay British bloggers attacking me and he said, "Well you know, they are just engaging in their favorite pastime." I said, "What is that?" He said, It's not tofu farming, it's HATE!"

Monday, April 24, 2006

If Americans treated foreigners like the Fundamentalist Muslims do.

What if Americans went to areas where foreign day laborers waited to be picked up for jobs, and drove car bombs into the lines of them and blew them up. What if we took their bodies and tore them to pieces and dragged them through the streets and burned them and hung them on bridges. What if Americans went to the foreign embassies of America and blew them up and stormed them and dragged their employees outside and beat them and killed them. What if Americans went into mosques and churches and blew up praying worshipers. What if Americans strapped bombs under their tuxes and went to the weddings of foreigners and blew up the wedding parties. What if Americans went to hotels where foreign tourists slept and blew them up. What if Americans went into the cafes where foreign nationals ate and drank and blew them up. What if Americans hijacked planes and flew them into the high rises of foreign countries. What if Americans kidnapped foreigners and taped videos of them begging for their lives and demanding that all Americans in foreign prisons be released, and when the releases were not forthcoming, slit the throats of the kidnapped victims and sent the videos to al-Jazeera. What if Americans picked up hundreds of men and boys and slit their throats and left their bodies in public places to rot and be seen by children. What do you think the left would say then?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Speaking of cunts!

My sister used to work for Civil Rights Attorneys. One of the Lawyers had a brother that had Tourette's. The firm hired him, out of the kindness of their liberal hearts, to do some data entry work. My sister said that she would stay away from him because he made her sick. (My sister has a weak stomach and gags at just about anything) All the attorneys were to the far left, although wallowing in money they made from suing Denny's and State Farm. One day the Tourette's guy made some cookies and brought them into the office. My sister said that they were healthy cookies and not in the least delicious, or maybe he just couldn't cook. Probably he felt compelled, by his disorder, to add an ingredient that didn't belong in cookies, but I digress. Anyway, one leftist, lesbian attorney decides she is going to patronize the Tourette's guy. My sister said the lawyer walked up to him and said, in a sickly sweet tone of voice, "Oh Rene, your cookies are soooo good." The Tourette's guy looked up and said, "Thank you.....CUNT!" My sister says the attorney just cringed and my sister was bent over laughing, because the feminist attorney couldn't say shit about it. Her civil rights were just violated and she had to suck it up. You've been violated manly girl!!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Bio for those that would misrepresent me

I am being misrepresented by a few bloggers and I'd like to get the record straight for those that don't know me, My dad was born in Oakland. His mother was from Southern Illinois born to an Alsatian mother and an Irish father. My grandmother and her brother came to California because my grandmother's brother had gotten involved in the Irish mob. There were some arrests, my great uncle married a mobster's daughter and they came to Oakland. My grandmother had a scholarship to college, but became pregnant in 1942 by a married man. She had my father and never went to college. She always lauded the wonderful female teachers she had in High School. Those spinster ladies that dedicated themselves to their students, having few other chances for rewarding employment at the time.

My mother's mother's family were from Germany and came to Canada in the 1700's, moved to Albany and intermarried with a Dutchman and ended up with a Dutch name that stuck up until this day although there was only one Dutchman. My mother's father came from Cornwall with his family in the 1920's. They were granite miners and opened a granite quarry in Oklahoma in the 30's. They made gravestones and monuments. My mother's father came to the SF bay Area to work in the shipyards. He was an alcoholic wife beater. My mother's mother had 7 kids, my mom being the eldest. I have an uncle 4 years older than I and an aunt 7 years older than I. My maternal grandmother got MS when she was pregnant with her last child. My grandfather took off back to Oklahoma. My grandmother lived in the country in Northern California. My grandmother was cooking and cleaning house from a wheelchair I remember being in the car with her and she used to pick her paralyzed legs up with her hands and put them on and off the gas pedals to drive. She was boiling a pot of sweet potatoes from her wheelchair and she accidently dumped them in her lap when she went to take them off the stove. They put her in bed after that, and she didn't get out of bed for over 20 years, until the day she died. Although she looked at my father's mother as sort of a loose woman, and my father's mother knew this, my father's mother would never say a word against my mother's mother. She would always just say, "That woman suffered." My father's mother went through 4 marriages and had four kids. My dad was resentful at never having known his father. His father was Cajun French and he saw him once when his father came to look at him. My grandmother had twin girls, my father's sisters. They looked almost exactly like Catherine Zeta Jones and started drinking in their early teens. They were dead by the ages of 38 and 40 from alcoholism. My dad lived until 60 and died from the alcohol. My mom died of lung cancer at 56. My mom and dad divorced when I was 2.

