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Friday, November 30, 2007

A liberal is a liberal until he's been mugged, ha ha!

Yesterday 10 new DVD's that were awaiting cataloguing were swiped from the desk of a well known to be far left, vegetarian co-worker. After the discovery of the theft she ran around yelping that "We need video cameras in this department!"

Right-wing co-worker, who has had a run in with this woman over the subject of universal health care, snickered nastily at her not so privacy protecting suggestion.

It's the city employees who would be caught by the cameras and that is the truth.

France is to blame for the Rwandan genocide

Miss C is going to start a new blog and call it, "Blame France" a la Blame Bush.

Seriously though, they are to blame for the genocide in Rwanda and the sloppy, lazy behavior of the denizens of New Orleans too.

The French are calling their recent riots, "Class Riots,"

not "Race Riots."

Either way it's bad for them. They are actually admitting to the crime of classism rather than be tarred with the racist brush.

I didn't know they were classist, I thought they were perfect.

Our janitor, born in Mexico is named America

She has a friend, also Mexican, who is named California and a Spanish friend named Argentina.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Now for some Native American patriotism

Co-worker's funny story #1

Jehovah's Witness co-worker just told us that his brother's friend went with a few friends and family members to Orlando, Florida.

They were walking around town at night and decided to go into a club. The doorman told them that he could let the women in, but not the men because they were wearing jeans and sneakers.

"There is a Wal-mart down the street and you can buy some clothes there," he told them.

So they went to Wal-mart. They found some clothes, put them on in the dressing room and decided to leave them on and pay for them while the clothes were on their backs. They left the tags hanging out.

The women refused to be seen with the men because they were embarrassed. As the guys got in line they heard people saying, "Oh my God, they are trying to steal those clothes with the tags all hanging out. They are so stupid, they must be from Alabama."

So they bought the clothes and walked down to the club. The doorman checked them out and said. "Those are some nice looking clothes you bought. Y'all look like you're from Alabama."

His brother's friend said, they never told anyone that they actually were from Alabama.

When the word "President" becomes a verb

Yesterday on the way to the bus stop I had to pass a very hostile, quite tall, good looking Black man. Something about his body language told me that he might attack. I was hesitant about walking near him as it was just him and me, but I decided to chance it. As I got close to him he yelled,

"Osama bin Laden, open up on em!"

"Obama Baracka(sic), President they ass!"

Hmmm.. I wonder who he meant by "they."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I thought that the French were supposed to teach us about race relations

After Hurricane Katrina.

Some fool woman wrote a column in the paper the other day saying that Europeans have it down on how to control temps indoors. They just roll down some shades located on the outside of windows during hot days. Yeah right, that's why 15,000 of them perished in a heat wave. That wouldn't happen in Texas, they got air conditioning.

I see that the Europeans also don't seem to have the interracial relations down any better than they do energy efficient climate control. All that car, library, and nursery school torching is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

It's a funny thing, but now that there is a pro-American leading France the leftist American press is hot on reporting the Paris riots this time around. Two years ago when their Baby, Chirac, was in office, the press swept the Muslims riots under the rug. The French socialists are accusing the right-wing of neglecting the suburbs, funny since Sarkozy just took office. They can't blame him. He's trying to reform and open up the French employment system so that immigrants can compete for jobs. I'd say it's the lefties who are neglecting the immigrants, so they can use them politically.

You'd think the left would get more worked up at Muslims burning libraries and blowing up pet markets in Iraq, but I guess Muslims always get a pass. They get to ban and burn books and abuse our animal friends all they want. I bet they even get to chop down trees!

Now I am waiting for the lefties in America to start dissing the French for upsetting the Muslims. Now they're torn between two lovers.

Paula Poundstone on the lil ole sityeeation in Pakistan

"It's hard not to envy a country where they get to hit their lawyers with sticks."

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oakland Police Bulletin of 1915-1917

In the early 1900's they referred to homeless drunks as "wine bums."

Juan Cole famed lefty Arabist comes around to Miss C's way of thinking

On the Newshour, a week ago, he had this to say, on Iraq

"And then the Sunni Arabs, I think, still just don't get it, that they're 20 percent of the population and their former dominance of the country is over with, but that they can get rich, and be well off, and have productive lives, if only they find ways of compromising with the new situation."

