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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sufferin' succotash Sarah Palin!

I only like 3 things about Sarah Palin. Her husband, the fact that she shares most of my views, and her ability to turn feminists into pitbulls without lipstick.

A co-worker came into the dept while we were laughing about the book author, Lily Whiteman.

Co-worker, a New York born and bred, left-wing Jewish, self professed feminist came up to me (she thinks I share her views because I donated money to sponser her on her AIDS walk) and started sputtering, like the cartoon cat Sylvester, "Sarah Puh Puh Puh Palin, " sputter sputter spit. "Puh puh puh abstinance," spit, sputter. "Puh Puh Palin should tell her daughter to," spit, "puh puh puh practice it."

Lily Whiteman, Sarah Palin, pregnant daughter, get the connection?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Taliban murders Afghani policewoman

From Al Jazeera


Afghan policewoman shot dead

Kakar received international attention for her
police work in Kandahar province [AFP]

A woman regarded as Afghanistan's most prominent female police officer has been shot dead in the southern city of Kandahar, a government official has said.

Malalai Kakar, the head of the city's department on crimes against women, was attacked by armed men on Sunday as she left her home, Zalmay Ayoobi, a Kandahar government spokesman, said.

"Today between 7am [0230 GMT] and 8am when she was [in her car] outside her house and going to her job, some gunmen attacked," Ayoobi said.

"Malalai Kakar died in front of her house. Her son was wounded."

Kandahar is a traditional stronghold of the Taliban, which is fighting an armed campaign against the Afghan government and US and Nato forces in the country.

Taliban claim

Kakar, who was in her late 30s, was shot in the head, a doctor said.

"She died on the spot and her son, who was badly injured, is in a coma in the hospital," he said without giving his name.

A spokesman for the Taliban said that the assassins were from his group.

"We killed Malalai Kakar," Yousuf Ahmadi, spokesman told the AFP news agency, said.

"She was our target, and we successfully eliminated our target."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Get a men's package that every woman will admire

Do you think this product would work for Miss C?

House flipping, overpriced houses, loans etc

When I first bought my cottage, a woman was remodeling the Victorian behind it. She had recently purchased it for under $500,000. She had the electrical redone and had the place split into a duplex.

3 years later the housing prices went sky high and she decided to sell the duplex, which she quickly did, but remained as a renting tenant. She also bought a large boat, which she kept in the weed overgrown back yard, which also contained the steam house that used to furnish steam to our cottages and a giant redwood tree.

A short scrappy British guy bought the house for $650,000. His wife was a cutie, also tiny, a nurse from Canada. As they remodeled one side of the house, keeping the original bath, claw foot tub, ceiling medallions, and put in a washroom, they worked day and night for many months.

They were in the business of flipping houses for a profit. Her salary as a nurse went toward building supplies, while he supplied the labor. They had bought one apartment building and remodeled it into luxury apts. They rented those to wealthy businessmen, charging high rents. They also had a large Chris Craft wooden boat, that they worked on in their spare time.

The rental market was dead at this time, because of all the people buying houses. They made a half arsed attempt at renting, but then decided to sell the house they'd been working like slaves on.

A Chinese guy bought it for $760,000. A few months after that, we got notices saying that he wanted to add 400 sq ft of living space to the house. It took a long time for the plans to go through.

Worked started on the house over a year after the Chinese guy bought it. He also tore down the steam house, and built a "shed " in the back yard. I talked to this guy frequently during the building and he repeatedly told me that he "was building the addition for his family." One of the neighbors wrote the city a nasty letter and told them that the new guy was building the shed for living purposes. The Chinese guy told me about the letter and swore to me that "he was in the energy business and had to build the shed for meetings with other energy guys." The shed is as big as my house.

The building went on and on. The addition went up and up and then the basement was dug out. The Chinese guy told me the basement was "for storage." Then three different people moved in the three upper apartments that were ready.

One evening a pipe was leaking all over my back yard, so I went to look for the Chinese guy only to be told that he did not live there. One of the tenants called him and he sent someone to fix the pipe right away.

He then paved the dirt in the strip that bordered my backyard which vastly improved the look and size of my patio area. I asked if I could put up a fence and he told me he would do it and did so, without any charge to me. I asked him if he was going to put tenants in the basement and he again assured me, "No." One day I went in the back yard to play ball with the dog and I saw the basement window open and heard an alarm go off inside. One of the guys who had lived in one of the upper apts has moved into one of the basement, bedsitter apts.