My mom was an evil bitch and my dad ran off with the babysitter. He married her and they had 2 kids, my brother and sister. My dad ran off with a few more women and married a woman that commited suicide in front of a train after 18 years of being married to my alcoholic dad. My dad was a Master Machinist, One of the most brilliant men I have ever known, he squandered everything on the alcohol. My mom told me my dad was gay, but I have no way of knowing this for sure, as my dad seemed desperately involved with women most of his life. He could converse with anyone on any subject, Egyptology, art, classical music, science. He drew and painted, he designed jewelry he sculpted. He had a cool Jawa motorcycle and sidecar. He took me fishing and I grew to love fishing and the outdoors more than anything. I could hike everyday of my life. My mom married a Navy Engineman when I was 4. We lived in Chula Vista and National City and went to Tijuana every weekend for Bullfights and Mexican food. He got tickets from the Navy for Disneyland and we took all the sailors from out of the state to Disneyland. I went about 12 times. He was a rich kid who was named after a relative that signed the Declaration of Independance. His parents had old money and lived on a horse ranch in Maryland. My stepdad had been kicked out of all his prep schools and joined the navy at 17. he loved it. So, it's kind of funny when one of my enemy bloggers' commenters says I call all sailors "Daddy". There were a lot of sailors around when I was a kid. One time one of the sailors that was staying in my room, left some very dirty briefs in my doll house. I found them and showed them to my mom and she got really upset. Later as an adult, I wasn't sure if it had happened the way I thought it did, but I asked my mom about it and she said, "Yes, that did happen and I think I know who did it too."

My stepdad went to Vietnam and my mom and I went to Maryland to live with my step-grandparents. They were frugal, wealthy people and too classy to show us how beneath them they thought my mom and I were. They did not approve of my stepdad marrying a divorcee but did not let that show while we lived with them. My mom looked like Cher and my stepdad was attracted to her, but he really didn't like me either. When he was home on leave, they got rid of me regularly by sending me to stay with my mom's sisters the whole summer. While living on the ranch in Maryland, we hob nobbed with the rich and famous. Alistair Cooke came to one of the parties we had. I learned to ride English and Western style and got my own Welsh Mountain pony. I went fox hunting. This was the start of integration and busing. I was bused from the suburbs to Baltimore to go to school. My stepdad finally came back from Vietnam and we moved back to California. Before my stepdad got out of Vietnam, he got my dad a job as a civilian sniper in Vietnam. My dad had volunteered for the military but was turned down because he had severe asthma and food allergies. My dad never told us until much later, what he had done in Vietnam. My stepdad got out of the Navy and was working in Montgomery Ward's automotive dept. We lived in a small town. I was happy because I got to see my real dad again and he would pick me up and take me fishing and motorcycle riding. My stepdad and he were similar, both mechanics and artists and really smart and very good looking. They were both under the car a lot, but my stepdad liked American cars and my dad liked foreign cars. My stepdad raced his stock car and we went to the dragstrip every weekend. My dad loved Japanese movies and he would take us to see Yojimbo and Zatoichi. My stepdad didn't do well by being out of the military and joined the Coast Guard. We moved to Treasure Island Naval Base.

My stepdad met another woman and called my mom and told her he wanted a divorce over the phone. My mom had had a hysterectomy and had been acting oddly and was getting quite neurotic, so I can't really blame him. My mom went nuts and called the emergency number on th base and the Military Police came and took her away. I had a friend that lived a few doors down and her father was an officer. They were Pentecostal Christians and charitable in nature. The officer came out and talked to the MP's. They told them that they would take me until my dad could come and get me.

My dad never did come get me. My stepmom didn't want him to. My mom was in the military hospital on the Psycho ward for months. I have no idea how long it was exactly, but it was at least 3 months. My friend's family took care of me and took me to church with them, where they spoke in tongues and writhed on the floor and cried. Every night after dinner we would read aloud from the Bible. Once the teenage son from the family opened the Bible and read aloud a chapter that told of a man that seduces and rapes his half sister. As he read I could see him getting redder and redder, but here he is thinking, well it's in the Bible, so I guess it must be OK. Then his mom attacked him and chased him up the stairs kicking and punching him and screaming that he did that on purpose. As if!!! I was freaked out!! But I am still grateful to them for taking care of me.

While I was in the military school on the base, a group of people, probably the CIA, came and tested the IQ's of the military kids only. The teacher showed me my score and it was 129, Clearly not Mensa material, but not stupid either. I have had a lot of migraines since then and they say that migraines damage your brain and I believe it. I really don't know what it's like to not have your head hurt all the time. I think my IQ is lower now. The thing I remember most is that they described my looks as well, saying, "average looking, wears glasses." At 9, I thought I was pretty good looking! I guess I was mistaken! Anyway, the teacher felt I was not working up to my potential as I was hopeless at math and only interested in drawing and reading. I read all night under the covers by my electric blanket light.