Uh, duh.. Me thinks Cole is on his way to neo-Condom for that remark. Til this point he couldn't get his face out of the Sunni's ass cracks long enough to see the light.

Muderering leftist bastards hold hundreds of innocent people hostages

in Colombia.

"The FARC-EP has established a pattern of chronic use of kidnapping. According to Fundación País Libre, an independent nongovernmental organization that studies kidnapping in Colombia, the FARC-EP kidnapped 840 persons in 2001 and 183 persons in the first three months of 2002.1 The vast majority of kidnappings by your forces are perpetrated against non-combatants who are not political figures. In many instances, the FARC-EP holds these hostages for ransom, forcing their families to provide large sums of money. Kidnappings of civilians by the FARC-EP have become so prevalent that ordinary, daily travel within many regions of Colombia has become extremely dangerous."

Where is the outrage? Where is the street theatre?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Miz C haz bin kidnaped by liberls

sind munnie!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The documentary "Cowboy del Amor"

or Cowboy Cupid. It's about an old cowboy, Ivan Thompson, who got sick of American women, whom he says, "Go into the change of life in your teens or early twenties and stay in the same gear til the day you die."

He tells one American women who wrote to him to complain that there were mnay lonely women in America too, "If there are lonely women in America, they need to get off their fat asses and do something about it!" Ouch!

He got hisself a lil' Mexican gal after divorcing his nasty American wife. He says he went to Mexico to get a bride "Because I could not get to Afghanistan."

The venture was so successful that Ivan now has a business setting up American men with Mexican women.

He takes the men on a train ride to Juarez, gets a hotel room and puts an ad in the paper asking women to meet his client for possible marriage. The phone always rings.

A lot of these guys are unhappy with American women and some Mexican women say they do not like Mexican men, so they seem right for each other, somehow.

Ivan says that "Feminism is worse than Communism because there's not a Communist living in every house in America!"

Seeing the relationship and marriage that takes place during the film between Rick, a long haul truck driver and Francis, a sweet, Mexican Indian beauty with deep dimples, will make any man feel jealous and want to run down to Mexico with Ivan to find a bride. I found Rick to be incredibly boring, he had no discernible personality, but he seemed nice and was OK looking. Francis had to eat some very bland looking food with Rick and his parents on Thanksgiving, I felt the sorriest for her then.

One of the Mexican women tells about living in Chiapas when the Commies and the "indiginous people" came to take her father's farm. They kidnapped her father and forced her mother and the children to stay on the farm while they took it over. The day her family paid the ransome for her father, they murderd him. They got the body back after it was badly decomposed. After that the women said she was done with Chiapas.

Ivan is an attractive man and the Mexican woman from Chiapas became more attached to him than her prospective husband. She was very attractive, but she was a dermatolologist, too educated for Ivan. He divorced his Mexican wife when she became to Americanized

This movie is fun and funny, I highly recommend it! Some feminists will get their knickers in a twist over it of course, not being of the opinion that other women can make their own decisions. All the more reason to see it, I say.

Leftists claim that Bush's war in Iraq is causing more terrorists

and yet simultaneously claim that there is no real terrorist threat.

Well which is it people?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Miss C's helpful hint #1

If your dog's tennis ball falls into a squirrel hole, don't try to stick your arm down the hole, it only pushes the ball further into the tunnel which is slanted downward. Just wait a few days and go back to the area where your dog lost the ball. The squirrels will have pushed it out the other end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sign in the window of an apartment building in Chinatown

Sign of the times

This sign has been posted on the door of a downtown barber shop.

More proof that liberals are born liars or are not even liberals at all

No wonder the exit polls during elections never show the true results. Last week a co-worker asked me if most people prefer milk or dark chocolate. I replied that in my experience few Americans like dark chocolate. Whenever anyone gives our dept a box of candy, the milk chocolates disappear quickly and the dark chocolates sit for days.

One co-worker's friend makes awesomely delicious candy. Right wing co-worker ordered some dark chocolate covered peanut clusters from her. She gave him extra, because, she said, "Nobody orders dark chocolate so you might as well have it all."

