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Friday, August 29, 2008

I have been watching 1st season of, The Wire, and its better than anything you have ever seen on television before

and Idris Elba is the finest man alive! But Michael Kenneth Williams as Omar Little steals the show! My second favorite character is Lester Freamon, played by Clark Peters.

Staind, It's been awhile

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Native bees vs European bees

Since the populations of Euro bees has been decimated I have noticed a lot more native bees are buzzing around my flowers and in the fields where I take Devil Dawg to cavort about in.


Right wing-co-worker and I were discussing the horrifying state of Oakland.

"It's the inevitable meltdown of the "city of chocolate," he said.

Biased news coverage

The headline topping the story about convicted child raping murderer John Couey. They went like this:

Here in SF the headline read, "Death penalty for Idaho sex offender."

From that headline would you not get the idea that the state is going overboard in sentencing this guy to death? It wasn't until you got to the last paragraph in the article you realized Couey was the guy who brutally raped and tortured kids and slaughtered an entire family.

My co-worker, a liberal and an English Lit major agreed with me that this headline is a bullshit attempt to subvert the truth. The papers are hoping that the majority of people don't read past the headline.

The UK Telegraph story headline read, "Jail for child torturer who massacred family." then went on to say Couey had received the death penalty.

Of those who criticize cockfighting as cruel may I ask:

What else does a fighting cock like to do?

Ernest Hemingway

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh, oh, oh.. Miss C is in total agreement with this lefty protester

Gawd damn, let's do it. We'll get the southern half cuz the liberals hate the heat and are afraid of extreme weather. All the liberals here have been bitching about the fact that it has finally warmed up for a few days from the low 60's they have been enjoying, and Miss C's been tolerating, for the entire summer so far. They prefer to creep about in the half light.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama is just another Ron Dellums,

and he will have no more beneficial effect on the country than Dellums has had on Gotham City/Oakland since he was elected mayor. The same will be true under Obama's watch should he be elected. Electing politicians who feel criminals' pain is not enough, we need elected officials who feel victims' pain.

"The streets and the merchants and the people of Oakland are under siege and waging a losing battle against a wave of crime."

Nope, she's really old!

Jamel and I were eating at Nation's when he noticed an elderly Asian woman wearing a red tunic and gold scarf, who was seated across from us.

"Hey, he said, she looks like the Dalai Lama's mother."

"Well, I said, she and he look about the same age, so I doubt she could be his mother."

"Nope, he replied, she's really old."

Monday, August 25, 2008

There are European astronauts????

In the extremely stupid book, Distracted, the Erosion of Attention and the Coming of the Dark Age, Maggie Jackson bemoans the fact that American astronauts dislike communal meals and would prefer to do away with dining tables altogether during space flights, unlike European astronauts, whom she adores and who just love to eat communally. Miss C thinks it is because our astronauts have important duties to which they would rather attend and that the French consider no duty more important than filling their smug mugs.

That Europeans have astronauts is news to Miss C. Astronauts are typically a manly bunch, even the gals, and Miss C has noticed that European men as a whole don't seem to have even two testicles to rub together. But perhaps there is now affirmative action for astronauts and since Europeans have been traditionally excluded from space exploration, on account of they were on the wrong side of WWII and didn't get any of Hitler's engineers after the war, the space agencies are making it up to them by lowering the physical requirements needed to become an astronaut.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I have been scouring our Constitution for the part Keith Olberman talks about

the part where it lists the "right to look at internet porn in the public library" and I just can't find it, can someone help me out here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Human Rights Watch is all down on Iran too

Funny their website on US atrocities doesn't list torture and the jailing of AIDS specialists and other kewl mean stuff like that. I thought Bush was the most evil man on the planet, but all the lefties can come up with is an accusation that kids are getting spanked in school and illegal immigrants aren't getting the wonderful health care they might recive in Mexico. Boo hoo.

Oh, what I have to put up with!

Every day for the last 2 weeks I have had to listen to liberals around here bitching and moaning about the biased coverage of the Olympics.

"They only show the Americans," they whine.

"I'm glad I can watch the Chinese station, because they don't show Americans all the time."

"I am sick of the all American coverage."