My mom got out of the hospital and was addicted to experimental tranquilizers that the military had been testing on her. She was practically comatose most of the time and I was scared of her because I knew that when she had called the MP's, she had told them she was going to kill herself and me, because nobody wanted us. So I thought that she was going to stab me, because she always kept my stepdad's dive knife under her pillow. I would push my bed against my bedroom door every night to keep her from coming in to kill me. After my stepdad divorced my mom we had to leave the military base. We moved to Oakland. My mom was on Supplemental Security Income and I was on Welfare and food stamps. My dad never paid one penny of support for me.

We happened to move a few blocks away from my father's ex-wife and my half brother and sister. My Ex-stepmom was actually a big help to me. She was jealous of me while married to my dad, but I thank God for her help after that. My mom was still hooked on tranqs and barely able to function. We didn't have a phone or a car and she rarely left the house. I was ten and I was more like her mother. The neighbors would ask why she was so sick looking and she lied and said she had leukemia. All the neighbors felt sorry for us and our upstairs neighbor, a total queen that worked for Lockheed, had me clean his house for money and he would run an extension cord over his balcony so we could watch TV or I could read. Wonderful, wonderful man. We had no electricity a lot ot the time. We got eviction notices constantly. Our landlord was a Chinese lady. I was in a class with her son and he would tell his mom how smart I was and she would always encourage me to do well in school. They took me out of that class and put me in a class with smarter kids, I was used to being the smartest kid in the class and that wasn't the case any more. The landlady put up with a lot from my mom and let us slide on the rent a lot and I thank God for her kindness too.

My mom wrote bad checks all over the neighborhood. We had angry business owners knocking on our door a lot. I grew to be very responsible about my bills because of the embarrassment I suffered. My best friend was a Chinese American girl whose parents still own a dry cleaners. I spent every moment with her over the dry cleaners and ate at her house a lot. That's were I saw my first duck cooked with it's head still on and learned to eat with chopsticks. I got a taste for salted dried fruits. I also learned bad Chinese words for white and Black people. My mom started sleeping with my friend's brother, which was beyond horrible. He was a Chinese American stoner and I hated his guts. The relationship with my friend got weird after that, as her parents were furious that their son was sleeping with my mom. He would do mechanic jobs though and gave my mom money. We had better food, electricity and a phone now. But he would beat her a lot.

My stepdad came over drunk and tried to take some of the antique furniture my mom had gotten from his parents.My mom was begging him to leave the stuff. She was crying and pleading and pounding on his chest. I was pissed because she had gone to the bedroom with him and they had sex. I felt ashamed of her for trying to get him back that way. He took all his racing trophies and his art and left his record albums. Lots of good Beatles and folk music. Later he called and wanted to come get them but he couldn't remember our address. I told him he couldn't have them as I listened to them and they were mine now. He was so low as to say, "Good, it might give you a little class." They never gave him any!

My new best friend was a half Irish, half Sioux girl. She was on Welfare too and her mom was a schizophrenic, so we had a lot in common. Her dad was from Pine Ridge reservation and her mom was from Arkansas We started going to Pow Wows all over California on Greyhound and local buses. We spent the rest of the time in the hills getting high on the pot my mom's boyfriend gave us. My friend is now a paranoid schizophrenic herself.

I started Junior High. I was one of a very few white students in the school. The Black kids were disruptive and had serious behavoral problems. I felt like I knew more than most of the teachers. There was a poetry contest at school and I told my dad about it. He asked if I was going to enter it. I said it was stupid and I didn't want to. My dad said, "If you think you are so fucking smart, then enter it!" I did and I won first prize. Shut him up like a clam!

I had a typing class and there was a retarded girl that sat next to me. Some of the Black girls would ask to see the retarded girl's purse and steal stuff from it. We were all using this fruit flavored lip gloss at the time and the Black girls would steal this and her lunch money too. So one day they ask her and I say, "Karen, don't give them your purse." I feel someone behind me rip the rubberband from my hair and I turn around and go down fighting. The teacher just sat there, doing nothing as most inner city teachers do. So then I had enemies. I had a lot of fights. In those days nobody killed anybody. I started to get suspended. Then I stopped going to school. I got home tutors. Then I got put in an alternative high school for smart kids bored by regular school. The classes were taught by UC Berkeley students. I dropped out of that school as well. I took the High School Proficiency Exam at 17 and graduated early.