I decided to ask my co-workers which chocolate they preferred. I asked 20. Only 7 out of 20 admitted to liking milk chocolate and 5 of those claimed they liked both.

2 Black co-workers were adamant that they did not care for dark chocolate at all. Blacks are not afraid of not being cool when it comes to their food. They would never claim to not eat fried food, for instance. I admire this.

Every other person I asked seemed to care more about what the other people around them said. Here in the Bay Area many people are total food snobs. They are afraid to admit that they like plain old Snickers and Nestle's Crunch bars. They will buy the nastiest, grittiest unsweetened chocolate imaginable, for $12.00 a bar, and tell you how great it is. Most of it tastes like bitter coffee grounds.

So when asked about their true chocolate preferences they all lied out their asses. "Dark," "Dark" and "Dark" they all said. Then, a day later one co-worker came to me and said, "You know that study you did yesterday, where you asked everybody what chocolate they preferred? Well you need to go and look in the candy dish in Tech Services. There is nothing left in the dish but dark chocolate."

Yeah, and I bet they all voted for Al Gore and John Kerry too!

I took a pic of the bowl which I will post later.

Hey American leftists who are hating on Musharraf, remember what happened when we deposed Saddam Hussein

Iraq held a democratic election and it's still majorly fucked up. Saddam was right to keep his foot up the asses of his countrymen. He knew they could not behave themselves on their own.

Musharraf is right to keep his foot on his own people's necks. After all, the Pakistanis already have WMD. Musharraf is also minus the genocidal tendancies of Hussein, and really, as the left and right in America are often saying, is only our ally in the war on terror in the loosest sense of the term.

It is in our interests to make sure a country populated by many educated and modern people does not become another ignorant backwater held hostage by fundamentalist maniacs a la Afghanistan

Bhutto is an airhead in a shalwar kamiz, and is only interested in furthering her own political career. Her constant demand for street protests and even her return to Pakistan is causing instability.

Islamic fundamentalists and nuclear weapons don't mix. America should back Musharraf up entirely.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Frenchies are doing what?

"France plans to triple its arsenal of surveillance cameras from 340,000 to 1 million. Plans: 1) 6,500 networked cameras in the Paris transit system. 2) Connecting other cities' cameras to police control rooms. 3) Aerial surveillance drones. Rationales: 1) Fighting terrorism. 2) Fighting crime and gangs. 3) Monitoring riots. 4) We want to be more like Britain, which is thwarting terrorists with lots of cameras. Objections: 1) What about liberte? 2) The government is sending "flying robots" over our cities so it won't have to supply enough cops."

Reading the Oakland Police Bulletin of 1915 has given me a whole new outlook!

There were no good old days. The vast majority of warrants issued were for men accused of "failure to provide." men who failed top provide usually received a sentence of three years probation.

A warrant was issued for a rapist who lived in one of the cottages in my court in 1917. Rapes received sentences of four months.

Car theft was rampant, people were stealing model T Ford cars like crazy. A lot of people were passing bad checks and committing fraud. One check passer had a twitchy eye and claimed to be a dentist. Embezzlement was common.

Bunco, aka grand larceny was very common as was petit larceny and burglary. Assault with a deadly weapon was fairly uncommon. Robbery was very common indeed.

Women went missing and were arrested for adultery. Some of the criminals were described as having "a lot of gold teeth"! If suspect were good looking, they stated it in the warrant descriptions. As was being a "hard drinker," a "fast talker" and "walks fast." And being a "peddler of hams and bacon."

The addresses of supspects mothers were often given out in the warrants.

A "half negro" was described as "looking like a Mexican."

Men were known to hang around, "cafes" and "some garage." One cross eyed guy, who passed ficticious checks, like to hang around "Chinese saloons."

A lot of bicycles went missing in one month and one guy was known to have stolen a lot of them. Enough so that a picture of him was posted that "was thought to be a good likeness."

Murder was small portion of the crimes but did happen, every few months or so.

Arson was common. Lewd and lascivious acts happened once in a while. Some men were accused of "seduction."

A woman was acused of child stealing.