He now has 2 more tenants in basement apts. and since the inspectors have approved the shed, he has been having laborers turning the shed into an apt. for the last few weeks. So altogether he has turned a former duplex into 6 apts, some illegally. The tenants are all immigrants. One was from Spain, but he has since moved, one is Mongolian. There are Koreans and Chinese and the other day an African guy showed up with 2 Asian girls to look at an apt. The Chinese owner must be advertising through an immigrant hot line.

I am such a property rights advocate that I don't care what others do with their own property and he has done me a lot of favors so he didn't have to lie to me about what he was doing with the property. I love my new back yard and spend most of my time in it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Italian commenter Strudel has an homage to Miss C on his blog

well, it's probably not an homage since he calls me a racist, includes my fair city of Crackerlandia amongst war torn countries and places me alongside evil dictators. He probably means it to be an insult. Europeans are often insulting and we Americans are so oblivious to insults. I am going to send him a pic of my bum, though.

Liberals never volunteer for anything

On Friday during a pot luck at work we were talking about the inpending budget cuts. It was mentioned that the adult literacy program might be scrapped.

Good, I cheered. It is bullshit. Very few people go there to actually learn to read. Mostly the guys come to stare at the teacher's breasts. I was a literacy tutor and can speak from experience. I quit when my ex boyfriend, a professional poker player, got bent out of shape about me meeting with ex-cons. He felt there were good reasons why these guys had not learned to read in the first place.

Only one other person out of the 15 or so employees had also been a tutor and she is the only Jewish person in the dept. and she agreed with me that it was a waste of time and money.

All the other employees, liberals to the last one, gave us dirty looks and were silent. Not a damn one of them has ever volunteered his or her time for anything, and although they are sure that they like the sound of the "Adult Literacy Program" that is as far as they are willing to suppport it. They want to support it with other people's money. That is, they want to force the taxpayers to support it and whether it actually has had any value or measurable success is beside the point to them. It has emotional impact and it sounds philanthropic.

As I said before, secular liberals did not go to visit my grandmother every week when she was paralyzed and dying of MS in a rest home, Jehovah's Witnesses did. Most liberals are too concerned with finding themselves to give of their time or money to others. They never buy candy or Girl Scout cookies from fellow employees' kids either.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We've been cracking up over the name of the author of this book

If they stopped painting gruesome murals on our walls maybe we denizens of the ghettos would not be so depressed

Gawd, I hate murals. Soviet propagandistic crap. No wonder ghetto inhabitants drink, do drugs and vomit on street corners. Looking at this hideous crap all day makes me want to barf too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dems back at the autos da fe again

They want to censure Lieberman. They are the most puritanical party on this earth. More right-wing than the right-wing half the time. Anybody who has a different opinion must be punished like the heretics they are.

Conformity of thought reigns in the Democratic party.

I am being profiled by the French!

Recently I received an ad in the mail suggesting that I might want to subscribe to the French cable channel TV5. None of my neighbors received the ad, so I got suspicious and decided that the Frenchies and their allies must have done an internet search and looked up Americans with French names and sent them offers.

Yesterday I received a subscription offer for Paris Match printed entirely in French, which makes sense, because if you can't understand the offer you won't be able to read the magazine.

I see this as a French attempt to try and gain allies in the French-American community for nefarious purposes. They want to inflict their French values on us.

Melanie Phillips says

"So the real issue isn’t Israel at all. It’s the self-image of American Jews as social liberals — which means they would vote for Caligula’s horse if it ran on the Democratic ticket."

EU says Iran is getting ready to drop nukes on our asses

Self hating American and Euro lefties can now quit whining and be happy for a change. Things are definitely going their way.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peter Osborne on Nick Cohen's book, "What's Left?"

"Cohen asserts that the left's hatred of America means it is no longer able to tell the difference between right and wrong. It suffers from the syndrome identified by Bertrand Russell 80 years ago, a belief in the superior virtue of the oppressed. This dogma has led left-wing writers and activists to make fellow cause with bigots, murderers, terrorists, gay-bashers, women-haters and the most dangerous kind of anti-semite."

Nick Cohen is absolutely right.

Perhaps, if it were not for the tainted baby milk and the lip synching

I could not resist snapping a pic of this woman who was walking in front of me today whilst clad in a shirt that sported the proud motto, "THE CHINESE IS REALLY GREAT." She has ethnic pride.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes, it's true, I do care more when nice young men are murdered

Often we here the refrain, "If whites were being murdered at the rate of Blacks, they'd send in the National Guard."

It is mentioned that when young Black ladies go missing, the police are not as interested in their whereabouts as they would be in in those of young "white girls."