My Native American friend was a very spiritual kind of girl and she had always felt that she was born to Belly Dance. She decided that we should take lessons. We started them at 17. We would catch a bus a long way to another city to take these lessons. The teacher thought that we were both promising so she let up work in her boutique in exchange for lessons. She worked at a Morroccan restaurant. She had a student night there and we danced, although I don't remember dancing, I was so scared. The owner had an Arab night club with a live band. He saw me and my friend and hired us to dance at the club. My friend was 10 times the dancer I was. We were 18. My friend and I danced at a party for nuclear engineers that were being sent to Three Mile Island after the accident. I was not much for trusting men and had never dated as a teen. I started dating a really cool Egyptian drummer and kanoon player, that worked at the night club. He helped me with my dancing. I never really enjoyed dancing in front of people. I prefered the music of the Gulf Arabs and danced better to the folk style music. I was very popular with the Saudis. I learned a little Arabic with an Egyptian accent. I also grew to like Arabs very much. One of the coolest things that ever happened to me is two of my friends and I went to an Arab restaurant one night. They were actually closed for a party for a 90 year old Arab guy. They let us in at the door anyway as they were in a generous mood. We were sitting at a table near the 90 year old guy for a while and he kept smiling at me and so did his wife. The man's grandson came and said "Grandfather you can dance with any woman here, which one do you want to dance with?" and the old guy pointed at me! His wife grabbed my hand and said, "He is my husband, please bring him back to me when you are through!" So I got up on the stage and danced with him. It was so cool!

The Egyptian broke up with me because I was being a bitch (blood will tell) and I started dating a Kuwaiti. He was insanely jealous and crazy. He was also very good looking and very rich. He didn't want me to dance, so I stopped. I really miss live Arabic music. We just went out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and clubs all night and slept all day, although he was supposed to be going to college. Neither one of us drank. Before he would leave for school he would always tell me not to touch his Koran, I never even thought of touching it. He would tell me that if I was raped I should kill myself and I would say, I am not a virgin, so why should I, and he would say I should still do it, and that my bother should do it for me if I couldn't. He would tell me if I had a daughter he was going to send her to live with his mother so she would not be a whore like American women. I had no intention of having a kid with this lunatic anyway. I am not the kind of person to spend other peoples money, so I never took money from him, but my mom did. He was always currying favors with my mom. My friends called this guy, "The Baby." He drove way too fast and almost killed us a number of times and was always threatening to beat up anyone that looked at me. It was hard to get away from him, but I did it. He epitomizes the crazy, unreasonable Arabs I think of when I think of crazy Islamic fascists. His mom was Palestinian, he would brag about killing Jews and stringing their ears and tell me he and his brother raped their nanny and she set her hair on fire to try to kill herself and get away from them, but they put her out and called her a bitch for daring to try to kill herself in their house. He once wrote a paper on why he loved Hitler and compared Hitler to Ben Franklin! He was upset at not getting a good grade on it.

My mom got a job selling plants, her first job ever! She started dating a Vietnamese guy They were together in a secret relationship for over 15 years. He took care of her while she was dying of cancer. He never could tell his family about his older caucasian girlfriend, although he refused their attempts at setting him up with women for years. He spent 4 days a week at my mom's house watching football and eating American food He taught her to drive and cleaned her mouth out when she was dying and comatose from morphine. True love like that I have never known, nor am likely to ever know. They went on a few road trips together and saw America. I have the pictures, because he lives with his family and can't keep them at home. He never liked me much and thought I was a bad daughter for telling my mom what do do a lot. This is unheard of in Vietnamese culture. He had his illusions about her and that's fine. He was also correct that I was not her mother, but was used to feeling as if I was.

I have never learned to drive and couldn't afford to make a house payment and a car payment, so I take public transit everywhere. I am a very good cook, because my dad and his mother taught me. My dad's mom was an Anglophile and got me into reading Georgette Heyer regency novels. She watched tons of British television and cooking shows (not British, thank God!) and I would stay with her and we would cook something from one of the shows. I used to bake Xmas cookies with her every year. One year I went to her house on the bus in the rain to bake cookies and found her dead. She was the person that loved me most in all the world and I miss her.