Police officers were suspended pretty often, sometimes for going awol. Many officers were suspended because they would not come in after a day off and would not notify their supervisors of their absences or whereabouts. One officer's supension was supspended after he single handedly stopped a team of runaway horses. This seems suspicious to me.

Scavenger collectors were told, by City ordinance, that they had to keep their garbage wagons covered so trash did not fall out on the streets.

The City at some point realized it could make a lot of money by forcing people to license their dogs. The police Chief notice the enhanced revenue one month and the lack of the revenue in subsequent months and sent out a notice to the beat police telling them to step up the ticketing of non-licensing dog owners.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Notice from Oakland Police Bulletin 1915-1917 regarding homeland security

General Order
Oakland, Cal., Apr. 3rd,1917

To all members of the Police Department:
It will be apparent to all the members of this Department that at the present time the welfare of the country may be endangered by the acts of cranks or German sympathizers.
It is my desire that everything that can be done by you with a view of ascertaining any facts, concerning the activity of any person or persons sympathizing with the enemies of the United States, be reported to this office. You will diligently observe any place in your particular beat or district where the persons of suspicious character may meet. You will watch all telegraph manholes, pipe lines, electric lines, gas plants, maufacturing shops and buildings, places where powder or dynamite are stored and do everything in your power as a loyal American citizen to observe and report such cases in a manner that will reflect credit on those who have a high regard for the nation in its present crisis.
You will be expected to be more diligent than usual and to conduct yourself in a manner that will maintain the peace and quiet of the City of Oakland in particular and the nation at large.

W.J. Peterson,
Chief of Police

Thursday, November 08, 2007

British environmentalists feel the same way as the Finnish High school mass murderer, that is, they think humanity is over rated!

In an article by a UK based environmentalist, he bemoans the overpopulation of the earth. There is only one way to restore the earth's proper balance, that is to limit human populations.

Miss C is for it and she has some suggestions as to how it can be done.

Stop all AIDS research immediately. No more administration of AIDS drugs to the third world or to the occupants of Western countries either. Do not treat any other venereal diseases the sexually active might catch. Some venereal diseases cause sterility, that is a good thing.

Stop all fertility treatments. Fertility treatments can cause multiple births, a very bad thing. If you are sterile you are good for the environment.

Stop all current and proposed stem cell research. It is not good for the planet to prolong the lives of Westerners, who are going to be the only ones to benefit from stem cell technology for a long time.

Stop stigmatizing smoking and encourage it instead. Look on it as a positive form of population control. Young boys should be taught to chew tobacco at an early age.

Leave fire arms out in the open so more kids can get a hold of them.

Take down those dangerous surf and sneak wave warnings posted on the sides of cliffs.

Remove speed limit signs. reward hit and run drivers. Many illegal immigrants are good at hit and runs, especially in school zones and cross walks, they could be given a monetary incentive to practice a valuable skill, or American citizenship if they prefer. We could give them a quota to fill each day. We have a Muslim terrorist currently awaiting trial for running over infidels(old Chinese and Black people) here in San Francisco. He has proven his mettle. Let's let him out of jail!

Forget about issuing drivers licenses, let anybody who wants to drive, drive. Driving is a right, not a privilege.

Sterilize women, especially Mormons and Catholics, like they did in the old days to the Native Americans.

Close down all the hospitals. Do not give out life prolonging drugs. Cut off all emergency medical care. Let the victims of accidents die, like they are supposed to. The movie, Final Destination and all the sequels prove that we all will get it in the end. Most people should die sooner, rather than later.

Stop trying to shove healthy foods down the gullets of school children. They don't like it and the earth is better off without them anyway. let them gorge themselves into an early grave. Maybe they won't have time to breed.

Stop giving suicidal people anti-depressants. Stop putting up suicide barriers on the Golden Gate bridge. Close down all suicide hot lines, they only encourage overpopulation.

Same goes for drug and alcohol counseling. AA is bad for the environment.

Rescind the seat belt and motorcycle helmet laws currently being enacted in various states.

Stop worrying about food safety.

Let the Chinese decide what kind of paint to use on kids toys. Chinese people have really high IQ's, after all.

Let the Black guys in the inner city shoot each other with impunity. No more arrests.

Cease to apprehend serial killers and mass murderers, they are friends of the environment.