To tell you the truth, I do not know nor care about the race of the murdered young man chronicled in the above article who was the victim of murder in San Francisco the other night, but I do know this, he was altogether of a better persuasion than most murder victims I read about and I feel more badly about his death than I do about the deaths of the majority of the youths who are murdered in the Bay Area.

Wrinkley assed old geezers run for mayor of Berkeley

The media is guilty of agism yet again. They've been harping on McCain's age and now they gotta go and play the age card in the Berkeley mayoral race too. No doubt the media would prefer that the good citizens of Berkeley elect the guy with a fake Native-American name who has been hanging out in trees to protest tree felling to the elderly geriatrics currently in the running.

When I purchased my tiny house, I got a Fannie Mae loan

At the time I got my loan, Fannie Mae gave me an astronomical interest rate of 8.75%. That is when everyone else was getting rates less than 6 and even 5%. They also tacked on a prepayment penalty fee of $4,000. I had a credit rating of 753, but I was only making $24,000 per year. The mortgage broker (and I) engaged in fraud by telling me to claim I did work for my boyfriend.

Still, it was a shitty loan, and I was paying over half my monthly salary toward it and the taxes so I refinanced and took the $4,000 hit, plus the fees involved, totalling $13,000, because it seemed worth it to refi at a lower rate.

Wells Fargo kicked me to the curb when I asked them for a loan, they would not deal with me because of my low salary and debt to income ratio, but another company did and they are a company suffering financial problems right now.

When the interest rates went even lower, I made inquiries about refinancing again and my mortgage holder got wind of my efforts and rushed me an overnight letter telling me they would refinance my loan for free at an even lower rate, because they wanted to keep earning my interest. My rate now is 6.25%. The rotten thing is, even though I pay an extra $100 every month, it has taken me 8 years to pay the loan down to the price I originally payed for the house.

I pay my mortgage though.

The actor, James Hector, who plays the character Marlo Stanfield in the Wire

is the very best actor in the entire series. He is able to convey any emotion he needs to by using only his eyes, much like Gary Oldman did in Sid and Nancy and Chattahoochie. Here is a scene wherein he and a liquor store security guard go head to head. The security guard is trying to prove that he, being a hard working man in a shitty low paying job, is the one deserving of respect from Marlo. Marlo, a new type of drug kingpin who has no moral code or boundaries, apprises the guard that that is no longer the way things work.

The 5th season of the Wire totally sucked, however, and if I never see the abominable actor Dominic West again, I'll be very happy indeed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Headless cat bath decor

Well, if you use the rug without the cat head toilet seat cover, it is.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The problem with wind power is that it kills a lot of birds

So do cats. My liberal neighbors' cats are running around killing humming birds every chance they get. The lefties plant flowering plants in their garden for the express purpose of attracting humming birds, and still let their cats run wild all over the neighborhood.

Along with the ironic bumper stickers they have on their cars saying "No war for oil" this is one of the most extreme examples of their hypocrisy and disregard for reality and the environment. When I had cats I kept them indoors, but have heard liberal after liberal saying that they could "never make their cat stay indoors. It's too cruel."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Is this lady saying that we shouldn't have been afraid of communism 50 years ago?

"The Rosenberg case illustrates the excesses that can occur when we're afraid," said Meredith Fuchs, general counsel to the National Security Archive, which also fought for the material's release.

"In the 1950s, we were afraid of communism. Today, we're afraid of terrorism. We don't want to make the same mistakes we made 50 years ago," Fuchs said.

Um, gee, I guess I'd trade the death of Ethel, a devout commie and defender of Stalin whether she typed atomic secrets for the Soviets or not, for the deaths of the millions who were died under Stalin, if given the choice. 50 years ago was exactly the time that we should have been afraid of communism. That was when most of the intellectual elites in power had fallen for it.

The mistakes that were made 50 years ago were made by the American communists and Stalin's apologists on the left in this country. Actors such as Paul Robeson and Frances Farmer and directors in numbers too numerous to name. Trade unionists, in particular, have so much blood on their hands, I am surprised that any of them can sleep nights. Perhaps the purported suicides by "blacklisted" Hollywood writers were really the result of their feelings of guilt and not depression over not being allowed to write movies.

When electing a president ask yourself if a Native American tribe would elect this person to lead their tribe

McCain would pass the test with flying colors. He'd be a revered old leader who's been through the sun dance ceremony.

Biden too. He would be known as a good peace-time leader, but not a war leader, although he might approve war when he felt it necessary.

But Obama would be the cocky guy who spends a lot of time painting his face up and bragging about his imaginary exploits all the time, but avoids actually going out with the hunting and war parties, while still demanding that the buffalo and loot be shared, even when he had no part in the hunting or taking of it.