I dated a few more Arab guys. I got a job at a pizza parlor working for an Iranian. I started to date an Iranian Nuclear engineering student. He was a delivery driver while he went to UC Berkeley. He loved every hair on my head, but I didn't trust men and treated him badly. He owns a Radio Shack now and is happy and plump. I lived with a Maltese-American guy that was a taxidermist and big game hunter. I married a Pakistani for a short time. I dated a professional poker player and a cop. I got a City job when I was 25 and have been working there ever since. I work with people from all races and from all over the world. My last boyfriend was 14 years younger and a Mexican-American from Texas that grew up on a cattle ranch, his dad was a rodeo rider. I mean last boyfriend too, I have given up, I am telling you. My boyfriend before him was Black and Native-American and helped me buy and fix up a small house, even though he was an executive headhunter and had never done handy work before. My closest friend is a Black woman from Panama, she doesn't see race at all. I went to Community college and majored in Spanish and Anthropology. I have had a Chinese American punk rocker friend for 15 years, she was born in Oklahoma. I just went to my friend from Mexico's autistic son's confirmation, where I was one of about 4 whites among over a 100 Mexicans. I went there with my Jordanian-Palestinian-American ex-boyfriend and we danced to an African band and watched ballet folklorico dances and ate pipian. I go to crab feeds with my black co-workers, where I am about 1 of 2 whites in 500 Blacks. I go to birthday parties in the projects. So you see, when you are making assumptions about my friends, and my feelings about people of color it makes me angry.

I doubt that any of the people acusing me of racism are as involved in the cultures of others as I have been. My one other conservative co-worker and I were laughing the other day, because the most Liberal people we work with always gravitate to us. Hard core union reps and socialists file in to talk to us everyday. They stare in puzzlement at the pics I have of Bush and my Reagan calender. They come to talk to us because we are cool and funny and smart and know a hell of a lot about politics. They just can't believe that we're Conservatives, because they don't know any, and stereotype them.. My communist co-worker is starting to sound a lot like me after going to lunch with me for 18 years. He is getting tired of the behavior of inner-city youths. The constant spitting and anti-social behavior of these teens is getting on his nerves.

As for me being a racist, that's pure nonsense. I love many people of other races. If I make statements about Fundamentalist Muslims it is on account of their actions and not their race. Most Arabs I know consider themselves white anyway. I have always been attracted to the exotic and unusual and the truth is of course I am pretty odd myself, so there you have it. I like guys with a different life story than my own. It makes them more interesting to me. Not only that, I grew up in a truly multicultural society and am very familiar with other cultures. My Chinese-American baptist co-worker will sometimes defer to me questions about Chinese culture, because she feels like she is more American than Chinese. The other day her dad gave her dog soup, as a curative, sans dog, of course, and I told her it wouldn't work anyway unless she took it with a little liquor. She said she'd tell her dad next time to give her a drink, as well! Then when I told her I had a headache, she told me the Chinese would say it was because I went to bed with my hair wet and I said yes, I did!

Friday, April 21, 2006

I Hope You Get Cancer blogger

Honestly, there are those on the left giving me a hard time over my blog that have names for their blogs like, I Hope You get Cancer and call me a cunt on said blog as well. Then one of the leftards with the delightful screen name Snotty Mcshot calls me a lesbian. They seem in their holier than thou state to be blissfully unaware of the irony of complaining about my harsh language, while using such vicious language themselves. Certainly, complaining that I am a mean ol racist is a case of the pot calling the kettle a cooking utensil. These leftists are as misogynistic as it gets. It's because those lefties are such fine humanists and all. They are full of hatred and rage and are projecting it on everyone else. They are either rapists themselves or homosexuals. Otherwise, how do you explain their total disregard for the plight of women at the hands of Islamists? How about I turn it right back on them, use a little of their own high prose, FUNDAMENTALIST MUSLIM MEN ARE ALL CUNTS AND I HOPE THEY GET CANCER AND THEY CAN KISS MY LESBIAN ASS!!! Am I allowed to say that?? I learned such talk from the high falutin' British left of course. So I guess it's OK to say it Right? Right? I crack myself up, man, I am getting punny again.
As for being a devotee of David Duke, I certainly am not!!! Let me educate you ignorant lefties about your tool. David Duke just visited the Middle East to show his solidarity with the Jihadists. Like all of you complaining about my comparison of Islamic Fudamentalists to spiders, David Duke is a supporter of terrorism against Jews. I am his polar opposite, I am a supporter of Israel and moderate Arabs and Muslims everywhere. You can not be a Nazi and a Zionist, can you now? You leftists are the Nazis, not I. I love Jews and moderate Arabs You guys need to seriously take a look at the Aryan Nation website to see how closely you ape the white nationalist positions. I think you Brits are woefully lacking up to date information about the US and your favorite racists. You all have that one old mummy that you trot out to show how racist America supposedly is. Well ain't it purty to think so. Dream on you colonialist British bastards. We have no one calling for the death of all Muslims or the destruction and death of the Arab world, or even the death of the Taliban or all fundamentalists. If they would act like civilised human beings instead of animals and quit blowing up kids, they could live as well as anybody on the planet. They are the ones calling for the destruction of Israel and the beheading of infidels and now the rape of infidel women. So, I'll say what I want about you and your Jihadi friends, because you are one and the same. So, what if George Bush wants to control the oil, which I do not believe he does or we'd have it by now. Osama and his ilk want to control oil and women. I know which side my bread is buttered on. I don't drive, so I don't care about oil, but no man is going to control me. And you leftists are not going to do it over the web.