"They show Americans who are ranked 60th in diving, when they should be showing the Chinese divers, who only make a little splash." (one wonders how they know that the Chinese make little splashes if they are unable to see them, do to the deliberate blackout of superior foreign athletes)

The alternative press is also printing its displeasure at having to even look at American athletes, who have always been the subject of bitter, jealous hatred on the part of liberals.

In fact, most of these liberals, who are now watching the Olympics in hopes that they may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some unibrowed European beating an American, have never watched sports in their entire lives.

As libertarian co-worker, who is addicted to watching this time around, puts it,"Of course we don't want to watch American sports, because Americans play them."

The truth is, our coverage has always been a good percentage about foreigners. I remember story after story about athletes in war zones and ones who had ben shot and on and on.

Its also ironic that the liberals are complaining about having to watch the losers who are only ranked 60th. Where have all the liberals left their bleeding hearts?

Obama's not winning by a small margin he's going down in flames

If you think about all the people who are lying in the polls and claiming they are going to vote for Obama because they don't want to sound uncool, you realize that Obama really has lost the lead. The Democratic convention is going to get really violent and ugly and that is really going to tip it McCain's way.

It's all over but for the post election riots, which I hope to survive.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

two excellent books

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No Child Left Behind, an inconvenient truth for leftists

Many uninformed blog commenters on the left believe that the No Child Left Behind act is a Republican invention. It is not. The policy was drafted by, and the bill was passed by and with the cooperation of many prominant lefties. How the left has come to whitewash this part of their recent history is a mystery to me. It is a given that they will try to blame anything that goes wrong on the opposite party but if I were them I wouldn't even go there with regards to No Child. It leaves them open to ridicule.
The jury is still out as to whether the act will do what it is intended to achieve, but you can bet your bottom dollar that if it turns out to be successful the left will start claiming it as their baby.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby you can drive my car

Last year when Jamel was 8, and was visiting from Seattle for the summer, he and I took Devil Dawg out for a walk at the marina.

Jamel had gotten far away from me and was playing near the parking lot when the small Filipino security guard who patrols the marina walked up to Jamel and spoke to him.

Jamel came running up to me, pointed at a car in the lot and said, "That guy just asked me if that was my car."

Jamel was pretty proud of himself at the thought that the guard thought he was old enough to drive. I knew that the guard probably was asking if the car was mine, but I didn't let Jamel know that.

This summer Jamel and I have gone to the marina a lot and Jamel is always happy to see his favorite security guard. "That's the guy who asked if I had a car," he will say.

Last night Jamel and I were walking by the guard and Jamel could not resist saying to him, "I like my car!"

The security guard replied, "Well, drive it!"

Friday, August 15, 2008

String of restaurant robberies frightens the populace and makes them hesitant to eat out

Chinese Christian co-worker's friend was at one of the Chinese restaurants that was recently robbed. He told her that since few of his fellow diners in the restaurant at the time of the robbery spoke any English, the robbers were frustrated when they demanded that the diners "Get on the floor" and nobody responded. The Chinese patrons just sat and stared at the masked men.

Sponge Bob is sexy!

Co-worker has a pit bull/German shepard mix dog staying at her house. The dog likes to do something naughty with his Sponge Bob stufty. So co-worker calls the dog, "Playa."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Inner city Democrats really care about the environment

This strip is next to a day care. But maybe I am making rash assumptions about the litter bug perpetrators. Perhaps they are not registered to vote yet. Let's get out the vote and register these charming, and no doubt, well informed future voters of America.

The Spanish Olympic basketball team should not be reprimanded for pulling their eyes to "imitate Asians"

Instead members of the Aisan teams should just glue patches of hair all over their arms and legs and put a unibrow between their eyes to imitate the Europeans.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The book " The Forsaken" has given me the chuckles all day

It's a document to the experience of American Communists and trade unionists who flocked to Stalinist Russia during the Depression. There many of them found things were not at all to their liking and tried to leave. Stalin, of course, fearing that they might come back to America and spill the beans about his operation, threw their ungrateful commie asses in the gulag and even executed some of them. Suckers! Hoisted on their own petards.

Ha ha ha. Just when things begin to get you down, you read something as funny as this and it cheers you right up.

Paul Robeson is part of the story. He smuggled a relative out real quick like, but remained silent about Stalin's mounting atrocities even though Stalin was arresting and executing Robeson's intellectual buddies. The dream dies hard. I still love Paul, especially in that movie about the Welsh coal miners.