Maybe you can think of some more ideas.

Iranian style Islamic imperialism forced on African tribes

I was reading the autobiography of the super model Alek Wek of the Dinka tribe in Sudan. She speaks of the horror of living under the increasingly oppressive system of Sharia law imposed on them by Sudanese Muslims trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The Brits governed the Islamic north and non-Islamic south of Sudan separately. before Independence they gave into pressure form the Islamic leaders to unite the country. The Muslims wanted to have control over the oil fields and fertile land and water. The Muslims proceeded to impose Islamic culture on the southern Sudanese.

Sudanese were forced to speak Arabic in schools, much as the people of Eastern Europe were forced to speak Russian under rule of the Soviets.

"Non-Muslims were given fewer rights and, along with women, were considered second class citizens. But there was no way round it- this was the law."
She says in regards to the treatment of women by African men,

"People like to romanticize life in the African bush. There are many wonderful things about rural Africa, but for women, the villages can be really rough places. It's true all over Africa."

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bowling for Jokela, or those crazy Finns and their gun mad culture!

A school shooting in Finland is no doubt going to be blamed on America's cultural influence.

Actually the shooter was yelping about "revolution", so I'm going to blame the shooting on the lefties and the Beatles.

Miss C's passin'

Today at the bus stop I saw my former next door neighbor. She has no idea that I am a conservative.

She is quitting her well paid job as a college financial aid advisor and is going to train to be a stewardess for Alaskan Airlines.

Before the training she is going to give up her apartment and take a trip to India to meet her new son in law's parents. After she returns from India she will have no place to stay so she is moving in with her sister and brother in law until her training begins in January.

"I don't know how I will be able to stand living with them," she complained bitterly to me this morning. "They are conservatives," she sneered.

Hmm, I thought, but they are nice enough to give your ungrateful ass a place to stay.

"Well, I said, since you are a liberal, I guess it's up to you to be tolerant of them."

"Yes," she said in a tone of extreme martyrdom.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

They opened up a can of negro whoopass!

Co-worker got a call today from her son's best friend, Lamar. He called to apologize for not having contacted her for some time.

He hadn't been able to call her as he had been in the hospital recovering from 5 major surgeries required after being shot by a mugger.

Lamar is 6'3 and he said he came upon 4 youths mugging an old man. Lamar attacked all 4, 3 ran, but the one who had the gun stayed.

"I was holding on to the gun with one hand, Lamar said, and beating his ass with the other. "

"I was wrestling with him trying to get the gun when he yelled to his friends, "Help me, he's trying to take the gun!"

"I was still beating his ass, as we both went down to the ground the gun went off. He shot me in the chest."

"I barely survived, he said, but that ni&&er will never forget me!"

Drunken drowner of women Ted Kennedy gets his king sized boxers in a twist over simulated drowning!

Miss C think he doth protest too much!

The Plains Indians have all the kewl names

My Pueblo Indian co-worker's sister married an Indian from Montana. After the wedding in New Mexico they moved to the reservation he was from. With them came her children by another marriage.

On the first day of school her small daughter was asked to stand in a circle with the other Indian kids. Each child took turns saying his or her name. All the plains Indian kids had names like, John Little Wolf and Mary Two Arrows.

My friend's niece has a Spanish last name. She decided her Spanish last name was not cool at all. She was became increasingly jealous as she got closer to having to say her name.

When the teacher finally got to her, she said proudly, "Anna Silver Tooth!"

She does have a silver front tooth.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Backlash against feminism, big time!

My co-worker came to me on Friday to tell me how disgusted she was at having to catalogue the current batch of romance novels. The plot lines of the new novels deal with women who are already pregnant before the romance ensues, sometimes with the child of another man than the hero of the story.

There is also a whole series of romances that have, as the hero, Arab sheikhs who are also cutthroat businessmen(pun intended) . Other writers in these series often use Greek and Italian tycoons as lead male characters.

I told my friend that the meaning of the popularity of these books is obvious. Many women in America are now single mothers. They are happy being mothers but most women in this world still want to have babies. They also want to be married.

The sudden and extreme popularity of sheikh/tycoon stories prove that women are tired of feminized men. They want to be taken by alpha males, preferably rich and successful ones.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chinese herbs are bad for you!