Creepy Camel Spiders!!!


Wife beaters!!!

I used to date an Iranian that was majoring in Nuclear Engineering at UC Berkeley. He was a pacifist and definitely to the left of center. His nickname for me was Redneck which he called me because I voted for Reagan and he was being brainwashed at UC Berkeley and didn't know any better. He later apologized for it after he found out what it actually meant. Anyway, he lived in a Berkeley apartment near the campus. he had a roommate that was an Iranian Kurd. The Kurd's name was Majid and he was a Communist. He would have Communist meetings at the apartment and a lot of French speaking guys would show up and my boyfriend would always want us to leave because he thought the CIA was going to show up. My boyfriend's brother worked at the Diablo Valley Nuclear plant, but the Iranian revolution had happened and my boyfriend knew that he would never work for the US government. Majid the Kurd was interesting to me. My mom was an expert on Judaism and the Jewish diaspora. She collected a lot of books on the subject. My mom had an interesting book called "The Lost Worlds of Judaism." The book told of Jewish tribes in Arab lands. More fascinating to me than the Klaus Barbie, Butcher of Lyon and other holocaust books she loved, I read it cover to cover. One of the things I read was that the Jews that lived in Kurdish lands had taken up a bad (to my mind anyway) habit of beating their wives. According to this book the Jews learned this from the Kurds. So one day I am riding in my boyfriend's car and I mention this. My boyfriend denies such a thing is happening in Kurdish lands. We get to his apartment and Majid is smoking in front of the television moodily, as usual. We don't see the Commies, so we sit and watch television with him and pass pistachios around. My boyfriend says to Majid, "My girlfriend thinks that Kurds beat their wives Majid, tell her it's not true." Majid blew out a puff of smoke and narrowed his eyes, "My father beat my mother every day, that is why I hate him!" Another tme my dad asked my boyfriend if it was true that they were arresting students in Iran for wearing cologne and nail polish and my boyfriend said that it was sadly true. He then asked my dad how he could know such a thing. It was an Iranian co-worker of my dad's that told him. I think my boyfriend started to think we were all in the CIA.

Leftists making a big deal out of me!

Ah, the furor over my opinions is the usual leftist reactionary nonsense. They shoot their wads on things that have no real importance, like Cheney's accidentally shooting his friend and my blog, he he. After the left has done this over and over and everyone refuses to be as outraged as they are, you'd think that they would learn. Instead, I got about 200 more people reading my blog and the left just repeated its usual mantra again, by rote. Racist, bigot, blah, blah, blah. Hahahahaaahhaaaaaa..........

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yes, the intolerant leftists have their panties in a twist!!