El no es un perrito. El es un Chupacabra!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm boycotting the Olympics and it's killing me!

My co-workers are all blathering on about the events and I am terribly jealous of them.

Friday, August 08, 2008

From "Little Big Man"

Old Lodge Skins: Let's go back to the teepee and eat, my son. My new snake wife cooks dog very well.

Jack Crabb: All right, Grandfather.

Old Lodge Skins: She also has a very soft skin. The only trouble with snake women is they copulate with horses, which makes them strange to me. She say's she doesn't. That's why I call her "Doesn't Like Horses". But, of course, she's lying.

Special crosswalks in Chinatown

Car traffic is given red lights and must stop all ways. Then pedestrians are given green lights and can walk four ways and diagonally. Then cars are allowed to proceed alternately. This is to prevent the wholesale slaughter of pedestrians. There are some of these 4 way cross walks in San Francisco Chinatown as well. They probably have these in Chinatowns all over the country. A study done in 2002 said that Chinatown has the highest concentration of motor vehicle accidents in Oakland.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Treats for you my sweets

Right wing co-worker snapped this pic at the recent San Diego Comic Convention. I cannot vouch for the genders of these lovely creatures. I will leave it up to you guys to determine whether they are male or female, or one of each.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lefties mad that Wal-Mart is "telling" its employees how to vote

They are mad because it's telling its employees to vote Republican. Lefties think it is unfair for Wal-mart to suggest to its employees that they vote for a candidate friendly to Wal-mart's interests. It is mentioned in the article that Wal-mart does not want its employees to become unionized.

The irony is this, unions have always been engaged in telling thier members how they should vote. And they always tell members to vote for Democrats

Not an election goes by that my union does not bombard me with phones calls and emails and flyers and letters telling me to vote for some filthy rich Democrat. Nearly always, their favorite candidate is a stinking rich Democrat of the far left persuasion.

The cafe down the street is not open on Sundays

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In the days of King Farouq, anybody who grew a moustache would get a raise.

If they offered this benefit around here, all the ladies would let theirs grow in.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Miss C is always right!

I have always been seriously terrified of construction cranes. They seem to defy the logics of physics. Across the street from my place of work they were building a condo for the last year and a half. They had a giant crane there for months. I would not walk near it. I stayed 2 blocks away from it if I had to go out for lunch. I lived in terror that it would fall on the day care center located directly across the street from the construction site.

Most people would have thought me silly for being so afraid of cranes. Then, revenge of the cranes started and cranes began to topple over and crush people left and right.

I am also terrified of gas tanker trucks.

The headlines aren't always depressing!

'Like a bomb:' 3 killed by freak tornado in northern France
76-year-old commits suicide after twister destroys home

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Again, what is it about free speech don't you understand?

The New Yorker cover. Ludacris's song. Michael Savage's ignorant statement. It's all free speech. Free to say something stupid. Free to offend people. Free speech is not about being inoffensive and profound all the time. If you don't like to live in a country that upholds the right of free speech move to China.

Miss C's dotter. Our family makes good looking kids!

They don't serve my kind, or the tides have turned

One of my Black co-workers keeps trying to get us to all go out after work for drinks. He named a Black owned dinner club that I have had a little experience with.

"No way would I go there, they don't serve the likes of me," I told him.

"What are you talking about?" he said.

"I went there with my sister and our Hispanic boyfriends and we never were served or even acknowledged, I replied. I am never, ever going there again."

Another Black co-worker said, "If you go with us you will be served."

"No she won't, right-wing co-worker said. Remember when we called in a phone order and I went with you guys (the Blacks) to pick it up and they gave you your food and looked at me and said, "Your food is not ready yet."

"Oh yeah, said Black co-worker, embarrassed. It seems to me I do remember that."

Proof that Europe sucks!

Do you know that there has been only one continental European rock band to have international success? One. The Scorpions. That's it. That's because European bands don't rock, they suck.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Typical scene around here

The cops cuffed these three kids, sat them down, then searched them one by one. It was funny to see the cop trying to deal with the baggy pants as he seemed reluctant to actually put his hand inside the kids' pants. The cops called in the kids' info and then uncuffed them and let them all go after about 20 minutes. The kids walked away laughing it up.