Nick Cohen posted a good article about homeopathy which reminded me of what happened to my supervisor, who is on leave right now after the birth of her son in August. She is from China and has been trying to get pregnant for many years now.

She had fibroid tumors. Being Chinese, she decided to go to a Chinese herbalist about her tumors. The herbalist gave her herbs to take. The herbs caused her tumors to grow 3 times their size in less than a month. She said she was in terrible pain as the tumors were growing. There was no room left in her uterus for a fertilized egg to implant itself. She had to go through therapy to shrink the tumors before the western doctors would begin infertility treatments.

She finally got pregnant after all the treatments stopped.

Racist assumptions?

We are losing our citizens to violence at a rapid rate. The soldiers in Iraq are probably safer than the residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

On Halloween there was a murder of a 15 year old girl in a small town nearby. Friday, as I rode the bus, I was talking about the murder rate with a Black guy who is from a small town in Philadelphia. He said growing up there was like growing up in Mayberry RFD.
I call him Sparky, because he was an electrician in the Navy and he calls me Ray, for Ray Charles, because I wear sunglasses all the time. Talking about the shooting of the young lady I said, "It was a Mongolian girl. There's a small but visible population of Mongolians who have moved into the East Bay Area in the last few years."

"Really?" Sparky asked." I just assumed it was a Black girl who had been shot by other Blacks."

" You racist! I replied. "No, I said, for a change, it was Asians shooting at Asians.'

Hugo Chavez suspends the Venezuelan constitution, Musharraf suspends the Pakistani constitution

Boo fucking hoo. It's interesting that "students" are protesting Hugo, though, They can see their future going up in Cuban style smoke. What's the point in studying hard if your job is going to be chosen for you by the government.

Trick or treat!

The custodians came by on Halloween to raid our candy dish. One asked right-wing co-worker if he could have some candy. "No," co-worker said. You didn't say, 'Trick or Treat' and you're not wearing costumes." "Yes I am," one said. "I'm Janitor Man!"

Friday, November 02, 2007

What'd Miss C say about Americans and their cars?

"PLEASANTON -- A 59-year-old man was shot and wounded Thursday night after he tried to thwart a carjacking attempt at his home, police said.
Around 10:30 p.m., the Paragon Circle resident was getting out of his car when a man armed with a shotgun confronted him and demanded his car keys. Police said the resident then hid behind a cabinet in the garage and began to throw objects at his attacker.
The assailant then fired one round in retaliation, injuring the resident in the forearm before fleeing. The resident was taken to a local hospital where he is in stable condition, police said.
Officers arrived within minutes of the attack, but could not locate the shooter. He is described as a white male about 25 years old, measuring between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10, weighing between 150 and 160 lbs., and wearing a dark jacket and a black or dark gray hat. He was last seen running from Paragon Circle."

Contra Costa Times

Liberals claim they don't support torture

They lie. They'll do anything to further their agendas.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Someone Googled "little girl crotch shots" and hit my blog


Like lemmings, they are

All these co-workers wore vests on the same day.

Hellbilly, Beelza Bubba aka right-wing co-worker gets touched by an angel!

It's a dirty job, but, well, you know

Right wing co-worker was asked by the directors secretary to draw a tattoo on her, uh, chest!

Pics from our Halloween bash

Let's open some fascist police state reeducation camps for lefties!

Lefties just love reeducation camps, especially for the intellectual classes. Let's give them some.

Last night in the Castro district of San Francisco, a female impersonator dressed as a nun stood yelling over and over, "This is a fascist police state."

Hmmm... if this was a police state, do you think the police would let some man dressed like a nun insult the government without going over and stomping his ass?

I say we should scoop up lefties who piss and moan about living in a police state, a la Soylent Green, and take them to a nice little fascist themed amusement park and show them what living in a real fascist police state feels like. Afterward, me thinks that they will be a tad more grateful to be living in such a free country.

Global warming causes 10 year old boys to play with matches

French Joke website!

"I'd rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me."

General George S. Patton

"You know, the French remind me a little bit of an aging actress of the 1940s who was still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn't have the face for it."

---John McCain, US Senator from Arizona