Ahhh, the reaction to my itty bitty little blog. Only one of the ranters or should I say non ranter suggests that they are paying a wee bit too much attention to my "bigoted blog." I have to agree, these are my opinions, only, nothing more. I am not in a posistion of power, quite the opposite in fact. I am very flattered, by all this attention I must say. I do not usually get much traffic and it is mostly from one French guy who hates me and one mild fan who doesn't. I am sorry that people find me to be "bigoted." I guess they haven't read my column, "Why I love Black people, no really." It's pretty typical of the communist punks that populate the leftwing blogs to think that right wing bloggers hate people of color. I also see that some of their oh so tolerant brethren are leaving comments on my columns calling me a "lesbian" and a "cunt." Getting called a cunt is great, thank you, I do have one and I have enjoyed it for many years now and so have a few Muslim guys from various countries. I guess I am in the Ann Coulter catagory now. These people pretend to be nice leftists that love gays and want women to have "choice" but are actually crazy woman hating supporters of the Taliban. They are not at all the humanists the left is claiming to be made up of. The left of old, the left that my Black friend says he thanks for their actions during the civils rights era. Yes, sometimes when I am going off on Liberals, my friend will say, "I thank God for those people," and I have to admit that he is right, that the Liberals in the 1960's, allied with the Christians, were more than instrumental in the overthrow of the racist system. However, the left of today is not that left. It is the party of the American Taliban, ready to support anyone that opposes George Bush. I have seen it on the news during the visit of Chinese President Hu as the Liberal media crows long and loud when it thinks that Hu is going counter to Bush. Hu is the president of a very opressive regime, long celebrated by the left as a model for this country. Showing pics of Hu and Bush together with a headline "Hu's the boss" over the pic. Over and over, the left supports insane dictators that torture and rape and kill their own and other peoples. I do not trust the intentions of the left any longer and I do not believe that they want the best for any one. They are blinded by hatred, for the Jews, for Israel and Bush and Christians and Republicans and moderate Democrats and even for left wing Democrats that dare to deviate one smidgeon from the orthodox Liberal position. The left hates the Boy Scouts and Pharmaceutical companies and the military and people that want to take care of their brain damaged kids and want to stop doctors from burning babies to death in the womb. Yes the left hates all these people worse than they do Nazis and the left even makes friends with those that worship Hitler and often the left sounds exactly like the Aryan Nation about Jews and Jihadis and their hatred of Bush. The left is more hate filled than the KKK ever was and they continually project that hate onto other people. As for me, I do not see myself that way at all. The truth is that I wish the best for all people, but know that if the leftists that control the Democratic party have their way that Blacks will stay in poverty forever, Mexicans will stay busboys and white kids will fall farther and farther behind as Asians move into all the top jobs in the US and abroad. The state of the educational system in the US is shitty because Liberals have been running it for 30 years. If they are allowed to continue to run it they will destroy any chance that any child of any race other than Asian will get a decent education. The only reason that Asians will continue to do well is that they learn despite the poor quality of their instructors or are lucky enough to be in schools that have mostly Chinese teachers. I ride the bus with a Black woman who was a teenage mother, and she keeps her daughter in the Chinese school, even though her daughter is the ONLY Black person in the class. She is doing very well there, although she does experience racism from the other "people of color." The Chinese schools are the only schools in the inner city that continue to produce top students. The Chinese culture emphasizes all the virtues the Liberal left despises, personal responsibilty, heterosexual marriage, study and hard work, delaying child birth and limiting family size. You can not argue with success, you can't cheat your way to a happy life by ignoring the steps to success and then demanding that people give you the reward you didn't work for, or earn. That is what the left wants though. They want everyone to have an equal outcome for an unequal output. Life does not work that way. Sorry. In fact I just read Tyler Perry's (writing as Madea)latest book and he/she gives exactly the same advice to Black people to transform their lives that I did in my column "From a white girl raised in the ghetto." Only my column was published months ago. I guess Tyler Perry must be a racist too!!! These idiots complaining about my blog are spouting the usual left wing orthodoxy, not an original idea in their heads. The so called progressives have stopped progressing and are stuck in the same rut, repeating the same broken record over and over trying to convince us that they have the answers. They are just interested in preserving the status quo. Liberals have run the SF bay area for forever. I see the Blacks' situation getting worse and worse. I see Mexicans that can't speak English working for shit wages in Korean Grocery stores being mistreated by their bosses. This is the state that the left has brought minorities to in California, forgive me for being sure that the left's methods have caused more harm than good! As for misinterpreting my Muslim fundamentalists are like spiders column, the left has said much, much worse about Christian fundamentalists. I like most Muslims very much, but no, I don't like the ones that want to kill, torture and enslave me, but here, let me make a list of the names of my boyfriends and husband over the last 25 years, Mohammed, Jamal, Hussein, Saud, Malik, Siyad and my ex-husband, Jawaid. I know a lot about Muslims and Muslim culture, way, way more than any of the leftwing wackos going off on me. As for having Mexican friends, why yes I do and Black friends too, many, many of them. Unlike most if not all the leftists whites I know, who mostly live in good neighborhoods and drive everywhere they go and so have very little contact with people of color, I have contact with them everyday. Why today on my way to the bus stop I was treated to a shake down attempt by a gigantic Black guy telling me he just got out of prison and needed a room, all the while bragging about all the women he has and how he liked to have a good time and was a writer, etc, etc. Then he asked me for money and when I told him I had none he asked me to go to the ATM. Trying to rob me, fresh out of jail. Of course I am saying, "Yeah it's hard for guys, yeah, yeah nobody gives a guy fresh out of prison a chance." Yeah, sho you right, especially when there's a bunch of people that haven't commited assault and robbery looking for the same jobs! I don't have any Liberal friends that experience this kind of thing ever. Because they go straight from their kids private school to work and school and home to their posh homes in the hills again. So you see, I know that when white Liberals start yelping about race they are talking out of their asses as usual. It's Liberals that are the racists because they make excuses for these dangerous assholes that use women and don't support or guide their own children. There is no earthly reason why Black men should not be held to the same harsh standards you leftists seem to place on white men. For an example of the type of education people in the SF bay area are getting, see the story below!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Those are chickens???

My friend's a roofer. He was working with a new guy he hadn't worked with before. They were up on a roof. There were chicken bones all over the roof. The new guy asks my friend, "How do you think all these chicken bones got up here?" My friend, who never speaks unless he has something important to say, just pointed up to the sky at the seagulls flying over the roof. The new guy looked up at the seagulls and said, "Those are CHICKENS?"