Sarah Palin is not even in the running. She's just a loud and agressive white woman taken by a warrior whilst she was outside the cabin chopping wood,an now he regrets making her his #1 wife because he has to stay home and watch the kids all the time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hispanics are slaughtering each other in Liberal San Francisco

A Latino woman from the hood was quoted in the newspaper as saying:

"There's this rivalry between the Latinos who were born here and the kids born (in Mexico and Central America). It's a stupid war. They need to put down the guns and pick up a book and a pencil."

Well gee, if that doesn't strike a blow against illegal immigration what will? Not only that but is she suggesting that these young men, these minorities, are against gun control and not very keen on education? Cuz if Miss C said it, she would be tarred and feathered, oh my! And what is this rivalry about? What are the gang members trying to prove? Who is the better at what exactly. Shooting a gun sideways?

Maybe we can stage a gang banger car jacking Olympics or gladiator battles or something or just send their militaristic asses to Afghanistan. I know it pains the liberals to know this, but a lot of men like to fight and kill other people.

Today on the radio the bleeding hearts were crying about the horrible, terrible violence. They really care about those dead gangstas.

"It's so sad."

"It's because they have no hope."

"I blame society."

"No one is reaching out to these people."

"We need $400,000,000 (I shit you not) for violence prevention."

"We need rec centers open all night." (This gave me a good chuckle because my neighbor worked at just such a center in East Los Angeles and murderers would regularly chase their victims into the center, endangering and scaring the shit out of the staff)

A gang task force cop expressed his opinion that the killings were being perpetrated by mean mofo's who like to hurt and kill people pure and simple, but that did not go over at all well with the liberals.

A white guy called in to say he had been assaulted in the Mission district by two Latino men who informed him that he was in a neighborhood that was "Just for Latinos." Of course the Latino advocates pooh poohed his true experience and as good as told him he was full of shit.

Miss C has an idea of what is causing these beautiful symbols of multiculturalism to slaughter each other with such relish. It's their Aztec blood. They want to reestablish Aztlan and they are making a pretty good job of it.

Democrats are all down on the Republicans for using affirmative action

The Dems should just look at all the Republican nominations of unqualified minorities and women for political positions as a marvelous success story for Democrats. They are the ones who have always pushed for affirmative action. I guess they didn't really mean it. They were just playing.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Because if your sister was this cute......

Strange Chinese translation name for an apron I purchased at the 99 cent store.

Afghani joke at Miss C's expense

I went to the 99 cent store to buy rocks for my garden. The rocks come in small bags and are marked "Made in China." When I got up to the registers I see there is a new Afghan guy working at the store. As I put my bags of rocks on the counter the guy started laughing.

"We make jokes about these rocks, he said, the Chinese take American rocks and put them in bags and sell them back to Americans who are dumb enough to buy them."

"I thought Afghans were known for their hospitality," I said.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Racial politics at work

I always forget that no matter how long you've been working with Blacks, if a new Black person comes into the work place, they will trump your White ass every time. That is why Obama is not a real Black man. He does not know the meaning of the word loyal. Like one Black guy said, "Obama'd throw anybody under the bus to be president, even his own grandmama."

They closed the city jail a few years ago and sent the guards to work at different city agencies. We got a few. One of them had a lot of trouble in another department. He answers the phone rudely, refuses to state the business name which causes callers to have to go through a frustrating question and answer session to figure out if they have called the right number. He has also been accused of sexual harassment. I think he's just an ugly guy trying to get laid.

The other day he came to work an hour late. Our supervisor asked why he didn't call in. "I did, he claimed, but nobody answered the phone."

Why didn't you leave a message? The supervisor asked.

"Oh I don't leave messages," he replied smugly.

The boss just gaped at him in shock, but she didn't tell him he had to follow the rules like everyone else, because apparently he doesn't.

One day he comes over to me and says, "I'd like to talk to you more, but some people don't like it."

"Huh?" I asked, thinking he meant our supervisors.

"Black women don't like it when you talk to White women too much, he said, gesturing at my Black female co-workers. "I don't want to cause trouble for you, even though I'd rather talk to you because your conversation is more interesting."

Then I went and made the mistake of telling my co-worker half of what he said. I left out the part about interesting conversation though, not wanting to offend.

Of course it got back to him, cuz he's Black, so I'm the bad guy for what he said. I made him say it on account of my Nicole Simpson like power, with which I am able to tempt the Black man away from his rightful place at the side of a Black woman. Both from his perspective and theirs. Must be my interesting conversation.