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Muslim fundamentalists are like spiders!!!

They are creepy and scary, but we kill way more of them than they do us. We are far more dangerous to them than they are to us.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Looks like this lion did want part of a people!!!

Every time a wild animal attacks a human, the powers that be make ridiculous pronouncments about the incident. In the way that the media pretends that homeless people are not dangerous to the public, they downplay the danger of wild animals to humans. If one child dies from swallowing a jelly candy they make a huge deal over it, but if someone is killed by an animal, they act as if it is the rarest thing since the coming of Christ. They always say that the attack was weird, or unusual and claim that mountain lions are normally afraid of humans. The mountain lion in this attack was engaging in totally normal behavior for a predator. He was waiting by a trail, hoping for a nice juicy young animal to happen by, preferably the young of PETA supporting, pacifist hippies. That is exactly what happened and the lion struck. Since we have not been hunting lions in most states of this country for over 20 years, the lion had no reason to think that man would be any more successful at fighting off a puma attack than a deer would. Mountain lions have lost any natural fear of man, because we are not dangerous to him any more. I have read that in Africa, African men can scare most African lions off with a stick, because lions in Africa are used to being hunted with spears.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

2 out of 3 rapists in Norway are immigrants from "non western" backgrounds

and 80% of the rape victims are Norwegian women. You know, over and over again we on the right tell the left that the cultural practices of third world peoples are mostly imcompatible with the liberal beliefs we hold dear in Western countries. Time and time again the immigrants from "non Western" cultures immigrate to other countries and bring their intolerant, anti-woman behavior with them and the left remains silent for fear of looking "racist." I have news for you on the left, you are racists for not expecting people with brown skin to behave in a civilised and decent law abiding manner. Laws against rape were not enacted to frustrate Muslim males from North Africa, laws against rape were enacted to protect women. You either believe in women's rights or you don't. If you think it's OK to bring thousands of men without Western values into your countries to rape your own women, then I say to hell with you! If you find cosmic justice in reverse colonialism you are an idiot and you are selected against. I just hope that your daughters do not have to pay the price for your tolerance of the animalistic practices of these monsters.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Weighing in on the immigration issue

I am going to come out and say this, I like Mexicans and central and South Americans very much. I like their work and family ethics. I prefer to be served in restaurants and elsewhere by Mexicans rather than Black, white and Hispanic-Americans. I also understand that these Mexican and Latin-American immigrants are trying to do what is best for their families. If I had to cross a desert and enter another country to support my family, I would do so in a heartbeat. If it was easier for them to go back and forth across the border, perhaps the Mexicans would go back to Mexico for inexpensive dental and health care, thus relieving the burden on American taxpayers and helping the Mexican economy.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The media is up in arms about "planted" positive news stories in Iraq.

I am assaulted by "planted" positive news stories every day in my own country. We are constantly bombarded by human interest stories that have nothing to do with news. Story after story about some old Black lady running a soup kicthen. Nice stories but not news worthy and hardly important in the grand scheme of things. Soup kitchens will always be filled with drunks and drug addicts and those that refuse to do work they feel is beneath them. I can only think that the news stations think that donations to soup kitchens will go up if they show such stories. So you have a desired outcome planned by the media, no different than "planted" news stories in Iraqi media outlets. My local news station is prone to showing human interest stories during the morning news casts. We have many stories about children suffering terminal illnesses that are surviving chemo etc, or riding their horses across the country to raise money for hurricane victims, although going blind themselves, etc, etc. We have gang bangers getting tattoo removals and job training, usually at the tax payer's expense. On CBS they have a once a week human interest story where you can log into the CBS website and choose one of a few stories that you would like to here more about. This bums me out because other people hardly ever pick the story I would like to hear more about. CBS is actually doing this so that people will log on to their website, pure manipulation, no different from "planted" news stories in Iraq. The media is a master of manipulation. It doesn't bother me, it's just a fact of life.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

French students want the French government to pull Euros out of their asses!

The French government should not discriminate against those under 26, that's not fair! As far as I am concerned, French business owners and the French taxpayers should be able to terminate anyone, anytime, from any job in the public or private sector.There is no liberty where one person is forced to support a lazy or incompetent worker. When others are forced to work harder and take up slack for a person with poor work ethics, resentment is created. Businessmen do not start businesses to employ other people and give them a free ride for the rest of their lives. Businessmen start businesses to further their families interests, the employment of others is merely a by product of a successful business venture. I think that all businesses should leave France and come here, to the US. We have a lot of immigrants, legal and illegal, that would be very, very appreciative of the chance to work for French businessmen.